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Versant assessment

2023.06.06 03:41 mayenoise Versant assessment

Will apply tomorrow at TTEC SANTA ROSA. Any tips on how to pass versant assessment, nanood ako sa yt pero parang super hirap haha. Will appreciate if u give me some tips
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2023.06.06 03:35 chefloyrd Need advice on fixing up an older ride

Hi, I'm not too sure if this is the right place to post, so if I'm in the wrong sorry!
I just received a 1985 Honda elite 250 that hasn't been driven in decades. It only has 650 miles on it and was put aside due to the owner obstinately not getting their motorcycle license.
I'm a DIY inclined type of person but don't have the first clue as to where I should start with this thing. For context I'm comfortable taking apart / repairing washing machines, fridges, typewriters - pretty much anything. Just never had the opportunity to work on a motor vehicle before.
So, where should I start??? Any links to get a dumb dummy like me started would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.06 01:35 nissanthermos How a One-of-a-Kind Mexican Food Truck Park Mitote Opened in a North Bay Parking Lot in Santa Rosa

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2023.06.05 23:57 fandelilith Quiero rentar un departamento con cocineta en santa rosa jauregui

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2023.06.05 22:30 ILive2Drum My tribute to Sea Bowl. ❤️

Brief bit of history about me: I lived in Pacifica 1988-2013 on Lundy near Fairway. We lost our house and had to find a place to live close enough to my fathers work within a month, so now I live in Santa Rosa. Haven’t visited Pacifica since about 2016.
Sea Bowl was a very crucial part of my growing up in Pacifica. I don’t exactly remember why I began bowling, but it could probably be tied to when I had a party there, all of my friends were in sports and I thought this was my way in. It’s low pressure and enjoyable. This happened in… I wanna say 2000.
As the years went on I began making some great friends and connections even with the parents, and started bowling there and joining leagues so often it was basically a second home and family. I made 2 friends specifically that were close to me, and one of them I considered my second brother. And I met a woman named Lisa Lockhart who looked out for me like I was her son. In 2004, Mark Ganduglia gave me my first job- party host. I was still in high school so it was kinda difficult juggling working weekends but I made it happen.
A year or so later, Sea Bowl fundraised a trip for us all to attend a bowling tournament in Hawaii. It was the best 3 weeks of my life, I took my mom with me. When you’re as young as I was, I couldn’t really appreciate the hard work Denise put in to making it happen. All I had to was bring spending money, clothes and my bowling balls.
2008 rolled around, and I was fired from the alley. The owner never really liked me, and I was always being protected by Mark and the other managers who loved me so it was really only a matter of time. Well I was so angry I actually quit bowling altogether a few months later. This lead into a very dark part of my life of a real bad relationship and bad decisions afterwards. And now I wish I never quit bowling and I’m going to tell you why.
Even though I haven’t set foot in the bowling alley since about 2008, 15 YEARS, I wanted to call and wish everyone good luck and thank them all for being a part of my life. Especially Mark. He was the one who picked up the phone, I told him who it was and he couldn’t have been more happy to hear from me. I apologized for not bowling anymore, caught him up briefly on where I live and my life and the whole time he just sounded so elated to hear from me again. I actually ended up crying a bit, and if you know me, you know even though I’m not emotionally distant, I cry very rarely. He asked for my number and now we are staying in touch.
To have him not even be an iota mad for the past, someone I considered a second father… that whole alley really was my second family. I loved them all. While I’m sad the alley is closing for good, I choose not to cry because it’s gone, but smile because I experienced it and all it’s people had to offer. I wish I never stopped going there, but if the alley never closed, I would have never realized the impact it had on not only my life, but so many others, and also gained back a friend that was once lost.
Long live Sea Bowl, and the effect it had on all of us in our small little beach town. Thank you for reading.
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2023.06.05 22:02 ooolongt Help me choose my new DH bike!

I need some help folks! Doing some downhill this summer - spending a month in Whistler! Whoo hoo! But that means I can't rent anymore. So I need a little help. A few things to know about me:
Ok, now to the list (all XL, none are mullet, none hav e a lot of extras, all in similar price range):
  1. 2022 Transition TR11 Carbon - Only concern is I know the least about this bike
  2. 2021 Canyon Sender CF9 - Only concern is finding someone to work on it - there are no authorized service shops in my area
  3. 2020 Santa Cruz V10 - No real concerns, it's a V10, just is a bit older
  4. 2020 Commencal Furious Signature - Only concern: frame snapping, I know there is an issue w these bikes
  5. 2022 Commencal Supreme - Only concern: same as the furious, frame snappage.
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2023.06.05 21:51 Best-Garden8089 Cop or Not?

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2023.06.05 21:15 Frank_Leroux Molossus, Chapter Seventeen

