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2014.05.29 01:37 Erinmore Where can I buy this

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2023.06.06 04:01 afatalkiss Question about helmets/ hoods

Is there any hood that covers the knight helm? I know that you can wear the gravekeeper cloak with the right helmet and it'll cover that one. But i didn't know if you could get the same outcome with the knights helm ( the one you can buy in the stronghold). If not that then are there any other helmets besides the ones already under hoods.
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2023.06.06 04:01 Mediocre-River5537 47 [M4F] #Northbrook - married sex is great, but it’s getting boring

Sex is getting more and more boring... missionary and cowgirl don’t cut it anymore. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hot, but where’s the crazy monkey sex?
I’m just a little frustrated, sexually.
I need a release...
Do you feel the same? Are you married and kind of bored with your partner?
Lets complain to each other and figure out how we’d fuck the proper way
She wants me to cum inside, but where’s the fun in that?
I’m bored, sexually frustrated, as all hell and need to let this all go.
Do you feel the same?
Let’s chat, maybe we can figure out how to fix it?
About me: I’m fit, 47, a over average (down there) and have an insanely high sex drive.
About you: married (huge plus!), enjoys chatting, has a dirty mind (I know, right?)
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2023.06.06 04:00 dla26 tried to help my daughter get a cheap, reliable, safe used car...

My daughter just graduated college and will be spending the next year in a remote part of the country working for a non-profit. She'll need a car there, so I was thinking I could help her get a nice, cheap, safe used car. I was thinking a Toyota Corolla or a Honda Civic or something. I didn't want to cheap out and get anything that would break down right away, so I was expecting to pay around $10,000. Maybe $15k for something really good.
We went to a local dealer, and the indeed had a 2016 Toyota Corolla. Perfect, I thought. The price on it was over $30k. I asked how much a new car would be, and it was about the same. I asked why anyone would buy a 2016 Toyota Corolla for the same price as a new one, and they told me there's about a 1-month waitlists for a new one. (For other models like a RAV4, it's more like 6 months to a year.) My daughter's not in a rush, so we could have gotten new, but I didn't want to spend $30k (not including taxes and fees, which would have added another $5k or so) on a new car when she's not sure she'll even need a car once she's done with this year-long non-profit thing. My wife and I decided we could make do with just one car, so we're lending our daughter the other one for the next year.
But if she didn't have us and was planning on starting her first job in some new place and needed a car, how could she possibly afford a $35,000 car? It would be one thing if interest rates were at an all-time low, but they're extremely high, so if she were on her own, she'd be paying over $600/month if she spread her payments out over 5 years. Add rent, student loan payments, necessities, etc., and I don't know how any young person can be expected to get started without their parents' help.
Young people are so screwed...
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2023.06.06 04:00 Mediocre-River5537 47 [M4F] #Northbrook - married sex is great, but it’s getting boring. Lets meet

Sex is getting more and more boring... missionary and cowgirl don’t cut it anymore. Don’t get me wrong, it’s hot, but where’s the crazy monkey sex?
I’m just a little frustrated, sexually.
I need a release...
Do you feel the same? Are you married and kind of bored with your partner?
Lets complain to each other and figure out how we’d fuck the proper way
She wants me to cum inside, but where’s the fun in that?
I’m bored, sexually frustrated, as all hell and need to let this all go.
Do you feel the same?
Let’s chat, maybe we can figure out how to fix it?
About me: I’m fit, 47, a over average (down there) and have an insanely high sex drive.
About you: married (huge plus!), enjoys chatting, has a dirty mind (I know, right?)
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2023.06.06 04:00 Odd-Anteater6463 AITA for telling my mom about her poor financial decisions?

