Halal food near me now


2011.08.05 03:44 TheRapAsshole MFDOOM

Remember ALL CAPS when you spell the man name.

2011.04.04 01:10 TodayIAte

A subreddit for sharing food you've made and eaten today and how you made it.

2019.09.08 09:49 EzraCelestine Shitty Restriction Food

Restrictive eating can be rough, but at least it forces the ingenuity out of us. This sub is for laughing/commiserating about the experience of eating things that're low calorie, and uhhhhh... "creative."

2023.06.06 05:06 Own-Relationship273 The butcher..

I’m only lvl 38 atm.. and I’ve encountered the Butcher 9 times now in the last 24 hrs. I thought it was supposed to be 1/50 or something.. I cannot for the life of me kill him. Lol sry just venting.
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2023.06.06 05:05 Trueblade1423 I didn't remember my laptop's return date correctly. Can I bring it in a day late?

My HP laptops touch pad is a little loose and it's been bugging me. I thought my day to return it was the 8th, but it's actually the 5th. Unfortunately, it's 11pm now and stores are closed. Can I still bring it in on the 6th with receipt, to work something out? Would really appreciate any help. Thanks!
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2023.06.06 05:05 Responsible-Bit-3952 Apple Calendar

I am currently looking for an alternative to Apples native calendar app. I am using Synology Calendar and caldav it into the Apple Calendar. The issue that I am having is I am unable to open a new calendar window to view the 3 different calendars I have added. In previous iOS version like Mavericks I could have 3 separate calendar windows open for each individual calendar instead of an all in one view. Now I see all 3 calendars in one view and in order to see each persons appointments I have to uncheck all 30/40 boxes to just see one persons calendar appointments.
I have tried BusyCal and it was too cluttered and didn’t offer the feature of opening multiple windows to view each calendar in its own window.
Basically I’m looking for a way or an app that will allow me to have multiple calendars but open each one in a separate window and not in an all in one view and not have to uncheck each calendar. Previously the option to open a new calendar in separate window was under Window > Select name of calendar > new window pops up.
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2023.06.06 05:05 WhyssKrilm Is this roster really as broken as we all think it is? (I'm sure the replies will be very measured and not at all emotional)

At this point, I think it's safe to say there aren't many people left in this city who think the team as currently constructed is pretty close to perfect, and Chevy should only make minimal changes for next season. We've all seen how this team has performed since 2018, we all know there are fundamental flaws that need to be addressed, and everyone pretty much agrees Chevy needs to use a sledgehammer, not a scalpel, to fix the roster. There's disagreement over whether it should be a teardown-rebuild, or a retool on the fly borne out of hockey trades, but everyone accepts substantial changes are necessary.
In 2019 the Jets lost to the Blues in the first round, and the Blues went on to win the cup.
In 2020, the Jets lost to Calgary, who lost to Dallas, who went on to lose to Tampa in the final.
In 2021, the Jets swept Edmonton, then got swept by Montreal, who went on to lose to Tampa in the final
In 2022, missed the playoffs.
In 2023, the Jets lost to Vegas in the first round, who then cruised through the second and third rounds and, as I write this, are minutes away from winning by a very comfortable margin for a second straight game in the final By the time you read this, Vegas will have gone 10-4 since eliminating the Jets, and will be 2 wins away from the cup.
So in three of the four playoff years, the team that eliminated the Jets went on to the final, one of those three won the cup, and another is now a near-prohibitive favourite to do the same.
It's not like they keep getting knocked out by weak teams that then get shellacked in the next round. With the exception of 2020, they get beat by teams everyone underestimates.
So the question is, are the Jets a deeply divided roster, a flawed group of players who are less than the sum of their parts and can't win together? Or do they keep running into teams of destiny that nobody takes seriously enough?
Those aren't mutually exclusive--bad teams can lose to unexpectedly good teams just easily as good teams can--but it's something to think about before setting the charges around this team's foundation.
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2023.06.06 05:05 Chubbysloot My heart is getting healthier

Ever since I (23F) can remember my heart rate has been fast, avg. always above 100, but I’ve always been fairly active (always did a sport each season). I hated running cause every time I did I felt like something heavy was on my chest and it only got worse as I got older. I went to the cardiologist a few years back, did a bunch of tests (MRI EKG etc etc) and they said nothing is wrong. My primary care doctor said my heart rate was fine cause it would only be elevated for a bit and wrote it off as white coat syndrome. This year I got an Apple Watch, went back to my (new) primary care doctor, showed them the trends of my heart rate being high (thankfully my heart was going crazy and my resting was 130 that week), and they referred me to a new cardiologist. I tell them my history/trends and they start me on a low dose of beta blockers. After a bit of trial I land on a higher dose and I’ve seen such a huge improvement in my heart rate. The average resting rate has dropped from 105 to 66. I’m able to work out harder for longer and running doesn’t make me want to die as much. My cardio fitness, sleep, and anxiety have all improved since starting the beta blockers as well. I mean recently i hiked a mountain and I never thought I’d be able to do that physically. I’m just so happy with the improvement I’m seeing. I know my heart rate now is so much more sustainable.
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2023.06.06 05:05 _KrBk_ I (21F) got a really expensive gift from my mom's (47F) boss (M) and don't know how to say i don't need it