First Chapter
Chapter Sixteen
Parvati Devdhar was, by now, used to a lot of nonsense getting flung her way. There were times when she wished she was back being some no-name trying to claw her way up the film-industry ladder. Sure, that also had its particular flavor of horribleness, but at least then she knew where she was and what she was doing.
Now? Now she was lauded by all, worldwide, but that just meant that she was a bigger target for every bunco artist who thought themselves a movie producer. She’d already had multiple offers from supposed Hollywood executives and she’d rebuffed them all. When she wanted to make the move into so-called ‘Western’ films, she’d do so on her terms.
One of the things which helped her keep her cool was Ravindar. Dear Ravindar, the jeweled bearing upon which her entire life now turned. He’d…well, it was hard to describe how he’d come into her life. He’d just…shown up in her orbit, somehow, and she’d gratefully accepted that fact. But now Parvati knew that he was the main thing keeping her sane, just by his mere presence.
She looked at the message on her phone again, as if trying to will it away with her mind. She then looked up at Ravindar, who stood with his usual phlegmatic calm next to the only door into her room. As usual, his black turban was immaculate and neatly wrapped, forming a triangle which met perfectly in the middle of his forehead. His loose blue shirt and white pants were also perfectly composed. His long dark beard, neatly combed, shone with fragrant oil. At his wrist one could just make out the glitter of his ‘kara’, the physical representation of his bondage to truth. Across his substantial chest stretched his ‘gatra’, the harness which Parvati knew held his his kirpan ready at all times. She also knew that the latter weapon was not something worn merely for religious reasons, it would indeed be deadly sharp. Parvati had never seen it, nor would she ever ask for him to display it, but she knew that Ravindar would never wear a weapon unless it was functional and capable of killing.
“Is this serious?” she asked him. At the moment the pair were speaking English; they switched up languages every month or so, just for practice. Parvati was now an international star, after all.
Ravindar didn’t do anything as crass as shrugging; he merely raised one eyebrow. “It appears to be, ma’am.”
“The actual government. Of the actual United States. Wants to meet us?”
“I’m sure they only want to meet you, ma’am.”
“Well if they want to meet me then they’re going to bloody well meet you as well. You can be assured of that.” Her English still held a tinge of a British accent, a holdover from the lessons when she’d first learned the wretched language.
“I will be there if you wish, ma’am.”
She motioned towards the other end of the couch she perched upon. “Ravindar Bhindal, you have now been standing for at least six hours straight. There is a reason we humans invented couches and chairs and such things. Please, I invite you to take advantage of our forefathers’ ingenuity.”
He gave a rare smile. “I prefer standing. But I also thank you for the offer.”
Parvati looked again at the offending message on her phone. “How did they get my number?”
“The Americans are quite clever about such things, ma’am,” said Ravindar.
“They don’t even want us to go anywhere. They just want us to stay here for a while and they’ll arrive.”
Ravindar’s rare smile didn’t fade. “The mountain thus comes to Mohammed, yes?”
She laughed. “I’m not a Muslim, you giant silly-billy.”
“Silly-billy,” said Ravindar as he rolled the syllables around in his mouth. “Where did you pick up such a delightful phrase?”
“You have never seen the Venture Brothers, then? Good. We have something to watch when we next have some downtime.” Parvati tapped at her phone. “Whenever that might be. Okay. I’m going to say ‘yes’, but I need you to agree.”
“Ma’am, whatever you do…”
“No!” snapped Parvati, harsher than she meant to. Then, more softly, “Ravindar, it isn’t fair for me to just drag you into this. This could be a scam or some sort of strange kidnapping attempt. I’ll have my hackles up, as they say, and I trust your judgement and abilities. But I want you to agree to this.”
To his credit, Ravindar did consider her words for several seconds. Finally, he nodded. “I’ll be there, ma’am.”
Parvati tapped at her phone to send the reply.
Ravindar watched with a gimlet eye as the troupe entered the hotel suite. First through the door were two people in black suits, with obvious earpieces and matching haircuts. They scanned him while he scanned them. The three then nodded at each other with the familiarity of those who earn a living escorting VIPs.
Parvati Devdhar sat facing the door, and now she was seated like cross-legged royalty in the middle of the couch instead of slouched against one end. Her hair was neatly combed and lay like a wonderful dark waterfall over one shoulder. If Ravindar was honest (which of course he was) she’d chosen quite the stunning green sari to greet her new maybe-employers. It was still a bit hazy as to what the bloody hell the Yanks wanted.
One of the dark-suited newcomers touched his earpiece, then nodded. “Thank you for making time in your schedule to see us, ma’am.” His eyes flicked up towards Ravindar. “We have four more coming in, all right?”
“Do as you will,” replied Ravindar.
The next one through the door was a shorter and darker-skinned American, wearing casual clothes. But Ravindar was not fooled. This one held himself like a warrior, and he when he met Ravindar’s gaze the two came to an immediate and mutual understanding. But then the newcomer’s eyes got big when he saw Parvati seated upon the couch.
“Oh wow!” he burst out, then composed himself. “I’m, ah, I’m Corporal Luca Martinez. US Army. Pleased to meet you, um, I meant meet the two of you.”
Ravindar kept up his stone-faced exterior, but inside he smiled as yet another person fell into fanboy exclamations upon seeing the person he protected.
After Martinez followed three others, but not just any three. First was a dumpy white man who looked vaguely familiar to Ravindar, but the next two…
Well, the next two were, by now, very well known. One was a small, narrow-shouldered woman with skin almost as dark as Parvati’s. This was the woman who’d first talked to aliens, and speaking of which, the next person through the door was an even shorter…woman? Yes, woman with blue scales and golden horns and this was the point at which Ravindar’s brain shut down as he tried to keep from just passing out.
“Hi!” said Chao Me Chu, with an unnecessary chipper tone to her voice. “Um, I’m Chao and this is Captain Sadaf Ta’Shakka, of the Shakka clan and current captain of the Exultant Finger of Rithro. You might have heard of her.”
The latter bowed and then chirped something which sounded like a budgie falling down a flight of stairs.
The dumpy man turned to the two of them. “They don’t have translators, Sadaf.”
Parvati un-crossed her legs and stood with a regal air. “May I approach?”
Chao looked in a bit of panic at her compatriots, who all nodded. “Um, sure. Hang on, I think I have some translator earpieces somewhere…” She began digging in one pants-pocket, only to be interrupted by the dumpy man who now held out two pieces of plastic in his palm.
He looked up at Parvati and Ravindar. “Pablo Rosas, ma’am and sir. Pleased to make your acquaintance. If you want to understand our guest, you’ll need to wear one of these. It’s your choice.”
Ravindar looked over the scene; his training kicked in as he judged avenues of attack and escape. Finally he stepped around the couch and plucked one of the earpieces off of Rosas’ hand. He screwed the plug into his ear, his eyes fixed upon the smaller blue alien in front of him.
Sadaf waited until his earpiece was settled before speaking. “Can you understand me now?”
He nodded to her, then nodded back to Parvati. “It is as they say, ma’am. Do as you see fit.”
She stepped forward and daintily picked up the remaining ear-piece. Ravindar did not know how she did it, but somehow Parvati make the act of shoving a chunk of plastic into one’s ear look like a masterclass in elegant composure.
“I bid you welcome to our humble country,” she said to Sadaf. “I hope you find it pleasing.”
“Very much so!” exclaimed Sadaf. “It is so…I don’t know the proper term…vibrant? Forgive me if that comes across badly. The translator matrix can only do so much.” Her horns flattened back against her scalp in a clear unspoken message of please don’t yell at me.
Parvati laughed that silvery, liquid-like laugh which had made her a world-wide star in the first place. “Oh, my dear captain, ‘vibrant’ is quite a fitting appellation.” She stepped forward, making sure that both Ravindar was at her back and that she was in eye-line of the two security guards flanking the door. “I also, of course, saw you when you first appeared to us humans. And then, of course, there was that other time.” She bit her lip…that was a bit too theatrical of a touch, if Ravindar was honest (and he was). “I am glad to see you uninjured.”
Sadaf gave a very human-looking shrug. “Only because of some supreme effort by some of your species. I’m just glad that nobody died. I guess the Sacred Mothers were looking out for us all, eh?”
