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2023.06.06 03:54 KittyKatKiara 19 [F4F] Miami/Anywhere - it's pride month and i still don't have my sapphic romance ;(

Heya there! I'm Kiara, Kiki, or Kia! I'm a lesbian trans girl, and to keep it brief, I'm just looking for something longterm and serious, I just want to settle down with someone and just have my reason to wake up yknow?
I play a variety of video games! I'm a savage raider in FF14, I love to play League, Apex, Valorant, various amounts of RPGs, JRPGs, VNs, and like, if I could stream some stuff to you too if I'm in the mood, I'd adore that. I love love love POP Music! JB, The Weeknd, KPOP, Sam Smith, Doja Cat, Ariana Grande, & so so much more :3
I'm super into manga, as its faster for me to read something than just focus on an anime show, though I could focus if I had someone watching with me :3 but I like HxH, DbZ, Villainess, Dragon Maid, FMAB, & so much more.
I really adore writing! I'm a bit of a sappy romantic poet and like roleplay very much, so if you wanna write our sapphic ships together then I'm mega down~
As a partner I try my best to respect boundaries and learning each other's limits and or supporting the best I can. I'm really into matching PFP's, bio's, constant calls, sleep calls, and all that stuff to abide us until y'know, we can meet IRL!
Other than that, if I sound appealing to you, feel free to DM! I don't bite unless wanted haha. Though, I'd much prefer to talk on discord, so send me a lil intro to yourself and your tag! and just as a question to ask to make sure you read everything, what's your favorite color?
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2023.06.06 03:30 Money-Lie7814 What's your Idea for Dragon Maid Crossover Fanfiction?

That's basically the Question what would be a cool crossover between Dragon Maid and another Manga/Anime Series or Whatever? And why and where in the Series timeline would it take place and which Dragon Maid characters would appear? How long is this crossover story and how do you mix both Series? What would be plot of said crossover story and would it be set in an alternative universe and re imagining of the characters for that universe or the reverse what epic moments are in your story
For example I always vision a crossover between Dragon Maid and Dr. Mcninja it's a story with Mcninja coming out of hiding after events of his Series and its for something big it's basically Super Hero teamup in a way
Please put Spoiler Bars on any Manga Spoilers
But that's me what's your Idea for Dragon Maid crossover Fanfiction Story?
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2023.06.06 03:23 gnariscute 29m/United States - I’m trying to better my life but can’t be asked to be on my own

I’m 29 and from Ohio (est time zone). I spend the day alone for the most part, and would like to change that. I have severe social anxiety and every part of communicating is such a pain in the ass that I struggle to do so. But I’m here trying to give it a try.
I play on the pc. Right now I’m playing diablo 4 and Cold War. However, I jump around from game to game trying to keep up with the few friends I have. So in other words, I’m pretty open to trying things.
I watch a few anime, I watched naruto and shippuden and then dragon ball z and dragon ball super. I plan on watching more, cause I really enjoyed both.
I just started collecting cards again. Pokémon cards to be exact, it’s like my new favorite thing 🥰.
I have a cat and an old doggy. Named kitty and puppy. We aren’t very original with our names. That’s not their real names however, that’s what we call them 110% of the time and they respond to it. Kitty kitty
Instead of keeping it super long I’ll end it there. Because I’m not trying to waste peoples time if they aren’t interested. Just shoot me a message if you are however and I’ll get back to you if your profile doesn’t creep me out. Not that mines anything special, Reddit is my goto depression safe spot so take that information as you will. Talk to you soon if you decide you want to. :)
Be in your 20s or early 30s if you’re interested. And be ok with my anxiety being high a lot of the time, more we click, the more it would be easier on me
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2023.06.06 03:23 Trifiling_Existence Debating on if I should buy SF6

Hello! As the title suggests I am on the fence on if I should buy SF6 or not. The first thing I want to mention, money is not a problem cause I know people always will bring that up when people ask if they should get a game.
I've played both Dragon Ball FighterZ and Guilty Gear: Strive semi-casually on PC and with a PS4 controller and have gotten a good amount of play time out of both games and enjoyment, but I will only play either on rare occasions now. One of my biggest concerns in regard to getting SF6 is the directional inputs when it comes to certain commands since that was a big hurdle for me that I never truly got over when it came to GGST. Doing two-quarter circles was really annoying in GGST cause I'd occasionally do a level 1 super instead of a level 2. This brings me to my next point if I ever got another fighting game, I'd at least want to try out a different controller which might make directional inputs easier but also not cause my thumb to become sore just after a few hours which was another one of my gripes and I feel like it was a big reason why I struggled so much with directional inputs. And then probably my last concern is the ease of accessibility or how easy SF6 would be to learn and play.
Now one of the biggest reasons (but also a gripe as well) as to why I want to get the game is that a lot of my friends in my friend group are picking it up. I also heard that there's rollback and crossplay too which is an even bigger plus since most of my friends either live in other countries or play on Play Station as opposed to PC. Plus one of my friends is part of the Capcom Creator Program too and has been looking forward to SF6 for a hot minute. But why I say it's a gripe is that we have a tendency to pick up PVP games, play them for a while, and then shelve them for an indefinite amount of time.
If you read all this then please give me your opinion on if I should pull the trigger or not. I'll also probably discuss some stuff if any of y'all ask some questions too. TLDR: I didn't like playing with a PS4 Controller in GGST cause it made my thumbs hurt and I think it made directional inputs harder for me. A lot of my friends are picking up the game so I'd like to be able to play it with them soon, especially if Rollback and Crossplay are a thing since they're all either on different platforms or in different countries.
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2023.06.06 03:22 gnariscute 29m/Ohio - [chat] [friendship] I’m trying to better my life but can’t be asked to be on my own

I’m 29 and from Ohio (est time zone). I spend the day alone for the most part, and would like to change that. I have severe social anxiety and every part of communicating is such a pain in the ass that I struggle to do so. But I’m here trying to give it a try.
I play on the pc. Right now I’m playing diablo 4 and Cold War. However, I jump around from game to game trying to keep up with the few friends I have. So in other words, I’m pretty open to trying things.
I watch a few anime, I watched naruto and shippuden and then dragon ball z and dragon ball super. I plan on watching more, cause I really enjoyed both.
I just started collecting cards again. Pokémon cards to be exact, it’s like my new favorite thing 🥰.
I have a cat and an old doggy. Named kitty and puppy. We aren’t very original with our names. That’s not their real names however, that’s what we call them 110% of the time and they respond to it. Kitty kitty
Instead of keeping it super long I’ll end it there. Because I’m not trying to waste peoples time if they aren’t interested. Just shoot me a message if you are however and I’ll get back to you if your profile doesn’t creep me out. Not that mines anything special, Reddit is my goto depression safe spot so take that information as you will. Talk to you soon if you decide you want to. :)
Be in your 20s or early 30s if you’re interested. And be ok with my anxiety being high a lot of the time, more we click, the more it would be easier on me
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2023.06.06 03:10 Valis-Mana Understanding the off shoot DBS Content.

So since DragonBall Super ended I have been seeing some kind of DBS adjacent content on Youtube over the years. So I am wondering what the name of this content is so I can find it on Youtube. And also is there a sort of timeline or release date for each series? I don't want to watch the wrong thing and get spoiled.
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2023.06.06 02:51 HoodieObsessed_ [FOR HIRE] Final Cut Pro YouTube Editor (+Thumbnails, Channel Banners, Social Media Animations and More! 1,000mbps Up+Down Internet Connection)

Hello! My name is Kevin, I have been using Final Cut Pro for the last 7+ Years (been video editing for the last 10+ years) • Can quickly adapt to your style! I have experience in Talking Head Videos, Music Sync'd Montages, Vlogs and more (see examples below) • I start as soon as possible (a lot of the time on the same day) • Super fast Internet Connection (1,000mbps Up + Down) I'll be able to download your videos and upload your files to you at incredible speeds • Photoshop user for 5+ Years (to edit images you might need for your video and more) • I create stunning and aesthetically pleasing thumbnails (see examples below) • I create CUSTOM social media animations (no template) so things like a YouTube Subscribe Animation, Instagram Popup, Twitter Popup etc I make them from scratch they are my personal one of a kind style • Custom eye catching Channel Banners (see examples below) • Price for video editing range from $25 to $40 an hour (Prices are varied depending on project type and length it takes to complete the video. I work per hour not on how long your video is... so for example a 1 minute video could be more expensive then a 20 minute video depending on what is needed) • Price for thumbnails is $10 to $25 depending on how many revisions and how many hours it takes to complete (most of the time it falls into the $10 to $15 category) Feel free to contact me for any info here on Reddit or on Discord: NivekCreates#0288 Example Section----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thumbnails--------------------------------------------------------------------- Clothing Review Examples: https://imgur.com/WKkN12T https://imgur.com/18rOYdx https://imgur.com/6BAVXPw Mini Golf Rivalry Example: https://imgur.com/Dm4crnF Breakfast Restaurant Example: https://imgur.com/Qe9jmtl Shopping Vlog Example: https://imgur.com/3trziPV Vehicle Review Examples: https://imgur.com/zrQvGVj https://imgur.com/CvXeRK0 https://imgur.com/tal2JG0 Meme Thumbnail Example: https://imgur.com/p2vtSiV Smartphone Tech Examples: https://imgur.com/6yOFgWt https://imgur.com/AP5sqfI Trying out food example: https://imgur.com/SyXkpim Video Editing--------------------------------------------------------------------- Wrist Watch Review Example: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AT2hP3zYY9vWgGNigngI4OV9\_xrCglTz/view?usp=sharing Disney Springs Vlog Example: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FsTfvfCv\_rlrNZKCE0ngIxP8kr6PnraE/view?usp=sharing Beauty & The Beast Birthday Cake/Party Example: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FsTfvfCv\_rlrNZKCE0ngIxP8kr6PnraE/view?usp=sharing Family Day Vlog Example: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rjLXbI4WjAWOkuuyW5-lmwbotSRJ5E\_G/view?usp=sharing Music Sync Example 1 (Mercedes): https://drive.google.com/file/d/17vhKHVNOpMMi6oEWrWZAVmeUY\_JzZ42Y/view?usp=sharing Music Sync Example 2 (Mercedes): https://drive.google.com/file/d/141AMRxrzq9I3CDMk-ZPf8EX2TiW8HTC\_/view?usp=sharing Music Sync Example 3 (GMC Yukon Review): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PPeLwIoiQMWB8WRoIxtuQXWLFjY7Ynvt/view?usp=sharing Text behind objects Example (TIME CONSUMING) : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NpEL3iALPElCzirQrxsdVQvEOXNLotaz/view?usp=sharing Dragon Ball Z Hoodie Review (Anime Style Editing Example): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DoIjzMbKS7S3bU3q77p8\_4Kg\_6MBjZSN/view?usp=sharing Unfortunately I do not have permission from others I've edited for to post their links here on a reddit thread but if you want to see some of my work done for other channels instead of my own please message me and I could send you links to all channels I am currently editing for :) For more info feel free to send me a message on Reddit or Discord: NivekCreates#0288
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2023.06.06 02:43 gnariscute I’m trying to better my life but can’t be asked to be on my own. 29m/United States