Before i start the story, i want to say that i feel ridiculous for the things i'm gonma say, and i may be taking this situation way out of proportion, but it's been troubling me and haven't really got any good advices on how to handle this.
So I (21F) recently got gifted a last generation cellphone from my mother's boss (M), he's always been a family friend since my mom's been working for him since she was 18.
The thing is that the phone i'm currently using is in excellent conditions, battery last all day, is not working slow and still have free storage. Also, it was a gift from the same person two years ago.
I really love my actual phone, it's always been a model that i wished i had and i wasn't planning on changing it anytime soon. But today he showed up with a new one as a gift for my birthday. I obviously thanked him, i told him that it wasn't really necessary tho. He said that it was time i changed it already since it's been two years that i got my actual phone.
I accepted it but talked to my mom about how i really don't need it and that i'm too attached to my actual one to think about changing it. We argued, she made it seem as if i wasn't grateful for the gift, which, don't get me wrong, i really am thankful, and it's not everyday that someone gifts you an over 1000 dollars phone (especially in my country lol).
I said that maybe i could talk to him and see if we can maybe change it for something else? But she said that would be ungrateful and that i should just use the new one and stop exaggerating.
Now, i find myself in a spot where i don't want to leave my actual phone for the new one but I also don't want to leave the new one to collect dust. What do i do? Do i speak to him about this? I don't want to sound rude, and i feel that if i told him this he would be very disappointed. Everyone i asked for advice said to either keep it or to sell it.
One friend suggested selling it and buying something i want but i find that overly disrespectful towards the intention of the person that gifted to me, so that's not an option. Please help.
TLDR: I got a very expensive phone but don't want to change my actual one for that one and my mom thinks it's ungrateful on my end to ask the person that gifted it to me if he can change it for something else.
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2023.06.06 05:05 Honest-Negotiation68 Why am I winning against players with higher ELO than me?

I've had my main chess.com account for a while now and played hundreds of games on it, and on that account I'm around 500-600 bullet and blitz, and 900 rapid. I just got logged out of my account and couldn't get back in, so I created a new account. I won four out of the five diagnostic ELO determining games so chess.com gave me a rating of around 1200 which I knew was inaccurate, so I figured I would just lose a bunch of games against the actual 1200s and go back down to my normal rating... but I haven't. I've played about 15 games of each rapid, blitz, and bullet now, and each of them is hovering around 1100-1200, and I keep consistently beating players with the same rating. This makes no sense to me, because just yesterday I was losing games against against 500 rated players. Is this normal? Did my mom put crack in the dinner tonight or are ELO differences just not as big as I thought they were?
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2023.06.06 05:05 Telemachusfar The Human Security Officer, Part 6

