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2011.09.27 15:04 Chloë Grace Moretz

For fans of actress Chloë Grace Moretz

2023.06.06 05:52 empress-mystique Holly’s doggies

Does anyone know where Harlow, Panda, Duke and Duchess went? I was watching Holly’s World and she has another dog named Napoleon when she is living in Vegas. None of her dogs from GND were there. Where did they go? Holly’s World was not that long ago from GND, so theoretically they dogs could have still been alive in 2011.
Did Holly ever talk about why she didn’t have them in Vegas with her?
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2023.06.06 05:51 DieKrankeScheisse Hawaii to DC with the pedal down

Aloha! My wife and I are moving from Hawaii to DC late this summer with two older dogs who love the car, but aren’t well suited for air travel. That being said, we are all going to fly into either LA or Seattle and road trip it to DC. We are giving ourselves a firm four days to do it so it won’t be magical, but I think we will still have fun (I did it in 3 with a friend a few years back on coffee and cigarettes so it will be better than that lol). Considering those two routes, does anyone have suggestions for where to stop so we can lay down 10-12 hours a day and not spend a fortune on lodging? Day 1 will be an early morning arrival from Honolulu so that will be a shorter day by a few hours. Thanks for your help!
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2023.06.06 05:51 char_r5 Are these little brown bats?

I live in Manitoba, Canada and have found bats in my home since I bought it in 2019. Most are dead, as the cats got to them before I did. I’ve had 2 swooping through my home. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out where on my house they’re getting in. I’ve managed to narrow it down though.
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2023.06.06 05:50 hdltyler advice on Tunisian crochet?

I'm thinking of learning Tunisian crochet, but I don't know where to start with it. Does anyone have a favorite resource (book or YouTube channel or something) that teaches it? Or a good project that's fairly short that would be a good starting point?
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2023.06.06 05:50 JudgeGideon Bummed

I'm a little bummed out. I just recently started playing the series. (Burst renewal) and watching Ninja Flash and it seems the series is somewhat dead. I guess because of the day and age we live in. (Cancel culture?) Quick question does anyone know if the older games work alright on PS5? Haven't had any trouble with burst renewal at all so far.
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2023.06.06 05:49 Suly30 Narcissistic neighbor

My neighbor has been physically and emotionally abusing his wife for almost 20 years. She has asked for help 2 times in that span. She has recanted and stated he has changed. He managed to convince her that he has changed and she took him back. Knowing his history, the abuse he has had towards her and including threatening her with fire 💪. She has bought them for him and they got taken away just recently because he assaulted his adult son. She lied for him, under oath. Well, we didn't know at the time but we defended him. He was manipulating my husband and I. Once we found out and didn't agree to anything, he started making our lives a living nightmare. We got an order to keep him away and he broke it 4 months into it. Another neighbor saw and thought he was going to kill that person. So they called the police once they realized it was us he was going after. He is awaiting trial in our state. He has put up his house on sale, because we know everything. Everything he has done to his wife, and his family through public record. We have gone through extreme lengths to avoid that whole household and now are on trial again because his wife says we are inflicting stress. Upon things that have been resolved. We just want to be left alone 😔. What part of no does he not understand? The N or the O?
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2023.06.06 05:49 dobbycello First Time watching Eurovison: Debrief and Ranking