Ravindar now felt a need, an almighty need, to buttonhole the little alien captain and start questioning her about her religion. But instead, he stood back and remained content to merely observe.
“I’m sure the Sacred Mothers were,” responded Parvati. “I also must say I appreciate your choice of clothing when you first appeared to the world.” She spread her arms and nodded her head down towards her own emerald-colored sari. “As you can see, it’s a fashion style I myself quite appreciate.”
The little lizardoid alien waved one clawed hand. “Oh, I can’t take credit for that. Teresa Vila was the one who made my dress for that occasion. I’m sure our people can set her up with your people, just in case you want to use her.” Sadaf looked up at the looming figure of Ravindar, and one of her amber reptilian eyes gave him a wink.
Somehow, that made him feel better. He still had his guard up, but this didn’t feel like a trap.
Parvati now made a great show of examining Captain Sadaf’s uniform. “My, that does look quite nice. Ravindar, do you think something similar would look good on me?”
“Um, ma’am…” He desperately tried to figure out what the hell to say. He was supposed to be part of the scenery, why was she drawing him into this? “It is quite a good color combination.”
“Indeed. I may retain the services of Teresa Vila and ask her to make me look this…distinguished.” Parvati motioned at Sadaf’s uniform. “Not exactly the same, of course. This is a military uniform?”
Sadaf glanced at those behind her as if to seek support. “Well, not quite. The Coalition Exploration Bureau is not strictly a military organization, but our ships do carry considerable weaponry.”
Parvati smiled in a regal manner. “Then I shall not copy your uniform, out of respect for those brave people who serve in your ranks. I’m merely an actor.”
“A very good one!” said Martinez with excitement, “You should have seen her in ‘Ashutosh’!” He then pulled himself back in. “Sorry.”
Chao laughed and stepped forward. “Ms. Parvati, may I shake your hand?”
“Of…of course.” The Indian woman looked a little confused as Chao gave her hand a firm shake.
The Thai woman pointed a thumb behind her at Martinez. “This dude has, in every situation I’ve met him in, acted like the stone-cold professional. I mean, he is one but he still tries his best to act the part. Five seconds after meeting you? He’s tripping over his own tongue. I just wanted to thank you for letting me see that.”
“Well, you are very welcome,” said Parvati, “Now. While I do appreciate the visit, and I do feel privileged, I’m sure you’re all very busy people. I sense there is some reason you’re here rather than because of some whirlwind world tour. You see, your mysterious message did not tell me why you’re all here.”
With the actor’s hand still in her own, Chao blurted out, “How would you like to go into space with me?”
Parvati fixed the smaller woman with her gaze automatically, then the full import of Chao’s words struck her. For once, she looked flustered. “I’m sorry, what?”
Rosas performed a truly epic facepalm. “What Ms. Chao is trying to say, ma’am, is that…”
“Why do I have to go into space?” Martinez, for once, did not look comfortable in his own skin. He and Matt were waiting for the final briefing to start, at some undisclosed location. Even Matt didn’t know exactly where they were, and that was saying something.
But for the moment the latter smiled, his eyes still closed. “Why are you complaining? You all will be safe as houses. Seven or eight days, max. Plus you’ll be riding in comfort the whole way. Hell, the Apollo guys managed to go to the moon and back in about the same time and they had to piss into a tube and shit into bags the whole time.”
“But they’d trained! For years! I mean, I’m just some fuckin’ idiot grunt.”
“It’s the deal we made. If Parvati goes, then Ravindar goes with her. That part is non-negotiable. So, if Chao also goes then we’ll need a Ravindar for her…or a Ravindar-lite, if you will…”
“Fuck you, Toke.”
“Buy me a drink first, Martinez. I mean, it does look good. We got the two main people, each wearing body-cams the whole time to capture the full experience, each with their own badass studly bodyguard to get the ladies and/or gents who swing that way all worked up.”
“Studly?” Martinez looked down at himself. “I mean…who’s gonna get worked up over me?”
“Lean dude with serious abs, takes care of himself, tracker beyond compare who is also death on foot and, oh, is also very honorable and nice and handsome?” Matt opened one eye to look down upon him. “Trust me, even if Chao says no, after this you’re gonna have to beat the ladies and/or gents who swing that way off with a stick.”
The subject of his gaze turned it back upon him. “Wait. How do you know I have serious abs?”
Matt just chuckled. “It’s all just part of the scenery, my man. You go through enough deployments, you find out what everyone’s packing, in every department.” He grinned at Martinez. “You ask her out yet?”
“And why not? This is the perfect time. Once the agreement is done, it’s gonna be a couple of weeks of whirlwind training, then you all get to go up.” Matt pointed his thumb at the ceiling. “Aaaall the way up to L5. You’re gonna be farther out than anyone except the Apollo astronauts. But you’re gonna be on camera the whole time, not exactly a good time for some covert kissy-smoochy stuff, even if some of you want to be the first humans to do it in freefall. Right now is the golden opportunity, if you ask me.”
“I just, I…is it the right time?”
Matt fixed him with that glare, the one which had made even the most senior of senior sergeants soil themselves. “I am not going to put up with this dancing-around horseshit anymore. Corporal, if in the next twenty-four hours you have not declared your feelings to Chao, you WILL wake up and find yourself duct-taped and shoved inside a closet with her for the following twelve hours. She can do what she likes with you, or she can walk out. However it goes, you will not get released until those twelve hours are up.” He leaned back.
“You wouldn’t dare.”
“Then don’t test me, bitch. You’d better hope that she doesn’t have a bondage fetish and view you as a sub. I mean, if you’re into that kind of thing that’s great, I won’t judge you. I never judge such stuff.”
“That’s not how it works, Toke. BDSM has rules, okay? You gotta set things up right, you gotta discuss it beforehand, with safe-words and aftercare. Aftercare is the key…” Martinez trailed off as he realized how much he’d just revealed.
“Why, Martinez, I didn’t know you swung that way. By the way, I still don’t judge.”
“Really. I’m now going to ask you a direct question. Do you want to get duct-taped up and shoved into a closet for Chao to, heh, ‘discover’ you afterwards? Does that sound like Seven Minutes In Heaven to you?”
Corporal Luca Martinez tapped his fingers together as he stared at the floor. “I mean…okay, yeah. I kinda want her to take charge like that. But I mean…I dunno, she’s gonna think I’m some kind of freak.”
Martinez flinched as a weight settled on his shoulder. But Matt’s hand was kind, as were his eyes. “I got news for you, Luca. We’re all freaks, each in our own way. The best thing we can to is to help each other find another fellow freak. So here’s what I’m gonna do, seeing as how I am such a nice guy. I’m gonna approach Chao, talk to her, make sure that she’s down for getting a little or maybe a lot kinky with you.”
He pulled Martinez in closer. “So, then, if you wake up in a closet somewhere, with your wrists and ankles duct-taped together and another piece of tape over your mouth, you will know her answer was ‘yes’. The safe-word, or rather safe-gesture, will be this.” Matt made a weird waving motion with the fingers of one hand, like an octopus trying to hail a taxi. “Got it?”
“Um, yeah. I got it.” Martinez was still in the midst of trying to get his brain back into order. “We should also have a safe-word. I mean, once she gets the tape off of my mouth. Speaking hypothetically, of course.”
“Of course,” replied Matt with deadly calm. “Let’s nominate…hmm, tapioca. That’s a perfectly cromulent word.”
“Tapioca.” Martinez shuddered. “Eugh, I hate tapioca.”
“It’s not about the actual word, it just needs to be far enough off from anything in the particular scenario to make sure the dominant one realizes that something is wrong and that they need to stop the scene right now and proceed right to the aftercare and cuddles.”
“How do you know so much about this shit, mystery man?”
Matt just smiled. “I am vast. I contain multitudes.”
“Fine.” Martinez looked at the far wall. “Go ahead. Ask her. I just…I know I’m being all kinds of a stupid cowardly idiot. I know I should take you and McCoy’s advice and go up and talk to her. But I just…” He curled into himself on the chair. “I just can’t. Not with her. I don’t wanna mess it up. She’s…fuck, I hate to say shit like this, but what if she’s the one?”
Matt’s big mitt gave his shoulder a slight squeeze. “Well this is what friends are for, Martinez. So. I’ll ask her, and she’ll say yes or no. And a ‘yes’ will involve you getting taped-up and shoved into a closet so that she can step in and let her freak flag fly upon your defenseless person. So I will ask you once last time, are you cool with that?”
“Right. Remember, you said ‘yeah’.”
“I did.” Martinez looked up as his primary duty then came crashing back down upon him. “What about Ravindar?”
“What about him?” asked Matt.