Slightly longer one here, I think I like them this length. Anyway, as always, thanks for reading! :)
“I am unsure Miss,” Ton'et's central body turned somewhat and look of deep thought came over them, “wait… we’ve established that these three are not party with these Tinsne. They are wearing habsuits and have died more recently. At this time we have two questions. One, Where did these three come from? And two, What was that disturbance?” They looked at Penelope.
“…I’m not sure I’m following.”
“I’m suggesting that these two questions may have the same answer. The sound and jostling correspond with an airlock alignment and clamping sequence. I believe we have been just boarded by whoever sent these three here.”
“… Shit.”
“An apt Terran expletive.”
Ton’et noticed the human’s eyes tarry on the weapons crates but was surprised when she instead stood and moved to the doorway.
“Can’t do anything from here. Follow behind me and we`ll see what we’re dealing with. If something happens just hide and stay down.” Penelope let out a hollow chuckle.
“An expression of amusement? Why?” Ton’et asked as they moved to the airlock.
“Well, you wanted firsthand data on human biology, right? It looks like you’re gonna get it.” she said, moving to the door.
“I see… not quite what I had in mind Miss…”
Penelope gave Ton’et a wry smile as she waited for them to take a position behind the lip of the door. Pressing the button, the doors slid opened quickly but no one waited for them in the airlock itself and the doors to the Blue Nebula wouldn’t unlock until the outer door was closed. As such, the two moved in and again took up positions. Penelope at the door and Ton’et behind cover.
This time Penelope waited. Moving the side of her head up against the door and pausing for a moment. She then repeated the odd action lower on the door.
“What are you doing Miss Penelope?” Ton’et asked.
Penelope tapped the fleshy protrusions on her head, “Listening. There’s something mechanical on the other side of the door.”
“How can you… questions for later. It’s most likely a frame. There’s nowhere near enough folks turning to piracy to fill a crew so its not uncommon to see them using mechanical assistants.”
Really? Robots?
A focus came over the human as she motioned for Ton’et to stay down. It almost scared them how her face changed expression. There was no smile anymore, and the eyes took on a deadly seriousness. They shuddered to think of themselves on the receiving end of this aura.
Having noted her companion’s hidden position Penelope took a deep breath and opened the door.
In an instant, it slid open and her target was in front of her. A machine about half her height with three leg-like appendages supporting a round body and atop that a cylindrical shaped head. A lens was looking down the hall to the cargo bay before it quickly refocused on the large creature surging forward from the airlock. A small laser weapon deployed from body but it had no time to fire as Penelope’s left hand gripped its head, lifted it into the air, and slammed it into the opposite wall.
Penelope had apparently used enough force to crush the thing’s head entirely as its body detached and fell to the floor. The shattered head only remained due to Penelope’s grip.
Oh… well then, that was…
“Huh… I honestly thought that it would be a bit more durable.” She said as she looked at the crushed cylinder in her hand and then let it drop to the ground.
After a brief moment of shock Ton’et produced their datapad and began taking notes. Penelope noted that the rest of the corridor was clear and began making her way to the bridge.
“Bridge first, hopefully we can get a good idea of what we’re up against… and where everyone is.”
Ton’et made a gesture mimicking a nod and followed at a distance.
Reaching the turn in the corridor, Penelope peeked around the corner and saw that the bridge doors were wide open. It wasn’t a great angle, but she could see one frame of similar design past the open doors. Holding out a hand she motioned for Ton’et to stay put.
Ton’et was again surprised and made note of the near silence with which Penelope dropped low to the ground and made her way to the open bridge door. What was one frame from the angle of the corner revealed itself to be two frames and an alien in a familiar style habsuit.
Penelope was used to perfectly controlling her movements in regular gravity and with the ship operating on half that norm it was almost nothing to move with speed and silence. She moved past the first frame she’d seen which was evaluating the security console. Making sure not to alert that frame she moved up behind the alien and the frame it stood next to. They were apparently attempting to slice the console attached to Captain Deag’s chair. This task seemingly so engrossing that neither noticed Penelope taking a position directly behind them.
In a flash of motion she grabbed the alien by its habsuit with her left hand and the frame by its head with her right. In one fell motion she crushed the frame and whipped its body across the bridge into the second frame destroying them both. She turned the aliens face towards the pile of frame parts and then back to her.
“Call for help and I promise you, that habsuit wont even slow me down. Understand?” she said with a deathly growl, staring into its eye.
It began to shake in the suit and uttered a single wilting, “…yes.”
“Good. Now, you’re gonna answer some questions for me.”
Ton’et barely watched where they were walking as they moved onto the bridge. Tapping away at the data pad and muttering to themselves.
“Inquire about limits of superb strength. Inquire about ability to move silently despite size. Inquire about ability to launch objects at speed and with accuracy.” They continued as they moved into a corner and sat down.
The alien in Penelope’s grip noticed Ton’et but did nothing but shake in fear and wait for the questions.
“First. How many of you are there?” Her tone was cool and controlled.
“Five total now, thing on other ship got Mol, Vardin, and Eiggia. More frames. Me here, three others should be in cargo bay with your people, frames too. One left on our ship. Please don’t kill me.”
“Cooperate and I won’t harm a hair on your…” she noticed it was seemingly hairless, “Look, talk and you’ll be fine. Deal?”
It made a gesture that Penelope assumed was equivalent to a nod.
“Excellent. How many frames? And is everyone using energy weapons?”
“Ehrm, seven frames and…” It seemed to be confused about the second question, “energy weapons… yes? I am the only one not armed.”
“Last question. You have a means of communicating with your friends?”
The alien’s eye tarried to a belt on its suit. Hooked on it was a small round device.
“This?” Penelope grabbed the thing and held it up.
“Yes. Touch screen, speak.” It offered.
“No need.” She responded as she crushed it in her grip and let the pieces fall to the ground.
The alien made a kind of buzzing noise as it looked down at the crushed commlink.
“Now,” Penelope continued as she moved to a corner of the bridge, “you’re going to sit in this corner and do absolutely nothing because you know that if you try anything there is nowhere you can run that I cannot get to you, yes?”
It enthusiastically made its equivalent of a nod once again. Satisfied, Penelope set them down and turned to her security console. She readjusted its height to suit her and pulled up the corridor cameras and the cargo bay camera. What the little alien had said was true. The corridors were clear. There were three individuals with laser rifles and four more frames in the cargo bay. They’d gathered the crew back by the large bay door and were looking over the cargo.
“Ton’et, stay here and keep an eye on this one…,” she evaluated the situation, “and come over here. I think I have an idea you’ll like.
“Of course Ma’am.”
After explaining her little plan Penelope left Ton’et with the alien who, true to their word, made absolutely no movements save a little shaking. She made her way down the other corridor from the one they’d come through and overrode the locking mechanism on its airlock, ensuring no one would be joining the party… or leaving too early. Next, she went not to the door that led to the cargo bay but the engine room and its many maintenance tunnels.
Gareth had just met up with Deag and had begun to explain the situation when the pirate ship sent a warning signal and began boarding them. Docked as they were, there wasn’t much to be done to stop the vessel. They were quickly corralled together with the rest of the crew at the back of the cargo bay.
“Now I’m not sure if this is your first time but we’re not barbarians. Well take what we want, and you’ll be on your way. No harm done. Simple as that.” The leader explained to them. He was a sort of bright yellow and red insectoid, though it was hard to tell under the habsuit. He was just a hair taller than Gareth and sported bug-like wings from his back that the suit accounted for.
Gareth wanted nothing more than to yell, “I told you so!” but he would never admonish the captain in front of the crew. Besides, he had more pressing matters to think about. Like how to handle the fact that Penelope was currently on board the derelict ship seemingly with no idea they’d been boarded by pirates. He wasn’t sure what to do and couldn’t exactly discuss it with the captain lest their captors hear them. The captain was no doubt in the same position as he looked to Gareth. Unfortunately, neither of them were telepathic.
He could attempt to scare the pirates by telling them about Penelope but then they might be able to disengage the airlock and trap her and Ton’et on the other ship. That would not do at all, and they’d probably think he was just bluffing until they sliced the ships’ computers and saw proof of her identity. That said he was fairly sure that none of these pirates were fond of violence. Most just used the threat of it to get valuables and leave. It was mostly a calm affair compared to what he knew of ancient human piracy. He decided the best thing to do was just talk but not mention Penelope. He was good at talking and a better sense of these pirates would serve well.
“So, what happened exactly. I’m curious. We found three wearing similar habsuits to yours on that ship.”
“A question for a question. I answer that one and then ask one of my own. Fair?” the leader’s wings buzzed.
Gareth looked to Deag who just nodded, “Fine.”
“We found that ship not long before you, knew it was just us in the system so we checked it out. Sent the three over and then… nothing. Dead coms, life signs gone. Weren’t about to just give up on it and it presented us with an opportunity. We wait for another to check it out and either they go the same way as ours did in there and we loot their ship, or they figure out whatever happened for us and we take everything.”
“Ahh, so a trap. Just not one set by you.”
“I suppose. But now my question. You are alive so you managed to survive whatever was on the ship. What was it? What killed my people?”
Before he could respond, though, a familiar voice came over the ship’s intercom.
“Hello pirates. This is… um well I suppose my name doesn’t really matter… well I’m here to give you a threat? Message? Kind of a request too to be honest. All three, yes… Anyway. Put down your weapons and surrender to the captain. That would be Captain Deag… The Corvul… oh gosh I’m really no good at this. Uhm, just surrender or else you’ll regret it cause our security officer Penelope is going to… do something that I’m of course not going to reveal to you. But its… bad, so you should really surrender. Ton’et out.” The intercom cut out abruptly.
“…What?” The pirate leader looked more confused than anything.
“They’re a scientist, not an orator. But you really should consider surrender because if Ton’et is on the bridge then Penelope must already be on her way here. You see what we found was an anti-personnel turret. A human weapons platform. We were able to deactivate it thanks to our new security officer. A human who, if I had to guess, is about to burst through one of those doors.”
The pirate leader wheeled around and aimed his rifle at one of the doors.
“Cover the doors!” he yelled.
The other two aliens and the four frames took aim at the two points of entry. The high pitched whine of charging laser weapons sounded from all of them.
“Keep aim. We know where its coming from and no personal shield could hold up under all our fire.”
They held but nothing happened. Gareth broke the silence.
“You know captain. There’s another human phrase I think you’d like. I think even a human would call you bat shit crazy sometimes. You know you really should look up some of those terms. Having Penelope hanging around.”
“I suppose I should?” Deag responded with a quizzical look.
“Silence you two!” the pirate said without averting his gaze from the doors.
“You really aught to LOOK them UP captain…” he repeated emphasizing the two words.
The captain suddenly understood what Gareth was trying to tell him and, as covertly as possible, glanced up to the ceiling of the cargo bay. Immediately his eyes shot back down as he witnessed perhaps the most terrifying sight of his life.
Even in the greys of his vision he could see, hanging from the crane attached to the tall ceiling of the cargo bay, their security officer. Penelope had apparently accessed one of the maintenance tunnels that Thwilll most often used and followed it to a hatch that let out in the ceiling. She had then, silently, swung her way across the support structure to the crane system that was used to move especially heavy cargo. Now, she hung from it with one arm as she gazed down at the unsuspecting pirates. All of whom were still solely focused on the doors.
“So that’s a no to the surrender?” Deag asked.
“Silence!” the bug yelled.
The final part of Penelope’s plan became apparent when everyone in the cargo bay was suddenly forced down into the floor. The bay’s gravity had just been jacked up to its maximum.
“AGH!” one of the pirates yelled as they were completely pinned to the ground.
A similar sound came from many as they all struggled against the force. The leader and the other alien managed to stay vertical but were clearly struggling to move. Even the frames struggled somewhat, clearly not built by a species that worked under such gravity.
Deag looked up with disbelief to see Penelope seemingly unaffected, still holding on to the crane with a single hand. She evaluated the situation for only a moment before simply letting go. Her massive form careened downward, taken quickly by gravity.
The resounding sound came as she landed on the floor. Her legs bent as they absorbed the impact. Rising to her full height she moved with incredible speed. Her hands shot out and grasped the two frames she’d landed between. With a twist of her torso and extension of her arms, she threw them into opposite walls. Still working off the shock, Penelope managed to surge forward and crush another frame under her foot. Its shell shattered as she put her full weight atop it.
Finally, the shock seemed to wear off and the pirates began to react. They moved sluggishly, though, their rifles more than doubling in weight. The leader attempted to take flight, but his wings did little more than buzz incessantly, not even lifting him from the ground. Penelope, however, moved with ease. Gareth could almost see relief in her eyes as she enjoyed the time under earth-like gravity. She dispatched the final frame without much of a show, simply reaching down and crushing its cylindrical head in her hand.
The leader gave up trying to take flight and the only other pirate not pinned to the ground managed to levy their rifle at Penelope who made no attempt to avoid it or take cover. The hot beam shot out and struck her center mass. Elation and then terror came over them as they celebrated striking the human only to see the sustained beam was having little effect. Penelope held its gaze as she calmly waltzed forward, ripped the rifle from the aliens’ hand, and snapped it in half over her knee. Tossing the two pieces to the ground she just palmed the alien’s face and sent them to join their broken toy.
With that she turned to the leader to see something that changed her demeanor entirely. The leader had aimed his rifle, but not at her. Instead, the emitter was pointed at Captain Deag. A storm came over her face.
“Stop, or he dies…” the leader warned.
“Now, now. We were playing by a certain set of rules, and I was happy to do so. You left them out of it, and I didn’t kill any of you. That was fine by me. But you’re about to change those rules,” her hand slowly lowered to the pistol that had remained unused at her side, “and I will play by them.”
“You’d risk his life to take mine?” the bug asked.
“Nope. Charge time on those rifles seems to be just over a second. That plus your piss poor reaction time and I’m fairly certain I could get off two, maybe three, shots before you fire. That’s one to disarm you, one to put you down, and one more just to be sure.”
The bug found only cold certainty in Penelope’s eyes as he tried to discern whether she was lying or not. He struggled to keep the weapon steady.
The rest of the bay was silent.
“You’re bluffing.” He said but wilted under her intense gaze.
“The question isn’t whether or not I’m bluffing. The real question is whether or not you’re willing to bet your life on that gamble. I wouldn’t.”
He felt so small under her gaze. His instincts screamed at him that this was no creature to trifle with. Those eyes burned into him and yet he felt nothing but a freezing sensation in his gut.
Don’t do it.
The rifle dropped to the ground with a thud.
Good choice.
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2023.06.06 05:05 raindare [Waybound] Regarding Makiel

