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2011.04.09 09:34 oneisnotprime Blockchain built and run by the EOS network DAO

The EOS Network is a 3rd generation blockchain platform powered by the EOS VM, a low-latency, highly performant, and extensible WebAssembly engine for deterministic execution of near feeless transactions; purpose-built for enabling optimal web3 user, developer experiences. EOS is the flagship blockchain and financial center of the EOSIO protocol, serving as the driving force behind multi-chain collaboration and public goods funding for tools and infrastructure through the EOS Network Foundation.

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LibreOffice is a free and open source office suite used by millions of people around the world. It's a successor project to OpenOffice(.org) with regular releases, extra features, and improved compatibility (.docx export).

2012.01.19 23:10 atomichugbot PhotoshopBattles

Photoshop contests on reddit. A place to battle using image manipulation software, play photoshop tennis, create new images from old photos, or even win reddit gold.

2023.06.06 04:12 theparadoxicalsmile The Prayer

Crossing the old mango tree
Near the muddy river you will see
Beautiful world made by thee
Free of tension and misery
Children singing with melody
Praising the glory of the almighty
Come together and join with me
To enjoy this beauteous scenery
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2023.06.06 04:12 EpicMasterKid anyone else prefer BotW to TotK? 🙋‍♀️

imo ToTK is definitely one of the best Zelda games ever. howeverrr, i just don’t it’s as good as BotW. i do think the gameplay, the map, and the more ‘open’ world is much better than BotW. i think the idea of the game is more creative too. but overall i just don’t think the actual game is better than Breath of the Wild.
i’m not sure if it’s because BotW was the first open world Zelda game i’ve played, or because of the characters, or because of the storyline (i love the Breath of the Wild storyline so much more), but something about TotK just doesn’t ‘hit’ the same to me. i absolutely adore Tears of the Kingdom, just not as much as Breath of the Wild. something about that game is so special to me lol. anyone else feel the same way??? literally every LoZ player i know thinks that TotK is better 😫
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2023.06.06 04:12 CarAtunk817 Thoughts on 2023.

First of all. We were there in 21, and I think we were the only ones who had a good time. It was our first festival so maybe we don't know what a well run fest is.
  1. Zach killed it. I was looking for the post down about 180 days ago crying he was a headliner saying he didn't deserve it. I wonder if OP went this year. The energy on Saturday was all him, and he didn't disappoint. He also showed up on stage with two other artist on both days. I wonder if he thinks the same now?
  2. Lines, water, food, bathrooms, and shade were all better. Even local medias biggest issue is ride shares/traffic/hotels. (Legit gripe, but also LEX isn't set up for that. RB literally added 1/5 of the total population to the city.) Would love to see better logistics if they continue at Red Mile.
  3. The Lineup was 100% my jam.
  4. Performance highlights.
    1. Marcus Mumford - Kansas City
    2. Nathaniel Ratliff - I'm on your side.
    3. Head and the Heart - Rivers and Roads (Bonus ZB duo too.)
    4. Weezer - My name is Jonas.
    5. Sierra Ferrel - Don't let me Down (Beatles cover)
    6. Nickle Creek - Light house tale
    7. Lol. Sheryl Crow dropping "This song is older then your mom"
    8. Zach - Oklahoma Smoke Show.
Overall was a incredible time.
Saturday the vibe was awesome. Sunday UK kids wanted to fight everyone to the front so they could GenZ and talk instead of watching the music. Why did you fight your way down to Limestone to face the other way to fight about football while music was on. Douche bags you're not that cool. Go home.
Acoustics near Limestone were off. Clearly had a lot of technical issues. Weird static, Guitars dropping out, sounded better at the entrance. Weird.
Overall. 9/10. Great success see y'all next year!!!
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2023.06.06 04:11 booklover333 What do you think the chances are of S2 at this point?

The writing on the wall isn't looking too good which depresses me; the actor and directors themselves have reported that Disney has nothing slated for the character in the near future. I'm sad because Oscar Isaac was a stellar actor and brought to life one of the most interesting marvel superheroes to date. Is there still hope to see Moon Knight on screen again?
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2023.06.06 04:11 that_was_a_bad_move Why is this move so great???

