38cm into inches

Fashion advice for short people

2016.07.09 11:49 marsm Fashion advice for short people

Fashion advice for short people

2009.07.27 04:36 bankhamz Douceur de l'écriture.

Notebooks and related stationery: "any aspect of your life which you want to give more conscious attention to can be used as the foundation for a notebook."

2020.03.30 16:44 deckard222 MilanaVino

Fan subreddit dedicated to the beautiful Milana Vino.

2023.06.06 04:27 Dracconus Gamer Room Megabuild (WIP)

Gamer Room Megabuild (WIP)
Too many pictures to detail, but basically everything is to-scale. 2 blocks per inch.A/C System designed by u/TheOriginalOrenji with small contributions elsewhere as well (mainly bouncing ideas off one another - He also made Mario, Samus, and Geemer.)
The entire room (at least where possible) is going to be designed to be fully explorable, and as accurate as possible without utilization of any mods / addons / datapacks. This will eventually be the spawn for our server.
Showing the cooling blocks
Subwoofer Cross-Section
Cable Management!
Right-hand view prior to making Trinitron
A/C Blower Motor, and Stator
Blower motor Front leading to air duct
Scale Comparison of room
Hard Drive Caddy
Wires leading into PSU
PSU Internals
View from the SecreteLab Titan Evo 2022
Overhead View
Samus 2.5D Wall Art
Fridge jam-packed with Dr Pepper - My drink of choice
NES and ATARI 2600 (NES has blinking power light)
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2023.06.06 04:20 M4RTIAN Height of sitting/sleeping area.

I recently changed from a regular bed to a platform bed I found on Amazon that’s about 18 inches off the ground. I’m never going back. It feels better sleeping up off the ground, stepping out of bed rather than standing up from it, and lately I think taller couches would be more comfortable too. The type you kind of sit up into instead of down onto.
Is there anything like that?
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2023.06.06 04:10 Boorobford I got laid 3 times last week.

Thought I'd share why I had been out for a while and while I cannot share too much, wanted to shed some light into what I have been up to. Decided to slowly get back into the game with a mix of dating apps, some daygame, and nightgame over the weekends. Shut off almost all of reddit and decided to go all in on game yet again. Pulled off 3 lays in one week.
Lay 1: Half-Asian and Half-White mix from New York.
I was at an outdoor bar the Saturday before this one and had done a handful of approaches. Night starts out rough as I try to chat with a couple of blondes but get brutally rejected. I keep probing and then hit it off really well with this tall brunette with a tan. Things were going well but her friends find her and practically drag her away. I cannot do a thing about it. Lately, I have been gaming solo since I find wingmen to be highly unreliable.
So I keep at it and then out of nowhere as I am heading to one of the nearby bars to order my first drink, I run into this one girl wearing a tanktop and yoga pants. We chat a bit and banter. She went to school at Marist and played Volleyball there, was in her 20s too. She was tall but I had a couple of inches on her given that I am 6 ft (or slightly below lol).
I decide to move her from one end of the bar to the next and get no resistance from her. Then I try to figure out her logistics but she says she is with a few friends. I look over and notice a couple of her friends seem gay and the others are these white girls who look chill. So I decide to get her IG and then keep talking to her. As the friends come over, I talk to them as well. They were all cool but I know not to talk to them too much.
To my surprise, they let me talk to the girl but then I work my familiarity of the city's nightlife scene to my advantage. Propose to all friends that I know of a great rooftop with nice views and we can go there, they decide to go with me. I know a few of the staff at the rooftop and they get us a decent spot to sit in. Friends get a little drunk and the girl is only somewhat drunk. I pull her off to a more secluded part of the rooftop and propose we go to my place. She pushes back but I hang around.
After that, we make out a bit and I tell her we should check on her friends. Two of them are heading back and I propose to the girl we check out my place, she is now down for it. Pull her back and as soon as we get to my place, we start making out. I take off her top and suck on her tits. As soon as she gets in just her panties, I could not help but smack her ass and bite and kiss those cheeks, she loved it. I smash with protection on that night and then we chill nude on my couch watching Netflix. I get hard again and she blows me while we are watching a horror movie.
We then fuck again a couple of hours later, protection on obviously, and go to sleep. Wake up in the morning and this time I hit it raw but we ended up spending the morning and the afternoon together nude fucking. She proceeds to tell me that she loves Indian guys and has a thing for them but just not many "bold" ones up in New York. Wow, my theory was right. I keep in touch but she has to fly back the next morning, a fun lay after a long time.
Lay 2: Armenian girl from LA.
I went out daygaming that Sunday and was hitting a lot of brick walls, ended up not getting much of anything at first. Then I saw this Kendall Jenner lookalike and decided to shoot my shot. The girl was shockingly receptive and after a long while of talking, probably 10 minutes, I got her IG. She could not go on a date because she had to meet friends for dinner and it was getting kind of late too (like 7). The next day, we go on a date but I make it near where I live. She loved the drinks and the bartenders + staff at the place know me well.
We talk and I banter with her on and on and on, teasing her a good deal. Finally, I decide to show her my spot which has a nice rooftop view. She tells me I better not try anything and I look at her puzzled. Take her to my spot, show her a nice view, and then try to get intimate. No one else is around and it is just us so I go for the kiss which I get no resistance from.
Then I tell her I have one better view to show her, she says "uuhhh you are not going to pull me into your bedroom are you?". I tell her "not exactly". She goes along and I pull her to my apartment, she loves it and she loves the view I get. Then I get intimate with her again and end up smashing. We once again do it a few times but then she says she has to see her friends at the club. We shower nude together before I have to kiss her goodbye. She was actually really fun too but so sad that she has to leave.
Lay 3: Korean and White mix from LA.
This one was just the past Friday night for me. I was at a huge bar and striking out to start the night. After that, I chat up these two girls, one was a tall redhead and another was this brunette with exotic looks. I grab a guy who seemed to be by himself that night and introduce him to the redhead as I talk to the brunette. The brunette laughed and said "smooth", I sort of ignored it. She tells me she is from LA and I jokingly say "yeah and ur Armenian", she says she is Korean and white.
We seemed to hit it off well from the start, she let me touch her and all. The redhead is making out with the guy I introduced her to and I make out with my girl, not much resistance. We spend a lot of the night together with her grinding on me and me kissing her behind the ears, gently. She was down for it and I tell her that I got some nice rooftop views for her, she agrees.
Take her to my spot, show her a nice rooftop view, make out some more, bring her back to my apartment, and smash. Just like with the first Asian and white mix, I ate her out and we fucked multiple times that night. Woke up next to each other and fucked probably 3 times that morning, twice without protection.
She later tells me that she is into Indian guys....
This is not the first time I have heard of Hapa girls being into Indian dudes.....
But yeah, sadly she has to leave as she was a tourist :(
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2023.06.06 04:07 FireFury190 Ideas for some Hero/Ascension Quests

Okay, so I can't be the only one who was disappointed that Shulk and Rex don't come with any quests when you unlock them from challenge mode. Let alone the fact that you can't inherit their classes. I understand it wouldn't make sense in the canon. But Land of Challenge always did non-canon fanservice of characters from other games interacting with each other. So I think it's dumb they couldn't do it for Shulk and Rex here. So I've come up with some quests for them to feel more like substantial rewards for beating both games.
Shulk & Rex Hero quest:
Basically, the cutscenes you'll get will be similar to Elma's in XC2. Where Nopon Archsage is the one responsible for bringing Shulk and Rex back into Aionios. They're still acting as avatars of Origin but the mysterious power of the Archsage has allowed it so that both Shulk and Rex can still walk around Aionios while still being in Origin. Kind of like how the Archsage in XC2 was able to bring Elma to Alrest and alter the time dilation so that she isn't gone for too long on Mira.

Shulk's Ascension Quest:
The main idea for Shulk's quest will be dealing with the sudden return of Fog Rifts and Fog Beasts in Aionios. The group is traveling when they suddenly encounter a Fog Beast. Shulk advises they inform Melia about the matter and how to deal with the return of the Fog Rifts. We get a nice touching reunion with Shulk and Melia as they catch up on things. And we learn that many Fog Rifts have started appearing all over Aionios recently after being gone for eons. Shulk and Melia then explain to the Ouroboros gang what the Fog Rifts and Fog Beasts are and how they relate to the Black Fog. And that in the past they once dealt with them before Aionios was created. So now the main party has learned the true nature of the Black Fog and volunteers to assist in destroying the Fog rifts and beasts. So you travel to various spots on Aionios where there is a lot of Black Fog as that's where the Rifts have formed.
During the mission Shulk starts to ponder why the Fog Rifts are showing up again all of a sudden. And suspects that someone might be creating these rifts to form. He also talks about Origin's construction to the party after some battles against Fog Beasts. And how he was one of the leading designers of it and intricate details on how it works that Nia didn't tell us. We then find that the Fog Rifts that have now been reforming have been caused by the actual Consul A experimenting with the Black Fog. Finding a way to make sure that the fog doesn't destroy Aionios to permanently preserve the Endless Now for Z. But accidents with the experiments had caused Fog Rifts to form again once more.
The party catches him in another experiment with the Black Fog. And they managed to stop him. But not before another accident causes another Fog Rift to form. However instead what's summoned isn't a Fog Beast but a Fog Zanza. Shulk wonders how this is even possible. And starts to piece together that the Fog Beasts are not only a result of the worlds fusing together but also they're the restless spirits of those that died on Bionis and Alrest. Explaining why the Fog King in Future Connected looked like Inferno Guldo from XC2. Applying more of the Gnosis lore from Xenosaga. Fog Zanza proves to be far more powerful than any Fog Beast before. As Fog Zanza is acting Zanza's desire to destroy the world and remake it anew.
The quest ends with the party destroying Fog Zanza and Noah promising Shulk that they will stop Moebius and save their worlds before the Black Fog destroys Aionios.