So, first of all, I really enjoyed most of Waybound, having finished it. The epilogue was pretty satisfying -- especially the bits with Mercy, Ziel and Yerin, and their respective approaches to their new jobs. The fights were pretty solid overall. In general, I feel like this was one of Mercy's best books, and that's good news, because I love Mercy. I liked the transformation of the Dreadgods into something more human and yet more grotesque, and I liked the prose, which was another reason I read the series.
There were criticisms I could see being levied at the book that don't really apply to me. The characters advanced extremely fast compared to the rest of the series, but the speed of progression was never as important to me as seeing its effects, seeing the characters face new challenges and view old ones from a new perspective, and Waybound did a good job of that -- great, even, in places.
But it had a low point that I feel was lower than any other book outside of maybe Unsouled or Bloodline, and I felt the need to make a post explaining what that point is and why I feel it's so low.
This is a Waybound spoilers thread, so here's the scene I'm talking about: when Ozriel dies, and only Suriel and Makiel together can bring him back. Not only does Makiel do this, he's willing to sacrifice his own life to do it.
Makiel and Ozriel have been at each other's throats for so long that the two pages of them fighting together didn't do enough for me to buy this. Their conflict spanned books. I don't think it was satisfactorily resolved in a handful of pages, when that resolution decided whether Ozriel, a character whose presence defines the series, lives or dies. I can turn it around in my head again and again, but it just doesn't work for me. I'm going to try to explain why.
If you look at Cradle as wrestling, there's a metaphor I can use here. And in many ways, it is similar. It's about seeing two or more people square up, having them pitted against each other not only in a physical sense but also a narrative sense -- willpower is a literal weapon in the universe, after all. And the success of a wrestling match comes from its leadup: long-standing rivalries sell better than new blood.
This felt like Makiel put his shoulders to the mat for Ozriel when he could have easily, easily gotten what he wanted.
Now, thinking about it myself and browsing Reddit, I've thought of a few things that act as a balm for this. I might never love the reigning champion handing his title and his life over to the beloved face that's been given less than his immense due, but I do want to see the narrative logic behind it. There's only a few things I can think of and agree with, and they don't entirely satisfy me.
One is the idea that Makiel always had a shred of goodness in him all along. Sure, that's true. So did Malice, and Malice went done with her ship. Makiel has shown fewer sympathetic traits than Malice ever did. Malice, at least, had her family. Makiel shows a commitment to the greater good that isn't unique among the Abidan, and is in fact arguably weaker than all of the other Judges. You can't argue that he makes tough choices; even the Phoenix does that. You can't argue that he makes personal sacrifices, as I'll get into shortly.
Second is the idea that Makiel is too proud to allow Ozriel to sacrifice himself as he stands idly by. I can agree with that -- but the problem is that we've never been given any indication that his pride comes before even the possibility of success, let alone his life. We've been given that with many characters, multiple times in Waybound in fact. Shen is the most obvious example, and he gets a deliciously ironic end as he's trapped, dying, with the enslaved ghost of the man he killed, powerless and barely himself.
If we'd seen Makiel make even a small (on the Abidan scale) sacrifice to maintain his pride, even once before, I think that'd help. But I can't think of one. If he was so proud he'd rather let Ozriel take his existence and his influence than be shown up by him once, we should've seen him do something similar, smaller, before.
As it is, he must have been shown up by Ozriel dozens of times throughout history. Everything about Ozriel and about Makiel tells us that.
Third is the idea that Suriel's gesture, giving him the Scythe, touched him, reminded him of who he meant to be, just as Lindon did to Northstrider with his echo.
I'm not at all unhappy that Makiel evaded judgment. That is something I would expect from him. In fact, I'd been led to expect it more than a book ago. But this? This, I don't think I could have expected coming into Waybound at all. And by the time the story tried to ease me into the idea, Ozriel was only pages away from being killed, and then saved by his rival.
What gives me trouble digesting this book is that Makiel evaded judgment by sacrificing something I simply didn't expect him to sacrifice, and that for Ozriel, when he had, on a silver platter, the opportunity to follow his established plan and go home with Suriel to rule forever. It mirrors bits and pieces of other narratives in the book -- Northstrider's resigned ascension, Mercy's appeal to her mother -- but despite its more cosmic scale, it feels like their shadow, not the opposite.
I'm glad the main cast got such a bright ending, but Eithan's, in particular, has a bad aftertaste to me.
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2023.06.06 05:05 ORPeregrine My dreams of the Old Ways