Hello all! So I (24M), am in my final year of my degree, currently completing a few low paying / unpaid internships while doing this.
Clearly, due to this, I currently live at home. But I pay for all of my own groceries, pay for my car expenses, and pay for dog food ect. ect. Basically all personal expenses. This means I don’t have the finances to contribute towards household bills until I have a full-time job post-University.
My mother, pretty much weekly, complains to me about how I am “running her dry” and how I need a job asap because I’m getting older. Which I understand, but there’s really not much I can do until I graduate at the moment.
At the same time of her doing this, she consistently takes out loans on expensive household items. Most recently, she took out a $2-3k loan to buy a new couch. In turn, yesterday, I called her out when she started complaining at me again, and said that she needs a better control on her finances and to stop taking out loans, going on vacations, or going out to bars until she has a proper handle on her money.
It’s the first time I’ve done something like this, but it only infuriated her more as she begun lashing out about the raising cost of living crisis, higher rates of inflation and struggling to pay her mortgage.
Anyway, reddit, AITA or should I try to get a full time job to support her instead of the internships?
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2023.06.06 04:00 misha511 [H] 65% LTC/USDT, 75% Verified PayPal Cash Plus/Venmo/Cash App/Google Pay/etc. [W] Physical Amazon GCs/balance (up to $2400)

Trusted Buyer
$20k+ buying reputations pinned to profile
Temporarily raised rate because I want to pick up more GCs.
I only buy cards/balance that I know are legitimately obtained. Expect to go through a test to ensure that I can buy from you. Please message me via Private Messages:%20%0A%0AAmount:%20%0A%0AHow to pay:%20%0A%0AThank%20you!) after commenting on here (no chats).
Rate is slightly negotiable for higher amounts. If you're just starting with crypto, I suggest Binance.US (for people in the United States) and Binance (for everyone else).
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2023.06.06 04:00 underratedporkchop Free Scraps for Beginner

Free Scraps for Beginner
When I was starting out leatherworking, I was buying scraps by the pound to practice on and wished someone would give me a pile of old cutoffs and extras to mess around with. Now I have such a pile and will ship as much as I can fit in a small box to a beginner leathercrafter, no charge, no strings attached.
  • Horween horsebutt 5-7oz (veg)
  • Horween Cavalier chestnut (chrome)
  • Horween Chromepak (chrome)
  • SB Foot harness (chrome)
  • Italian black belly leather (veg)
  • Other assorted cream and tan color cuts (chrome)
  • I’ll also throw in about 15 yards of Ritza Tiger Thread.
First come, first served. It’s a package deal so if you want it you get it all. Please, if you’re not just starting out and you don’t need it, don’t ask. Trying to support some new interest in the craft.
First comment gets it. Will delete post when it’s gone. Cheers.
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2023.06.06 03:59 DUCKSareWILDbruh Is it best to accept failure and quit?

Hi all,
Apologies for the gloom post but I am wondering if anyone else has also failed/quit grad school. I am in a funded MSc assistantship in wildlife biology and feel I've gone off the rails and it may be better for my mental health to quit.
While my advisor has not been toxic, they are hands off to the extreme (as in no guidance, met him in person 3 times in the last year, no advising on analysis/methods/etc). It feels like he is a ghost, nice person but essentially funds my degree and nothing more.....
With this the field managebiologist for the study site has driven me into the ground. It's clear he hates me and sends aggressive txts/emails every wk, threatening to take away equipment and criticizing everything I do to the point where I feel like I can not breath without being told I'm doing it wrong.
Idk I want to push thru as I am in a serious relationship in the college town, but I am scared staying in this lab will take me to a dangerous point mentally.
With this, are there serious financial ramifications if I up and quit? Like having to pay back stipend/tuition waiver money? Can't find anything on it in my grad handbook but scared of the consequences involved if I were to bail in the middle of the field szn/summer academic quarter.
Thanks for any guidance ✌️
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2023.06.06 03:59 clkwrk69 Anyone else finding the Quarry to be some bull?

I only have lvl 2 mp. Beaten the first gaurdian (was way easier then i was expecting, but i was also really prepared.)
I have the wand, but i either get screwed by the gun dinos or bomb bois because i always run our of mp along the way.
Is there a way to semi farm for mp restoring items? I know you can buy berries but i cant seem to find the kinds i need.
For clarity, i have lvl 5 str and 4 hp, 1 stm. All things considered i think im doing well for a first playthrough but this Quarry.....
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2023.06.06 03:59 Main_Breadfruit_3674 Oil cooler with or without stock delete? What is oil pressure in cooler system?