Why is this move so great???
I was playing this game against the computer (700 bot). I am white. After the London opening I hit the HINT button as I was curious about what the next best move was. It recommended Bishop takes the Knight on a6. This didn't seem like a great move to me due to the pawn on b7 and the bishop is unprotected. I made this move anyways out of curiosity. The pawn did not take my knight, I think the black rook moved toward the king. Again curious what it recommended as the next best move, it recommended to move my bishop back from whence it came. I am not understanding why this move was recommended and why the game review thinks it was so great.
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2023.06.06 04:11 karmareincarnation $40,000 for HVAC replacement???

Our HVAC system is 15 years old and during the maintenance checkup our "expert" suggested we replace the system because it could fail anytime (leaking blower motor, pitting on contactors, etc). We have a 1800 sqft house, gas heat. He gave us the options and I guess because costs have gotten so out of control they started having to do payment plans. So the cheapest option was $304/month for 10 years, which works out to $36,480 total. The most expensive option would have worked out to $48,000 over 10 years. We can pay for the cheapest one out right and it would be around $22,000.
I remember 8 years ago in Virginia we replaced our entire system for $5150 and I thought that was crazy. Like, who has $5150 sitting around they'll willingly spend, much less $22,000? Paying nearly $40k for HVAC is absolutely insane to me. Anyone else in a similar boat?
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2023.06.06 04:11 SuccessfulRanger3385 My first BzzAgent Campaign is not going quite well

For context I’m not blaming BzzAgent basically basically I got this email saying my Conair dryer is suppose to come and the post office ended up delivering it to a parcel locker don’t know why that’s the case but I was so excited. I reached out to support don’t know how much they can do on their end but I also reached out to USPS as well. Crossing my fingers that I end up receiving it. If not I hope it qualify for other campaigns in the future
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2023.06.06 04:11 OldManBrodie Do people not open their windows here?

I moved here about a year ago from northern Illinois, and I've noticed that none of my neighbors ever have their windows open. I live in near Temecula. I never really made the connection until I was getting annoyed about the loud parties at night and wondering why none of the other neighbors seemed to notice. Well, it's because no one ever had their windows open.
Is this a California/SoCal thing? Or do I just have weird neighbors? One of the genuine pleasures of summer nights back in IL was sleeping with the windows open and getting that nice cool breeze. It just seems so odd to stay all closed up.
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2023.06.06 04:11 booklover333 What do you think are the chances of Moon Knight Season 2?

imo it was one of the best marvel productions on disney+. The writing on the wall isn't looking too good which depresses me; the actor and directors themselves have reported that Disney has nothing slated for the character in the near future. I'm sad because Oscar Isaac was a stellar actor and brought to life one of the most interesting marvel superheroes to date. Is there still hope to see Moon Knight on screen again?
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2023.06.06 04:11 SoraDonaldGoofy99 Challenge Dex 60: Jynx