Rex's Ascension Quest:
At camp, Rex is looking at his family photo with wives and kids. Wishing they could all be together again. Mio asks what the photo is which startles Rex. After he composes himself he explains to Mio that it's a photo of him and his family. Even giving it to her to look at. He then talks about how after Z hijacked Origin a lot of soldiers that make up Keves and Agnus were all children 1-20 from the two worlds. And thus separated from their parents who are all trapped in Origin. He was one of the lucky few that didn't get put into Origin and talks about how he would love to see his kids again as they were reborn to be a part of the Agnian army. He mentions how he already found two of them and wants to find out where his 3rd kid is. His son Milton. The one he had with Mythra. He doesn't mention to Mio that she's his daughter as he doesn't know the best way to tell her. Mio decides that they should help Rex find his son. And will travel to all the Agnian colonies they know to find them.
So the party goes around to a few Agnian colonies only to come up short. They then decide to go to Agnus Castle and see if there are any documents on file on Milton on where he was stationed or if he had already reached homecoming. We get a very touching reunion with Rex and Nia. Where Nia accidentally acts like her normal self when the Ouroboros party shows up unannounced. Only to turn around and be greeted by Rex. Tears swell up in her eyes and she dashes towards her husband faster than Kite did with Juniper. Tackling Rex to the ground and surprising everyone around them. After that funny moment. She gladly tells them where to find the records of all the soldiers. She then asks Rex to talk to her alone while the party goes looking through the documents.
Both husband and wife are so glad to see each other again after over a thousand years. The two look from afar at Mio and ask if either one of them has told her about them being their daughter. They say neither one haven't and is unsure what the best course of action would be. Whether to tell them or not. As Rex mentions he and Shulk never mentioned their familial relationship with Glimmer and Nikol.
The party comes back and they sadly can't find any information on Milton. Which deeply saddens Rex but he was ready to accept they might have already reached homecoming a long time ago. Taion suggests that there is one other place they haven't tried. That is the lost colony that Nimue is from. As no documents of that colony exist due to the hidden nature of the colony.
They all rush to the lost colony and sure enough they learn that Milton does indeed live there. However, he currently isn't in the colony. They find out from Stella that Milton has a bad habit of searching for treasure. And has often constantly dug holes around the colony looking for any. She suspects that because he's already searched every inch of the colony for treasure he likely went outside looking for more.
So the party has to search around Cadensia Region to find him as he hadn't gotten far. And we managed to save him from a giant sea monster. There we see that Milton looks very much like Rex from Xenoblade 2 only now with blonde hair. This helps save Monolithsoft from having to make a completely new model. So it'll just be young Rex's head on an Agnian soldier's body with blonde hair. I fully give credit to XenDrawsStuff as Mythra's kid looking like a blonde Rex was their idea. But I also thought it was a nice cost-saving measure.
After they save Milton Rex chews him out for the dangerous stunt he did much like how he did with Glimmer in FR. Once they return to the colony Rex apologizes to Milton for snapping at him before and the two bond over their love of digging up treasure. Rex mentioning how he used to be a salvager. The party looks on at the two from afar and Eunie comments how Milton looks pretty similar to Rex. Taion believes that could be a natural thing that can happen between parent and child from what they learned in the City.
Mio ponders on it too, as she takes Rex's photo out of her pocket. As she looks at it more and thinks back to how Nia interacted with Rex, she realizes that that's her in the photo. And once she notices the baby she's carrying as well as how similar she looks to Nia, something she hadn't really thought of before, she puts the pieces together that she's Rex's and Nia's daughter. And while she doesn't completely understand it or is fully confident about it, she decides to keep it to herself. As she feels it's best that Rex come forward with this once he feels comfortable.
And done. Please give me your thoughts and critiques on these quest ideas.
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2023.06.06 03:55 khoafraelich789 Lexus’ first electric vehicle, the RZ 450e, starts at under $60,000

Lexus’ first electric vehicle, the RZ 450e, starts at under $60,000

The RZ 450e is priced to be competitive with other luxury EVs like the BMW iX, Volvo EX90, and Mercedes EQS SUV. The RZ is also the first Lexus to be built on Toyota’s e-TNGA platform.

Toyota has been criticized for being slow to release its first dedicated electric vehicle, but one could argue that the delay has given the world’s largest automaker ample time to survey the competition as it sets its own plans into motion. Today, the company’s luxury brand Lexus announced pricing details for its first EV, the RZ 450e, and as you can see, it’s a lot less than most other luxury EVs currently out there.

The RZ 450e comes in two trim levels: Premium and Luxury. The Premium version with all-wheel drive and 18-inch wheels starts at $59,650, including delivery charges, while the 20-inch variant starts at $60,890. The Luxury trim with AWD starts at $65,150.

That’s significantly less than a lot of the competition, like the BMW iX ($83,200), Volvo EX90 ($79,950), and Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV ($105,550). But it’s comparable to other rivals, like the Cadillac Lyriq ($61,795) or Audi E-tron Q4 ($56,800).

And while it’s built on the same e-TNGA platform as the all-electric Toyota bZ4X, the Lexus RZ will come with more luxury stylings, nicer materials, and a panoramic glass roof as well as other fancy add-ons. Of course, if you’d rather save some money, you can plunk down $42,000 for the bZ4X and get the same 71.4kWh battery pack as the RZ.

Interestingly, the RZ has an EPA-estimated range of 220 miles on 18-inch wheels and 196 miles on 20-inch wheels. That’s less than the bZ4X’s EPA estimated range of 252 miles, which likely can be chalked up to weight distribution and aerodynamics.

Keep in mind that Toyota has said that it expects to make a Lexus sports car that would have a “cruising range” of 700km (434 miles) and be able to accelerate from zero to 60mph in under two seconds. That’s clearly not the RZ, so we’ll have to wait a little longer before we see what a quicker, longer-ranging Lexus sports car has to offer.

Toyota is playing catch-up in the race to electrify the auto industry. In 2021, Lexus said it will introduce 20 new vehicles by 2025 but that just 10 of those will be all-electric, hybrid, or run on hydrogen. But a few months later, Toyota announced that Lexus would become an electric-only brand by 2035.

Source: theverge
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2023.06.06 03:49 byt3c0in Star Fragment Likelihood

Last night I was gliding thru the sky up very high when a shooting star zips by like inches from me, I went into a dive and caught it mid air before it could reach the ground.
Did I just witness a miracle, or is there some reason this happened? Seems like a one in a million event (I’ve only seen shooting stars two other times and both times extremely far away from me)
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2023.06.06 03:43 SubstantialBite788 The Fiend in the Glade