I’m 29 and from Ohio (est time zone). I spend the day alone for the most part, and would like to change that. I have severe social anxiety and every part of communicating is such a pain in the ass that I struggle to do so. But I’m here trying to give it a try.
I play on the pc. Right now I’m playing diablo 4 and Cold War. However, I jump around from game to game trying to keep up with the few friends I have. So in other words, I’m pretty open to trying things.
I watch a few anime, I watched naruto and shippuden and then dragon ball z and dragon ball super. I plan on watching more, cause I really enjoyed both.
I just started collecting cards again. Pokémon cards to be exact, it’s like my new favorite thing 🥰.
I have a cat and an old doggy. Named kitty and puppy. We aren’t very original with our names. That’s not their real names however, that’s what we call them 110% of the time and they respond to it. Kitty kitty
Instead of keeping it super long I’ll end it there. Because I’m not trying to waste peoples time if they aren’t interested. Just shoot me a message if you are however and I’ll get back to you if your profile doesn’t creep me out. Not that mines anything special, Reddit is my goto depression safe spot so take that information as you will. Talk to you soon if you decide you want to. :)
Be in your 20s or early 30s if you’re interested. And be ok with my anxiety being high a lot of the time, more we click, the more it would be easier on me
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2023.06.06 02:39 jroc117 Genuine question about how Ghost Game was "rushed"

So like, I keep seeing everywhere people saying "stop hating on the show for no plot, the story was rushed, they didn't have enough time" like no??? They were absolutely not rushed, these are the same dudes that worked on V-Tamer, and while the pacing for that was a little wonky it knew when to take it slow at points. This show has 67 episodes, SIXTY SEVEN!!!! They had WAY MORE than enough time to actually have the plot follow through. They gave us a hook, and then did nothing with it except for every ten episodes. Hiro hardly does a lot to try and look for his dad, he just goes about his life for a year, and then Gammamom is given to him, and then he asks once in a while "hey have you seen my dad?" And either gets "lol no" or "lol yeah" as a response. Like, if it were something like he's confident that his dad knows what he's doing and won't get himself hurt then why you asking all the damn time, or if you're genuinely worried about him why don't you try going around to different digimon asking for info on how they got here. BE ACTIVE! DO SOMETHING! He just does nothing for a whole week, fights a digimon, and then every once in a while say "have you seen my dad" like WHY GIVE US THE PERFECT PLOT HOOK AND NOT DO ANYTHING WITH IT. AND THEN HE SHOWS UP AND THERES NO HEARTFELT REUNION FOR THIS BOY WHO HASNT HEARD OR SEEN HIS DAD FOR TWO YEARS. WHAT THE FUCK.
And don't even get me started on gulus. Gulus shows up 7 times. SEVEN. HE SHOWS UP A TENTH OF THE TIME. Everytime he showed up these other black variant (I'll call them bv) digimon show up, it gets you thinking "oooo what're these guys? They bad? They good? We gonna fight them? They gonna fight gulus? Oooo" AND THEN NOTHING HAPPENS. THEY JUST THE GUARDS FOR QUANTUMON. Hey, here's this cool thing that WE ARE AGAIN DOING NOTHING WITH. Imagine Dragon Ball had Vegeta keep talking about the legendary super Saiyan and then we just never see it, or we only see it after Goku has already beaten Frieza and he's just like "neat". Imagine Naruto kept talking about how important friends and bonds are and these bonds don't mean anything until the last five minutes of the final episode. To use the same franchise, imagine in Tamers we hear about the threat of the devas or the sovereigns or the D-reaper and DO NOTHING WITH ALL OF THEM UNTIL THE LAST FIVE EPISODES. Imagine Adventure we keep hearing about the crests and nothing happens with them until the FINAL EPISODE. Imagine in Data Squad we keep hearing about Masaru's dad (we do) and HE DOES NOTHING TO TRY AND FIND HIM. In that one he actually does, even going against DAT's protocol and hopping into the digital to try and find him.
These shows all have their ups and downs, I'm not bringing up frontiers and 02 because they fumbled their own bags the same way Ghost Game fumbled their's. But my point stands in that GHOST GAME DID NOTHING WITH ITS PLOT HOOKS. It would sprinkle it once a month, like putting just a pinch of pepper in years worth of mashed potatoes. WE NEED MORE SEASONING. DONT GIVE US HOOKS IF YOURE NOT GONNA REEL US IN. Have him actively search for his dad, have them actively find a way to suppress or talk with gulus, DONT HAVE THEM IGNORE THESE ISSUES FOR WEEKS AT A TIME. YOU HAD SIXTY SEVEN EPISODES. They do nothing with Lamortmon supposedly being ruthless or vicious, they have him talk in broken speech and maybe almost get close to.killing a digimon and THATS IT. There's no growing past his violence and becoming more civil and becoming Diarbittmon, noooooo, that'd be too good of a story point. HE EVEN HAS TWO BLADES, THOSE COULD WORK SO WELL INTO EVOLVING TO HIS TWO RAPIERS. Speaking of megas, AMPHIMON HARDLY SHOWS UP AT ALL. Why do they all get bodied by regulus and then do some "I love you gammamon" shit and then suddenly GAMMAMON CAN JUST EAT REGULUS. WHAT!?!?
I REFUSE to believe these guys were rushed, THEY HAD SIXTY SEVEN EPISODES. "They were making an episodic show" THEIR WHOLE MYSTERY IS TRYING TO FIND OUT WHY THESE DIGIMON KEEP COMING TO EARTH THEY NEVER DO ANYTHING ACTIVE TO TRY AND FIND OUT. You know what else was episodic? Scooby Doo. Yeah, it has its ups and downs, but they're always active in trying to figure out what's going on. Mystery Inc is an episodic show and that still managed to do it's plot alright. Digimon Adventure is episodic and that still managed to do it's plot alright. Being episodic is not an excuse for having horrible plot execution. They had the time to do it and they fumbled the bag so hard and so many people are like "well they were clearly rushed" THEY HAD SIXTY SEVEN EPISODES. Missing dad/ Gulus/ Digimon coming to our world, all three of those are already connected in the show, it wouldn't be hard to have an episodic mystery solving monster of the week plot run for 67 episodes and still be good.
I expected so much from the duo that made V-Tamer, it was cool to see the less popular variants of digimon show up, it was cool to see digimon have societal roles like mummymon being a doctor, it was cool to see lesser known digimon show up, it was cool to see all these horror elements be used in a kids show, but god damn they could have done so much!! Dracmon seemed like he could have been and interesting villai- aaaand he's dead. Phelesmon seems like he could be an interesting villai- aaaand we never see him again. Lilithmon seems like an interesting villai- aaaand she's never seen again. What reason could gulus have to turn this whole world against itsel- heeee didn't even try. These BV digimon seem like really cool characte- theeeyyy don't do jack shit. What is the point of giving us all these cool plot hooks IF YOU DONT USE THEM.
God damn, I spent a whole ass hour writing all this
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2023.06.06 02:26 Sharinganprincess91 [F4M] Fandom Roleplay. Looking for more partners. (Super freaking bored and really could use some more partners :/)