I am getting an oil cooler due to occasional track use, but I’m wondering is there any benefit to keeping the stock cooler also? I live in a colder climate where we can experience freezing mornings in spring and fall. I am wondering if there’s any benefit to the stock cooler helping the oil get to operating temp sooner?
What are the oil pressures in the system? I am wondering why stainless steel braided lines are necessary? The DIY in me says I only need a thermostatic sandwich plate and a cooler radiator. What is the best thermostatic sandwich plate? Have some failed?
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2023.06.06 03:58 Ok-Celebration4596 'Boyfriend'

I didn't know how much I could love a word until now. Until our awkward little fumbling talk where neither of us knew what to say. And when everything came out, I felt something inside of me change. And now that feeling that you cause deep inside my stomach won't go away. All I can think about, is you.
Everytime that word spills from my brain, tumbling out in a rush, it causes a surge of adrenaline to pump through my body. 'Boyfriend.' You're, MY boyfriend. Mine. Even just writing this has caused my face to flush again. I wish I could talk to you. But it's late, and you're probably asleep. Besides, I don't want to annoy you.
You're just- ugh. You're so fucking amazing, you know that? And now I have the privilege of calling you mine, and it's the best gift I've ever been given. I don't really think I know how to describe just how much I love you with words alone. I just want to give you my everything. I want to write you poems and make you art, and hug you so tight.
I want to get you stupid little gifts and write you love letters much like this one that expresses what I'm too afraid to say. I want to learn instruments so I can write you songs and I want to spend all my time with you. You're my favourite notification, my favourite distraction, my favourite everything.
You have become all I want and more, and even though I have you now, I still want you. I'm completely blinded by you, love leaking from every part of me, filling the very air I breathe. You make everything feel just that bit more special. It's like someone's sprinkled glitter everywhere I look. You've hijacked my brain, and you've turned it to mush, stealing the words I wish to say before they can leave my lips.
I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU! Those words don't even come close to it. I don't just love you. You ARE love to me. You fill me with feelings I can't describe, and just your mere PRESENCE makes me feel better. I just want to hold you close and play with your hair and make you understand just how much I care about you. If I can just make you feel a fraction of how you make me feel, if I can just show you.
I love you so much. I can't stop talking about you. I mean I talked a lot about you before. More than I'd ever admit. It's because you're always on my mind. I think about you more than I should, and now it's gotten worse. You're all I CAN think about now. How much I love you, and how much I want to show you. I can't hide it anymore. I can't keep it all inside.
I've burst, and love has been leaking out since the moment we both confessed. All I can think about is all the nice things I want to do for you. I want to be a good Girlfriend. It feels odd to call myself that. A girlfriend. I won't deny that my face lights up at the very thought. I'm someone's girlfriend. I'm YOUR girlfriend. It makes me feel giddy, stupid love songs playing on repeat in my head.
Your laugh is the one I want to hear for the rest of my life. The one I want to cause. I want to see your face when it lights up in a smile, and I want to hold you when your eyes cloud over with sorrow. I want to bring you everywhere and show you all of the pretty things in the world. Come with me, stay with me. I could give you so much love.
I know I'm not really much. Not too pretty, not to interesting. But you said I'm cute. And your mom thinks so too. I want shower you in compliments, but I don't want to overwhelm you too much. You reckon the only change from 'friend' to 'girlfriend' or 'boyfriend' is just the title. We were already borderline dating anyway. Now it's just official.
I initially thought the same way. But now I've had time to think. And all these feelings have come rushing out from where I stored them, and all I want to do is hold you and compliment you and show you the world. I want to make you feel so special. How lucky am I to have you? Getting to meet you, to be with you, makes every single shitty situation which lead to this worth it.
All of the heartbreak and betrayal, the abuse and bullying. All of the nights spent alone, crying out for somebody, anybody to care. The nights where morning didn't seem like it would ever come. But morning did come, in the form of you. You're the treasure located at the end of the treacherous dungeon which has been my life, and now I have you, everything is perfect.
Now I have you, we can leave this dungeon. We can go live the rest of our lives, however we see fit. Just me and you. You and me. A team. You're everything I've ever wanted. I spent years, begging and crying, praying and pleading for the tiniest bit of love from anyone. From my parents, from 'friends'. And now it's here. You're here.
You were worth the wait my love.
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2023.06.06 03:58 Ur-triggered-I-win Local Butcher