In 1965 I was twelve years old.
My father made the news for killing my mother. He was certain that she had been cheating on him while he was at work, but I don’t see how that was even possible. My mom and I never got any sleep, for my father worked third shift and he would call home every chance he got. If she didn’t answer, she would get punished when he got home. One morning he took it too far. I was already at school when my neighbor came and picked me up during math class. He told me that my father was in jail and that my mother was about to die. There was no subtlety in those days, no sugar-coating the truth. You swallowed it down whole and raw.
I was at my mother’s side when she finally breathed her last. Her face was unrecognizable, swathed in bruises and lacerations. She was unconscious. There were no last words, no ‘I Love You’, no response to my wailing, nothing but a few last gasps of air.
The ‘best interest of the child’ was an alien principle to the inhabitants of the small town I grew up in. Convenience- that’s what mattered. The easiest place to put me was with my grandfather, the father of my father, and there wasn’t much difference between the two. The genetic code that instills in another human being a lack of empathy was prevalent on this side of my family. I had to endure my grandfather blaming my mother for her own death.
“She brought it on herself. If she would have just minded her manners,” he would often say. If it wasn’t that, it was something else derogatory about my mother. There was a snide remark every day. He would throw it in my face. He hated me because I looked less like his son, and more like my mother. With some strange morbid logic applied, I believe he also blamed me. If it wasn’t for me, his son would not be in jail.
I hated the man and I felt that one day it was going to get violent. I may have only been twelve, but Sarge, as he made me call him, was in his eighties and I could have easily pounded the man into oblivion if I really wanted to, and of course, I really wanted to. Sarge- why? Because he said he was a Sergeant in World War I, but I didn’t believe it. I never saw any evidence of that nor seen any photos. If he had been in the Great War, wouldn’t there be something hanging on the wall or on his fireplace mantle? No, he was a liar like my father, wrapped up in a make-believe world, far from the truth of his pitiful reality.
I spent as little time as possible in that house. Most of my days were spent down the road on Mr. Baker’s property, hunting small game like rabbits, dove, and squirrels with my 22-caliber rifle. Mr. Baker was a nice man and I wished I could have lived with him. He didn’t mind me hunting on his land, as long as I stayed away from the forest on the other side of his property. He claimed that there was something not right in those woods. Often, his dog Dolly, a Golden Retriever with an inexhaustible amount of energy, would accompany me on my hunting excursions.
I often came home empty-handed, but there were those days where I became obsessed. I couldn’t leave the field without a quarry, but more importantly, I didn’t want to go back home to that hateful old man. Sometimes, I imagined he was in my sights, that he was the hunted, and I the hunter.
Dolly was not an obedient dog. On some occasions I loved having her around to flush out the underbrush. Other times, she was a colossal pain. I would hunt up to the fence line that split Mr. Baker’s property from the much-maligned forbidden forest he often warned me against. One late afternoon, with nothing shot or killed, I got desperate, and climbed over the barbed-wire fence and trekked down the hill to a patch of bamboo growing by a small dried out streambed. I crossed over to a thick forest of trees, grass, and honeysuckle, abuzz with life, the sounds of insects slicing the air and rodents plowing through the undergrowth. I knew I had found the perfect spot. I spied a little rabbit gnawing on some clover. I slowly pulled my gun up, aiming, ready to shoot, and then Dolly came crashing through like a bulldozer through a flowerbed. The rabbit scurried away, but kept its course straight. I made a hasty, but careful pursuit, trying to be quick but ready to stop and hold still when the opportunity presented itself.
“Damn dog,” I murmured to myself.
“Damn dog,” something ahead repeated.
“Who’s there?” I inquired.
There was nothing but silence. Dolly had stopped about ten feet east from me, refusing to move any further. It seemed darker than normal in this area of the woods. Up ahead was a circle of Juniper trees, and beyond that a glade, an opening in the middle, devoid of life.
The rabbit I was pursuing appeared near the glade. Instinctively I begin to resume my hunt, absorbed in the moment, casually brushing aside the voice I had imagined. The rabbit stopped, I raised my gun, and as I went to squeeze the trigger, I saw the rabbit move into the glade and fall to its side. It’s legs frantically kicking about, as if something had a hold of it and it was struggling for life. Then it stopped, lifeless and staring out of one exposed black eye into the darkness of eternity. I noticed that it wasn’t the only carcass lying about. There were birds, squirrels, and other rabbits strewn across the open landscape. Some skeletal, others partially rotted, and some, like my rabbit, fresh and recently deceased. The smell was thick with putrid, decaying corpses.
Dolly saw the easy prey, her passion overriding her instinct and fear, leapt into the glade and fell on her side, just as the rabbit had done. She began kicking and yelping. Her cries were pitiful, a sad song for help I couldn’t resist. She wasn’t dead yet. Maybe I still had a chance. I crawled up to the edge of the glade, reached in, and grabbed her by the paw. My hand felt icy and stiff, the blood flowing through the veins in my hand felt like powdered glass. I pulled with all my strength.
I looked up to see my mother standing in the middle of the glade, beautiful and young, not at all like I had ever seen her in my own young life. She was a teenager, with a wistful smile, and a visible yearning in her eyes, the vision of which spoke to my soul that she missed me, that she wanted me to come to her in the glade. I was ready and willing, leaning more towards her and loosening my grip on Dolly. I felt a comforting warmness in my stomach, and an urge to bring solace to my lonely forsaken mother.
At that very moment a deer sprinted into the glade and stumbled to the ground. Out of nowhere an apple tree had appeared, with fallen apples scattered in abundance around the trunk. It was a vision, a lure dangled by a hunter, a hunter other than me, one with a more mysterious and a much more effective weapon.
I came out of my daze and yanked as hard as I could, pulling Dolly and myself from the invisible web we were entangled in. A part of the earth in the glade opened up like a trap door, and pouncing out like a spider was a creature like a man, crawling on all fours, with two small claw-like appendages extending out from its torso. It had dark skin with standing hair all over its body, like a tarantula. Its face looked human, but with sharp teeth and four red gelatinous eyes.
It would stand like a human and then crawl like a spider. It seemed confused and moved in quick sporadic motions. There was more than enough meat to choose from, but from its gestures I gathered it favored living meat, with blood still circulating. It was looking at the deer, but inching towards me. It was deciding between the easy already provided food, or the much more tastier living food- me.
The creature was walking backwards. Every now and then it would quickly turn its head, peek, and make sure I was still there, all the while backing up towards me. I felt around for my rifle, found it and pulled it up to my shoulder. The creature turned, with outstretched arms and appendages, leapt towards me. I pulled the trigger. One red eye exploded and the creature shrieked and fell outside of the glade. It writhed in pain as if the air outside of the glade was toxic.
I got up and ran away from the glade, calling Dolly after me. She raced past me up the hill and under the barbed wire fence. I glanced back as I was running. I saw the earthen door fall shut. The creature had survived.
I didn’t go hunting, or even go outside, for a few months. I was willing to take the abuse of my grandfather. Many times, I imagined taking Sarge down to the glade and pushing him inside, but his time was already limited. I don’t know how he lived as long as he did, smoking three packs of cigarettes a day. It seems that stubborn evil folk live longer than the rest of us.
Over time temptation got the better of me. I eventually made my way back down to the glade. I missed my mother. It was a calculated risk. I had my gun and if I kept my distance, I would be safe. On several occasions I got to see the vision of my young mother, but in time they became shorter in duration. The creature knew I had figured out its game and would no longer reward me with anymore visions. On the next to the last visit there were no apparitions of my mother. I waited, but nothing. The earthen door lifted. I saw three red eyes peering from the ground.
“I will eat you one day damn dog.”
My last visit to that devilish grotto reveled that the creature had moved on. There was no glade, no empty land, nor an opening in the canopy. The spot was filled with invasive honeysuckle, thick with life and the pleasant aroma of flowers, and yet, it saddened me, because the most beautiful flower of all was gone. Amidst the violence and death, was the forlorn life of my mother.
I am now seventy years old, decrepit and weak, without the use of my legs. Diabetes and heart disease are killing me, but there is another death nearby, one less indifferent and relishing the suffering I am now enduring. It is prolonging my passing, giving me agony and yet giving me hope. I know that the fiend has found me again. The air feels suffocating in my room. The more my heart pumps, the more the circulating blood causes me agonizing pain. I suffer, but I endure because for the last several nights I have seen an apparition of my mother, the dying flower in the middle of the glade.
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2023.06.06 03:38 Cmdrseahawks 🔥Koenig Arius🔥

Super amazing piece the smoothest knife I’ve ever held. Just looking to get what I paid for it sv: $625 no trades please. It has a couple scratches on the clip and the tip was chipped and professionally ground back into shape. But it does mean the knife is about 1/4 inch shorter than a regular Arius. Imposible to tell unless you put it next to a regular Arius though.
No trades please
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2023.06.06 03:36 Ok-Temporary-6447 Possible bat exposure?

I was just sitting still on my deck in Virginia around 8:45pm when something dive bombed the top of my head. I heard the flutter of wings and it physically moved my hair. I did not feel any sort of sting/bite... only the movement of my hair. To be clear, its not like this thing slammed into the top of my head, bounced and flew off...all it did was make enough contact to flip the hair along the part along the top of my head. But since it was along the top part (meaning exposed scalp, hair parted down the middle), it was obviously right on my head, as opposed to the side where your hair hangs down several inches from your scalp. I didn't see what it was, but I suppose it could have been a bat. I live alone so I don't have anyone to look for marks along the part in my hair.
Does this sound like a bat exposure that warrants an ER visit and rabies vaccine?
I'm reading conflicting reports around whether infected bats could even manage such a flight (ie not crash into someone and instead keep flying) as well as whether I would actually feel a bite if one occurred.
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2023.06.06 03:33 mindblowntheorem THE RING - My true ghost experience 😱