I initially typed this up about two weeks ago and shared it with my wife. She's the girl that dreams about toast growing legs and following her to work. She likes to tell me her "crackhead dreams" and wonders why I don't share. This is why.
Names have been changed.
I write this down because I woke this morning from a dream so real I had to convince myself it was not and I feel the need to. It was a recurring dream, I realize that now. Maybe five times, maybe more. Always the dream was slightly different. Assuming my mind is not playing tricks on me, and it very well may be, I first had this dream around the time I left REDACTED. I now recall that I never failed to wake up terrified.
I would walk out of my office in the Jefferson basement, through John's workshop, and there was a doorway that led to something…old. Something that predated the building, the city, the state. The Old Ways were stone; there was running water and darkness. The water was always in a canal, no more than a foot or two wide, stone as well. Sometimes it was chest high, sometimes there was a small stone bridge to pass over. By stone I mean limestone or something sedimentary, not finished, rough as though hewn, worn by the constant flow of water and padding of feet.
There was a like place in the Holbrooke basement, kitchen side, the staff laundry had running water in a similar limestone channel, but it was just a small section. Usually it ran under the floor and disappeared, sometimes there was a door. Only I could see it, sometimes I couldn't, but I could always feel it. I knew that it was connected to that other place, I went in once. Never again.
In Jefferson it was endless tunnels, utterly dark, cold, and that constantly running water. The tunnels lead somewhere, sometimes there were people there with me as we walked, Matt was there once. He knew where he was headed, of course he did, he was the only one that ever did. He showed me where I needed to go, and why, though I can't recall what that was now.
There was something in the darkness, I could never see it, but I could feel it. Sense it. I was the only one that ever could. I was the only one that knew that it hated us, or maybe just me, that it wanted us to stay forever in the dark and the cold. And I would run. I would run and leave everyone behind and only I would get out. Ever. Last night was the first time that I was there alone. Also unlike the other times, I did not enter the place in my dream. I was already there. Already known. Hated. Hunted. Cold. I never left. My alarm woke me after I spent hours wandering, for the first time unable to find my way out. I write this down all these hours later to convince myself that it wasn't real. That the Old Ways aren't real.
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2023.06.06 05:04 elysianye saw this article abt a teacher that “got fires for saying ‘good job girls’” and the headline was posted no fucking context it’s fucking so annoying and in bad faith