Still, speaking of Jynx, her run is complete. I named her Snooki.
Up to Brock: Moveset: Pound, Lovely Kiss, Lick UGHA... Jynx just FEELS like a hoe. I'm sorry. I know there are people who actually like her, but this thing, to me, sucks. In terms of appearance. Jynx's starting moves don't use her Special at all, just her less than average Attack. Lovely Kiss is quite the amazing move. Pound, UGH. Not good for Jynx. I think Jigglypuff got more use out of it to be honest. None of the Bug Catchers were a problem. I gave Gary Charmander for this run because Charizard has Fire moves, but that may not have been the best idea for later on. Brock, though... that was terrible. I even went back to Gary 1A for EXP, and Buzz wasn't that bad with Lovely Kiss. Brock, I knew Geodude was just going to Full Heal no matter what I did, so I decided to just try Pound. No. I had to grind until Level 18 to learn Lick... GAAAHAHHHH... I felt bad this time. I couldn't not imagine Jynx looking so odd fighting this Geodude and Onix by Licking them and that doing more than Pound. Oh well. Just happy these moves were good for now. I kept Onix asleep for a long enough time with Lovely Kiss so that Pound would kill it by the end, too.
Up to Misty: Moveset: Mega Punch, Lovely Kiss, Lick, Water Gun Got Water Gun for Mt. Moon as well. I nicked a Spearow on the way, and even found a Paras while wandering around. Lick helped me catch the Paras. It was weird enough when Gastly had to Lick stuff, but Jynx felt downright disgusting... GAHAHAAH... I kept Lick only because I thought it would be more useful than Pound overall. And it would be. Nothing was hard leading up to this part of course, Water Gun on my better Special did help in a few of the fights. Once I got to Misty (I was gutsy enough to go at her immediately, yes...) I won pretty handily. Putting her Pokemon to sleep helped so much. I Mega Punched her Starmie down.
Up to Surge: Moveset: Body Slam, Lovely Kiss, Bubblebeam, Water Gun Bubblebeam over Lick, PLEASE!! Gary 2 wasn't even a problem. Bubblebeam was good enough to carry me through Pidgeotto and Rattata. Mega Punch stopped Abra, DUH, and Charmander of course dropped to Bubblebeam. It was now that I was like... Uh... maybe Charmander wasn't the best? Oh well. I already started. I guess if I ever redo these, I'll make Jynx fight Squirtle next time. Anyway, Nothing before Bill's House was bad, but I nearly ran out of Bubblebeams getting there. Once I got the Ticket, I went straight to the S.S. Anne, didn't bother grinding and walked straight to Gary 3. Still was as easy as it was before. Body Slam still took down Kadabra, too. Bubblebeam even wiped Charmeleon. Surge was also trivial. Bubblebeam and Body Slam annihilated Voltorb and Pikachu, and then Raichu, took Bubblebeams. I absorbed a Thundershock and Thunderbolt, but I shrugged them off like nothing. Raichu fell like everything else.
Up to Erika: Moveset: Body Slam, Lovely Kiss, Psychic, Ice Beam I did pick up Ice Punch during Rock Tunnel and spammed that through several battles at that point, but then I took down Gary 4 after I left Rock Tunnel. Pidgeotto, Exeggcute, and Gyarados all fell to the icy fists of fury. Kadabra again took the full brunt of a Body Slam, and since I still had Bubblebeam then, Charmeleon fell like a rock. Took down the Gambler on the way to Celadon, and then went straight to the Rocket Hideout for the money, then took out Giovanni 1, and got Ice Beam, and used the path to Saffron to immediately get Psychic. Psychic was used through my first fights in Erika's gym, and Ice Beam went BRRRR through her team.