I am a Canadian and this was my first time watching Eurovison. Why did I watch Eurovison? Well, I am Croatian (born and raised in Canada) and I saw who won the Dora festival and I had to see where it went. I wanted to wait to post this to let my thoughts settle and not get caught up with the internet over the winner of the contest.
Before I dive in I want to say that I love Eurovison as a contest, it is such a cool way to bring Europe (and Australia?) together. My music taste is… interesting. I listen to Croatian music, but not the mainstream stuff. My favourite band is Tonci Hujlic i Madre Badessa and all of Tonci’s stuff is unique and I love it. I can also play multiple instruments and took music classes for a long time.
I loved this competition, especially all of the unique entries. By unique I mean not a standard pop song.
I also like all of the pre-parties and interviews surrounding the contest. I feel like I learned a lot about Europe from the little that I followed.
Just curious, why are there 26 songs in the final? That is way too many songs to remember and the ones at the beginning of the night get forgotten.
I want to leave you with a ranking and my thoughts. (And some of my dad’s, it was his first time watching as well) It got really hard for me to rank 15 and up… my top 10 keeps on changing.
I thought an outsiders view, without any previous contest knowledge would be interesting to some of you.
Songs that made me uncomfortable:
  1. San Marino – ‘smell you like an animal’ No thank you. The song doesn’t even rhyme.
  2. Romania – The staging made me uncomfortable because it felt unnecessary.
Song I straight up didn’t like:
  1. Demark – I hate that electronic voice. And it sounds worse live.
Songs that were meh:
  1. Azerbaijan – Song was boring (Kudos to the bass player who kept on playing after his strap came off)
  2. Ireland – liked the message but the song we just boring (My dad: Journey called, they want their song back)
  3. Poland – I find her voice annoying
  4. Greece – Nothing special, just a standard pop song
30 – Lithuania - nothing special, nothing stood out but nothing was bad. Maybe it was a bit repetitive.
  1. UK – it’s an average pop song with a good message
  2. Georgia – This song has it’s good moments, but some of the lyrics don’t make sense ("thing is now"?)
  3. Armenia – the line “kiss my face” Makes me uncomfortable. I don’t like the vibe of the song, but when it switched to Armenian it gets 10x better.
  4. Iceland – Average song, good message. Dilja was so energetic, deserved to be in finals.
  5. Italy – Nothing in this song clicked with me. He has a good voice though.
  6. Cyprus – He has a great voice, and the song was good. But you can break a broken heart, it’s called a shredder.
  7. Latvia – In the words of my dad “It is just another love ballad.” Good song, nothing special. “Don’t cry, I just want to say the right words at the right time.” Isn’t that what we all try to do?
Above Average
  1. Belgium – I really resonate with this song, it reminds me of when I was the only sane one in the house over the lockdowns. But I can’t justify putting it any higher. I also loved his hats.
  2. Malta – I love the saxophone and I’m an introvert (why do you think I’m posting anonymously on Reddit?)
  3. Netherlands – I like the harmonies and this love song is some how bearable.
  4. Ukraine – The staging was brilliant, and I loved the bit in Ukrainian, the rest of the song is average.
  5. Estonia – Good song, well performed. Not my type of song.
  6. Slovenia – I really like this song, but it is really similar to some of the Croatian stuff I listen too, it doesn’t stand out among everything else.
  7. Austria – Love the playfulness of the song and the harmonies are really good.
  8. Sweden – She has a great voice, and her song is very powerful energy wise. But in my eyes, it is nothing special. I don’t understand how she got that many jury points. I can’t justify putting this song any higher.
  9. Israel – I love unicorns, and the energy in her performance was great. I resonate with the message of her song. Loved the Hebrew in it.
  10. Switzerland – This reminds me of one of my favourite songs (Ja bi da sam opet mali) and it feels like growing up. It’s hard to explain, but I really like it.
  11. Australia – Love the heavy metal scream in there. The guitar solo is great. And the keytar was fun. This performance was fun and catchy.
  12. Spain – I love this song, and it has that traditional feeling to it.
  1. Germany – It is unique. It is heavy metal. It is fun to listen too. Lead singer has a great voice.
  2. Albania – Love the family vibes, I don’t fully understand the song, there is just something about it that I love.
  3. France – This song is the embodiment of France. There is this je ne sai quois to it. Love it.
  4. Moldova – Epic flute guy, the staging, costumes. I loved everything about the performance.
  5. Serbia – Love the vibes, his voice everything. “Zelim za uvjek spava dok sve gori.” Is so true about so many things. And the video game vibe was so cool.
  6. Czechia – Their harmonies! Love it. The message was great. We are not your dolls. They remind me of Klapa singing from Dalmatia.
  7. Croatia – I mean, this song is the whole reason I watched Eurovision. It was crazy, wacky, fun, what more do you want? Better lyrics. I never followed Let 3 before this nor do I plan to keep on following them but this song was definitely something. SC!
  8. Portugal – Love the ethnic vibe she had going on. My dad was confused as to why is scored so low. She has a great voice and the song was really good.
  9. Norway – Whistle notes. Need I say more? She is the queen of kings. And I loved the Viking vibe and the Italian (I think it was Italian) in the beginning of her song.
  10. Finland – Do I have to explain? I love the blending of genres. The performance was excellent. Back up dancers on point. Vocals were great! And being able to sing Cha Cha Cha, so I felt like I can sing along even though I don’t understand the language. And that human centipede.
You can probably tell by this list that I don’t like pop songs. Personally, I find them boring, they all have a similar chord progression and they’re mostly about love. If I wanted to worry about love, I’d be dating someone right now.
I hope to keep on watching this contest for years to come. I learned that Arcade and Fairytale and ABBA came from Eurovison. Honestly, I didn’t even know what Eurovision was before this year, and I didn’t think major songs came through it.
Tell me, do you agree? I’m up for civil discussions and debates. I am also willing to look into some songs in a more in-depth manner.
Also, why don’t more countries sing in their native languages? I personally think that would be more fun to watch and listen to.
I’m pretty sure I’m within the community guidelines, please let me know if I’m not. And in no way am I trying to offend anyone or any country.
TLDR: I am a Canadian who ranked their favourite songs some of which may surprise you.
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2023.06.06 05:49 Open-Speaker3343 Anyone seeing this girl on live hitting a vape and not even inhaling it? I’m getting second hand embarrassment. She thinks she’s cool with her lil vape. I swear she’s got the mindset of a 15 year old. I guess that’s where the disability comes in at.