Side note: I've added a password, so read carefully. If you message me WITHOUT the password, your messages are automatically IGNORED. tired of getting hit up with people who don't read 😒. It's ridiculous cause I've ignored 5+ chats cause none of them contained the password. Things are written for a reason.
Facts about me:
1: if you don't like 50/50 mixture of sex scenes and story, don't bother hopping into my inbox. I'm fine with sex scenes, but when it's constantly back to back, the roleplay itself gets boring.
2: Be literate. No one liners. I like to write..it's annoying when I send a 2-3 paragraph response and I get 3 lines...just...no. I am not accepting people who are just starting out! If you aren't experienced in writing or roleplaying, kindly stay out of my inbox.
3: Be okay with playing canon characters. I'm mainly doing fandom roleplays right now and it's going to be Canon x my oc. No, I'm not doing double ups. Do not even ask, because the answer will be no every time. I do not give a shit if you think that makes me 'lazy' or 'selfish', if you've got a problem, you can simply ignore or block me. Commenting on my post to bitch and whine about me not doubling up will only result in me blocking you. The ONLY time I'll double up, and if I'm confident enough, I'll only do female characters. I suck at males. Got a problem? Not my issue. Block and move on.
4: Roleplay in third person. I can't and won't adapt to first. Don't even bring up the idea of you playing first person and me playing third. Believe it or not, I've been asked this twice and that is just a hell no for me. The only time I do first, is when I'm writing into my book.
5: if you don't know how to share ideas, then don't bother messaging me. I'm tired of carrying the story when the other person doesn't help. If you've got ideas, then PLEASE speak up! Your opinion on the roleplay matters too! I'm an easy going person, and easy to get along with (dispite my rules).
6: DO NOT control my character. I control what she says, does, hears, sees, ect. I don't control yours, so don't control mine. HOWEVER, if it's highly necessary and needed, then run it by me first and ask me. Just leave me some wiggle room so I can make a decent response. Failure to comply by this rule, results in immediate drop of the rp.
End Note:
Yes, I've updated my rules just a tad. I do not care if it makes me sound mean or rude, because I'm neither of these things. I'm just tired of putting these rules down for a specific reason and they go ignored because I can tell when someone hasn't read them, and lied about it. I'm just trying to get my point across and roleplay. I'm a very easy going person who loves to make friends on the side (which I've somewhat given up on making friends...only a selective few have actually gained my friendship).
Do not hop into my inbox with a simple 'hey' 'hi' 'sup', etc and for God's sake, don't message me with a 'rp?'and proceed me to flash me with your talliwhacker. I promise you, you'll get your feelings hurt and I'll be here laughing at ya 😂. Nobody wants a peen on their screen. Do not send me an image of your one eyed noodle. Thank you. The password is pineapple.
Fandoms & Pairings
Deadpool (Wade x my oc)
The Adam's family
Pokemon ((MAYBE. Don't be nasty about it either!))
Bridgerton (or something like it. Can be Oc x Oc)
Disney Decedent's (or anything Disney) (oc x oc)
Orange is the new black (this can be oc x oc).
Criminal Minds (REALLY wanna do)
Loki x my oc
Spiderman (Tom Holland) x my oc
Dog The Bounty Hunter (REALLY wanna do):
Dog Chapman x my oc
The walking dead (REALLY wanna do!!):
Daryl X my oc
Batman x my oc
Lucifer (Netflix show series) x my oc (really wanna do)
The Originals: Klaus x my oc (PLEASE !! I REALLY wanna do this one!)
American Horror Story: Tate x my oc (REALLY wanna do)
Dragon Ball Z - Super (vegeta x my oc) (really wanna do)
Naruto: Minato x my oc
Harry Potter (thanks to the wonderful world of rp, the characters will be 18 or older. For me, I'd like it if it was Draco x my oc. REALLY wanna do)
Game Of Thrones (I'm still very early in the show, but I think we could think of something!)
Once Upon A Time:
killian x my oc, REALLY wanna do 🥺.
Avatar the last Airbender:
Zuko x my oc
Jacob x my oc
(Course, our version will be alot better than the movies).
If any of these interests you, message me!
End note part 2:
Congratulations! You've made it to the end. Still interested? You've got the password. Message me and let's get started 😁.
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2023.06.06 00:11 forbiddenmemeories The most evenly matched fight in Dragon Ball/Z/Super?

Of all the fights throughout the show, which do you think featured the two most evenly matched combatants?
Goku and Piccolo Jr's original match in Dragon Ball is just about the closest fight I can think of that actually ended with a victor, given that Goku defeated Piccolo with pretty much the last attack that either of them was capable of mustering.
Meanwhile in Z, there were a few that were more or less evenly matched but didn't come to a proper resolution. Piccolo and Android 17 were pretty much equal to the point that neither could finish each other off (though I guess 17 would have won eventually with his stamina hax.) Android 16 and Imperfect Cell were also pretty much evenly matched, with Cell only 'winning' by absorbing 17; if the two of them had been left alone that fight could have damn near gone on forever, given 16 not getting tired as an android and Cell's regeneration capabilities. Finally, Majin Vegeta and SSJ2 Goku were pretty much evenly matched with neither of them able to put the other down, though of course Goku could have won in SSJ3.
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2023.06.05 23:29 Feeling-Instance-274 Ex cheats on me before I take her on a week long Portugal trip

The only reason I am posting this now is because I am just getting over her(year and a half later). This story starts off with butterflies and ends with demons so before you read any further thought I'd give the luxury of stopping now (also quite a long read). We went to Portugal for my oldest Brother's wedding.
So my ex(27F), we will call her Karen, and myself(25M) met through some friends and hit it off immediately. We then spent every day together for the next 6 months, which I think was part of the problem. The first few months were wonderful, rainbows and butterflies. She was the first one to use the "L" word, but it took me a couple weeks after to say it back. One night probably 3 months into the relationship we go over to my parents’ house to eat with my family and some friends. Everything is going so well up until we leave.. I tell her bye (think she was going back to her Dad's house because she still lived there) and she comes up to me and says "the honeymoon phase is now over", at that point I'm shocked and confused by this statement. One I'm not even sure what that means and two why does it ever have to be over? I ask her what that meant and she responds with "oh it means we will have fights now and not everything will be happy go lucky". Now I am just frustrated and should have seen the red flag but I was blinded by love. I ignore this statement and forget about it. But things do get worse...
The next couple months are not terrible but way different than the beginning. Stuff that never bothered her before now bothers her. For example I was planning on building a tiny home ~800 sq feet before she ever came into the picture and now she is complaining how small it will be and it’s not the way she likes it. I am not kidding she got pissed at me for not planning a house how she wanted it... This is like 4 months into the relationship... another red flag but again blinded by lOvE. Things continue like this up until the Portugal trip. I tried to save the relationship and do things like take her to the islands for a picnic or get her flowers and stuff like that but nothing seemed to help.
About a week before the Portugal trip I decide to take her to one of our local islands on the coast for a picnic/booze cruise. We are packing picnic stuff for the boat and out of nowhere she starts screaming at me because I took a glance at the tv while she was talking (college football was on.. I am still paying attention to her but just took a glance over). We get in a huge argument and almost don't make it to the island. But I apologize and we end up going out on the water. This is where I deeply regret my decision. We setup the picnic and she starts to cry. I try to comfort her but she is pushing me away. I asked what's wrong? She answers with "I am starting to have feelings for my ex." Man if I had left her on that island stranded it would have been the best decision I have ever made in life. But the dumbass I am, I try to talk through it. Lots of emotion, crying, screaming and whatever else to come to the conclusion that we will be "okay" lol we get home and discuss our plans for Portugal and I say the ticket is yours it has your name on it, you have never been out of the country so I want you to go. So the next week we fly out to Portugal for my brother's wedding...
Portugal is an effing dream; I will tell you what. The first day we went on an 80 foot catamaran to booze cruise around. For the rehearsal dinner we are at a top 5 boutique hotel in the world.. whatever the hell that means but it was superb. Then the wedding is at an abandoned palace. Long story short, this trip was epic apart from Karen. So everyone at the wedding ate a four course meal together and at about the 3rd course things went south.. Everyone is having a blast and emotions are flying around, my sister in-law (different one than the bride at the time sorry have three older brothers) gets super emotional about her father that might not be at her wedding since he was a little older. My sis in-law then asks Karen if she could have some of her wine and go to the bathroom. Karen says something extremely rude although I think she was kidding but something like "No b*tch, get your own". My sis in-law thankfully did not cause a scene there but ran to the basement. 5 or so minutes go by and Karen says to me "I probably should apologize" and I am like yeah get your ass down there. I thought everything would be okay but little did I know this would ruin my brother's wedding for me.
Close to 30 minutes go by and I have no idea what is going on, so I decided to check it out. I passed my sis in-law on the way down and asked where Karen is and she said she was probably still in the basement. I go down and she is balling her eyes out. I try to comfort her and be there and have empathy but of course nothing works. This goes on for at least a hour, missing my brother's first dance and cake cutting. I am frustrated at this point and finally get her to go up to the dance floor to have some fun. The rest of the night was great and a lot of fun. The next day things were a little awkward for Karen, she was shut off by my sister in-laws and my family was not too friendly either but it is our last day. Our travel home just continues the Karen saga... we get extremely delayed and end up staying the night in the airport. Karen wants to critique everything I do including what food I get or where I sleep and stuff like that... for 36 bloody hours I had to deal with this. The way there our travel time was 16 hours.. But we eventually got home.
We got home and I think everything is fine. She asks me to go get lunch and I am like cool yeah lets do it. We get sushi, I pay (I paid for 99% of everything) and we go back to the car. She then says to me "I cannot do this anymore I have to break up with you". I am at lost for words, the only thing I can say is "get out of my car and find your way home". She continues to try to contact me for weeks and of course I succumb but eventually I cut off contact and move away. I was actually planning on moving for the longest time before she came around but she prolonged my move. About 4 months go by without any contact until I find out from her now boyfriend that she was cheating on me prior to the Portugal trip. I lose my mind and go into a depression I have never felt before. It sucked for a while there but I eventually grew the balls to confront her about it. Of course she denies it but she will never grow and own the shit she has done. I used to blame myself for all our fights/problems but now looking back at it I know the real reason which eventually gave me the closure I needed. Sorry for making this story so long but I needed to get it off my chest. Thank you for reading if you made it this far. Oh yeah also forget to mention at the beginning of the relationship Karen literally says to me crying "don't ever leave me for a prettier girl" I find that quite ironic and funny.
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2023.06.05 23:27 Dannygosling91 I have mixed feelings about drive impact

Inb4 “Skill issue”, “it’s counter-able” etc etc
How is everyone feeling about drive impact? I think rush and parry are awesome, but drive impact reminds me of super dash from dragon ball, in that, while being heavily punishable it’s maybe overly effective in neutral game
It’s an option for baiting footsies, an anti cross up/jump in option, corner pressure, wake up, counter hits
All while being pretty cheap resource wise, and giving you a full combo on hit. And yeah it’s react-able, but if you’re in the middle of a normal that can’t be cancelled out of you’re probably SOL (correct me if I’m wrong about this).
All of this with 2 hits of armor lol, more than fox’s attack, why lol?
Again, I’m not calling it busted or asking for it to be nerfed or changed, and as time goes on I’m sure it’ll be as routine as a tick throws. Just wondering how people are feeling about it
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2023.06.05 21:54 SoCuteBear [SELL][CANADA to USA & Canada][PERFUME] More stuff added (will it ever stop?!)