the true context was he was purposefully and malignantly referring to a trans person by the wrong pronouns and was tryna push his religion like. tf do you expect you’re LITERALLY being an asshole for the sake of being an asshole referring to the trans person as something other than “girls” or “she” is LITERALLY ONE SYLLABLE you don’t even have to agree just fucking do it if your job is on the line
wish these ppl would understand that societal changes are happening. history repeats itself and the shortest way i can say it is it was never about water fountains and it’s not about bathrooms now. it’s the same people but they’ve shifted the scapegoat and it is SO frustrating to see these people understand that racism is “wrong” and “bad” even though they prolly don’t see us on the same level as them but history IS repeating itself and now it’s lgbt ppl rather than black people
and don’t get me wrong at ALL i think racism is on the same level as lgbt hate tbh but specifically cause there are more racial minorities than lgbt ppl(even though i personally refer to lgbt ppl as minorities cause. they literally are a minority) so while racist remarks and sentiments are more potent(see the kkk) but i feel like lgbt ppl are more unaccepted in more of a blanket sense like. more people don’t understand it cause being a racial minority is very obviously not a choice but lgbt ppl don’t have something to show like brown skin to say it isn’t a choice
and even if it was it doesn’t fucking matter let people do what they want it literally doesn’t affect you
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2023.06.06 05:04 Ok-Pineapple-9802 Transformation timing = Saturn Return?

Any experience with the Transformation cycle? It’s 1.5 years and downs my 30th birthday. It seems scary to me based on the description but is this pulling through bc of Saturn return?
“Your identity is being radically altered during this cycle - this is a period of incredible transformation. This experience could feel intense but manageable - or it might feel overwhelming. It’s possible your deepest fears will surface at this time and you’ll have to confront what’s inauthentic about your life. You may face a situation that you can’t change or solve, and it could be painful or difficult. You’re being asked to courageously experience all the emotions and circumstances that arise without being able to control the outcome. Don’t fight what’s happening or try to make logical sense of it - you’re meant to surrender right now.”
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2023.06.06 05:04 OneDayYoullBeSoLucky 15 years of friendship ended

I had this friend for about 15 years and it’s recently ended tbh I don’t know why it ended she kept telling me that I wasn’t a good friend and the way I spoke to her doesn’t constitute as being a good friend we are both females with a 4 year age difference she is older and I am younger. For reference I’m 26 and she is 30, tbh I knew she was trying to get rid of me, I’m the type of person that if I’m single I date a lot and get to know people, I’m somewhat shy meeting new people but I fake it and act very extrovert, she is the complete opposite and likes to remind me how she’s only been with a certain # of people in her life, ever since I can remember we always use to hang out and talk all the time, we did almost everything together and we agreed to be each others maid of honors, she is getting married this year and it’s clear I’m not going to be in the wedding let alone be invited, it all started when she started to see her now fiancé. she started to act distant she would constantly judge me and criticize my dating life style. The last time I saw her I told her I wasn’t looking for anything serious and I am dating a few people but nothing was serious, she always asks me “how dating” or “how is so and so” and if I tell her she is quick to be like well what do you expect? You only date f*k boys. It kind of got annoying because I wouldn’t even bring up my dating I would mostly talk about what I’m doing with my life but she would ask and I would just answer & quick she would be like look at all these men you date they suck. She met her fiancé after being on a dating app for a few months and decided to marry the first man that offered her a ring. Good for her if that’s what she wanted I never judged her for that I just said she should get to know more people and see what else is out there, and not just jump to the first man to throw a ring at her. And she’s quick to be like look at the men you date, alot of the times the men I date turn out to be “crazy” it’s not that they’re crazy but it just doesn’t work out and I do end up getting hurt. I don’t regret any of my dates I learn alot and I’ve grown from it. A year ago I texted her to meet up since I haven’t seen her, she was hesitant at first but she agreed once again she asked me about my dating and it was the same story about the type of men I date blah blah blah. I just let it slide we shop alittle and head to Barnes and nobles, I was trying to buy a book and we started to talk about this book call “never let me go” by Kazuo Ishiguro tbh I saw the movie I did not like it thought it was mid and the book didn’t convince me, apparently she let me borrow this book like 10 years ago and I don’t remember, I told her how I was glad to throw out the book and she got offended I thought it was weird that she got offended but I didn’t think much of it. The next day she sends me a long message saying how I’m a bad friend and that she is done with me and tbh I was so thrown off guard that I responded in not such a nice way, I didn’t think she really didn’t want to be my friend but come today I saw her riding her bike by my house since we live close and I missed her and wanted to text her to make amends but she told no and wished me luck. Tbh I hate this feeling I hate it so much because if you guys knew everything I have done for her, it’s so unfair that she is the one to end it! I wanted to be the one to ended you know why? Because she really is a bad friend, I lost my virginity at 20 to a man I was friends with, he caught feelings but I didn’t feel the same, he decided to turn to her and the started a relationship. She never told me. they ended staying together for over a year. she never told me, she told me months later after them being together, and even tho I didn’t have feelings for him that was still not okay, I got roped and I have proof of it, I told her the story, I told her I went out to a bar with friends and I was wearing a knee length dress with a over sized men’s cardigan no makeup and Walmart sneakers I looked like complete trash and yet this man still added a substance to my drink and took advantage of me and it was worst when I told her the story and all she said to me was “what do you expect you put yourself in that situation” I forgave and I didn’t call her out I get it I should’ve cut this friendship a long time ago but we had so much history I just thought it was normal and this is how people fight and make up. I saw her today and decided to text her to make amends and tbh her response just hurts and it suck that I let her get away with so much when all I want to do is yell at her and throw it in her face everything she done and I know this sounds bad but I hope her marriage fails I hate this feeling and I hate everything I put up with
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2023.06.06 05:04 r00kss 33 US Looking for an online/text friend