“I mean, do you think he’s a solid dude? They’re still trying to track down the insiders for that whole shit at Camp David. I met him, he seems like he’s okay, but I could never forgive myself if Chao gets hurt because I was a star-struck doofus.”
Matt dropped his hand from Martinez’s shoulder. “Now, corporal. Do you remember the lesson they told you your very first day in basic training? The one that wasn't in the official manual?”
The latter thought hard. “Don’t fuck with the Gurkhas?”
“Yes, that is indeed wise advice. What did they say after that?”
“Um…don’t shit where you eat?”
Matt sighed. “I see they’ve skipped a bit in your training. You see, right after Paragraph One (which is all about the Gurkhas), there should be a subsection A which should say ‘the same also applies to Sikhs’. Yeah, Ravindar is a solid dude.”
“Beta-amyloid plaques?” asked Dhuz. “Interesting.”
Zawahir Ibn Harith shrugged. The two of them stood in a small room, examining a giant screen which showed a high-contrast image of a human neuron. “It’s what builds up over time,” he said. “We’ve looked at various ways to scrub these plaques out of the brain, but nothing seems to work.”
Dhuz touched her wrist, and the much-coveted holographic display formed. “It might be because you’re tackling the problem too late. We auhn have a similar disease. It’s a protein derangement issue, similar to your ‘mad cow disease’, and this is what we found out…”
As Zawahir looked at the data scrolling past her display, he felt a sense of God’s presence resting on himself. He now knew what exactly to do.
It was the most obvious thing in the world.
The man was clad in a dark-blue polo shirt, and he smiled into the camera with the perpetual cheer of someone who is doing what they love for a living. His glasses were clean, and there was the merest hint of gray at both of his temples. “Good morning folks, I am John Insprucker, Principal Integration Engineer here at SpaceX, and it is my great pleasure to be here with you to witness this rare launch of a Falcon Heavy, one which will be fully expended. This is a big one, folks, this isn’t any satellite or gaggle of Starlinks. No, today we're putting serious tonnage into orbit. I’m pleased to be joined by a very special guest, one Salvatore T. "Tory" Bruno, CEO of our sister company United Launch Alliance.”
The camera pulled out to reveal a bald, smiling man sitting next to John. He was more formal, wearing a snazzy-looking suit complete with red tie. “I’m very glad to be here, John. But we must not forget our other guest.”
Insprucker laughed. “Why, of course I didn’t forget! To everyone watching, it’s my pleasure to introduce to you all Grakosh, engineer of the Coalition Exploration Bureau corvette known as the Exultant Finger of Rithro.”
Everyone watching online (which was pretty much everyone on Earth) gasped as a pale, meter-long form wriggled his way from up under the table. Grakosh coiled around John’s shoulder and nodded his strange, three-jawed head at the camera.
“Very pleased to be here, John. Tory.” He nodded over at Tory Bruno, who held out a fist. Grakosh responded by bumping his ‘nose’ into that fist. “This will be a big throw, as you humans say.”
Bruno laughed. “Or a big yeet. The kids today would say that instead.”
“Ah, the kids.” In spite of a distinct lack of shoulders, Grakosh managed to somehow shrug. “They will always come up with new words to confound us elders, right?”
Bruno laughed. “That they will.” He and John now looked up towards the screen above them, which showed a white triple-rocket next to a tower clad in dark metal. The center core was mostly pristine, but the two rockets flanking it looked well-used, with lots of soot extending up the sides.
The trio watched for awhile while John kept up the patter to avoid any dead air. They all knew this livestream was not a mere PR stunt.
“How much?” asked Bruno at an appropriate pause.
“Twenty tons,” responded John.
“And then we’ll send up fifteen tons after this, on Vulcan.” Bruno’s face became set in determination.
“Then we can go to work!” said Grakosh with enthusiasm. “Plus we’ll be shepherding Ms. Parvati and Ms. Chao!”
“That you will,” said John. He turned to address the camera. “As you probably know, the aforementioned two humans’ visiting the Rithro will be a live-stream event broadcast without ads, free to the entire world.”
“Four humans,” added Grakosh.
“Of course,” said Bruno. “Truly a historic moment for our species, in any case.”
Grakosh twirled his head, his species’ equivalent of throat-clearing. “May I say here, in front of the whole world, you humans never cease to amaze me with your cleverness. Why, only a few weeks ago we were discussing details on what the patching material had to behave like and now we’re in the midst of launching literal tons of that material into orbit!”
“We just hope it works,” said Bruno. “But if it doesn’t, we’ll just have to try again.”
“Indeed!” The little alien wiggled against John’s shoulder in obvious happiness, not knowing that the gesture would result in an entire shadow-economy revolving around what the kids called ‘the cute alien snake dude!’, one with lots of knock-off plushie simulacra of himself. Forty years afterwards, the copyright lawyers were still sorting through the entire mess.
“We are now at T-minus seven minutes,” John said as a clipped, feminine voice sounded throughout the studio. “Engine chill has begun.” He was not your typical PR type, but he knew how to keep talking. “What that means, is that chilled vapors of the oxidizer and fuel are now begin fed through the engines…”
“Twenty-seven engines,” added Bruno. “You are all madmen.”
John grinned as he realized that he could tag-team with Bruno, who was himself a born PR person. “Twenty-seven engines, or one, or two, or three…after awhile it’s just numbers.”
“Still. Twenty-seven? Gives me a case of the vapors just thinking about it. Anyways, folks, as my colleague here says we’re now getting the engines used to being cold. There’s gonna be a lot of cryogenic fluid getting flung through them in the near future and we need all of the metal components in there to be ready for that…”
“Strongback retract. T-minus five minutes.”
John stepped in smoothly. “And that means that the transporter-erector structure, which carried this Falcon Heavy out to the launch pad, will now uncouple from the rocket. The TE will continue to ‘top off’ the tanks inside the craft until T-minus zero.”
John and Bruno continued their back-and-forth banter over the next few minutes, with Grakosh interjecting here and there in a very cute manner, which again created more headaches for those poor lawyers forty years hence.
“Falcon Heavy is in startup.”
John straightened up. “All right folks, we are less than one minute from launch and the vehicle itself has now taken control of the countdown.”
“Intriguing,” said Grakosh. “You don’t control it yourselves?”
“I mean, we could still do that,” said Bruno. “After all, we did in the past. But with computers nowadays it’s a lot faster to let the rocket itself figure out if things are copacetic. If not, it can shut itself down faster than we ever could.”
Another voice sounded throughout the studio at T-minus forty seconds. “This is the mission director, we are go for launch.”
“Excellent news, folks!” exclaimed John with true happiness. “Forty seconds to go, and nothing has cropped up to scrub this. The weather looks good…man, Tory, look at that view.” The screen next to him showed an azure sky, chilly but with not a hint of clouds.
“That does look nice,” said Bruno. “Of course, I’m glad I’m not out there. Even Florida winter is still winter. I’ve been living in warm weather for too long, my blood’s too thin to put up with any serious cold.”
“Me too, brother.” John and Bruno shared a fist-bump, then after a pointed glare from the non-hands-using member of the trio they performed a mutual three-way bump with Grakosh participating using his head.
“T-minus ten. Nine. Eight. Six. Seven…”
The three of them stared at the screen with rapt attention. Like any proper missile men, the trio could get excited about a model-rocket launch from some grand-daughter’s back yard.
“…Five. Four. Three. Two…” A brilliant orange flame appeared from the bottom of the triple rocket.
“…Engines at full power, and liftoff! Liftoff of Earth Repair Mission One!”
Behind him, John could faintly hear the cheers of the SpaceX crew as the screen became flooded with light. The huge rocket surged off of its launch pad, before the view cut away to one much further off. It was equally as bright; twenty-seven rocket engines were now working in sync to convert RP-1 and oxygen into go-fast juice.
John then realized he was on his feet, screaming his damn-fool head off. His little alien comrade didn’t seem to mind; Grakosh was waving his tri-fingered tail at the screen and whooping it up as loud as any human. Tory Bruno now stood beside him, also whooping and dispensing back-slaps and head-bonks to all and sundry.
He’d watched humans get launched into space but somehow, John knew that this was different. This was not just some publicity stunt. This launch mattered. Humans were taking that first proper step into the galaxy. One which said, ‘we are here to stay’.
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2023.06.05 21:09 2noisy4you Tales of Dating in Santa Rosa