$20 Minimum Please!
TAT 3 calendar days or less
SHIPPING TO USA: $11 without tracking and $15.75 with tracking. I'm shipping from Canada.
SHIPPING TO CANADA: For samples only, $3. With tracking, it starts at $15. Tracked shipping price in Canada varies by region.
All samples or decants, unless marked as FS.
All purchased new, unless marked as RIS.
ALL PRICES ARE IN USD. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
BPAL (all purchased new)
DECONSTRUCTING EDEN (all purchased brand new)
FANTOME (all purchased new) $5.5 each
NUI COBALT DESIGNS (all purchased new)
POSSETS (ALL PURCHASED NEW; unless marked as FS, all are samples from direct or decant from Ajevie that are $2.5 each)
SIXTEEN92 (all purchased new unless marked as RIS)
SORCELLERIE all Sorcellerie are RIS (some cheaper than others to account for fill level differences)
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2023.06.05 21:48 xNeji_Hyuga Rough Cell rework concept

After seeing what was possible with Vegeta and Ginyu, I thought of a few ideas to improve Cell gameplay
Larva is largely fine
1st form (level 2): New "Life Absorption" style ability, to take the free active slot. Similar to Ginyu's Body change, a brief melee rush that causes a short, uninterruptible animation on hit, draining a bunch of DC on transformed survivors, and instantly downing unpowered survivors. This will grant Evolution energy and regain a bit of health. Also, probably swap Full Power Energy Wave for something more useful, though the new active could be enough on it's own
2nd form (level 3): Active ability from above carries over. Add and alternate Ki blast similar to Nappa and Vegeta. Base blast will still be Kame, but at least make the alt blast something that isn't super telegraphed and easy to dodge at close to mid ranges. I've never actually watched an episode of dragon ball, so I'm not sure if there's any fitting attacks to satisfy that criteria, but hopefully some type of flurry with mild tracking would be okay. Also, make Gravity Impact more similar to its XV counterpart, where it has a massive hitbox and allows you to connect other attacks afterwards, kinda like Great Ape stomp. It could keep the awfully long startup in that case.
(Also, new active counters EF cause why not. Would be a little more fair to have an EF counter part of the base roster instead of making the only counter a pay to win)
Level 4 is mostly fine as well, though other level 4's have some really unique basic Ki blasts while Cell gets the most basic of all. Maybe that's fine, but I'm sure there's something cooler like maybe the Survivor's version of Cell's basic Ki blast, though it would obviously need to adjusted to actually be good lol.
Cell overall feels like he's meant to be a hunter, but literally has none of the proper tools outside of tracking, which makes him feel like a camper. But that's boring and we already have Frieza. I'm fine with strength in numbers being good against him, but being alone in a cave with him should be scary
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2023.06.05 21:28 ChaotixSux (Selling)Creed 3, Ant Man Quantumania, Knock at the Cabin, 80 For Brady, Justice League X RWBY, Magic Mike Last Dance, Devotion, Plane, The Fabelmans, MAY AND JUNE Universal Rewards and many more, HD/4K Available

Please let me know if you're interested in bundle deals, willing to work price down for multiples. Cash App/Venmo/Paypal (No FF unfortunately) accepted! Price firm for single codes
Prices and format are listed in the post and can be hard to view if you are viewing from the mobile app, please scroll over to view them
My Universal Rewards movies available at $3 a piece or 2 for $5, please check here for the available movies, this changes monthly.
Name Price Format Redemption Site
1917 $3 HD MA
3:10 to Yuma $5 4K Vudu
31 $3 HD
The 355 $4 HD MA
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Aladdin (2019) $5 4K MA
Aladdin (1992) $4 HD MA
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Aliens $3 HD MA
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The following movies are the current Universal Rewards and are $3 each or 2 for $5
May 2023 Rewards 8 LEFT
Assault on Precinct 13 HD MA
Being John Malkovich HD MA
The Black Dahlia (2006) HD MA
Fifty Shades of Grey 4K MA
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry HD MA
Larry Crowne HD MA
Snow White and the Huntsman 4K MA
This is 40 HD MA
12 Monkeys 4K MA
Welcome to Marwen 4K MA

June 2023 Rewards

About Time HD MA
American Pie HD MA
The Boy Next Door HD MA
Definitely,Maybe HD MA
Eastern Promises HD MA
Empire HD MA
Fifty Shades Darker 4K MA
The Great Wall 4K MA
Jarhead 2 HD MA
Josie and the Pussycats HD MA
Reservation Road HD MA
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2023.06.05 21:17 jay5177 [WTS] Cleanout Sale! SLR Complete Upper(dead air suppressor ready), MCX/ MPX brace, zaffari precision 43x stripped slide, SLR Gold comp, Mpx mags. Prices are shipped, G+S Fees Included.

Timestamp https://imgur.com/a/kWd3Z8i
All prices are negotiable but don't low ball me. If you have any questions, concerns or would like more info or pics, comment and PM me.
Pics- https://imgur.com/a/3gm82Fc
Complete SLR upper $850
• SLR B15 upper • SLR 10.7" hand guard • 11.5" 5.56 ballistic advantage government barrel • Andro Corp TiN BCG • Radian Raptor charging handle • Holosun 503cu • LANTAC Dragon Muzzle Brake 5.56 (dead air) • Ballistic advantage .750 low pro gas block • Scalarworks mount
Brace $80 43x slide $100 Comp $80 Mpx 20rd mags $60
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2023.06.05 19:57 KolbeHoward1 Baldur's Gate 2 is Unbelievably Good