Some family friends of ours lived in a beautiful old farmhouse house, in a small country village in the UK. It was once a farmhouse, then had been a pub for a time, then converted to house by our friends. It had many original features like crooked corridors, wonky staircases, exposed wooden beams & brickwork etc....Just a generally cool but creepy old house. The house had a lot of land & our families spent most of the time outside in the huge garden, BBQ'in...The kids would play in the gardens & the adults would sit around in camping chairs, drinking, grilling & laughing into the night! 🙌
..The owner of the house was one of my dad's best friends, they were both police officers & had worked together for years & that night, it was his daughters birthday & she asked if I could sleep over, my parents agreed & arranged to pick me up the next afternoon. We did the general 11/12 year old girly sleepover stuff, makeovers, movies, chatting etc. 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣 ...I had been in this house before but never stayed the night before & whilst playing around in my friends bedroom, my eyes were IMMEDIATELY drawn to this old, wooden carved jewelry box sitting on her dressing table & I went straight over & opened it & inside was this beautiful old 18carat gold ring but it was tiny, almost like it belonged to a young child & I was fixated...It absolutely mesmerized me, the second I laid my eyes on it...I picked it up & this wave came over me, like this pulsating strange feeling (Like the drums from Jamanji but I never actually heard or saw anything)..I just felt it in my body & then suddenly, my friend came over & said 'Oh, yeah, my parents found that box in the attic when they were renovating the house...& they found that ring under one of the floor boards in there as well, it's so cool isn't it?!' ...I had this overwhelming sense of dread & for some unreason...I felt the need to steal it but I didn't, as I mentioned before, our parents were Police officers & I knew better but I could not stop thinking about this ring.
Anyway, the night is coming to an end, all the other guests including my parents have left & after a hour or so, her parents come up with her little & only sibling & they all poke their heads into our room, say goodnight & shut the door behind them & go off to bed. ...My freinds bed is against the wall but sticking out directly into the middle of the room, the door is to the left of her bed & I have a blow up bed on the right side of her bed, so my blow up bed is a lot lower down than her bed & there is a bedside table directly behind my head that goes up slightly higher than the height of her bed. ...My friend falls asleep pretty quickly & I can hear her snoring away & the house is completely silent...Her bedroom door is closed & it is completely PITCH BLACK in there... Then, I start to get that same dreaded drum feeling I had felt earlier, when holding that ring....Right in front of my eyes, the door opens but not dramatically, just creepily slowly & nothing....Then this ominous faint light, almost pulsating light, comes from the now open doorway...It's not the hallway light, it's something else, something like moonlight but that's not possible from that angle! 🤷🏼‍♀️ ...I am sat up right in this low down blow up bed, just staring at this now open, lit up doorway & then, this figure walks into the room! 😱 I knew straight away, that this was a man...This was not my friend's dad though, as he was one of my dad's best friends, around 5"7 & over 200lbs & he was the only male living in that house, there was only his wife, his two daughters & me staying that nighr...The man who walked into the room was around 6ft tall & very slim...He calmly walks through the door, past the foot of my friends bed & then STOPS suddenly, turns & looks DIRECTLY at me....I WAS FROZEN IN FEAR! 😱...What struck me the most was how much detail I can still give about his clothing & appearance...I was 12 years old at the time but I remember it like it was yesterday! ....This guy had almost cropped, tweed style trousers, almost pirate like trousers, that went to just above the calf, with a tweed style blazer but what I remember specifically, was his shirt...It was white but it had a short, upright collar, with only the very inner tips bent...It was like an old fashioned shirt, I think there's an actual name for these shirts but even as a 12 year old, I remember thinking that shirt is odd... Because my dad was a Police detective & interviewer, he would wear a suit, shirt & tie everyday & this was not a regular modern shirt with a folded collar like my dad wore...This apparition had slicked back, jet black hair & although I was aware it was a man, I couldn't properly see any facial features, apart from his eyes & I stared frozen & in horror back at him, in what felt like 10 minutes but was probably only 10 seconds....Then, I realised he wasn't looking at me...He was looking BEHIND ME! 😱
...At this moment, I had what I can only describe as the worst fear I have ever felt...It's like a primal fear & although this happened 18 years ago, I remember it & can visualize it like it happened yesterday!....12 year old realizes he's looking behind me & I do that almost movie style thing & I slowly turn my head backwards, to the left & slightly up & that's when I saw her....A little girl, PLAIN AS DAY, stood directly behind me...But 3/4 of her body was standing inside of the bedside table behind me....It was like a hologram...I could see the bedside table but I could also she her body INSIDE of it! 🤷🏼‍♀️😱 ....She was wearing a beautiful frilly, Lacey long white dress, with a dusty pink coloured bow tied around the waist...Her chest, shoulders & head were sticking out of the center top of the bedside table & she had this beautiful long curly golden hair & there was this moment, this creepy indescribable moment, where I realised these two entities were staring at eachother....Not at me & in that moment...I KNEW the ring belonged to her...This thought crossed my mind & suddenly her gaze went from him to suddenly me & I literally almost went into cardiac arrest!...That was it for me..I through the blanket over my head & zoned out....I couldn't sleep but I refused to look & I was so freaked out & panicked but too scared to run to the phone to call my parents. ... Eventually I drifted off & woke up a couple of hours later, sweating & completely bewildered...When I woke up, her bedroom door was closed, I snook to the bathroom & all her family were still asleep...I never slept there again!
...I did being it up to my friend's mum a coupe of weeks later & she said that a few nights after I stayed...They had woken up suddenly to a huge crashing sound downstairs & her husband, being a police officer, immediately jumped up & expected it to be a break in but on inspection...He found the huge old oak farmhouse cabinet, that was there when they moved in but had been securely bolted to the wall by them on renovation of the building (It was so heavy it took two adult men to lift & it had to be placed by lifting it, pushing into place & then slotting down 2 inches into secore fittings)...The night they heard the crashing sound... That cabinet was face down on the floor...This would have been IMPOSSIBLE to happen...Both the bolts were still securely fastened to the wall & for this happen, meant that someone or something had to physically lift this huge oak cabinet 2 inches up & then pull it toward them 2 inches for it to have any chance of falling...They were unable to move it back themselves in the morning & had to wait for one his other 200lb+ friends to come over later & help lift it back up.... That's how heavy it was! 🤷🏼‍♀️ Approximately 2 years later, I was discussing this incident with my dad & he pretty quickly mentioned that a man had committed suicide in their garage not long before they bought the house...He didn't tell me at the time because I was only 12 & he didn't want to scare me but I was 14, nearly 15 when he told me this! 😱 ...I still believe what I saw was older than that though, the people, the clothing, THE RING! ...
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2023.06.06 03:27 Icy-Confection3288 Plasmoid Race Divine Soul sorcerer Hexblade warlock Combo

Hello Hello, Trying a Slime combination, something that favors Utility, roleplay, that sneaking into places and getting out of tight situations. A character that takes advantage of the Plasmoid Race abilities:
Amorphous. You can squeeze through a space as narrow as 1 inch wide, provided you are wearing and carrying nothing. You also have advantage on ability checks you make to initiate or escape a grapple.
Shape Self. As an action, you can reshape your body to give yourself a head, one or two arms, one or two legs, and makeshift hands and feet, or you can revert to a limbless blob. While you have a humanlike shape, you can wear clothing and armor made for a Humanoid of your size. As a bonus action, you can extrude a pseudopod that is up to 6 inches wide and 10 feet long or reabsorb it into your body. As part of the same bonus action, you can use this pseudopod to manipulate an object, open or close a door or container, or pick up or set down a Tiny object. The pseudopod contains no sensory organs and can’t attack, activate magic items, or lift more than 10 pounds.
I am also not sure how to take advantage of the other racial skills, but I'll think of something:
Hold Breath. You can hold your breath for 1 hour.
Natural Resilience. You have resistance to acid and poison damage, and you have advantage on saving throws against being poisoned.
To start this build 1st level as Divine Soul Sorcerer for the Constitution saving. Afterwards going into 3 levels of Hexblade warlock and taking the Invocations: Armor of Shadows for mage armor to take advantage the Amorphous . and Mask of Many Faces for that flavor slime shapeshipping, along with the Actor Feat
Another feat I like taking is the Inspiring leader feat, cause of the high charisma the character will have.
Will take the Pact of the Blade because of the Amorphous racial ability. (Plus Flavor of saying the weapon is made from the Plasmoid Slime)
At least another 2 levels in Divine Soul Sorcerer for Metamagic: Twinned Spells and Quicken spells
Not sure on the rest of the Levels, but was thinking of doing an even split between Sorcerer and Warlock. I would like to get "thirsting Blade"
The campaign itself will have me at Lv10... maybe Lv12 so picking spells has been tricky and advice is appreciated: I was thinking about taking cantrips: Minor illusion, Firebolt, Eldritch Blast, Shape water (slime), Guidance, Prestigitation, (Maybe Blade ward as a Quicken spell + armor of agathys combo. )
Level 1 spells: armor of agathys, Shield, Absorb Element, Healing word, Guiding Bolt
Level 2 spells: Aid, Hold Person (twinned spells), Maybe Spiritual weapon
Any advice on other spells or feats or even other multiclassing for a Utility Plasmoid build let me know.
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2023.06.06 03:26 UnableBreak9638 The Hitchhiker