What's good? I guess this is the part where I talk about myself and my lack of friends. If you like nonfiction novels, you're in for a treat with this post.
I'm 33 and live in southern California. I'm not really the social/hang out and do things all the time type. I'm a homebody, always have been. Usually only going out when my partner drags me 'kicking and screaming' out of the house. Everything with Covid exasperated my antisocial tendencies, to say the least. So I typically only socialize with my coworkers and our clients. I don't crave physical interactions with people, the feeling of it being a requirement to make plans with people is not something I enjoy very much.
I'm here to find an online friend or two. I've been with my partner for 5yrs, literally only looking for a friend. Proud member of the LGBTQ+ community as well. Time zone wise, probably best if you're here in the states.
I'm pretty sarcastic and make self deprecating jokes on a regular basis. My sense of humor can be a little messed up, and I'll probably complain about a lot of things. The plus side to that is that I'm always down for a good vent sesh or good ol' trash talking. I have a lot of interests, but not many hobbies. But I do know how to sew. My latest vest has 15 patches on it that I stitched by hand. I have a collection of puppy teeth and I don't care how weird people think that is. I have a few good tattoos and a few not so good ones. I have 12 piercings, had 13, but that's a story for when I want to laugh at how dumb I am sometimes. I've been working with dogs for over 12yrs, which keeps me pretty active. We have a dog and a cat. Definitely more of an animal person than a people person. I'm a vegetarian. Not religious at all. I'm a product of divorce, shout out to all the single parents. I'm the oldest of my siblings, and that is why I don't have an spawns of my own.
I can eat my body weight in pizza, enchiladas, and hot cheetos. The more painful the hot sauce, the more I like it. Coffee before anything else in the morning is a must. I day drink on my days off so I can't be called into work, that's probably not healthy.... But it makes doing the laundry and dishes more bearable.
I prefer true crime documentaries and trashy reality TV due to the lack of plot and the ability to decompress after a stressful day at work by talking endless trash on the horrible people that go on those shows because they're perfectly content with showing the whole world that they are indeed horrible people. I don't play video games and you'll only catch me on a hiking trail if I was murdered and that was where my body was dumped.
I mostly listen to metal, but you'll still find me listening to early 2000s pop punk, emo, and screamo. Shows are fun, but I deal with chronic pain now that I'm older and I try to avoid the things that are going to remind me of my reality. Mosh pits make me hurt too much now.
Oh, and because my partner says it's "terrifying", I have 6 Capricorn placements in my chart and my Mars is in Sagittarius. So...do with that what you will.
If you've made it this far and don't find me as abrasive as most people do, shoot. I'll be straight up with you if I'm not liking the vibe. I mooooosssstttt likely have cptsd, so if something feels off in my gut, I'm not down. Sorry.
But don't DM with a single word or standalone sentence. Give me something to actually respond to that has more substance than the interaction you'd have with the barista making your overpriced beverage.
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2023.06.06 05:04 greeneyeddruid Tree eclipses sunset, I guess 🤷‍♂️

Tree eclipses sunset, I guess 🤷‍♂️
2nd year of doing stained glass—I struggled with this piece. Mostly it was my husband talking to me when I was foiling and I missed two piece and didn’t realize it until I had racked them both in and had started my lines?🤦 Also, I know artists are their own worst critics but I feel like this is a kindergartener’s crayon drawing. All I have to do now is frame it and hang it in grandma’s refrigerator🤣
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2023.06.06 05:04 xQxry Payday 2 Music Control Crash

Whenever I load heists that play the song "And Now We Hide", i.e. shadow raid and murky station, my game crashes and the culprit is music control.
I know why the game crashes, I want to know how to fix it because I did not have this problem in the past before., if anyone can give me a solution besides disabling/uninstalling the mod I'm all ears.
Edit: Image didn't attach here's the raw code

Application has crashed: C++ exception
mods/Music Control/lua/music.lua:120: attempt to concatenate field 'current_track' (a nil value)


_update_stats_screen_loot() u/mods/Void UI/lua/hud/HudScoreboard.lua:594
on_ext_inventory_changed() u/mods/Void UI/lua/hud/HudScoreboard.lua:805
ext_inventory_changed() lib/managers/hudmanagerpd2.lua:1255
on_ext_inventory_changed() u/mods/Void UI/lua/managers/HudManager.lua:550
_set_body_bags_amount() lib/managers/playermanager.lua:5135
_internal_load() lib/managers/playermanager.lua:860
spawned_player_original() lib/managers/playermanager.lua:1144
spawned_player() u/mods/VanillaHUD Plus-prev/lua/GameInfoManager.lua:2865
set_unit() lib/network/base/networkpeer.lua:2397
spawn_unit() lib/network/base/networkpeer.lua:2300
spawn_players() lib/network/base/basenetworksession.lua:1513
update_original() lib/states/ingamewaitingforplayers.lua:304
update() u/mods/VanillaHUD Plus-prev/lua/MenuTweaks.lua:922
update() core/lib/utils/game_state_machine/coregamestatemachine.lua:92
original() lib/setups/setup.lua:916
update() u/mods/base/req/core/Hooks.lua:264
original() lib/setups/gamesetup.lua:804
update() u/mods/base/req/core/Hooks.lua:264
update() lib/setups/networkgamesetup.lua:21
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2023.06.06 05:04 BeautifullyBroken316 Pred Hair Loss