Does anyone know where I can find a butcher that sells oxtail? I've been trying to hunt some down at the farmers market and haven't had luck. Any insight is Greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.06 03:58 KatonShinobi Re: UM5 v Muichiro, and the challenge of power-scaling from different POVs.

There’s a lot of discourse around Muichiro slaying the UM5 in one episode, and I wanted to throw in my two cents.
Firstly, I enjoyed this part of the arc immensely. Muichiro’s backstory, his breathing style, his sword, and Gyokko’s leviathan form were all amazing. But the fight was short and, ultimately, Muichiro didn’t seem to find the challenge particularly difficult.
A significant amount of people are disappointed by that, especially when this fight is so adjacent to the epics of the UM6 battle, and the ongoing UM4 battle. Understandable. But it seems like a lot of the disappointment stems from power-scaling UM5 and his feats from the wrong POV.
Let me explain.
In the anime, we spend most of our time in the head of Tanjiro. Indeed, every UM fight we’ve seen was “told” from Tanjiro’s POV. If this were literary fiction, this would be far more pronounced, but given the animation medium, it can actually be kind of easy to forget this.
What this means is, when we saw UM3 and Rengoku flitting around at, as Tanjiro describes, “faster than I can keep up”, it is displayed through the animation medium as incredibly flashy, high speed movements, almost like Naruto’s ‘body flicker’. And when we see the gap in speed between Tanjiro and UM6, its shown to us by having time almost freeze. Tengen had to make Tanjiro dodge that incoming scythe attack, an attack he didnt even see coming until Tengen was already moving him.
Back to the UM5 fight, where we’re watching the perspective of a Hashira. UM5 seems so slow and so unimpressive, because it’s not Tanjiro telling us the story from the back foot, but rather it’s Muichiro telling us the story from the advantage. Every feat we see from UM5 in this fight has to be scaled with that dramatic change in perspective in mind, especially with the way ufotable and the mangaka exaggerates what’s being displayed based on who is seeing it.
In the same way that Muichiro isn’t really a walking smoke machine, and the way that Zenitsu isn’t really a lighting bolt, UM5’s lackluster performance is reflective of the person who fought him and lived to tell the tale. I understand that won’t redeem it for a lot of people, but if Tanjiro had to solo UM5, I think we would’ve seen a very different demon on display.
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2023.06.06 03:58 TheShadowuFear [WTS] Glock stuff/Ar/Knives/ Multiools

Timestamp https://imgur.com/a/p3S3bSk
Timestamp https://imgur.com/a/HQLQPCH
Got this in a trade unknown manuf prob swenson Was told it is was durcoated. I've never shot it. Has a dim glock night sight. And front trijicon. The sight screw was broke so I used some solder and glue and bubbad it. Look like shit and salty af
Take if off my hands plz $112 shipped
New butler creek double stack pistol mag loader-$20 shipped x2
Used breek arms discontinued ach ch-$45 shipped
Kershaw chive. Salty has broken tip(maybe warranty)-$19 shipped
Vintage spyderco rescue clip it--$60 shipped
Gg&g 45 offset mount-$27 shipped
Mechanix medium heavy duty gloves new-$18 shipped x2
Used glock 19/19 frame parts kit. Mix of oem and lw parts-$68 shipped
Hightower armory glock rifle back up sight plates-$38 shipped
Dagger slide fde with tons of extras-$280 shipped Timestamp https://imgur.com/a/INEZRec
Like new fde carry cut slide. Dry cycled. Never fired.
New dagger striker assembly
Used rwb 15rd g19 mag
New butler creek double stack pistol mag loader
3d printed mag tool
3d printed gas pedal
Uts x2 waterproof fire kit-$17 shipped per. 2 avail
Opened uses wyze cam v3-$30 shipped
Used rattle canned benchmade casbah 4400 auto Limited edit blue. Was fde I got most of it off-$150. Model has been discontinued
Payments via pp ff
Buy my shit so I don't have timestamp!!!!!
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2023.06.06 03:58 Calilivin323 Anyone know where i can get weed and other stuff delivered to me near cabo san lucas