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2023.06.06 05:49 Watch_thebarbie I wanted to back out from divorce filing and put my pride aside

This weekend I put my pride and value aside and told him I wanted to back out of the divorce. We've been married 20 years- half of our lives. We have 3 children together. During our marriage, I was cheated on multiple times and verbally abused. For some wild reason I kept forgiving it. I had really worked on trust and had no issues or doubt of his commitment to our marriage for the last 7 years or so. In November of this year he took a job out of state and we were going to make it work for the betterment of our families future and his career of course. In April, he came home and said he wasn't happy and was living a lie. 2 weeks later I found out he was having long conversations on the phone with another woman. I filed for divorce and have been hating life since then. it's hard to focus on work and on the 3 kids that i basically am caring for on my own because he's out of state. Which brings us to this weekend when I asked to back out of the divorce. I can't say I don't love him. After that conversation, I asked him to stay the weekend in our home which he did. Tonight, I called him to see where he was at (feelings wise) and if he was willing to keep trying to make the marriage work. Again, he stated he didn't love me like that. I have loved this person so hard and let him use me as a doormat so many times. It's finally time for me to move on. How do you go about your life after your past 20 years was a lie?
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2023.06.06 05:49 CivilPeace River diversion to fight wildfires and reduce the amount of water entering the ocean contributing to ocean levels rising.