Yesterday I finished Baldur’s Gate 2 and it’s expansion Throne of Bhaal for the first time in my life. I first played BG2 about 8 years ago but started a new job halfway through it and was too occupied with my real life to dedicate time to finishing the game.
So for 8 years it sat. Always a regret because I was digging the time I spent with it. This time I started all the way over with BG1 first (I don't have much to say about BG1, its good but nowhere in the same league as BG2) and managed to power through BG2 and ToB in about 100 hours. I’m not comfortable with saying anything is one of my favorite games after only 1 playthrough so I’ll have to see what happens when I inevitably come back to this game in a couple years. But Baldur’s Gate 2 is unbelievably good, and one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences I’ve had in a long time.
I can’t remember the last time I was so exited about a game. Every second I wasn’t playing BG2, I was thinking about it. I felt like I was in high school again daydreaming all day about going home and playing more of this game and that was a special experience that I didn’t realize how much I missed. The last game I did that with was Mass Effect 2. Peak Bioware was something else.
Baldur’s Gate 2 is a Bioware RPG before KOTR, before Dragon Age, before Mass Effect and you can definitely see the roots.
There’s well-written party members with lots of banter and the ability to form relationships. There’s a chosen one rise to power narrative, and a fantastic villain with an outstanding vocal performance.
I could probably write 15 pages about this game, but I just want to focus on what stood out as enduringly meaningful because this game is more than 20 years old and I was still feeling the magic.
1) The incredibly deep RPG systems. BG2 uses 2nd edition AD&D which can be intimidating for newcomers (it certainly was for me) but if you give it some time and patience you can understand the rules and appreciate the benefits. I’ve seen a ton of people saying 2nd edition AD&D is impossibly archaic and not something that anyone under the age of 30 could ever enjoy and I couldn’t disagree more. I'm in my 20's and I've never played D&D before. I was able to understand it with some patience. The weirdest systems in the game are THAC0 and Armor Class. I’m gonna teach you all you need to understand BG2 right now. Your THAC0 and Armor class should be as low as possible. Congratulations you are now a 2nd edition AD&D expert. It’s literally as complicated as that. Everything else should make sense to you if you’ve played an RPG before. BG2’s complexity is wildly over exaggerated.
2) The huge variety of spells. Make sure you read every spell you come across and understand their effects. Mastering the magic system is essential to being good at BG2 and incredibly satisfying. It might be tempting to use fireballs and chain lightning and other damage spells but these are actually the least important spells in the game. Learning how to counter mage defenses by using breach, secret word, and pierce magic is absolutely essential. The same goes for protecting your party with the right spells for the right enemies (protection from evil against demons, chaotic commands against mind flayers) And if you can incorporate spells like feeblemind (which reduces your opponents intelligence to 2 preventing them from casting any spells) and ray of enfeeblement (reduces your opponents strength) you’ll be amazed at just how easily you can demolish some of the scariest things in the game.
3) The beautiful pre-rendered backgrounds. This game can still look absolutely gorgeous at times due to the artistry of the world. Instead of using primitive real time 3d environments BG2 uses pre-rendered 2d backgrounds which was common for the era. They hold up extremely well and have a ton of life and character to them. There’s a grittiness to the visuals that remains compelling. I still think the Temple District of Athkatla looks more imaginative and engaging than anything in a modern counterpart like Pillars of Eternity.
4) Awesome sound design. Any atmosphere that the game might lack in visuals is made up for with the sound design. The booming chants of casting spells sounds so powerful that it can vibrate your headphones straight off of your desk. Walking through the slums of Athkatla and hearing distant shouts and cries and the bustle of the city still can create a more immersive world than most games.
5) Last but not least, the ridiculously high quality of quests. Baldur’s Gate 2’s quests are frankly some of the finest I have ever experienced. I think Fallout New Vegas, The Witcher 3, and Baldur’s Gate 2 are probably the shining exemplars of how to do good side quests. This is an 80-100 game and there is not a single boring quest. Not a single area that feels like filler. In the first few hours alone you’ll track a serial killer in the bridge district, battle through an illusionary world in a circus tent to defeat a powerful mage, delve into an ancient crypt for buried treasure, find out who would want to bury a man alive in the graveyard district. These are the short ones. Then there’s stuff that goes above and beyond like the cult of the unseeing eye. I don't want to spoil this one because wow. I genuinely find it hard to comprehend how they were able to design this many great quests.
I think the moment I realized I was playing something really special was in the Underdark. So I’m more than 60 hours into the game. I spent 40 hours getting the money to pay the Shadow Thieves, I go to Spellhold, I get part of my soul stolen, I fight Irenicus and sail away from spellhold, I get captured in the sahaguin city, take a side in a civil war and now flee to the underdark which is a whole other city with side quests.
At this point the game HAS to be running out of steam right? A late game lengthy section underground with lots of combat encounters, Oh I’ve played this one before, I’m sure it’s a bit lazy and probably sucks.
Well… no and this is where the “unbelievably” part comes in because this Underdark section is also fantastic and maintains the already super high quality of the rest of the game. You’ve got an interesting questline where you have to disguise yourselves as drow and try and blend into drow society in order to steal back a dragons eggs. This entails carrying out assassination missions for the heads of society or being forced to perform sexual favors for your boss in order to not blow your cover. It caps it off by sending you to either fight through a beholder dungeon, or getting captured by mind flayers and being forced to escape. At the end of the questline you can even engineer an elaborate triple cross of the drow in order to get the eggs back.
I cannot think of many other if any games that maintain such a high level of quality for such a lengthy amount of time. Everything you do in Baldur’s Gate 2 is developed and interesting, there is not a single bad quest, a single experience that feels like a waste of time or filler. And the game is incredibly well-balanced. Normally these really old games have at least one part of them that kinda sucks. Planescape has a legendary story but it’s combat is terrible. Fallout is a classic but it’s janky, and has a lot of rough edges. Baldur’s Gate 2 isn’t like this, every part of this game from the combat, to the story, to the environments is solid.
I will say I think the expansion Throne of Bhaal is noticeably weaker than Shadows of Amn but it has an absolutely perfect ending to the entire Bhaalspawn saga stretching back to the first game. The problem really is that it’s 20-30 hours of combat and nothing else, and that the combat gets ramped up to a point where the game feels balanced around having to rest after each fight. It’s a bit of a slog at times. Armor class means nothing anymore, you take a ton of damage and are pretty much forced to deplete all of your high level spells for even the simplest fights. The game also has a tendency to slap you in the head out of nowhere with an absurdly hard fight in scripted moments without letting you scout ahead and pre-buff which feels cheap. ToB feels balanced around save-scumming in a way the base game never was. The final boss also breaks the game's own rules in multiple ways. It took a long time to figure out why I wasn't doing any damage.
But I can’t fault the storytelling and the bittersweet ending is probably the strongest emotions I’ve ever felt in an isometric game like this. This is what the Mass Effect 3 ending should have been. I had Jaheira and Imoen in my party since the very beginning of the first game and I came to trust and believe in their characters after well over 100 hours between both games. It was really hard to say goodbye to my party after such an enormous emotional investment.
Baldur’s Gate 2 is one of, if not the best RPG’s I’ve ever played in my life. I was shocked at how incredible the balance between dialogue, exploration, combat, and inventory management was. Shadows of Amn is damn near a masterpiece. Throne of Bhaal is weaker but the ending is really worth experiencing. The entire Bhaalspawn saga (BG1, BG2, ToB) is a true timeless classic that everyone should experience at least once in their lives.
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2023.06.05 19:51 Captainstever15 [USA-OR][H] Sega 32x unit, Wind Waker HD, Pokemon White, Professor Layton Azran Legacy, New 3DS XL red [W] Paypal