Please let me know ??
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2023.06.06 03:58 PortalEffect 2004 Acura TL manual strange R/C car/drill sound

2004 Acura TL 3.2L V6 Manual Transmission
201,000 miles
Recently a weird noise popped up under the hood of my car resembling the sound of a power drill or small rc car…..
At first I feared it was something in the transmission but this noise persists whether the car is moving and clutch is engaged, or not.
The car recently died on me after leaving the lights on for maybe 3 minutes while I was pumping gas… made me think it could be an alternator…
I don’t want to replace a ton of parts and blow loads of money if I can help it. Any help pinpointing the sound would be helpful…. Below is a list of things I’ve tried myself
The noise itself comes right around where the tensioner pulley is but there’s no noticeable lack of power, the car runs fine.
I can answer any questions to help. I’d like to avoid pulling the belt off if I COULD but if it’s needed I will.
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2023.06.06 03:58 Visual-Lab-2172 Hello! Can someone help type me? Or maybe just point me somewhere?

Well, um, it is almost 2 AM for UTC time so I'll just go ahead and post.
I’m not sure how to introduce myself. I guess we can start with the types I’m considering? I’m debating between 6 or 9.
Looking back at all the characters I related to growing up, I’ve noticed a trend of having 1 fix or wing 1, at least one compliant triad fix, and having self-preservation among the first two of their IV stack. At the same time, I know I’m not 1 because engaging with being what’s good/moral is of secondary concern for me, as in it’s not a core motivation but more like a tool or do it for fun kind of thing.
I’ve gradually come to notice that I secretly hold myself pretty egotistically? I’m ashamed to say this, but I do find in dealing with annoying people, or rather just people who push my boundaries to a point where I dislike to the point of perceiving them as being aggressive, I start feeling a mix of being anxious or angry. I can’t really tell whether it’s angry to cover up anxiety or a mix of the two. I can’t figure out why someone would do that to me, so I try to make sense of it. Growing up as the oldest sibling, I’ve grown used to explaining anything that I couldn’t make sense of as a child by thinking that I’m the mature one and should be permissive with my siblings. I believe I’ve taken that to my social life as well. When I encounter difficult people, a lot of the times I find myself slipping into thoughts of “they’re so annoying…like a kid throwing a temper tantrum, ah but I shouldn’t get angry at them because they are just a kid who won’t grow up”. And my thoughts definitely are not justified, but I’ve found it to be able to calm myself down very quickly in these situations. It also works for when I can’t pinpoint the problem of why someone is showing aggressive behavior when I don’t think I’ve troubled them in any way.
With friends I think I’ve received comments like how they find it offsetting that I tend to agree or repeat their own statements. Personally I think I only do that when I don’t know what to say. I believe there was this one time when I received a comment of sounding fake or ingenuous because they thought I sounded too much like ChatGPT when consoling that friend about a problem. Yeah, uhhh that egotistical side kinda just kicked out again in that moment and I found myself once more slipping into “they’re a kid they’re a kid, at least kid age mentally so treat them like you would a kid cousin who’s being rude”. This friend is still a great person nonetheless! I just sometimes find myself confused/annoyed a little when I say something that’s usually said but receives a negative comment instead. Like I’m not even offended by that comment. It was just surprising because I didn’t expect that comment since what I said was a common saying that’s usually well received in our culture. Also side note is that I somehow can’t be romantically attracted to a person who I’ve slipped into “they’re a kid” mindset. I forever see them as a kid I should consider and secretly take care of within limits of not causing me too much trouble to do so.
Although I must say, I suppose I really am more relaxed when around my loved ones compared to coworkers and friends. With my family, I find myself being happy when I’m consulted for their problems or at least when they seek my opinion on their problems. Usually it’s just my brother seeking an ally in his social life troubles. Usually I’m like “oh okay so that happened…oh I don’t think you should have said that but still you were justified…mm-hmm yes you’re right”. Sometimes I feel like my morals just slip away when it’s my loved ones. It’s not that they’re suddenly not there, but more so that I can’t find myself judging as quickly when I feel appalled by something they’ve done. I think a huge part of it is that I’ve grown up with them and I can’t imagine them as bad people.
I honestly think people give me more credit for being a good person than I actually am. A huge part of it is just playing within my safety/comfort zone and within any other given instructions I’ve accumulated through past experiences. I’ve mostly landed on 6 or 9 through a process of elimination.
Something else I’ve come to notice is the need for an attachment to something interesting in my life. I need something I enjoy outside of my own self to be fixated on to not feel empty/tired/anxious. Whether that’s a person, hobby, or just making plans for a healthy lifestyle that I keep postponing taking action of because procrastination. I can’t feel like I only have a to-do list and tasks that will provide me with materials essential for survival, I need some other thing that I actually enjoy (but everyone’s like this right?).
I’m not sure what else to say. But please feel free to ask any questions!
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2023.06.06 03:57 candidlyhere Need help! I’ve been working with my SA for 6 months now and have a strong purchase history. My SA said I can get a mini Kelly in august (my next trip to the city). So far, I only have a picotin. But I am considering buying a bracelet to try to get the bag tomorrow. What is the right move?