Millions are spent during wildfires to control the spread; but very little innovation or investment has been done prior to prepare for the event. Many towns and cities have only one main highway and if fires are blocking evacuation on both sides there's real potential for mass casualty events that are avoidable with proactive investment and innovation.
These same towns and cities are often built near a major river with high kinetic energy potential. There's agricultural sprinklers that shoot water 300 ft. It stands to reason regions should invest in protecting the main evacuation routes to reduce the loss of life. Installing permanent sprinklers every 300 feet on the tops of electrical poles to protect the electric system from damage and road users trying to escape the fire and leave the evacuation zone.
Yes this would cost lots of money but it would potentially save lives and there's side benefits to the ecosystem if used to recharge the ground aquifers. River diversion upstream from communities could supply water and turning on the sprinklers periodically during drought season would create a 600 foot "green band" with sprinklers facing both directions.
The green band would act like a spark catch and fire barrier. During wildfire evacuation events the sprinklers would be left in full blast during the duration with no concern of running out of water. The "Green Band" could also protect entire neighborhoods and communities installed around the perimeter to soak down the houses during fire event. Each upstream inlet would have the potential to capture the water and put it back into the land instead of letting it drain into the ocean.
It's possible to include micro hydro electric generators inside the water pipes to use the kenetic energy to create power without traditional dams using river diversion methods that have more of an environmental benefit and impact. Times when the water isn't being used by the sprinklers the agricultural industry and areas with water scarcity would be the interm user or something yet to be determined.
The business community members have invested interest to invest. The electric industry using green band sprinkler systems to protector critical infrastructure. The lumber industry protecting the forest in which they profit and lumber yards where they can't lose the substantial inventory to fire loss. Towns and cities themselves to protect its citizens and region. The fire sprinkler industry would pick up if this idea ever took off. However other financial interests may stifle investments profiting from scarcity and crisis in some way.
We need to relook at old technology or ways if doing things. I propose "Green Bands" are a win-win situation that would likely cost less then all the money spent each year fighting wildfires. Side note the green bands also have non human benefits to the ecosystem to combat drought events and extreme heat temperatures. Activating the sprinkler system during heat waves may take water from the river and create condensation in the air which could cause rain to generate during drought events. This system could plants and animals better survive extreme weather events besides fires.
In regards how this fights ocean levels rising; it's diverting the water back into the land before it reaches the ocean. One major river may feed water to several green band sprinkler systems; each one removing a measurable amount. If the system in linked nation or continent wide then we can take water in areas that are flooding to places experiencing drought conditions that need more water in their local ecosystem.
This way with river diversion we can address wildfires, floods, droughts, increase water availability, protect people's lives, livelihoods and households, turn our highways from dead dried out plants to lush green vegetation, create a physical fire barrier and make evacuation routes safe to travel, generate power using micro hydro anywhere along the system, protect critical infrastructure, reduce the yearly cost of fighting wildfires, reduce the amount of water entering the ocean and introducing it back into the land where needed.
I know it's a crazy idea but stating my case with no claim to ownership. The "Green Band" idea originates from India where they use agricultural sprinklers to fight wildfires in a similar way as described. I lived in a heavily forested community for 20+ years with only one major highway to escape so thought about this for years. Now with extraordinary wildfire events occurring it's relevant to bring up what could save lives and communities if considered and taken seriously.
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2023.06.06 05:49 HealingMermaid Can we do anything about this? If so, who do we contact?

Help! So my husband started a job, well technically he did the training. It was a 4 week paid training where you get paid at the end of the 4 weeks. You were to get one amount no matter what for your time and an additional amount if you did well on the tests. He was told he got the highest score on the first 3 weeks. It has now been an entire week since the 4th test ended and he cannot get ahold of anyone! At least not the manager and his secretary who were the 2 people he had been in contact with regularly.
He This is a company that is based in Switzerland but has a branch in New York which is where the manager was based. We live in California. Now this was to be a mostly work from home type job with around 2-4 trips per year to New York and 1-2 to Switzerland.
My question is….is there anything we can do or should do to get at minimum his payment for doing the 4 weeks of training that he was promised??? Isn’t it illegal not to pay for someone’s time when that was promised???
I mean you would think they would want to finish the hiring process with the person who was the top scorer on the tests, right??? I mean it never took more than 12-24hrs to get a response back up until this last week. The last he heard back from them was when they sent him the 4th and final test. The results from the first 3 tests were given to him the next day after turning it in. Any help would be greatly appreciative!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🫶🏻
Thank you!!!

A Concerned and Angry Wife

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2023.06.06 05:48 heavensfourdoor Unbearable Mosquitos

Just moved to southish irving a few months ago and good lord the Mosquitos are terrible where I am. My legs look like I have track marks. It takes literally seconds for what must be insanely buff and hungry mosquitoes to devour all of my precious blood.
We have a small back yard. I keep it mowed, there's no sitting water out back. I'm not sure what my neighbors have going on behind the fence but a mosquito farm probably isn't out of the question as they have a lot of stuff in their backyard.
I'm sure it's because of all the rain we've had this year, but does anyone have any good ways to deal with these absolute shitters? I just want to be able to use my smoker and go outside with my dogs in peace lol
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2023.06.06 05:48 ikazuchi9957 low FPS/GPU usage in camp (PC)