* Species: Cat * Age:13 * Sex/Neuter status: Neutered Male* Breed:DSH * Body weight:11.5 lbs * History: Cholangiohepatitis * Clinical signs: confirmed by liver biopsy and high liver values since 2019 * Your general location: USA *
My cat has been on prednisalone since 2019 and now has hair loss at the base of his tail and on his shoulder area tht the vet said is from the long term use of steroids. This is the only side effect he has had so far.
I'm not going to stop the medication because of a cosmetic issue but is there anything I can do to help stimulate hair growth? I started adding Zesty Paws Salmon Oil to his food about a week ago. Will that help? Or is there something else I could do? Preferrably something simple that he wouldn't have to be burritoed for.
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2023.06.06 05:04 leafninjadog “Pass to your upkeep.”

So you’ve got a [[Fire // Ice]] in your hand on turn 2. How do you like to call out when you intend to tap your opponent’s land on the upkeep? I’ve had this happen to me and “Pass to your upkeep.” bit my opponents twice now.
Pass to my upkeep? Ok, untap. “You fetching eot?” “No” “uh ok go ahead.” Play fetchland pass. “Um, ok eot I’ll ice my triome and draw.” “Sick”
In the few times I’ve played that card I called it by just passing and trying to announce priority as they reach for their deck. It’s pretty common to just untap and draw; people infrequently pause in their own upkeep and wait to hear “ok” before they draw. Asking opponents at the start of a match to announce their upkeeps before they draw could also give unnecessary information on your deck.
The timing is just awkward in paper. Any elegant solutions, or should we just hit opponents with a “hold up.”?
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2023.06.06 05:04 AutoModerator Stirling Cooper - Premature Ejaculation (Updated)

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2023.06.06 05:04 stars-and-death What is the Bordeline and what is my "self"

Been thinking of who I am recently because I always mirror the people around me. So I started finding who I am based on the consistent stuff my friends tells me about.
I am a good listener, Clingy, Weird I lack a sense of humour. I reveal too much of myself(someone had to call me out to not reveal too much) And Insensitive
Now. There was a time where I took the 16 personality test and got different results each time in the span of 4 hrs because of my lack of "self". Mediator, logician, virtuoso. Logistician. Here's the test. https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test
Now I took the test again when I was stable and the campaigner is what stuck to me The problem was. The campaigner has aspects that interlaps with bpd.
Campaigner is clingy, idealize friendships, overthinks relationships and intense feelings
Now I do not know if this is my BPD or my personality. So my question is how do you know if this is your personality or just your BPD. Which is you and which is the disorder???
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2023.06.06 05:03 Electrical-Tax5511 Getting back with an ex

Me (21,M) and my ex girlfriend (19,F) are attempting to get back together, we started dating again about a week ago after talking for about 2 months again, things have been going really well, my birthday just passed and she spent all week with me, the only issue we’ve been running into is when I ask her about her past, now she has made it clear she doesn’t want to talk about it, but me being the man I am and loving to hurt, I ask anyways and even though she does not want to talk about it she does, (some back story) we met in high school when she was a freshman and I was a junior, we hung out the summer between her sophomore year and my senior year, we spent almost everyday together within a friend group we had, but it didn’t work out, she actually dated a guy (my arch nemesis) in a spiteful manner to get back at me for getting a blow job from one of her friends, we still liked each other though and kept in small contact whenever we could, eventually at the beginning of 2020 when Covid happened it was my senior year and school and all got cancelled, being away from everyone we reconnected and and started talking for months before starting to date in may of 2020, we dated for a little while and we had our ups and downs, she was 16 I was 18 she was still kid and I was trying to grow up, eventually near the end of February of 2021 we decided to take a week break and I decided at the end I wasn’t going to get back with her, we split off and as the memes go I was ok at first and she wasn’t, but the script quickly flipped and I found myself in a world of pain while she had taken her time and gotten over things, she informed me that she had sex with 2 of the guys I “shouldn’t be worried about” who ultimately caused our breakup in the first place, this was within the first 2 months of us breaking up, I had already had fun of my own but it wasn’t with anyone who interfered with our relationship, so this news made me very upset, we had nasty words with each other and went out separate ways, again we had light contact and saw each other a few times throughout the last 2 years occasionally hooking up but not discussing anything in our personal lives, she graduated summer 2022 and went off to college about 2 hours away, while I stayed in our home town working, about 5 months ago we really stared talking again and realized we missed each other at the end of April I went up to her college to see her and we had a great time, it’s now June 2023 and we are dating again, she has slowly revealed things she had done in our 2 years apart, and every once in a while I pry at her and get more info on all the guys she slept with and how many times and when , all this information hurts me but I can’t help myself, although it is in a way helping me get over it, but she hates it when I bring stuff up and ask her about it, but I just can’t help myself, this is causing a strain on my relationship but I don’t think I can stop asking until I’m fully over it and I tried to explain that to her, she slept with 11+ people in 2 years, I was originally her 3rd sexual partner, it bothers me and makes me feel insecure and I just don’t know how to move forward or how to get over it, sorry for the long explanation, just please give me some advice.
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