Hi all, I have a bunch of games I'm looking to sell. Only accepting Paypal F&F at this time. Free shipping on orders of $50+, otherwise please add $5 for shipping costs. Photos available upon request!
System Item Condition Price
32X Primal Rage Loose $60.00
32X Sega 32X unit Loose $115.00
3DS 3DS XL NES Edition box Box only $80.00
3DS Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy Loose $40.00
3DS Amazing Spiderman Loose $12.00
3DS Amazing Spiderman 2 Loose $12.00
3DS Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Loose $13.00
3DS Bravely Default CIB $36.00
3DS Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past Loose $60.00
3DS Etrian Odyssey V: Beyond the Myth Loose $48.00
3DS Fantasy Life Loose $50.00
3DS Final Fantasy Explorers CIB $30.00
3DS Fossil Fighters: Frontier Loose $32.00
3DS Kid Icarus: Uprising CIB $80.00
3DS Kid Icarus: Uprising Loose $60.00
3DS Kirby: Planet Robobot Loose $39.00
3DS Madagascar 3 CIB $9.00
3DS Mario Golf: World Tour Loose $50.00
3DS New 3DS XL red Loose $220.00
3DS Nintendogs + Cats Golden Retriever and New Friends Loose $22.00
3DS Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity Loose $26.00
3DS Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy Loose $150.00
3DS Senran Kagura: Deep Crimson 2 Loose $56.00
3DS Sims 3 (Heavily damaged / punctured case) Game + case $14.00
amiibo Ness amiibo Loose $25.00
amiibo Splatoon amiibo 3-pack (crease along top of cardboard) NIB $50.00
Books Horizon: Zero Dawn Collector's Edition guide Loose $120.00
Dreamcast Dreamcast system (w/ cables, 1 controller, VMU Complete $110.00
Dreamcast Maken X CIB $50.00
Dreamcast Sonic Adventure CIB $50.00
DS Bomberman Loose $13.00
DS Elite Beat Agents Loose $15.00
DS Final Fantasy IV Loose $18.00
DS Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift Loose $33.00
DS Fossil Fighters Loose $27.00
DS Geometry Wars Galaxies CIB $9.00
DS Legendary Starfy Loose $15.00
DS Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga CIB $9.00
DS My Hero Firefighter CIB $11.00
DS Need for Speed: Pro Street Loose $9.00
DS Pac-Man World 3 Loose $11.00
DS Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End CIB $7.00
DS Plants vs Zombies CIB $13.00
DS Plants vs Zombies CIB $15.00
DS Plants vs Zombies Loose $11.00
DS Pokemon Black Loose $70.00
DS Pokemon Diamond case only Case only $20.00
DS Pokemon White CIB $85.00
DS Pokemon White Loose $65.00
DS Power Rangers Super Legends CIB $12.00
DS Rhythm Heaven Loose $43.00
DS Rockman ZX (JP) Loose $26.00
DS Spongebob's Atlantis Squarepantis CIB $7.00
DS Yoshi Touch & Go Loose $12.00
DS / 3DS Lego bundle Battles, Indiana Jones, City Undercover, Friends Loose $12.00
GB Pokemon Red (JP) Loose $15.00
GBA Metroid Fusion (label fading, wear on box) CIB $100.00
GBA Pokemon Ruby (heavy wear on box CIB $240.00
GBA Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros 3 box only Box only $35.00
GBA Wolfenstein 3D Loose $25.00
GCN Animal Crossing Memory Card (Some fading) Loose $18.00
GCN Conflict: Desert Storm Game + case $11.00
GCN Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix Game + case $23.00
GCN Finding Nemo Game + case $5.00
GCN Harry Potter: Quidditch World Cup (Blockbuster case) Game + case $9.00
GCN Metroid Prime 2: Echoes case w/ Nintendo Power insert Case only $20.00
GCN Nascar: Dirt to Daytona CIB $14.00
GCN NCAA Football 2005 CIB $14.00
GCN Resident Evil 0 CIB $17.00
GCN Resident Evil 4 CIB $30.00
GCN Resident Evil Zero CIB $19.00
GCN Resident Evil Zero Game + manual $14.00
GCN Super Smash Bros Melee (cracked inner ring) Loose $45.00
Genesis 6-Pak (label wear) Loose $10.00
Genesis Madden NFL 98 Loose $9.00
Genesis RBI Baseball 4 (Damaged art / case) Game + case $6.00
Genesis Road Rash 3 (tear in label) Loose $15.00
Genesis Turrican (label tears) Loose $15.00
Genesis World of Illusion CIB $35.00
Genesis World Series Baseball Game + case $6.00
Genesis WWF Raw Game + case $22.00
Genesis X-Men (faded label) Loose $9.00
N64 Banjo Tooie (Not For Resale) Loose $150.00
N64 Donkey Kong 64 (JP) Loose $12.00
N64 ED64 Plus NIB $100.00
N64 Hey You, Pikachu! (JP) Loose $7.00
N64 Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask manual (N64) Manual $30.00
N64 Mario Kart 64 (Player's Choice) CIB $100.00
N64 Mario Party 2 (JP) Loose $8.00
N64 Mario Tennis (JP) Loose $9.00
NES Gauntlet Game + manual $25.00
NES T&C Surf Designs Loose $8.00
PS1 Bass Landing CIB $18.00
PS1 Brave Fencer Musashi Loose $55.00
PS1 Coolboarders 3 CIB $6.00
PS1 Crash Bandicoot Warped Loose $6.00
PS1 Destruction Derby Raw Loose $11.00
PS1 Final Fantasy IX Game + case $16.00
PS1 Final Fantasy Tactics (Greatest Hits) CIB $50.00
PS1 Incredible Hulk (No cover art / manual) Game + case $11.00
PS1 Loaded Loose $10.00
PS1 Mega Man X6 Game + manual $35.00
PS1 NHL Rock the Rink CIB $9.00
PS1 Parasite Eve (no demo disc) CIB $75.00
PS1 Resident Evil (longbox)(Cracked case and some art damage) Game + case $100.00
PS1 Revolution X (longbox) CIB $29.00
PS1 Rugrats: Search for Reptar CIB $18.00
PS1 Streak: Hoverboard Racing CIB $8.00
PS1 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Game + manual $10.00
PS1 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 Game + case $10.00
PS1 Urban Chaos Loose $8.00
PS1 WWE Smackdown 2 (No cover art / manual) Game + case $10.00
PS1 WWF Attitude CIB $10.00
PS1 WWF WrestleMania The Arcade Game Loose $13.00
PS2 Another Century's Episode (JP) CIB $12.00
PS2 Art of Fighting Anthology (Water damaged art) CIB $12.00
PS2 Dance Dance Revolution Extreme 2 CIB $7.00
PS2 Dragon Quest VIII Game + case $20.00
PS2 Fight Club CIB $10.00
PS2 Fight Night Round 2 CIB $10.00
PS2 Fight Night Round 3 CIB $9.00
PS2 Frogger: The Great Quest CIB $7.00
PS2 Guitar Hero III CIB $13.00
PS2 Guitar Hero: Aerosmith CIB $9.00
PS2 King Arthur CIB $10.00
PS2 King of Fighters: Maximum Impact Loose $10.00
PS2 Medal of Honor European Assault CIB $8.00
PS2 Midnight Club (Sharpie on disc) Game + case $6.00
PS2 Mortal Kombat: Deception Premium Pack Game + case $25.00
PS2 Namco Museum CIB $7.00
PS2 NFL Street 2 CIB $20.00
PS2 Onimusha 3: Demon Siege Loose $10.00
PS2 Parappa the Rapper 2 Loose $40.00
PS2 Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Round 2 CIB $11.00
PS2 Resident Evil 4 CIB $15.00
PS2 Resident Evil Outbreak Game + case $18.00
PS2 Resident Evil Outbreak: File #2 Loose $40.00
PS2 Sega Classics Collection Game + case $11.00
PS2 Silent Hill 2 (no music CD) CIB $120.00
PS2 Silent Hill 2 manual (Crease on top right corner) Manual $30.00
PS2 Silent Hill 3 CIB $150.00
PS2 SSX CIB $8.00
PS2 Star Wars Racer: Revenge CIB $10.00
PS2 Tekken 4 GH CIB $11.00
PS2 Tekken Tag Tournament Loose $6.00
PS2 The Great Escape CIB $10.00
PS2 The Thing Loose $22.00
PS2 Thrillville CIB $6.00
PS2 Thrillville CIB $6.00
PS2 Thunderstrike: Operation Phoenix CIB $6.00
PS2 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 Game + case $7.00
PS2 Tony Hawk's Underground 2 CIB $17.00
PS2 WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2006 CIB $12.00
PS3 Amazing Spiderman 2 Loose $18.00
PS3 Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel Overkill Edition CIB $11.00
PS3 Batman Arkham Origins CIB $10.00
PS3 Binary Domain CIB $20.00
PS3 Borderlands 2 CIB $10.00
PS3 Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel CIB $6.00
PS3 Burnout Paradise CIB $8.00
PS3 Call of Duty Ghosts CIB $5.00
PS3 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Game + case $5.00
PS3 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 CIB $7.00
PS3 Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood CIB $7.00
PS3 Dark Sector CIB $10.00
PS3 Darkness CIB $16.00
PS3 Dirt 3 CIB $11.00
PS3 Disney Sing It Family Hits CIB $9.00
PS3 Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition Game + case $14.00
PS3 Earth Defense Force 2025 Loose $14.00
PS3 Fallout 3 GOTY CIB $10.00
PS3 Final Fantasy X / X-2 Collector's Edition (coffee stains on book) CIB $20.00
PS3 Grand Slam Tennis 2 CIB $10.00
PS3 Hitman Absolution CIB $6.00
PS3 Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days CIB $10.00
PS3 Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix CIB $10.00
PS3 Lair CIB $7.00
PS3 Madden NFL 17 CIB $20.00
PS3 Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Day One Edition CIB $10.00
PS3 Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes CIB $11.00
PS3 Minecraft Game + case $11.00
PS3 MLB 13: The Show CIB $5.00
PS3 Mortal Kombat Game + case $9.00
PS3 Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja: Storm 2 CIB $7.00
PS3 NBA 2K16 CIB $9.00
PS3 NCAA Football 12 CIB $8.00
PS3 NCAA Football 12 CIB $8.00
PS3 NCAA Football 13 (Water damaged art and manual) CIB $22.00
PS3 NCAA Football 14 (wavy art, minor disc art damage) CIB $125.00
PS3 Persona 4 Arena (Wavy cover art) CIB $16.00
PS3 Persona 5 Game + case $14.00
PS3 PS Move navigation controller NIB $35.00
PS3 Remember Me CIB $12.00
PS3 Resident Evil 5 Game + case $5.00
PS3 Rocksmith 2014 CIB $10.00
PS3 Sega Rally Revo CIB $14.00
PS3 Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes CIB $20.00
PS3 Skate 2 CIB $12.00
PS3 Skate 3 CIB $10.00
PS3 Skyrim: Legendary Edition CIB $9.00
PS3 Soulcalibur IV CIB $10.00
PS3 Street Fighter IV (water damaged art) CIB $9.00
PS3 Tekken 6 CIB $11.00
PS3 Tekken Hybrid CIB $32.00
PS3 Tekken Tag Tournament 2 CIB $17.00
PS3 Top Spin 4 CIB $14.00
PS3 Two Worlds II (Water damaged art) CIB $8.00
PS3 UFC 2009 Undisputed Loose $5.00
PS3 UFC 2010 Undisputed CIB $8.00
PS3 Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 CIB $19.00
PS3 Ultra Street Fighter IV Game + case $25.00
PS3 Ultra Street Fighter IV CIB $27.00
PS3 Uncharted 3 CIB $6.00
PS3 Vampire Resurrection (JP) CIB $58.00
PS3 Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine CIB $19.00
PS3 Watchmen: The End is Night The Complete Experience CIB $36.00
PS3 Wolfenstein Game + case $12.00
PS3 WWE 2K16 CIB $13.00
PS4 Abzu Game + case $13.00
PS4 Borderlands: The Handsome Collection Game + case $6.00
PS4 Dragon Ball Xenoverse CIB $10.00
PS4 God of War CIB $13.00
PS4 Horizon Forbidden West Launch Edition CIB $28.00
PS4 Lego Dimensions CIB $29.00
PS4 Minecraft Game + case $16.00
PS4 Paper Beast Collector's Edition NIB $62.00
PS4 Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville CIB $9.00
PS4 Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville CIB $9.00
PS4 Ratchet and Clank Game + case $9.00
PS4 Risk of Rain 2 CIB $12.00
PS4 Rocket League: Collector's Edition CIB $13.00
PS4 West of Dead: Path of the Crow NIB $28.00
PS5 Life is Strange: True Colors CIB $15.00
PSP ATV Offroad Fury Pro CIB $7.00
PSP Bad Boys Game + case $8.00
PSP Burnout Legends Loose $7.00
PSP God of War: Ghost of Sparta Loose $41.00
PSP Midnight Club 3 Dub Edition Loose $20.00
PSP Midnight Club: LA Remix Loose $17.00
PSP Need for Speed Rivals Loose $11.00
PSP Need for Speed: Most Wanted 5-1-0 (clear piece set in slightly) Loose $12.00
PSP Need for Speed: Pro Street (water damaged art) Game + case $8.00
PSP Pimp My Ride Loose $8.00
PSP Sonic Rivals Loose $12.00
PSP Star Wars Battlefront II Loose $10.00
PSP Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max (Clear shell) Loose $15.00
SNES Brain Lord Loose $50.00
SNES Power Rangers Zeo: Battle Racers Loose $14.00
SNES Power Rangers Zeo: Battle Racers Loose $14.00
SNES Robocop vs The Terminator Loose $23.00
SNES TMNT IV: Turtles in Time Loose $45.00
SNES Top Gear Loose $11.00
Switch Fitness Boxing 2 NIB $30.00
Switch Pokemon Shining Pearl CIB $30.00
Switch Super Mario 3D All-Stars CIB $80.00
Switch Yo-Kai Watch 4++ (JP) CIB $50.00
Vita Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified Loose $17.00
Vita Call of Duty Black Ops Declassified Loose $17.00
Vita Lego Batman 2 Loose $9.00
Vita Litte Big Planet Loose $20.00
Vita Need for Speed Most Wanted Loose $16.00
Vita Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Loose $17.00
Vita Soul Sacrifice Loose $15.00
Wii 007 Quantum of Solace CIB $5.00
Wii Alice in Wonderland CIB $8.00
Wii Dance Dance Revolution Hottest Party CIB $8.00
Wii Disney Princess: My Fairytale Adventure CIB $14.00
Wii Disney Sing It Family Hits CIB $12.00
Wii Dokapon Kingdom Loose $60.00
Wii Family Game Night 4 CIB $12.00
Wii Freddi Fish: Kelp Seed Mystery CIB $11.00
Wii Gold classic controller Loose $40.00
Wii Guitar Hero 5 Game + case $16.00
Wii Guitar Hero Aerosmith CIB $9.00
Wii Hot Wheels: Track Attack CIB $7.00
Wii Just Dance Kids CIB $6.00
Wii Just Dance Summer Party CIB $8.00
Wii Karaoke Revolution CIB $8.00
Wii My Ballet Studio Game + case $8.00
Wii My Sims Racing CIB $8.00
Wii Naruto: Clash of Ninja Revolution CIB $8.00
Wii NBA Jam CIB $12.00
Wii Nights Journey of Dreams (back art punctured) Game + case $8.00
Wii No More Heroes 2 CIB $23.00
Wii Resident Evil : The Umbrella Chronicles CIB $14.00
Wii Tony Hawk Ride Game + case $10.00
Wii Tony Hawk: Shred CIB $8.00
Wii Wii Play Motion Game + case $19.00
Wii You Don't Know Jack CIB $9.00
Wii Zelda Wii Remote (no battery cover) Loose $40.00
Wii U Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD (Nintendo Selects) CIB $60.00
Wii U Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Loose $38.00
Xbox Battlestar Galactica CIB $10.00
Xbox Buffy The Vampire Slayer Game + case $17.00
Xbox Burnout 2: Point of Impact CIB $11.00
Xbox Crime Life Game + case $11.00
Xbox Destroy All Humans! CIB $10.00
Xbox Enclave CIB $9.00
Xbox Gun CIB $8.00
Xbox Half-Life 2 Game + case $10.00
Xbox House of the Dead III Loose $13.00
Xbox Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb CIB $15.00
Xbox Midway Arcade Treasures CIB $10.00
Xbox Minority Report CIB $7.00
Xbox Mortal Kombat: Deception Kollector's Edition: Baraka Version CIB $48.00
Xbox Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks CIB $28.00
Xbox Namco Museum CIB $7.00
Xbox Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones CIB $6.00
Xbox Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy CIB $11.00
Xbox Spiderman CIB $10.00
Xbox Spiderman 2 CIB $12.00
Xbox Star Trek: Shattered Universe CIB $9.00
Xbox Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith CIB $9.00
Xbox Star Wars Jedi Starfighter CIB $10.00
Xbox Star Wars Jedi Starfighter CIB $10.00
Xbox Star Wars Starfighter Special Edition CIB $9.00
Xbox Star Wars: The Clone Wars CIB $7.00
Xbox Terminator 3: Redemption CIB $19.00
Xbox Terminator: Dawn of Fate CIB $8.00
Xbox Time Splitters 2 CIB $15.00
Xbox Time Splitters: Future Perfect Loose $20.00
Xbox Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2x Game + case $10.00
Xbox Tony Hawk's Project 8 CIB $12.00
Xbox Tron 2.0 Killer App CIB $13.00
Xbox Turok Evolution CIB $9.00
Xbox Ultimate Spiderman CIB $27.00
Xbox Unreal Championship Loose $3.00
Xbox Urbz: Sims in the City Special Edition CIB $9.00
Xbox WWF Raw Game + case $8.00
Xbox X-Men Legends CIB $8.00
Xbox 360 Alan Wake CIB $8.00
Xbox 360 Avatar: The Game CIB $42.00
Xbox 360 Batman: Arkham City GOTY CIB $8.00
Xbox 360 Blue Dragon Loose $13.00
Xbox 360 Borderlands 2 Add-On Content Pack CIB $8.00
Xbox 360 CSI: Hard Evidence CIB $9.00
Xbox 360 Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two CIB $7.00
Xbox 360 Fable III: Limited Collector's Edition CIB $12.00
Xbox 360 Final Fantasy XIII CIB $14.00
Xbox 360 Gears of War: Limited Collector's Edition CIB $28.00
Xbox 360 Gears of War: Limited Collector's Edition (no plastic sleeve or art book) CIB $24.00
Xbox 360 Halo 3 Collector's Edition (one disc holder fell off) CIB $12.00
Xbox 360 Infinite Undiscovery Game + case $10.00
Xbox 360 Juiced 2: Hot Import Nights Game + case $10.00
Xbox 360 Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection CIB $13.00
Xbox 360 Kinect Sports: Ultimate Collection CIB $14.00
Xbox 360 Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom CIB $9.00
Xbox 360 Lego The Hobbit CIB $8.00
Xbox 360 Midnight Club: Los Angeles (Blockbuster case) CIB $9.00
Xbox 360 Monster Jam: Path of Destruction Game + case $22.00
Xbox 360 NCAA Football 08 CIB $6.00
Xbox 360 Ninety-Nine Nights (sharpie on disc) CIB $9.00
Xbox 360 Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures Game + case $10.00
Xbox 360 Rocksmith CIB $10.00
Xbox 360 Skylanders: Giants CIB $8.00
Xbox 360 Snoopy's Grand Adventure Game + case $8.00
Xbox 360 Spiderman 3 Loose $14.00
Xbox 360 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed CIB $6.00
Xbox 360 Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (PAL) CIB $5.00
Xbox 360 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan Loose $19.00
Xbox 360 Walking Dead GOTY CIB $8.00
Xbox 360 Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Loose $10.00
Xbox 360 Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition Game + case $15.00
Xbox One Grand Theft Auto V CIB $10.00
Xbox One Guitar Hero Live Game + case $35.00
Xbox One Guitar Hero Live (punctured back art) Game + case $30.00
Xbox One Just Dance 2020 Game + case $6.00
Xbox One Kinect Sports Rivals Game + case $12.00
Xbox One Marvel Avengers CIB $8.00
Xbox One Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year Edition CIB $14.00
Xbox One Resident Evil 2 Deluxe Edition CIB $26.00
Xbox One Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Deluxe Edition CIB $15.00
submitted by Captainstever15 to GameSale [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 19:48 Mundane-Most-3104 There is one or more particular series to which you would have very glad see a crossover with Highschool DXD? If yes for which reason you would have glad see those series make a crossover with Highschool DXD?