Does anyone here have a similiar issue with me that have low fps in camp? I just started this game recently. While in camp I'm getting 30-40fps with 40+% GPU usage (GTX 1650ti) and Intel i7 10th gen CPU, so I believe CPU is not an issue here. However in training session where I pilot MS I'm getting between 58-68 fps. I've seen other posts that says need to change from iGPU to Nvidia ones but mine is already selected by default. Or is this just an optimization issue that needs to wait for devs to fix it?
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2023.06.06 05:48 Veridian_X I wanna ask my dad/mom for a vibrator, but I don't know how

I'm really scared. I (13F) want a vibrator.
For a little background (this may be important) my parents are divorced and my brother (15M) lives with my mom (43-44F) while I live with my dad (43-44M).
Last year or so my brother gave me the "talk" on how to, well, do stuff.. He's trans, so he does know what he's talking about, but only recently have I given it some thought. I'm a little embarrassed to be typing this right now, but y'know don't really have anywhere else to go for this.
I really want a vibrator. I'm honestly pretty scared of asking my mom or dad for this because I'm not sure how they'll react, or if they'll ever look at me the same. Im afraid they'll tell me I'm too young or just yell at me and ground me. I could go to my brother, since he's comforted me before and listened without interrupting or yelling, but I'm not even sure.
Can some parent please give me advice on what to do? Should I go to my brother? Should I ask my parents? Should I do nothing? I'm so confused at this point.
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2023.06.06 05:48 gattsu99 Metal Bunk Beds

Where can i buy Mild Steel metal bunk bed frames you see in dormitories? Google map results didn't return proper contacts. Does anyone know?
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2023.06.06 05:48 Longjumping-Photo970 I (28F) have become a recluse who barely leaves my home. Any advice on some small steps I can take? Or where to start?

Social anxiety prevents me from stepping out of my comfort zone and stops me from living a normal life. I always had so much trouble doing things like socializing, making friends, dating, holding down a job. I can't keep living like this. There were points in my life where it wasn't so bad where I was able to go on dates, travel, go to concerts, see friends. Now it's terrible and I get anxiety for something as little as going to the store, and try to avoid it and only shop online. I have become extremely isolated and find it difficult to leave my home unless necessary. I have very little friends left who I rarely see. I dont have the confidence to online date anymore. I still force myself to go to dance class every week so at least I have some physical activity and a bit of social interaction but its become very hard for me to continue doing and its something I used to be so passionate about. I've had jobs in the past but now am not able to even send out applications or make phone calls or attend interviews without a having a panic attack. I just feel like I've really took a turn for the worse here and started to regress and all the progress I made in the past to work through my anxiety has reset to zero. I'm more isolated, lonely and anxious than ever. Any advice?
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2023.06.06 05:48 StageKitchen “Protestantism is truly a disease.”

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2023.06.06 05:48 dozart203 Josh got punched & almost run over

Apparently 7 guys in a yellow van jumped him.
Currently on live talking about it. Said he can't go to the hospital because he only has $1000, I guess all that cameo money is gone. Stated he wants to escape to Iceland where "there's no chance of anything bad happening ever"
Talking about having his jaw wired shut & being paralyzed but tbh he seems fine.
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2023.06.06 05:48 cyclehelp6523 PMS or pregnancy?