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2023.06.06 03:57 Economy_Comment I want to be nornal

It feels a little stupid to say, but I cannot relate to anyone around me. People my own age, even younger, intimidate me, and it makes me uncomfortable to even be around them. I'm a 16-year-old girl who can't seem to do anything anyone my age does. I have friends, but I don't think they like me. It doesn't seem like anyone likes me, honestly. I just wish I could be like everyone around me. Be able to leave my house and not be terrified of everything. Have friends I can actually have conversations with. Do everything u see everyone my age and younger doing. I don't know where I went wrong.i wish I could be normal person.
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2023.06.06 03:57 applepays123 SK-II

Hey! Anyone who knows where can I get buy SK-II products in Mumbai? Thank you so much.
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2023.06.06 03:57 LordBloodrevan Anders I- Rising Sun (Open to King's Landing)

Anders Dayne

He had awoken bright and early at the first sign of the morning sun. The feel of the ocean underneath him kept him sleeping relatively easily even if King's Landing hardly slept. Anders Dayne threw on a tunic that he usually reserved for sparring and rough pants, had he not strapped his ancestral sword on his back, he might have been taken for someone who wasn't highborn.
Anders had found a local bakery, and the night before offered them double the cost for all of their food if they would sell it exclusively to him. There was no reason for them to decline, and so they didn't. The last thing he needed was a cart. He went to a local carpenter for that too.
"Hello, my good ser." Anders said upon entering the shop, ducking down slightly to avoid bashing his head on the tools that hung from the ceiling. "Do you happen to have a cart I can rent?"
"Rent? No. Sell? Yes." The man replied.
"I truly don't need it for longer than today. If you'd allow it, I'll give you a stag for your trouble and if any damage is inflicted on it I'll purchase it." Anders would counter.
"Hmm, alright." The man replied. "It's out back, locked up. Meet me there."
With a slight bow to show his appreciation as well as avoiding the sharp tools once more, he stepped out of the shop and headed towards the alley behind the shop, where indeed there was a cart. He noticed it was a handcart, not one meant to be pulled by a horse, that was fine by him.
"Perfect. I'll have it back to you by sundown." Anders replied with a smile, grabbing the large poles of wood that were intended to be handles and began pulling it back to the bakery.
When he arrived he began loading all of the bread and baked goods that he'd ordered onto the back of the cart. He was pleased to see quite a few meat pies alongside the breads. The people of Flea Bottom would need more than bread to satiate them.
When the cart was loaded, Anders once again began to pull it behind him, making the treacherous journey down into Flea Bottom. He received a few askew glances, and even noticed a few children dashing forward and grabbing something from the cart before running away. He simply chuckled at that.
There was a small courtyard he'd find after a few minutes of walking. It was there he parked the cart and sat on the edge of a fountain that could use a deep cleaning. The first person to approach was a young boy, no older than six. He was covered in dirt and had more than a few scrapes.
"Are you hungry?" Anders would ask.
The boy nodded quickly.
"Okay, come here." Anders smiled broadly. "Let's get you the best thing I have on here. I have a nice warm meat pie. Make sure you eat it here, or people may take it from you."
"If you don't mind, before you eat however." Anders reached back into his cart for a jug of water and a bolt of fabric he'd use as a towel. "Let's clean your hands up at least. I'd hate for this meal to taste of dirt."
The boy complied, allowing Anders to wash his hands and face. "Can I really have it milord?"
"Ser." Anders corrected gently. "You may, and I'd like you to tell every child you know to come get some as well. I'll be here all day."
The boy ate the pie next to Anders, who regaled him with stories of the Sword of the Morning descriptions of the Torrentine.
Before long, Anders would have nearly the entire courtyard full of children, all listening in awe as they chewed on their bread and meats with their freshly washed faces and hands.
Always be the knight you'd have looked up to. Rang his father's voice in his head. He missed him.
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2023.06.06 03:57 goop_lizard Disimmurement 1/2