Hello Highschool DXD's fans, first of all how are you guys?
There some series that you like so much that you wish it could be a crossover with Highschool DXD?
For what concern me I would have like if it was possible a crossover with old and iconic romantic-comedy series of the 80's: Kimagure Orange Road.
Perhaps many of yours don't know it since with exception of its second movie it was never dubbed and broadcasted in the United States and other countries but Kimagure Orange Road is a pillar of anime that were released in last years of the 80's. Together with Dragon Ball itself this series is credited for having introducing a entire generations of Europeans to anime and manga.
The series mostly have just powerless human characters with exception of the main character Kasuga Kyosuke and his relatives that are Espers (they have powers such like teleportation, time travel, telekinesis ecc) but they are not so poweful.
KOR's characters can't compete with H S DXD's beings in terms of powers but however is a series with some fanservice and ecchi so I think their crossover could have made a minimum of sense but I am well aware that KOR X HS DXD will forever remain my unattainable fan-fiction. Fun fact: the MC of KOR unlike Issei's case has reach the third base and the scene of him start to do it with his girlfriend was even show in the second movie.
For what concern you guys instead who are the series who you have like see a crossover with HS DXD and why?
submitted by Mundane-Most-3104 to HighschoolDxD [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 19:20 MigthyMagic446 Ya bloqueen las direcciones IP de Tablos porfavor

Ya bloqueen las direcciones IP de Tablos porfavor submitted by MigthyMagic446 to DylanteroYT [link] [comments]

2023.06.05 19:07 epiczail [US][H] NES, SNES, Gameboy(C/A/DS), N64, Gamecube, Genesis, Saturn, Sega CD, 32x, Dreamcast, PS1, Sealed games, etc[W] PayPal FF