Just curious, but who out there is dating in Sonoma County? How are you meeting people? What’s your overall experience been like?
Feel free to drop you age or any other info you would like to share. Personally I haven’t been on a date in 4 years (no hookups either) and have been feeling sad for myself lol but finding some comfort in knowing there are lots of others out there in a similar situation.
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2023.06.05 18:36 balsaaaq Flipping Motorcycle

Not sure if there are many motorcycle flippers out there or if this is the right subreddit but...
I bought a motorcycle with a salvage title that had a cracked fairing which I replaced.
Is there value add to me getting the bike retitled as repaired from salvage or just sell it as salvage and let the next owner do the paperwork.
It would cost $50 to initiate and maybe 150 in taxes plus 3 hours of time
Is there a big resale difference between "salvage" and "repaired from salvage" titles?
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2023.06.05 17:57 weed_zucc Question about semiconductor

Question about semiconductor
I am repairing a motorcycle alarm and I have detected a (possibly) faulty semiconductor that gets EXTREMELY hot (maybe 60°C) after a couple seconds. The issue is that I do not know how to search for the correct replacement.
The first line on the component is "7533-1" and the second line is "u61276" I also see a Holtek logo on it.
I found 6 datasheets for different versions of the 7533-1 and I am not sure which is the correct one.
Any help is much appreciated!
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2023.06.05 15:08 Kiranmathew103 Garage Flooring Tile