I’m 27 and recently went off of BC for the first time since I went on it at 21. I’ve become pregnant twice on the pill with perfect use - one ended in a six week miscarriage and the other was a chemical pregnancy - I had every symptom you can think of for about three weeks and then I just…didn’t. No cramping or bleeding or obvious miscarriage. It just went away.
I’ve had three periods since going off of the pill, and each of my cycles have lasted roughly 28 days. According to the app that I use to track my cycle, my fertile window was supposed to end on May 25. My partner and I had unprotected sex on May 30 which ended in an orgasm for me, which I understand may assist in conception, if it matters here.
Two days ago, June 3, I noticed a horrible metallic taste in my mouth that would not go away, even after four rounds of brushing my teeth throughout the day and eating and drinking. The taste persisted. Today, June 5 I feel very physically fatigued, and have been feeling nauseated on and off all day. The last time I experienced any kind of nausea was during and after my miscarriage several years ago. This evening as I was getting ready for bed. I noticed very light pink spotting on the toilet paper.
At this point, I’m confused about where the metallic taste, and the nausea came from as these are things that I do not typically experience. I think I just need an outside perspective on this.
I understand that conception is possible at pretty much any point in our cycle, on top of the fact that I was willingly having unprotected sex. Should I assume that the light pink spotting is the start of my period, or does this combination of all of these unusual symptoms sound like some thing I should be aware of?
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2023.06.06 05:48 Flaky_Protection8178 About almost 2 months ago I opened up to my former therapist about my past inappropriate relationship I had with my former teacher at 15, I’m no longer a minor. Should I be worried?

So it’s been almost 2 months now since I went over my past inappropriate relationship I had with my teacher at 15. It’s been 10 years, I’m 24 now, I live in California, my former teacher is no longer working at my old school and no longer a teacher and has not been a teacher ever since she ended it with me which is why I don’t want to report. I have to say that was the scariest moment of my life when my therapist texted me a day after our first session on the phone off guard the next day demanding answers from me so she can make the report within 24 hours, but of course I refused because I’m an adult now. I gave 0 information of the person, where I went to school and the city I was living in at the time. Now if she was still working at the school or still teaching then yes I would report. I’ve tried looking up online to see if the report was made but so far nothing. So far no one has came to my door or called me to ask questions. I decided to end my sessions with my former therapist and she agreed and wished me well but sent me one last text “ one last question, what school did you go to? I did not bother to even answer that so I blocked my former therapist number after she kept persuading and even trying to guilt trip me for answers like she literally sent me in a state of panic, I’m not sure if she made the report or not it’s been almost 2 months now should I be scared? I don’t want this to go anywhere, I’ve heard stories about past events being reported and nothing really comes out of them so I can only hope so. I wanted to seek professional help not justice!
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2023.06.06 05:48 Peacewithn2 I’ve asked this before, but I’m asking again

Where the hell do you guys meet people?? I’m born and raised in my hometown, and I feel like I know everyone and they know me and if they wanted to be with me or date me, they would simply ask or take me out. dating apps are all whole, where I live. It’s the same people over and over again or people that I already know. Now I do get asked out a lot by men but they’re not my type order a literal f-boy. I recently heard a quote that said, “ date the guy that likes you not the guy that you like”. That’s so hard for me because I want what I want. I have previously asked guys out casually and it’s worked well for me, but I’m tired of doing that all the time. Wheres Prince charming?
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2023.06.06 05:47 Savage-Monkey2 College advice for a full time professional

I 25M, have been working on finishing my associates degree in mechanical engineering for some time now. I live in the state of Vermont, and have worked as a engineer for 5 years while taking college classes.
Originally my intended degree was a dual major bachelors degree in electromechanical engineering, but I am fed up with my college. I have had numerous issues that have delayed and extended my time in this college, and I am sick of it.
The final straw, was a recent merger with my college that has lessen the degree requirements in mathmatics to pre-cal 1 and 2.
I have already taken calculus 1 and 2, and was 2 classes away from finishing my degree. With my new degree requirements ,I am being told that the calculus classes only count towrds my bachelor’s degree not the associates.
I am paying my own way through college, and this would add another 10k to the already large amount of money I have spent at this school. Not to mention the amount of time it would cost me.
I left an upper level managment aerospace engineering position at a relatively small company, to work as a technician for a company that would help pay for my classes. My lack of a degree has severily limited my ability to work at larger aerospace companies..
At this point I feel like I would be better suited transferring what I can to a different college. I might even have to start over because it was hinted to me that my college would not give me an official transcript unless I finish my degree.
I want to go to a online aerospace engineering program as that is where my passion is. Does anyone know of any colleges that fit my current goals? I dont want to leave my state, and I am making over 120k right now in my current position. The other problem is I work nights so mostly asynchronous would be preferred.
Thanks for the help
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