Up to Koga: Moveset: Same Um... Yeah, Pokemon Tower was swept, as a Psychic type would do... and Ghost Marowak and Snorlax went bye bye. Ice Beam and Psychic together is too good to not use. I was beginning to get over my disgustedness by now, too, with a far more convential moveset. Koga himself just died to Psychic. Not much more to say besides that. Weezing was the only one who needed two hits, and even then, he only used Smog on me. Poor bastard.
Up to Sabrina: Moveset: Come over here, big boy... Don't know a Snooki reference. Probably for the best. Rival Fival ACTUALLY gave me a reset. Due to a RANGE. A RANGE!!! GAH! Pidgeot fell to Ice Beam like it should, as did Exeggcute, and I kissed Gyarados good night, allowing Psychic and Ice Beam to take care of it. I then did the same to Alakazam and slammed it out. Charizard didn't die to Ice Beam, and then due to Gyarados hitting me before, it killed me with Ember. I came right back, adjusted my moves, and won. Giovanni 2 was just as easy as last time, but other than losing my 4x damage with Bubblebeam, who cares? Sabrina died fast, too! Kadabra fell to a Body Slam, Mr. Mime was frozen by Ice Beam, Venomoth still fell to Psychic, and after a Lovely Kiss, Alakazam died to a few Body Slams.
Up to Blaine: Moveset: Body Slam, Lovely Kiss, Psychic, Blizzard Again, an upgrade from Ice Beam because hell yeah. I then walked into Blaine's gym, thinking I'd take one reset if any. I didn't. I took Growlithe and Ponyta out with Psychics, then Rapidash with Blizzard. When Arcanine came out, I put it to sleep by kissing it really hard, I think... and then threw a Blizzard and a Psychic at it. It died.
Up to Giovanni 3: Moveset: Is it cold in here or is it just Snooki? It was by now I was finally okay with using this thing. Or maybe by Sabrina. I really don't like this Pokemon. In short, Blizzard on non-Nidos, Psychic on the Nidos.
Gary 6: Moveset: Snooki... got... butt? I forget. Didn't need no Canides. I used Blizzard three straight times in a row. Pidgeot, boom. Rhyhorn, boom. Exeggcute, boom. Gyarados needed one, and then a Psychic. I put Alakazam back to sleep and slammed it repeatedly. Charizard just died to Blizzard.
Elite Four: Moveset: Our final stage... is here! Go out with the lights on you as you SAS-HAY through these fools! Or something... I dunno. Came to my mind as I typed this. Jynx won on the first attempt. Blame Lovely Kiss.
Lorelei: Could have maybe been trouble, but Lovely Kiss and Psychic killed Dewgong. Cloyster hit me with Supersonic as Lovely Kiss missed me. I killed it with Psychic as I was smacked by Spike Cannon. I put Slowbro to sleep and saw Blizzard did more damage than Body Slam. I outdamaged her Jynx with Body Slam, too, and then beat Lapras with Psychic.
Bruno: Blizzard Onix, hit Psychic on the Fighting types.
Lance: Blizzard beat her Gyarados, two Dragonairs, and Aerodactyl, but I ran out by Dragonite and used Lovely Kiss and Psychic to kill Dragonite.
Champion Gary: Pidgeot cannot help but buried under ice. I put Alakazam to sleep yet again and slammed it. Maybe Snooki and Alakazam was gettin' it on... GAHA!! God... Shut up other side! Rhydon fell to Blizzard, Exeggutor got thawed after Blizzard by Full Restore, and I used Blizzard, then Body Slam to fell the great palm tree of death after a Lovely Kiss. Gyarados fell to Blizzard and Psychic, then Charizard was vanquished by one stray Blizzard.
I won at Level 61 and at 4:57.