It's good to see you again, I'm sure you've been pretty busy lately. Don't bother ordering anything to eat, this shouldn't take that long. A drink might be in order though. Something strong. Nothing for me, thanks, I've work to do soon.
Now, while a social call would be pleasant I'm afraid I've reached out to you for some important business. I have seen the risen body of the king.
Sit down! Quiet. No need to make a scene, now. I can answer your questions once I've said my piece. We can leave the why for later, it's a bit complicated. Was a bit complicated. Simpler now, but... hard to explain. The how is an easier place to start.
You might think there's no way to slip by unnoticed somewhere as restricted as the exclusion zone - that they'd have sensor drones and satellites flag you the moment you stepped in and you'd be removed within minutes. In most places you'd be right, but the valley of the tomb is not most places. I'm sure you remember the beginning of the raid, before any of us knew what we were getting into. The whole place was covered in a haze so thick we had to tie ropes to eachother just to stay together, and what little sunlight made it through came down wrong. A thin, fetid color that should have been a beautiful gold but felt more like the yellow of rancid grease. The only other light that didn't die five feet from its source was from the constant flashes of actinic lightning that just so happened to drown out any radio signals.
I suppose they could set up the borders farther away, but honestly? I don't think they want to. Nobody sane would ever think of getting in, and they know they're not stopping anything that comes out. Better to let themselves think nothing comes in or out, that the exclusion zone is a formality to keep out the occasional crazy from wandering in. I think they're scared that if they keep too close an eye on things they'll see something that breaks that assumption. Something they don't want to think about.
I'm rambling a bit. The important part is that the only thing keeping me out was the patrols. They weren't much trouble though. Even outside the fog that place wears on you. Keeps you from sleeping right. Makes you feel like someone's watching. A few months of that, and I made sure to go in right before they got rotated out, and it's not hard to write off that figure in the distance as a trick of the mind.
Once I made it inside I knew things had gotten worse. The first few dozen yards were the same but past that I soon reached a point where no sunlight reached the ground at all. I found my way first by the the constant flashes of lightning, and, when even they had been eaten by the choking fog, and my flashlight served only to illuminate a yard or two ahead of my feet, by the pull of that damned place. I suppose I could feel it to begin with, that it was why I went back to begin with, but it was always in the background... Still calling me but ignorable, at least for a time... You can feel it too, right? Just over that hill to the North......
On second thought maybe I will have a drink. One moment.
Much better. Now, back to the story. It took me about an hour to reach our old base camp. I thought for sure it would have been destroyed but... Hmm? Well, yes, I did come from the opposite direction, but you're thinking too literally. A place like that is very abstract, much more about the journey you see, and the journey I set out on started with darkness, then the base camp, then the tomb, and then... I'll leave the end for the end, but the point is that I couldn't have passed them in any other order. It's like a story - the order is fixed once the book is printed.