Garage Flooring Tile
A garage is more than a place to park and store vehicles nowadays. It is also a workshop, a man cave, a game room, and even a gym for some. The sheer versatility and range of the activities that take place in garages have made it one of the most important spaces in the home. However, due to its use, garage floors are always exposed to extreme wear and tear, stains, and spills. To counter this, garage flooring tile have become very popular in recent years with homeowners looking for a durable, easy to install, and aesthetically pleasing solution for their garage floors.
What are Garage Flooring Tiles?
Garage flooring tiles are square or rectangular tiles made of different materials, ranging from PVC, polypropylene, rubber, vinyl, and even porcelain. These tiles are designed to interlock, meaning they snap together like puzzle pieces, creating a seamless look. Garage flooring tiles can be installed over existing floors, including concrete, epoxy, or even wood. They come in different colors, patterns, and sizes, making them a versatile option for homeowners looking to customize their garages.
The Benefits of Garage Flooring Tiles
Garage flooring tiles offer several benefits over other garage flooring options. Some of the benefits include:
Garage flooring tiles are extremely durable and can withstand heavy loads, making them perfect for garages with cars, motorcycles, or heavy equipment. This durability means they will last for years without showing any signs of wear and tear.
Easy to Install
One of the major benefits of garage flooring tiles is how easy they are to install. Most tiles snap together without the need for adhesives or special tools. This means you can install them yourself without needing to hire a professional, saving you time and money.
Garage flooring tiles are easy to clean and maintain. In case of spills, you can simply wipe them off, and they won't stain. Unlike other flooring options, garage flooring tiles do not trap dirt and debris, so you can clean them easily with a broom, vacuum, or mop.
Aesthetically Pleasing
Garage flooring tiles come in different colors, patterns, and sizes, making them a great choice for homeowners looking to customize their garages. They can complement the overall theme of your garage or create a unique style. This customization option makes your garage look polished and professional.
Cover Imperfections
If your garage floor has imperfections such as cracks, stains, or unevenness, you don't have to spend lots of money to repair or replace it. Garage flooring tiles can easily be placed over the existing floor and will hide any imperfections, making your garage look sleek and modern.
The Different Types of Garage Flooring Tiles
There are several types of garage flooring tiles available in the market today. Some of the common types include:
PVC Tiles
PVC tiles are made of polyvinyl chloride, which gives them a soft and pliable feel. They come in different colors and patterns and are easy to install. PVC tiles are also resistant to oil, grease, and other chemicals, making them a popular choice for garages with cars or other vehicles.
Polypropylene Tiles
Polypropylene tiles are lightweight and durable, making them perfect for garages with heavy equipment. They are also resistant to chemicals, oils, and grease and can be easily installed without any special tools.
Rubber Tiles
Rubber tiles are made of recycled rubber, making them eco-friendly, and they are perfect for gym or playroom settings. They are resistant to oil, grease, and other chemicals and have excellent traction, making them slip-resistant. Rubber tiles come in different colors and patterns, making them a popular choice among homeowners looking to add a splash of color to their garages.
Vinyl Tiles
Vinyl tiles are made of high-quality vinyl and are perfect for garages with heavy traffic. They come in different sizes, patterns, and colors, making them easy to customize. Vinyl tiles are also easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical choice for homeowners looking for an easy-to-maintain flooring option.
Porcelain Tiles
Porcelain tiles are the most expensive garage flooring tile option, but they are also the most durable. They are resistant to chemicals, oils, and grease, making them perfect for garages with cars or other vehicles. Porcelain tiles come in different colors and patterns, making them easy to customize to your taste. They are also easy to clean and maintain and are an excellent choice for homeowners looking for a high-end, premium garage flooring option.
Installing Garage Flooring Tiles
Installing garage flooring tiles is an easy and straightforward process. Here are the basic steps to follow:
Step 1: Clean the Floor
The first step is to clean the garage floor thoroughly. Sweep the floor and remove any debris. If the floor has oil or grease stains, clean them using a degreaser to ensure there is no residue left behind.
Step 2: Plan the Layout
Plan the layout of the tiles by measuring the garage floor and deciding on the pattern you want. This will ensure that you have enough tiles and make the installation process smoother.
Step 3: Install the Tiles
Start installing the tiles from one corner of the garage, working your way towards the opposite corner. Snap the tiles together tightly to ensure they are locked in place. Use a rubber mallet to tap any tiles that are not fitting correctly.
Step 4: Cut the Tiles
Use a utility knife to cut any tiles that need to fit around obstacles such as corners or garage doors. Ensure the cuts are clean and precise to avoid any uneven edges.
Step 5: Add Finishing Touches
Once you have installed all the tiles, add any finishing touches such as trim or edge pieces around the perimeter of the garage.
Maintenance and Care of Garage Flooring Tiles
Maintaining garage flooring tiles is easy and straightforward. Here are some tips to help you keep your garage flooring tiles looking great:
Clean up spills immediately
In case of spills, wipe them immediately with a clean cloth or paper towel. Avoid leaving chemicals or oils on the tiles for too long as they can cause stains.
Broom and Vacuum Regularly
Broom or vacuum your garage flooring tiles regularly to prevent dirt and debris buildup. This will also help prevent scratches from sharp objects such as screws or nails.
Mop Occasionally
Mop your garage flooring tiles occasionally to get rid of stubborn stains or dirt. Use a mild detergent and warm water to avoid damaging the tiles.
Avoid Harsh Chemicals
Avoid using harsh chemicals or cleaning products that can damage the tiles' surface. Use a mild detergent or a specially formulated tile cleaner to keep the tiles looking pristine.
Garage flooring tiles are an excellent option for homeowners looking for a durable, easy to install, and aesthetically pleasing solution for their garage floors. They come in different materials, sizes, and colors, making them a versatile option for customization. Garage flooring tiles are easy to install, clean and maintain, making them perfect for busy homeowners. By following the right installation and maintenance procedures, your garage flooring tiles will last for years, giving your garage a polished and professional look.
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2023.06.05 13:19 LangeloDiMJackson Le avventure HTTvanti di Richard e i suoi collaboratori! Ep.1: Konrad non sa ballare.