I found myself on a dark and lonely road, hitchhiking my way through the night. The pebbles that lay on the ground filled my shoe, the uncomfortable feeling repeated itself every step but still unbothered to stop. The darkness of the night filled an empty void with fear inside of me. The thought of what could happen to me all alone lingered in my mind. While walking, the noise of the wind swooshed intensely through the trees' trunks and cotyledons. The eerie sound gave me goosebumps and the hair inside my windbreaker stood up. In the distance, white and yellow lights blared rapidly through my eyes. Intrigued but scared, I walked towards the signals of light. Confused and after passing some evergreen, my pupils attached to what seemed like a highway. Finally, I sighed, maybe someone could help me, I thought to myself. I stuck out my thumb onto the road, hoping that someone would help. My black glove protected my hand from the cold and the rowdy breeze. The cars passed by, untroubled and unhelpful, yet, remaining with faith, I stood there. Minutes passed that felt like hours until finally a red old Chevrolet c/k 2500 flashed the headlights on my face, and pulled the car into the side road. I approached the dark-tinted window without properly seeing his face. A black hat and a red button-up shirt were barely visible. The driver had a sinister smile, and his eyes gleamed with a diabolical intensity. I stood there, still and somewhat terrified, yet against my better judgment I jumped in. The driver introduced himself as Mr. Blackwood, a man of enigmatic charm. I greeted him and then rested my head on the car window, far away from him. I took my right hand and reached to the back, hoping to feel the seat belt buckle. To my surprise, there it was. Feeling a little more confident I grabbed it and pulled it across from me, while looking for the handle, lightning struck the car seats and below me, there were stains of blood. Suddenly, my body went through an electric shock, paralyzed in the seat. I knew if I made a sudden movement or acted scared he might kill me. Trying to be calm, I still tried to buckle my seatbelt, the red handle button was standing there and I inserted it into the little buckle hole that was supposed to click in. Unfortunately, it wouldn't, struggling and sweating, the seat belt would not buckle. Mr. Blackwood sighed and told me, “Sorry there, for the last 3 years I had hunted deer, the weight eventually would break it. I'm so sorry.” He then replied rapidly, “No one gets in my car alive” He laughed sinisterly, alluding that he only gives rides to dead deer. His car sped through the pitch-black night. My fatigue was finally catching up to me and my eyes began to weigh on me. But my intense feeling of death and fear kept me awake. Weaving through winding roads as the trees whispered ominous secrets. I couldn't shake the feeling that something was wrong. The uncomfortable silence filled the air of the two-door pickup, and my eyes felt curious to see what Mr. Blackwood's attire was or if there was any escape from this car. I tried to silently slither my head a little to the left. My eyes went to the corner of my eye socket to figure out something about him. When my eye focused on the mysterious figure I could see him staring blankly back at me, not paying attention to the road whatsoever. His head quickly looked back at the road, as if he was ashamed and tried to hide the fact he was staring at me. With each passing mile, silence and small talk filled the air, and Mr. Blackwood's stories grew more twisted and menacing. He spoke about the crimes he was involved with when he was younger: “You know I was somewhat of a troublemaker when I was young” He said, “See when I was young we lived in a pretty big house. I wasn't privileged but I had my fun.” He stopped, sighed for a moment, and then responded, “My mommy was always inside and father wasn't around too much. My brother was practically my only friend. After some years, on my 13th birthday, my brother and I played cops and robbers. My momma just gave me a toy handgun, and my brother and I ran and trapped the maid. She was always the bad guy.” He kept on going “We had her on the lawn, she was trapped by 2-inch thick rope and the final act was to execute her. I pointed my brand-new handgun at her head and shot. We never saw her after” He laughed. His southern accent kept me on edge, and the way a grown man mid-fifties kept referring to her mother as momma gave me chills. It became clear that I was trapped with a man capable of unimaginable horrors. As the car raced on, the surroundings grew eerier. The moon disappeared behind dark clouds, casting an unsettling shadow over the landscape. I tried to escape, to open the car door and tumble onto the street, but it was locked. Also, there were no stop signs or anything that would make this man stop. Mr. Blackwood grinned as he watched my failed escape. Panic consumed me as I realized that I was trapped with a diabolical predator. The rhythmic thumping of my heart echoed the cyclical nature of my terror. With no way out, I summoned every ounce of courage and confronted Mr. Blackwood. I desperately demanded to know his true intentions, hoping to find a way to survive. But his response sent a chill down my spine. "Your fate was sealed the moment you stepped into my car," he hissed, his voice dripping with malevolence. "You are a pawn in my twisted game, and there's no escaping the tragic ending that awaits you." The words keep repeating in my hollow mind. My mind raced as I tried to unravel the web of Mr. Blackwood's plans. I was scared to death, not knowing when was going to be the end of me. I shivered, cried, and begged for mercy. I promised him I wouldn't say a single thing, but, once again, he looked at me as he added a small laugh as grinned directly at me. As the night wore on, I realized that I couldn't trust my senses. Mr. Blackwood's words and actions blurred the line between reality and nightmare. I managed to outsmart Mr. Blackwood, turning the tables on him. I managed to convince Blackwood for him to end my life in my family garage where most of my ancestors had passed away. He didn't know I was going to fight back once I was out of the car. Arriving at the family garage, I rushed out of the car for a secret gun my dad had stashed inside the glove box of a 1977 Ford F-150. I kept it behind my back, covered by my shirt, so he wouldn't see it. Having the gun was certainly better, but there were still shivers down my entire body. “Alright kid, it's time to die,” said Mr. Blackwood with a big smile on his face. He took out a large wooden ax from the pick-up. The silver edge reflected the face of Mr. Blackwood. As soon as he finished sharpening his ax. I was paralyzed, I couldn't feel my legs, but I was still walking. I approached Mr. Blackwood and while he was walking towards me ready to swing the ax directly at my head, I stepped back, pulled out my gun, and shot one time in the middle of his eyebrows. Without hesitation, I finished the cartridge in his head. I had an unexplainable adrenaline rush. A bullet of pleasure ran through my body, replacing my shivering with relief and excitement. Justice prevailed, but the scars of the night's horrors would forever haunt me. I got the keys from the truck and was urged to go to a hospital. I was in shock after what I had lived for the past couple of hours. From being on the verge of death to killing Mr. Blackwood. I had mixed feelings about the situation, but I was focused on getting to the hospital. I sped through the highway until the red cross sign popped up. Getting closer to it I could feel liberty at the grasp of my hand. Yet my intention was not to enter the hospital. I pulled up on the truck off to a side road into the woods. A few miles in, I took a quick right-hand turn and entered the old garage that was lying on the old shack. I parked the truck and made a big jump onto the ground. There were a couple of cars already parked there. I had done this successfully again I thought to myself. So there was I again, the same old empty road that led out of the woods. I started walking down the same path as a normal hitchhiker that led to the highway, ready to have an adrenaline rush from my next victim.
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2023.06.06 03:20 latino_D78 19[m4a] looking to get cucked by a dom/ bully. I got dirty panties you can JO with .

Dm me if interested I got pics too and if your in SJ or monterey areas dm I can travel. I am looking to get cucked and bullied while you use the panties to JO with and I can show pics as well. Let me know what type of things your into and if this is something you’d like to do. I want to. Get cucked so bad so if you can cuck me let me know asap. I’m also looking for tonight so make sure your able to tonight . Preferably you host or carplay is fine as well. I’m 19 5’7 5 inches and skinny Frame.
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2023.06.06 03:18 captainfin where can I best find prehung 72x80 french double doors for a closet?

hello friends i am looking to replace the sliding closet doors i have in my bedroom with french double doors that open out and close into the magnetic closures if that makes sense. however, I am having trouble finding the right ones. home depot doesnt seem to have what i am looking for. where and what should i be looking for exactly? i am in NJ if that helps.
the doorway measures 72x80 inches. and help will be greatly appreciated! thank you
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2023.06.06 03:06 radiationvacation (Wts) JG Scout

Hey swappers, never thought I’d let this go, it started a South African customs obsession for me, and is the quintessential practical but art quality piece imo. Voidless aerospace grade cf show, tungsten lock insert, it has lived its life as a safe queen, never spa’d or fixed up but it’s flawless. Lock is sitting nice at around 15%, clearly not overly fondled. Comes with its coa and pouch, just didn’t feel like digging it out. Ceramic detent, on the Teflon’s and frictionless. It’s a 3.15-3.2 inch blade, m390, one of the best hand satins even at this price point which is nuts. The jimping, the detent, the feel, you won’t regret this one. I have gotten into CMF though which clears out my collection very fast or else there would be no reason to part ways.
Sv 1040
Not to be a b hole, but no trades or big time haggling at this time. She’s a real gem, ask if you have any questions !
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2023.06.06 03:06 k3b77 [Measurement Check] 1st time poster. I need more room + some more general fit questions. C to G?

Hello ladies. Lately, my 32C bras aren’t fitting me properly due to weight gain. The cups are too small, cleavage close together, spillage on sides (side spillage isn’t too crazy, but noticeable), if I try to adjust a cup, then some breast becomes under boob. Also, the band is super tight on my body on the loosest setting. When I do the scoop and swoop technique, my breasts touch in middle and and my areolas partially show.
I’ve been taking some measurements and putting the numbers in the calculator and I’ve been getting 32G (US standard sizing). I worked with two sets of measurements, they will be provided below. For my second set of measurements, I increased some figures by a half inch and got result of 32G/H. If UK helps, that’s a UK 32F and UK 32F/32FF. Many times I feel like my measurements with the half inches are most accurate, then sometimes the first set. I go back and forth. Any pointers on bust measurement looseness are appreciated. Question: Does the second pair of results with the / mean just do whatever fits best? I assume I may be in between sizes with those calculations since they’re half inches.
My current bras are tight but I would’ve guessed one cup size higher, D. I guess cuz usually you think, next size up. When I dropped a breast into a cup of my 32C and brought it up towards me, I then visually guessed 2 sizes in cup, DD could be roomy enough based on my volume. I have yet to try any new sizes yet though. I know you guys “hate” doubters here, but it’s not that. I’m not caught up in the letters rn, It’s just I also saw that projection can skew results. - Can someone let me know based on my measurements where I may fall on the projection range? I know there’s limitations to the system and like I said, I’m wondering if may fall there. I saw that on the page with reasons for overestimation in cup size. I’m not straight up rejecting the calculator size, I’m just not sure if my shape etc is influencing the measuring or this is just my new size.
As I stated, my band is tight. Uncomfortably so actually - like I’m in pain in my band from the underwire after a few mins of trying a bra on. Esp while sitting down, I will start to feel like I can’t breathe and need it off. Could be the pressure near the gore around my heart and the squish. - Should going up in cup, while staying a 32 band give me enough relief in my band area? I know about sister sizes, but that all a matter of preference? My band is still quite tiny, so in my head, sticking to 32 sounds better and the calc says 32 too. Do you guys think the extra cup room will help the tightness on the band?
I used a few mainstream sites and have gotten some 32DD readings (including bare necessities which I think carries most of the brands on this sub if I’m not mistaken?). Some sites I got totally diff sizes though (inconsistency :/ ) I understand you guys aren’t a fan and your calc takes into account your breasts when you lean over and lay down, but just an fyi. - If I try a bra in 32DD that’s comfy, am I more likely to run into an issue with it eventually? Those sites only asked for fullest part of bust and band so I just don’t know. Do you think I’d be wasting my time in the long run? Or is this kind of thing also dependent on the shape of your breasts, roots, etc. I would assume the more your breasts have certain characteristics the more likely to need speciality brands and sizing?
Measurements in inches: Band: Loose UB: 32 Snug UB: 31.5 Tight UB: 30 Bust: Standing: 37 Leaning: 39 Laying: 36
Using a little less tension, I could also do 37.5 for standing bust and 39.5 for leaning bust. I keep second guessing on the firmness since it’s taken nude and idk if I’m bringing them together too much at times. 37 and 39 aren’t tight but I could see how some could say I’m not holding it relaxed enough. Also laying could be 36.5 based on the aforementioned reasoning.
Measurements in inches: Band: Loose UB: 32 Snug UB: 31.5 Tight UB: 30 Bust: Standing: 37.5 Leaning: 39.5 Laying: 36.5
Please be kind :) This is the most I’ve ever thought about bras since I’ve pretty much been consistently the same size more or less. And it feels like it happened suddenly. To make it even more confusing for me, I didn’t even grow from my usual size to this size I’m at now. I had my period size boobs and after my period, instead of them returning to my usual size, they grew instead. And then the sizing is so inconsistent everywhere so that adds more confusion :( Anyway, I know you guys are all for the bra brands you recommend and your calc, and that’s why I am here - to learn as well as self educate w the materials. But I am just trying to understand this all as well. I’ve read through a majority of the links and pages but these are still my questions at the moment.
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2023.06.06 03:00 Calamity-Gin Moth? Skeeter? Not a clue