From that explanation you might think the camp twisted into some metaphorical mockery of itself, or perhaps ruined to symbolize mankind's weakness, or some other similar thing, but what I came across impacted me far more deeply. It was intact. No, not intact, preserved. I've seen the old base camps from when we were cleaning out bandits, old tents abandoned for just a couple years to the sand when it was deemed not worth recovering them until we came along for some late cleanup, and it's amazing how fast the elements set to work on something not meant to stay in one place for more than a few days. It had been there for nearly a decade, with all the equipment we'd brought left in place, and yet not a speck of dust had found it.
I'm sure you recall how we were found afterwards, lying in the arid scrublands just outside the storm with nothing but our jumpsuits. I found our arms and armor there as well, neatly folded and placed in footlockers. Whatever made us flee, we didn't run in a panic - we calmly put everything in its place and simply walked away. We all said that we ran, though, that we had been chased. Isn't that curious to you? Probing my memory before the incident I still recalled panic, being paralyzed before an overwhelming presence, and yet I had nothing afterwards. Not a single clear image from after we breached the tomb. I said we ran because all I could remember was the fear, and that was the explanation that made the most sense of things.
At first I thought there wasn't much for me there besides the realization. The fuel cells had all gone dead, of course, and our records were all stored on the camp's computers. When I attempted to retrieve the memory cards, however, I found them gone - not just the cards themselves but the caddies that would normally extend to receive them. Propping open the spring-loaded slot and turning my flashlight to it, I could see that the entire computer was not without power, it had been entirely hollowed out. I will admit to having fallen into a bit of a panic at that, blindly tearing apart anything else electronic - no doubt the old base camp will prove far less preserved for whoever managed to stumble upon it next - but in all of them I found the same result. Even the displays had been stripped of their circuitry, leaving only black panels with not even a scrap of wire dangling from them to indicate they had ever been used as part of a larger device. Thankfully we'd taken purely mechanical weapons on that first expedition, and I took the opportunity to arm myself before proceeding, with great trepidation, to the tomb itself.
It was not similarly untouched. Most of the outer walls were intact, at least from what little I'd seen - those walls of some unknowable black material, broken up by countless gold adornments and engraved with what looked like stories of some great god-king. Carvings that would have found themselves perfectly at home in the stone burial halls of ancient Merkat or Hattesh, although I concede to not having looked too closely. I was far more focused on that great door where we had made our original entrance.
It had taken us hours to make that hole after the door had refused to open, even with the explosives at our disposal, and while the gap itself was thankfully still there, the edges had started to heal. That word, heal, is very important - nobody was rebuilding it. I saw no evidence of tools nor worldly methods of repair. Instead the edges had grown over with a bulging, fibrous mass that I took to be scar tissue. I attempted to take a sample, to see if any of the scientists could tell me its makeup, but it was just as cold and unyielding as the false-stone which surrounded it. I hurried inside after that, secure at least in the knowledge that if it was still growing the stiffness of it would make the process so slow as to not impede my escape.
Once inside the pull was much stronger, to the point I could barely resist it. Whatever those black walls had been made of was proving itself effective as insulation. I soon found myself abandoning any further investigation, only barely restraining myself from sprinting as I made my way into the central burial chamber...
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