*Questo materiale è stato creato a solo scopo di intrattenimento. Non è mia intenzione offendere Richard o i suoi collaboratori. In caso questo materiale venga giudicato come inappropriato o offensivo, siete liberi di segnalare voi o Richard stesso questo post e la serie non continuerà.
PS: nei capitoli ci sarò anch'io! (Lilith)*
Era una giornata molto impegnativa, calda e rigorosamente HTTvante. Nello studio di Richard, però, la quiete venne presto interrotta dal volume della musica proveniente dalla postazione di Konrad. Richard decise che sarebbe stato meglio andare a controllare e chiedergli gentilmente di abbassare il volume.
Richard, aprendo la porta: Konrad, che cos'è questa musica?! Non si può disegnare in santa pace oggi che è già una giornata calda da sudare come maiali prossimi a diventare bacon e non è ancora successo nulla di abbastanza HTTvante per dare una svolta a questa giornata.
Il riccio rimase sorpreso quando si rese conto che Konrad era caduto mentre stava "ballando", anche se non si poteva neanche definire un ballo.
Konrad: scusa Ric. È che... Come posso dire? Vorrei iscrivermi a Italia's Got Talent, ma... non ho la stoffa per esibirmi come ballerino e vorrei migliorare, ma purtroppo nessuno qui in studio sa ballare.
Ad un certo punto, spuntò dal nulla, Francesca, esclamando: "So io chi chiamare!"
Francesca allora chiamò Lilith, che è molto appassionata di danza ed è un'ottima ballerina. Potrebbe essere utile per dare lezioni di ballo a Konrad così che possa esibirsi a Italia's Got Talent, come aveva sempre desiderato fin da bambino (forse...).
Arrivò Lilith, già munita di tuta e scarpette da ballo. Ne diede un paio anche a Konrad.
Konrad: non è che ne hai un altro paio che non sia rosa?
Lilith sospirò e gli diede in alternativa un paio di scarpette nere in modo che Konrad non si lamentasse nuovamente del colore e che la lezione potesse ufficialmente iniziare.
Kama, Richard, Francesca e Lavinia decisero di fare il pubblico.
Lilith: allora, per iniziare, faremo qualche passetto di danza semplice per riscaldarci. Primo: plié, développés, grand fouetté en tournant, dégagés, grand rond de jambe, rond de jambe developescarius alla settima e alla ottava en l'air, coupés, battements-
Avevano appena iniziato e Konrad già stava sudando peggio di Francesca dopo aver scalato l'Everest, ma questo sarà in un altro episodio.
Lilith: stop.
Konrad si siede, sudato e imbarazzato.
Konrad: non c'è speranza per me, Lilith. Credo di essere costretta a rinunciare al mio sogno di diventare ballerino.
Konrad si asciugò una piccola lacrima, ma Lilith nel vederlo piangere, venne contagiata e così cominciò a piangere anche lei, ma le sue lacrime furono più di quelle versate da Konrad che lo studio si trasformò momentaneamente in un acquario... almeno finché Kama non riuscì ad aprire la finestra, provocando un'inondazione al di fuori dello studio.
Richard: Konrad, perché non ci riprovi?
Konrad: cosa?
Richard: perché non riprovi a ballare?
Francesca: sì, a forza di esercitarti diventerai sempre più bravo.
Lilith si portò la mano in faccia: non potevate incoraggiarlo a inizio lezione?
Konrad, spinto dai suoi amici e grazie ai preziosi consigli di Lilith, ogni giorno migliorava sempre di più, fino a che non arrivò il fatidico giorno del talent show.
Konrad: sono un pochino nervoso...
Lilith: non preoccuparti! Andrai benissimo! Sono la tua fan n°1 e se lo dico io, beh... è inutile che te ne dia una ragione.
Konrad annuì e si buttò nella mischia con entusiasmo, vincendo ovviamente il primo premio e guadagnandosi anche un infinito applauso dal pubblico e dai suoi amici che erano dietro le quinte.
Ora Konrad può definirsi quello che la gente definirebbe "un ballerino perfetto".
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2023.06.05 12:41 johnblooma Workers Comp Lawyers Near (Santa Rosa)