Moth? Skeeter? Not a clue
I’m in south central Kansas, US. Saw this little man yesterday, and I’ve got no idea what he might be. Only about half an inch long, what looks like a yoke made for ants actually unfolded into wings for Ahmad a second before fueling up again. I’d love to know what he is.
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2023.06.06 02:59 kennyminot Nine Inch Nails, visualized by Midjourney

For some reason, I got hit with the sudden impulse to feed a bunch of Nine Inch Nails lyrics into Midjourney, a popular text-to-image AI model. My methodology was to pick whatever portion of the lyrics I thought would generate the most interesting image. In some cases, that meant just selecting the chorus. In other instances, I chose a portion of the lyrics that had a particularly evocative image. The results turned out pretty cool, so I figured I would share with you folks.
Here's the album: https://imgur.com/a/QGmhXjN
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2023.06.06 02:58 Shadowthesame14 My ex-mil wants to sue me for ruining the aesthetic of the home she co-owned with my ex.

We were married at the time. Mil did not and does not live there. Long story short, i broke a door. A door frame to be exact. On accident.
It was the middle of winter. My dad came out to fix it. Basically building a new door frame and some trim. He also lowered the door itself by about an inch, nearly closing the gap that let in so much cold.
My dad used basic planks of wood. 2x4s? There was no painting, sanding, or staining involved. But its a door. It works.
The house is literally falling apart. The deck had 2 sets of stairs. One set a step literally crumbled with me on it. Cracking into pieces. While my dad was there he fixed another step that fell off. Yes. Fell off. Stair rails falling down. Over grown yard. The paint on the house is in bad shape. This door was just one problem.
So. Basically. Can my mil sue me because this 2x4 door frame ruins the look of the house. When i lived there and was married to one of the owners, who approved the repair. Thank you
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2023.06.06 02:56 myckull Did DMT For the second time.

a little insight on myself
I’m 19 years old, and have some experience using psychedelics. Ive done DMT once before with some friends but only got a very small dosage, as I was the last to hit the vape and it tasted burnt as fuck like there wasn’t even any dmt left in the coil. I’ve used mushrooms a lot when I was 14-15, and have done LSD a couple times, but honestly can barely remember anything that stands out to me. My LSD doses were very small, I don’t even know how much were in each tab but only did half of each one until they were gone. Always have been kinda scared of actually tripping since every time I used to do mushrooms, I would swear that I’d never do it again, only to do it again the next week. Probably went through this 5 times before I actually took my own advice and stopped using them. They just wouldn’t make me feel how I had anticipated, and was never what I expected. Now I know that’s a foolish way to look at things, but again I was young when I was using shrooms. But I use drugs like cocaine and opioids semi regularly, recreationally.
I’ve always been fascinated my DMT. The entities and dimensions you can visit and communicate with has always been intriguing to me. So once I found out I can order a nn-dmt vape cartridge to my house, I contemplated it for a while, but finally pulled the trigger a couple months after.
Once it arrived, I was eager to see what I’d been hearing from multiple trip reports I had been listening to for many days. So, I sat down on my bed, told my girlfriend I was going on a trip and that she should stay out of the room and let me be. I’ve never liked doing psychedelics around people, it just contaminates my mind and I end up worrying about the things around me rather than my own state, and my own trip. Anyhow, I take one huge rip from the pen, on a battery that’s probably a bit too powerful for the cartridge, and inhale as much as I can. Held it in for as long as I could, and boom. instantly, I am seeing crazy shapes and fractals and they’re all spinning around me, moving at a calm pace. The shapes turned into hundreds of entities, and I could see many of them forming from the “walls”. The entities from the walls seemed to be benevolent, buddhist type statues. The walls are not the walls of my room, but more like the walls of reality, like the shapes are the wall. Hard to put into words. Next thing you know, these diamond shapes all come together in the form of a huge face and instantaneously, the whole face turns white. It looked like an entity was staring into my soul, just inches away from my face. This frightened me initially, but I could tell they just seemed interested in me, which calmed me down. I don’t remember what happened between this and the next setting, time seemed very distorted and I don’t know what happened at what points during my trip. But I ended up in a long hallway, where there were a seemingly infinite amount of long rectangles in the walls that were openings to new places. Each rectangle was a different color, neon green, neon purple, etc. There were entities in nearly every room, some didn’t have any but I have a clear image of this one purple entity from a purple rectangle. Dude looked like an abstract cartoon looking thing but had long ass limbs and his face was white, contrasting against his fully neon purple body. He wasn’t there for long because the hallway was moving past me and it seemed like I myself was inside one of these rooms in the hallway, looking out of it as everything passed me. It felt like I was an entity just like them, doing the same thing they were doing. Looking out into the hallway. At some point I saw some really dark part of the hallway, which frightened me again, and a dark entity seemed to crawl through the roof and disappeared, I tried not to focus on it and the frightening feeling was gone as fast as it came. I don’t remember much after this, just that when I came back I was so ecstatic at what I had just seen, I was laughing uncontrollably and couldn’t stop running around my basement suite. My girlfriend did annoy the fuck out of me though cux she wouldn’t really let me explain what happened to me. Instead of listening to me she shut me down and kept going on about herself and what was going on with her and I just didn’t want to hear her shit so I just dismissed her and returned back to trying to dismantle what I had just experienced. I don’t think I broke through, but I also don’t know if I was even in my body, nothing of that sort mattered at that point I just took in the whole experience and tried to understand what the fuck jst happened.
Just posting this here because I don’t know what to make of any of this, I think I’m going to go slowly before I actually breakthrough. Since this experience I’ve done it around 3 times, and have been in another almost hallway looking place with crazy fractals and green colors folding over eachother while the rooms folded into eachother repeatedly and some entities I could barely make out, but seemed like they were pointing at me with their fingers being so close to my face almost like they were pointing at my eyes. But nothing as memorable as the first trip, I don’t know if that’s maybe because I was doing it days in succession, but to be fair I have no idea what I’m doing with this drug. I want to be more in touch with my spiritual side, I’ve never believed in any sort of god, but also have never been ignorant to the fact that gods may exist. I’ve never been the type to really explain myself so it’s kind of weird even writing this and try to understand myself. I’ve never really truly known who I am or who I was, my actions and personality were always catered to those who were around me, in order to be the least of a burden I could be. I think I’m taking a step in the right direction.
Thanks for reading, and I apologize that this was super lacklustre, I’m terrible at putting things into words but I hope to make more detailed and insightful trip reports in my future endeavours. Peace.
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2023.06.06 02:51 TomSzabo And It Utterly Broke My Heart