Hi everyone, I'm getting rid of some items from my collection that I haven't used in a while/don't see myself ever playing. Everything is CIB unless noted. I have a swap post Shipping is below. I am only taking FF.
First Class 0-8oz $4 9oz-16oz $5 Anything over 1lb $8+ (will give quote)
I am willing to ship media mail if you are comfortable with that 0-8oz $3 9oz+ $4+
Game Info Price
Consoles & Accessories
GBA Gameshark, Black For parts, pins bent $40
GBA Gameshark, Clear $130
New 3DS XL Galaxy, Intermittent freezing & sometimes needs to be booted in safe mode, when console powers on, it plays fine. If you shake it or set it down freezes $125
Genesis controllers Various 3rd party, multitap, arcade stick $5
Genesis power cable MK-2103 $15
Genesis RF Cable $2
Dreamcast RF cable $2
Sega CD Model 2 loose with power cable $175
Sega CD Model 2 CIB $290
Battletoads Double Dragon loose, https://imgur.com/a/lop1zyH $80
Bomberman II loose $155
Gyruss SEALED $175
Mighty Final Fight loose $285
Romance of the 3 Kingdoms https://imgur.com/a/coL6e6i $70
ActRaiser 2 https://imgur.com/a/1NKLzhm $155
Addams Family Values SEALED https://imgur.com/a/NzSDOHW $200
Arkanoid SEALED, https://imgur.com/a/AYGYCEi $60
Demon's Crest https://imgur.com/a/lgN6nXV $405
Final Fantasy III loose https://imgur.com/a/qZY64Fg $70
Firestriker box wear https://imgur.com/a/ea66Ai2 $230
Illusion of Gaia Loose $30
Metal Combat Box wear, no cart holder https://imgur.com/a/AqsaYUK $25
Nikelodeon Guts SEALED https://imgur.com/a/hP3rnzv $220
Pocky & Rocky Box wear https://imgur.com/a/PeF9giJ $410
Run Saber Loose $90
Soul Blazer loose https://imgur.com/a/TcE1Xux $116
Space Ace SEALED https://imgur.com/a/JwyN1dL $190
SPAWN loose $14
Super Castlevania IV https://imgur.com/a/6HhBBQg $160
Super Turrican 2 Box wear $700
TMNT Turtles in Time Box wear, https://imgur.com/a/xKoMFbO $160
World Heroes No Manual $40
Zombies Ate My Neighbors https://imgur.com/a/5jZu1Vh $105
Gameboy & GBC
Metal Gear Solid Loose $125
Pokemon Blue Some wear to box & cart https://imgur.com/a/JIOHWoU $190
Pokemon Trading Card Game https://imgur.com/a/luagewX $135
Small Soldiers $62
Woody Woodpecker Graded 9.0 A+ $320
Gameboy Advance
Advance Wars 2 $97
Banjo Kazoo Grunty’s Revenge https://imgur.com/a/p9MQyAj $100
Castlevania Double Pack Graded 8.5 A+ $400
Final Fantasy I & II Dawn of Souls Missing cart holder https://imgur.com/a/beVqX9X $43
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance Missing cart holder https://imgur.com/a/TUSG0em $70
Golden Sun The Lost Age $105
Mario Tennis Power Tour SEALED $100
Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue https://imgur.com/a/EPI220w $100
Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon no cart holder https://imgur.com/a/wT3aBYu $100
Mega Man Battle Network 4 Red Sun $105
Mega Man Zero 2 $90
Ninja Five-O loose, label damage https://imgur.com/a/81gCA0b $325
Pokemon Sapphire New battery https://imgur.com/a/cP3cd5n $250
Rebelstar Tactical Command SEALED $100
Banjo-Tooie https://imgur.com/a/4gpXsYQ $120
Bomberman 64 Second Attack Missing cart holder, some box wear $800
Conkers BFD https://imgur.com/a/J1HJ60i $295
Diddy Kong Racing No cart holder, https://imgur.com/a/6w50Xzo $80
Hexen SEALED $140
Madden 99 SEALED $90
Mario Tennis https://imgur.com/a/8VrcjM5 $62
Mia Hamm Soccer 64 SEALED $120
Ogre Battle 64 https://imgur.com/a/EyUdp3s $240
Quest 64 $90
Resident Evil 2 box has some wear $140
Snowboard Kids No cart holder $225
Star Fox 64 Big box version, no cardboard insert $100
Stunt Racer 64 Loose $400
Wave Race $50
Zelda Ocarina of time $130
Zelda Ocarina of time Collectors Edition, some box wear $235
Ace Attorney Apollo Justice SEALED $105
Bleach the 3rd Phantom SEALED https://imgur.com/a/ZZi8Wb6 $150
Chibi Robo: Park Patrol SEALED $95
Children of Mana SEALED $75
Chrono Trigger loose https://imgur.com/a/hxKCrOR $65
Dragon Quest IX loose $34
Dragon Quest V Graded, 9.6 A+ $400
Magicians Quest Loose $140
Mario & Luigi: Bowsers Inside Story SEALED https://imgur.com/a/1GoouU3 $55
Mario & Luigi Partners in Time SEALED $140
Mega Man Battle Network 5 Double Team Graded 85+ $220
Monster Tale SEALED https://imgur.com/a/yMlHxGf $90
Pokemon Black Version 2 Loose $125
Pokemon Conquest loose $57
Pokemon Conquest $90
Pokemon Soulsilver loose $95
Sonic Colors SEALED https://imgur.com/a/Hcukcvz $40
Zelda: Spirit Tracks Loose $75
3DS & DS lot Backyard Football, Bakugan, Brain Age, Brain Age 2, Club Penguin, Flash Focus, iCarly 2, Puzzle Quest, TMNT, Touchmaster 2, Lego Batman 2, Angry Birds SW All loose $31
Gotcha Force no manual $400
Metroid Prime $40
Pokemon Channel SEALED, case is bent & seal has tear $75
Pokemon Colosseum loose $115
PuyoPop Fever $40
Ribbit King no manual $190
Spawn: Armageddon SEALED $72
Super Mario Sunshine loose $30
Urbz Sims in the City SEALED $55
Viewtiful Joe SEALED $120
Viewtiful Joe 2 SEALED $80
Zelda Collector's Edition $65
Kirby’s Epic Yarn SEALED https://imgur.com/a/v0L7KL5 $37
No More Heroes 2 SEALED $37
Resident Evil 4 SEALED $37
Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles https://imgur.com/a/L9fp8v2 $35
Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles https://imgur.com/a/L9fp8v2 $10
Rune Factory Frontier $37
Master System
Miracle Warriors $40
LOT, Earthworm Jim, Garfield caught in the act, Krustys fun house, monopoly all loose, some have label wear $30
Arcus Odyssey No Manual $170
Battletoads Double Dragon Loose $23
Captain America no manual $45
Eternal Champions loose $5
Fire Shark No manual $45
Ghouls N Ghosts No manual $60
Gunstar Heroes no manual https://imgur.com/a/Tg7fYyP $120
Jeopardy SEALED $30
The Lost Vikings SEALED, cart is loose $120
Mega Turrican no manual $150
Pac-Mania $28
Predator 2 $65
The Punisher with repro art & original case $140
Red Zone No manual $65
Shadow Dancer Secret of Shinobi no manual $47
Shining force II Box has slight sun fading $150
Spider-Man X-Men Arcade's Revenge $25
Sonic the Hedgehog $35
Sunset Riders no manual $90
Thunder Force III $140
Toki Going Ape Spit no manual $50
Ultimate Qix No Manual $58
Zombies Ate My Neighbors no manual $45
Zombies Ate My Neighbors loose, label damage https://imgur.com/a/3Jk86iZ $20
Sega CD
Adventures of Willy Beamish loose $13
Bram Stoker's Dracula Manual only has cover https://imgur.com/a/Fo4IyXY $6
Dungeon Master II Skullkeep $40
Ecco The Dolphin $25
Ground Zero Texas $13
Joe Montana's NFL Football $10
Lunar the Silver Star https://imgur.com/a/lh9n8Lt $200
Midnight Raiders loose $10
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers $20
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Graded 8.5 A+ $225
NHL 94 loose $5
Novastorm $145
Rise of the Dragon SEALED $90
Supreme Warrior SEALED $100
Vay Some wear on manual & case $130
Kolibri No Manual $220
Night Trap $110
Albert Odyssey loose https://imgur.com/a/J5UNXAs $170
Enemy Zero Generic disc sleeves https://imgur.com/a/yyV6NNg $150
Panzer Dragoon $70
Panzer Dragoon II Zwei loose https://imgur.com/a/MJ2jhw5 $45
Charge N Blast SEALED $40
Giga Wing SEALED $250
Illbleed SEALED $400
Industrial Spy: Operation Espionage SEALED $160
Maken X SEALED $65
Q*Bert SEALED $40
Sports Jam SEALED $75
Star Wars Demolition SEALED $50
Alundra 2 $40
Breath of Fire IV $120
Contra Legacy of War $20
Doom longbox $65
Einhander Loose $85
Ehrgeiz loose $25
Fear Effect No manual https://imgur.com/a/rUqjVfW $20
Final Fantasy VIII SEALED (GH) $60
Hellboy Asylum Seeker SEALED $125
Klonoa loose $200
Koudelka SEALED, https://imgur.com/a/1NNkrll $400
Mega Man X6 SEALED, black label $115
MDK $20
Parasite Eve $70
Point Blank 3 SEALED $85
Rascal SEALED, some wear $25
Strider 2 both discs, loose $66
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo loose $20
Tactics Ogre Loose, has rental stickers on top $75
Tales of Destiny II no manual $225
TigerShark SEALED https://imgur.com/a/9ANOk4Y $25
Tomba $145
Tomba SEALED, promo copy w/ drill hole $460
Treasures of the Deep loose $7
Vagrant Story $95
Wild Arms 2 no manual $45
Black $7
Blood Will Tell $380
The Fast & the Furious SEALED $40
Fatal Frame $85
Fatal Frame II $90
Godzilla Save the Earth $40
Grand Theft Auto III SEALED, https://imgur.com/a/neMZAcO $15
Incredible Hulk Ultimate Destruction $20
Jak 3 $7
Mana Khemia: Alchemists of Al Revis Premium Box Set Graded, 9.4 A+ $240
Medal of Honor Vanguard $6
Monster Rancher 4 $70
Need for Speed most wanted no manual $11
Rule of Rose No manual $460
Silent Hill 2 $117
Silent Hill 3 no manual $120
Silent Hill 4 The Room $115
Sky gunner no manual $95
Suffering Ties That Bind $40
Urban Reign $40
Blitz the League II no manual $45
Eye of Judgement, Def Jam Rapstar, DJ Hero 1 & 2, PES 2011 lot $13
Digimon All Star Rumble no manual $20
Killzone Trilogy $37
Conker: Live & Reloaded loose $23
(360) Digimon All Star Rumble no manual $13
(360) Halo Reach SEALED, white label $37
(360) Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain SEALED, Day one edition $15
(PSP) Final Fantasy IV SEALED $55
(PSP) Gungnir SEALED $87
(PSP) Star Wars Force Unleashed loose $3
(Switch) - Mega Man 11 SEALED $20
Boxes & Manuals Only
(NES) Widget Box $90
(SNES) Ignition Factor Box $40
(SNES) Shadowrun Box (has wear) $60
(SNES) Star Trek the Next Generation Box & manual (has wear) $20
(GC) Pokemon XD Case $35
(GC) Super smash bros melee Case $13
(SCD) Dark Wizard case $40
(Dreamcast) - Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike Case & back art $40
(PS1)Kartia Case $35
(PS1) Mega Man Legends 2 Case https://imgur.com/a/jJGsA40 $40
(PS1)Tactics Ogre Case $60
(PC) World of Warcraft Dungeon Companion $5
(N64) Pokemon Snap $15
(N64) Pokemon Stadium BradyGames, has wear on a corner $10
(PS1) Driver 2 $12
(PS1) Small Soldiers $15
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