Workers Comp Lawyers Near (Santa Rosa)
Consult the best workers compensationattorney in Northern California. John Bloom is a work injury lawyer in Santa Rosa that specializes in the representation of injured workers to get them the compensation they deserve. Call him at (707) 524-1144.
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2023.06.05 11:03 TangerineStriking179 Hi everyone, I just moved to Santa Rosa and was wondering if their are any Muslim communities out here. I’m a 23 year old Muslim girl looking for some Muslim friends. Please lmk if y’all got any ideas of places other then the mosque of course :))

Edit: anywhere in Sonoma county is fine as well :)
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2023.06.05 09:10 lemkowidmak Santa Rosa Housing Choice Voucher Waitlist Now Open Until June 30th

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2023.06.05 09:08 lemkowidmak Santa Rosa Housing Choice Voucher Waitlist Now Open Until June 30th

The maximum income limits for each household size are as follows:
This waiting list has the following preferences:
Selected applicants will be placed on the waiting list by random lottery, by order of preferences.
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2023.06.05 08:52 Acrobatic_Bath_7727 35 [M4F] Practice your BJ skills on me

Any girl around laguna/santa rosa area who would like to practice their bj skills?
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2023.06.05 08:00 Legitimate_Vast_3271 Fired Kaiser employee who refused COVID vaccination alleges religious discrimination

(These corporate jackasses are going to have to learn they can't say to everyone, "Let me inject this into you so you can keep your job.")
"A former employee of Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa Medical Center contends she was subjected to religious discrimination 18 months ago when she was fired because she refused to obtain the COVID-19 vaccination. . .
. . .She also alleges retaliation and a failure to prevent discrimination and harassment. Turner is seeking unspecified damages. . .
. . .Turner’s termination date lines up with Kaiser’s announcement in October 2021 that 2,200 employees were placed on unpaid leave and faced termination because they chose not to be vaccinated. . ."
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2023.06.05 07:58 tule93 Pulled over for doing 7mph over on Rte 66 in Santa Rosa

So yes, just got my first speeding ticket ever since I got my DL (15yrs or so?). Was pulling an Uhaul trailer from California to Texas, got off an exit looking for a gas station and got clocked by a Raptor RP1 (radar?) at 52 going downhill in a 45 zone 😫
Anyone got experience with SANTA ROSA MAGISTRATE? The police said I can call in instead of actually show up in person. Do they do deferred ticket there?
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2023.06.05 07:55 Legitimate_Vast_3271 Fired Kaiser employee who refused COVID vaccination alleges religious discrimination

(These corporate jackasses are going to have to learn they can't say to everyone, "Let me inject this into you so you can keep your job.")
"A former employee of Kaiser Permanente Santa Rosa Medical Center contends she was subjected to religious discrimination 18 months ago when she was fired because she refused to obtain the COVID-19 vaccination. . .
. . .She also alleges retaliation and a failure to prevent discrimination and harassment. Turner is seeking unspecified damages. . .
. . .Turner’s termination date lines up with Kaiser’s announcement in October 2021 that 2,200 employees were placed on unpaid leave and faced termination because they chose not to be vaccinated. . ."
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2023.06.05 07:52 twi-ze Fixing up a motorcycle

Fixing up a motorcycle
fairly new and still learning about motorcycles i have the funds to buy and fix up a motorcycle but was just wondering how much i should be looking at in repairs to get the bike back on the road
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