Valid theories as to why Nine Mile Hole was so very special to Forrest Fenn are out there, if one cares to look carefully enough. But nobody yet to my uncertain knowledge has pointed to hints in The Thrill of the Chase or other evidence that explain why Fenn might have been so emotional about his journey to the special place that he cryptically described in the poem. Yes, it was the place he wanted to die, and that alone would be a good enough reason for emotion. Yet the sort of sentimentality that Fenn betrayed about the place – for example when he read the poem out loud – suggests something even deeper and more sorrowful: a sense of loss that is larger than the man himself.
It so happens that there truly is a source of information that reveals why Nine Mile Hole was so sacred to Forrest Fenn: an emotional connection had been forged as a result of dual tragedies. It is contained in poetry masquerading as prose written by Ernest Schwiebert, an expert on flies and flyfishing, in his seminal Nymphs: Stoneflies, Caddisflies, and Other Important Insects including the lesser mayflies, Volume II (2007).
The existence of this text and its importance to the chase was originally revealed by Vertigo, who first shared it on The Hint of Riches forum. Later, Vertigo reposted the excerpt from the Schwiebert text on Medium here along with the other results of his excellent research. All the Vertigo entries are a must read if you want to try walking in the shoes of Forrest Fenn. I won’t repeat that portion of the Schwiebert text previously shared by Vertigo in its entirety although I will include a few of the most relevant excerpts to help tie everything together.
What I want to focus on here is the emotional and motivational parts of the tragic story that Schwiebert eloquently told in the paragraphs that Vertigo did not quote. This material is critical in my opinion to understanding the importance of Nine Mile Hole and what happened there to make it the place where Fenn wanted to die.
To summarize, the fires that devastated Yellowstone in 1988 were in part the result of government mismanagement of forest fires on Federal land, much of which was due to political games (e.g. to discredit members of the other political party). These fires created havoc and destruction in the Madison watershed and its fisheries that went largely unacknowledged by environmentalists and the public at large. Only those who had fished those flywaters in the decades before the fires could truly understand the extent of the negative impact on the river and its riparian ecosystem.
Among other casualties, the brown trout hideout at the famous Nine Mile Hole was spoiled, and the spring-fed pond secreted in the woods nearby was literally wiped off the map. Its crystal clear waters – a quarter mile up a cold rivulet from the legendary hole on the Madison – had once rewarded the most tenacious Brown with the perfect spot to spawn. Now there was only brown sludge in its place. To someone who had intimately known Nine Mile Hole, its matronly crystalline pond, or any other riverine wonder of the Madison watershed in Yellowstone, it was enough to utterly break their heart.
Forrest Fenn's feelings about the ordeal were very much in the same vein as those expressed by Ernest Schwiebert. The difference was that the latter man did not need to keep a secret and therefore could lay bare his emotional injuries.
Indeed, the 1988 fires must have devastated Fenn similarly if not more so. But this grand tragedy was not quite as catastrophic to him as being diagnosed with cancer and given slim odds of surviving it. The year 1988 was not particularly kind to the man.
Fortunately, the forests and rivers of Yellowstone always seem to recover from the worst tribulations that nature could manage to throw at them, and so did Fenn. But not without a profound impact. The battle for survival and the scars left behind had connected Fenn to his special place at a level so primal and emotionally raw that it was almost umbilical. How could there ever be another consideration when it came to the somber task of choosing the place to take his last breath?
And then came the FBI raids in 2009. The Feds had had a hand in destroying his Shangri-La in Yellowstone in 1988, and now it seemed they wanted to finish robbing him of treasure while desecrating his reputation and castle in Santa Fe.
ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, he said to himself through sublime gritted teeth and with a resolve that only the gravely aggrieved can muster. I'm going to carry out my plan. In Yellowstone Park, damn the consequences!
The following is taken from Nymphs: Volume II, starting on page 237. Unless noted otherwise, boldface is mine for emphasis.
I note that Vertigo excluded an important portion of the first paragraph of the story so I will re-quote this paragraph in its entirety. He then faithfully reproduced the next 7 paragraphs, which I won't repeat but will highlight a few excerpts. See Vertigo's Medium post for the full text of the 7 paragraphs, or "DYODD" and buy the book.
Schwiebert's account contains several additonal paragraphs beyond the 7 quoted by Vertigo that are just as important in my opinion, plus there is a footnote that helps enormously to shed light on things. I quote these in their entirety as fair use in order to support the theory being advanced in this entry.
But the entire Yellowstone was ravaged by a series of wildfires in the drought of 1992, and one of the worst of these fires had crossed into the park from Bridger National Forest in Wyoming, just north of Grand Teton National Park.6 The great lodgepole forests of the Bechler and Firehole watersheds had become a tinderbox, and vast acreages of primeval timber were surrendered to the fire. Magnificent stands were transformed into fire-blackened cemeteries of snags. Entire mountainsides were utterly scorched as steep timber-filled ravines became incandescent chimneys filled with fire. Slopes of unstable volcanic soils were stripped of their trees and rendered vulnerable to the erosive impacts of winds, rains, and melting snowpacks. Frightening shrouds of talcum-fine soil and ash were carried aloft as storms worked across the Yellowstone Plateau. Gullies were quickly cut into unstable hillsides, and large alluvial fans of gritty clay and ash were formed at many places along the Madison, Gibbon, and Firehole. Such fans were visible immediately below Seven Mile Bridge on the Madison, and there was much worse damage at its famous Nine-Mile Hole, which had been the most popular pool.
Schwiebert makes an error here: the great drought and fires were actually in 1988 as he correctly states in Footnote 6; see near the end of this post.
The next 7 paragraphs are faithfully reproduced in full by Vertigo … I highlight a few key lines. Following this, I start to quote the paragraphs that are excluded from Vertigo's work.
Nine-Mile lay just below the highway, in a beautiful corridor of primeval lodgepoles and ponderosas …
It was a striking place with secrets. There was a crystalline springhead pond across the water, about a quarter mile beyond the river, and completely hidden behind a dense screen of intervening conifers.
Large brown trout were known to enter this minor lodgepole tributary in October to mate and lay their eggs …
I once caught a good fish in the little pond itself … a handsome five-pound hen that had apparently spawned and wintered, and then elected to stay.
The cold spillages of the crystalline creek entered the river in the uppermost shallows at Nine-Mile …
It was a spring-hole worth knowing. Large trout often gathered there in hot weather, basking in its cool temperatures where the ledge rock shelved off into a secret pocket. I could usually count on at least one good fish there, because most anglers simply fished the primary currents of Nine-Mile without covering the pocket below its aquatic weeds.
The fate of Nine-Mile, however, was a terrible surprise.
Compare to page 141 in TToTC with the following words bolded and in red: "Cancer is a terrible word." Boldfaced and redlined text is used within the memoir in only four places, twice in reference to cancer and twice to suggest a warning that something is scalding hot: "DO NOT TOUCH!". The reason for this editorial oddity should be obvious: red for fire, and the red boldface connects cancer to fire.
The fish-filled secret below the weeds was smothered with silt and trash, and the spring-hole itself was gone. I became curious about the fate of the forest pond, and forded the river to inspect it. Dour rivulets of slurry came spilling through the trees, and I was astonished when I reached the tarn.
Its crystalline shallows were completely filled with slurry and trash. A tiny paradise had been destroyed. The outlet was clogged with refuse and silt, and the barrage of trash had raised the water in the lake until its overflows were forced into several braided channels farther downstream. No trout could ascend such gritty rivulets to spawn, and no freshly hatched juveniles would use its spatterdock riches to reach smolting size. Nine-Mile itself had been irrevocably changed, and after dutifully suiting up, I found myself angry and unable to fish.
Compare to "There'll be no paddle up your creek, Just heavy loads and water high."
Consider why Schwiebert was "angry": the full extent of the devastation was perhaps preventable if Forest Service management had actually cared about the ecosystem within their purview instead of trying to score political points.
Schwiebert continues the story as follows, not quoted by Vertigo.
Some ecologists have argued that postfire impacts have largely proved beneficial because natural lightning-strike fires are obviously implicit in our natural forest ecosystems. The science of such truths remains clear. Lodgepole cones do not surrender their seeds without exposure to hot temperatures associated with natural fires, and the argument that ancestral fires have played a substantial role in the ecological history of such forests is sound.
Such apologists further contend that once-dangerous thickets of deadfalls and dry tinder in these lodgepole forests had healthily been purged, and argued that these Yellowstone fires had cleansed its historic forests. The new grasslands created were alleged to have improved bison and elk habitat because both are grazing species, but both bison and elk lacked major predators then and had become much too plentiful before the fires. The ecosystem did not need more bison and elk. Other apologists waxed poetic about the beneficial impacts of the fires on avifauna and their prey within the boundaries of the Yellowstone, but none mentioned their horrendous impact on the famous Yellowstone trout streams.
Some fishing writers have written pieces echoing the doubtful thesis that everything had been improved through the purging of the fires, and that the fishing had also been helped. One reported unusual numbers of larger fish in the Firehole. This was irresponsibly wishful conjecture on the part of observers who lacked a fifty-year perspective on the Yellowstone and its fisheries, and were not competent to pass such judgment. The truth is much less felicitous. Several key tributaries had become so choked with postfire sedimentation, ash, and charred debris that their fish, including large trout that had never seen anglers, had been displaced from their headwaters to find refuge in the Firehole itself.
Such fish were not a happy portent.
Compare the above paragraphs to Fenn on page 141 of TToTC where he follows up the redlined and bolded "Cancer is a terrible word" with "The disease it defines represents nature in its most repellent form."
Fires also ravaged the hillsides along the lower Gibbon. Steeper slopes had quickly eroded, forming labyrinthine networks of raw gullies and wounds leaving the narrow highway below Gibbon Falls buried under great alluvial fans of mud, gritty precipitates, and trash. Heavy equipment had cleared the right-of-way, leaving great windrows of marl in many places, and the Gibbon became choked with waist-deep strata of raw sediments and ash. The great beauty of the box canyon below the Gibbon Falls had been charred and scarified by fire, leaving a river littered with postfire trash and mud winding through cemeteries of charred lodgepoles. I did not attempt to fish, and decided to investigate the fire damage along the Firehole.
The fires had decimated its remarkable lodgepole forests in many places between the Cascades of the Firehole and the Fountain Flats above Nez Perce Creek. I turned south on the old freight road toward Ojo Caliente, and found more fire damage there, but worse burns had overwhelmed the shores of Goose Lake. Its trees had been killed in fires of such temperature and intensity that their fire-seared trunks looked like they had been coated with shiny black lacquer. Fire had smoldered in the great mattresses of dead needles that once carpeted the entire forest floor, and when I used a tire iron to root deep into the burned earth, I found that fire had festered into its thick mattresses of pine needles to depths of eight and ten inches. Goose Lake was now encircled with skeletal lodgepoles that had been killed and charred by fire, although damselflies were still emerging from its shallow margins, swimming ashore to climb the blackened deadfalls and split their nymphal skins.
The scars were much worse beyond the lake.
Compare to cancer as above and to the poem words "Tarry scant": the word tarry could also mean covered by tar in addition to its more common interpretation of delay.
I reached the river and simply sat in the car, staring at its crippled forests with tears in my eyes, remembering the circling seasons I had enjoyed in these uncommon meadows. There were decades of happy memories from this place. I had shared a number of wonderful picnics at Feather Lake with old friends like the late John Hemingway, the late John Daniel Callaghan, and Bud Lilly. I particularly remember awakening from a post-lunch nap on the lodgepole bench at Feather to find Hemingway looking upstream toward the geyser plumes at Midway.
"Know what's wrong with this place?" Hemingway said with a sigh.
"No," I confessed.
"We don't own it," he said.
The narrow trace and cul-de-sac were no longer sheltered in a theatrical corridor of lodgepoles and big ponderosas, and a place of remarkable beauty had been utterly sacrificed and lost. The Firehole still flowed under the fire-blackened bench, a glittering necklace of bright water, with great billows of steam still rising from the geyser basin upstream. I had shared this place with a long parade of people across more than fifty years, and the morning was filled with echoes. I left the car and was surprised by the silence. There were no birds, no brash camp robbers arrived to beg for table scraps, and no skittish chipmunks scuttled across the forest floor. There was nothing for buzzards to scavenge, and no voles to interest circling hawks. The pale September sky was empty. Wind stirred in the blackened snags, which groaned and creaked. The meadow had offered some remarkable sport over the years, and I had hoped to fish, but there was no thought of fishing now.
I drove slowly back along the washboard trace toward Ojo Caliente, through its fire-scarred mausoleum of trees, as a big storm was starting to gather and build along the Pitchstone Ridge. Its conifers had also been ravaged as the wildfires crossed into the Firehole watershed, leaving its summits a raw wasteland of charred earth and gritty ash. The sun had quickly surrendered to an ominous gunmetal sky, and as the storm finally broke along its battlements, immense clouds of loose soil and ash billowed high into the darkening gloom. Such spiraling squalls of silt and windmilling ash would eventually reach the little Firehole itself, and further despoil its hyaline currents. I suddenly understood how profoundly its watershed had been changed.
And it utterly broke my heart.
Footnote 6 on page 735 is revealing. It reads:
There is much credible evidence that these fires had begun outside Yellowstone Park, in the Absaroka headwaters of the Yellowstone in the Shoshone National Forest, and in the Teton National Forest north of Jackson Hole. The fires were fought on national forest tracts, but firefighters were withdrawn once the fires entered the national park itself. The fires were permitted to burn inside the national park for short-term political purposes, because 1988 was an election year. Our natural-fire policy had actually emerged under Presidents Nixon and Ford, and was based on sound forest science, but its application became a regional political issue when both Nathaniel Pryor Reed and Cecil Andrus refused to extinguish a number of controversial fires on federal land. Political opponents fought the Yellowstone fires aggressively outside the national park because the blazes had apparently begun in campfires and lightning strikes on the national forests. Firefighters had been deployed while these fires were still burning on tracts of commercial saw timber, but were stopped once the fires had crossed into Yellowstone. Some of the worst damage occurred on the Firehole and Thoroughfare, and these fires were not fought until they threatened park installations at Canyon and Fishing Bridge, and the historic art sauvage hotel located at Old Faithful. Andrus was no longer Secretary of the Interior when I met him, but during an interview in his office at Boise, I sought his opinion of the Yellowstone fires. Andrus still believed that the bipartisan natural-fire policy had been supported by good science, and pointed out that more than twenty petrified forests within park boundaries suggest that Yellowstone had survived worse destruction, although that perspective is little comfort to anglers who will never again enjoy the pristine Madison and Firehole of recent memory. He agreed that Yellowstone itself was not large enough to protect its aggregate ecosystem, and further conceded that a zealotry that had continued to advocate natural-fire policy in the worst drought summer in recorded history had perhaps been unwise. But he shook his head over the political tactics of appointees in the Forest Service, who had protected tracts of commercial saw timber while later permitting the Yellowstone itself to burn, and had further attempted to discredit the Carter Administration during the election of 1980.
From TToTC page 26: "One day my father gave me a spanking at school for running across some stupid desks, then that night he gave me a spanking at home because I got a spanking at school. The more I thought about that the more I felt put upon. When I explained to him that I'd been double jeopardized he told me that those things didn't count in a dictatorship. That's when I started to mistrust governments."
From TToTC page 147: "Now I feel that my father is sitting on the edge of a cloud somewhere watching. If he knows everything about me he's pretty busy lighting candles, some of them on both ends. But I hope he knows that I've been sometimes guilty only by innuendo, and that's why I wrote my epitaph with such profundity: I wish I could have lived to do, the things I was attributed to."
In 2009, the FBI raided Fenn and several other art dealers – and alleged looters – of Native American artifacts in the Southwest. The raid resulted in the confiscation of just four items from Fenn (none of which could be proven as having been obtained by him illicitly).
This was more than just a nuisance … Fenn's reputation had been impugned and two other dealers who were arrested after the raids committed suicide. These guys were likely people he knew or may have even been his friends. A third man arrested in the case also committed suicide; he was a government informant who essentially helped the federal agents entrap the Four Corners dealers.
Fenn was supposedly very angry and threatened Tony Dokoupil with legal action when the reporter spoke with old "pothunting" acquaintances and revealed some unsavory information about Fenn's artifact-collecting past, for example: "... Fenn wasn't just taking a treasure or two but returning to caves and stripping them clean …" In the end, the publicity of appearing in Newsweek magazine at such an early stage in the treasure hunt must have overridden Fenn's desire to keep some of those things that he "was attributed to" under wraps.
The FBI raids – based on purchases of artifacts by a government informant using government money to entice dealers to specifically sell him contraband, and which were conducted by multi-agency SWAT teams – were highly controversial for many locals. No doubt Fenn was pissed off at the Feds more than ever at that point. Despite the epitaph he wrote for himself, he certainly did not want to be remembered as "the old guy in Santa Fe raided by the FBI".
Less than a year later, he published his memoir with its treasure hunt poem. Little chance the timing was just a coincidence.
Finally, does anybody find it intriguing that Fenn rarely if ever talked about the 1988 fire in Yellowstone? It happened the same year he got cancer (or did it?), and he talked plenty about that personal ordeal. The fire and its aftereffects utterly destroyed some of his most cherished places where he had fished for trout and melded with nature since he was a young boy, including his (probably) favorite fishing hole at TOP SECRET "Nine-Mile" and not to mention the magical wood on the far bank of the river with its secluded crystal pond to which he would have gone alone and sat under pine trees, napping, daydreaming, watching wildlife, marveling at the mountain and river vistas, and writing poems or love notes to his wife. Yet not a peep from him about the conflagration that ravaged all of that? Curious.
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2023.06.06 02:49 Abirddog52 Can the google pixel 2 work on sprint

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Lastly, if you plan on using the Google Pixel 2 as a mobile hotspot on Sprint’s network, you may face additional limitations due to data caps and network restrictions. Overall, while the Google Pixel 2 can work on Sprint’s network, it is important to understand its limitations before making a purchase decision.
Possible issues with compatibility
The Google Pixel 2 is a great smartphone, but it may not be compatible with certain carriers like Sprint. The Pixel 2 is designed to work on GSM networks only, and Sprint uses CDMA technology. This means that the phone has different frequencies and network protocols that may not be supported by Sprint's system.
Another possible issue with compatibility is related to software updates. Some carriers have strict guidelines for which devices can receive OS updates, and if the Pixel 2 isn't officially supported by Sprint, it may not receive the latest Android updates or security patches in a timely manner. This could pose a problem for users who rely on their phone for work or personal use.
In conclusion, while the Google Pixel 2 is an excellent smartphone in many respects, its compatibility with specific carriers like Sprint should be carefully considered before making a purchase decision. While there are various reasons why the device may not run properly on certain networks or receive software updates as quickly as some users would like, these issues can usually be resolved through careful research and consultation with tech experts or carrier representatives.
Alternative Options for Sprint users:
The Google Pixel 2 is a great option for those looking for an alternative to Sprint's traditional offerings. The phone is compatible with Sprint's network, so users can easily switch over and use the phone without any issues. The phone offers a sleek design, high-quality camera, and powerful performance that will satisfy most users.
Another option for Sprint users looking to switch things up is the iPhone SE. This device offers similar features to the newer models of iPhones but at a more affordable price point. It also offers compatibility with Sprint's network and allows users to enjoy faster speeds and better coverage in many areas.Overall, there are plenty of alternative options available for Sprint users who want to explore new devices or need something more budget-friendly than what the carrier typically offers. By considering these alternatives like the Google Pixel 2 or iPhone SE, customers can find a device that suits their needs without compromising on quality or performance.
Other phones that work better on the network
If you're looking for a phone that works well on the Sprint network, there are plenty of options out there. One great choice is the Samsung Galaxy S9, which boasts excellent call quality and fast data speeds. The LG V30 is another solid pick, with its large screen and powerful processor.
But what about the Google Pixel 2? While this phone was not originally designed for use on the Sprint network, it can still work if you activate it using a Sprint SIM card. However, some users have reported issues with dropped calls or slow data speeds when using the Pixel 2 on Sprint. If you're set on this phone and want to use it with Sprint, be sure to do your research first and make sure you know what to expect in terms of performance.
Conclusion: In the world of smartphones, compatibility with different carriers is a significant factor to consider when purchasing a new device. One frequently asked question is whether the Google Pixel 2 can work on Sprint's network. While some may assume that all modern smartphones are compatible with all carriers, this is not always the case.
Before delving into whether the Google Pixel 2 works on Sprint, it's essential to understand the device's specifications and capabilities. Additionally, it may be helpful to explore alternative solutions such as buying Gmail accounts or Yahoo accounts to ensure seamless connectivity with your carrier of choice. In this article, we'll take an in-depth look at these topics and provide you with everything you need to know about using your Google Pixel 2 on Sprint's network.
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