Rankings: 1. Gengar: 62, 3:21, 4 resets. (Thunderbolt, Mega Drain, Psychic, Body Slam) 2. Kangaskhan: 62, 3:24, 1 reset. (Body Slam, Blizzard, Earthquake, Rock Slide 3. Victreebel: 62, 3:30, 2 resets. (Razor Leaf, Swords Dance, Body Slam, Sleep Powder) 4. Blastoise: 63, 3:32, 8 resets. (Blizzard, Withdraw, Surf, Earthquake) 5. Nidoking: 67, 3:43, 8 resets. (Body Slam, Blizzard, Earthquake, Thunderbolt) 6. Venusaur: 62, 3:47, 7 resets. (Body Slam, Swords Dance, Sleep Powder, Razor Leaf) 7. Mr. Mime: 70, 3:47, 7 resets. (Psychic, Meditate/Reflect, Body Slam, Thunderbolt) 8. Primeape: 63, 3:52, 5 resets. (Dig, Thunderbolt, Karate Chop, Rock Slide) 9. Poliwrath: 63, 3:56, 12 resets. (Blizzard, Earthquake, Amnesia, Surf) 10. Lickitung: 63, 3:57, 3 resets. (Swords Dance, Body Slam, Earthquake, Blizzard) 11. Charizard: 66, 3:59, 10 resets. (Earthquake, Body Slam, Flamethrower, Swords Dance) 12. Hitmonlee: 69, 3:59, 13 resets. (Hi Jump Kick, Meditate, Seismic Toss, Body Slam/Mimic/Mega Kick) 13. Slowbro: 64, 4:00, 12 resets. (Psychic, Blizzard, Surf, Amnesia) 14. Machamp: 67, 4:05, 8 resets. (Rock Slide, Body Slam, Submission, Earthquake) 15. Kingler: 64, 4:14, 13 resets. (Surf, Blizzard, Swords Dance, Body Slam) 16. Raticate: 68, 4:17, 13 resets (Blizzard, Dig, Body Slam, Thunderbolt) 17. Seadra: 67, 4:26. 16 resets. (Surf, Blizzard, Double-Edge, Agility) 18. Tentacruel: 60, 4:28, 10 resets (Blizzard, Barrier, Mega Drain, Surf) 19. Ninetales: 67, 4:28, 11 resets (Flamethrower, Body Slam, Mimic, Dig) 20. Nidoqueen: 67, 4:29, 11 resets. (Earthquake, Blizzard, Body Slam, Thunderbolt) 21. Farfetch'd: 70, 4:33, 10 resets. (Fly, Slash, Swords Dance, Body Slam) 22. Hypno: 62, 4:38, 8 resets. (Meditate, Hypnosis, Body Slam, Psychic) 23. Clefable, 67, 4:39, 4 resets. (Body Slam, Psychic/Blizzard, Minimize, Thunderbolt) 24. Wigglytuff, 66, 4:41, 6 resets. (Thunderbolt, Body Slam, Psychic/Blizzard, Defense Curl) 25. Dewgong: 64, 4:44, 5 resets. (Blizzard, Mimic, Surf, Body Slam) 26. Scyther: 63, 4:46, 18 resets. (Swords Dance, Swift/Mimic, Slash, Double Team) 27. Golem: 68: 4:49, 8 resets. (Earthquake, Defense Curl, Rock Slide, Body Slam) 28. Chansey: 68, 4:51, 2 resets. (Minimize, Psychic/Softboiled, Thunderbolt, Blizzard) 29. Butterfree: 66, 4:53, 28 resets. (Mimic, Sleep Powder, Psychic, Mega Drain) 30. Jynx: 61, 4:57, 4 resets. (Body Slam, Lovely Kiss, Psychic, Blizzard) 31. Persian: 70, 4:58, 13 resets. (Mimic, Bubblebeam, Thunderbolt, Body Slam) 32. Sandslash: 67, 5:00, 11 resets. (Body Slam, Rock Slide, Swords Dance, Earthquake) 33. Vileplume: 67, 5:04, 15 resets. (Mega Drain, Body Slam/Mimic, Swords Dance, Sleep Powder) 34. Marowak: 73, 5:10, 9 resets. (Blizzard, Earthquake, Mimic, Body Slam) 35. Alakazam: 63, 5:18, 4 resets. (Toxic, Psychic, Recover, Seismic Toss) 36. Seaking: 64, 5:20, 8 resets. (Agility, Double-Edge, Blizzard, Surf) 37. Tangela: 66, 5:24, 16 resets. (Sleep Powder, Growth, Body Slam/Mimic, Mega Drain) 38. Rapidash: 72. 5:24, 10 resets. (Fire Blast, Body Slam, Mimic, Agility) 39. Arbok: 71, 5:28, 27 resets. (Mimic, Earthquake, Body Slam, Rock Slide) 40. Raichu: 63, 5:29, 5 resets. (Thunderbolt, Mimic, Agility, Seismic Toss) 41. Golduck: 64, 5:34, 6 resets. (Dig, Blizzard, Mimic, Surf) 42. Starmie: 61, 5:42, 16 resets. (Thunderbolt, Blizzard, Surf, Psychic) 43. Muk: 66, 5:42, 11 resets. (Mega Drain/Fire Blast, Thunderbolt, Minimize, Sludge) 44. Hitmonchan: 73. 5:44, 12 resets. (Submission/Mimic/Submission, Agility, Ice Punch/Seismic Toss, Body Slam) 45. Dodrio: 72, 5:49, 17 resets. (Drill Peck, Mimic, Agility, Body Slam) 46. Fearow: 73, 6:00, 30 resets. (Drill Peck, Mimic, Agility, Swift) 47. Venomoth: 65, 6:24, 15 resets. (Mimic, Psychic, Sleep Powder, Mega Drain) 48. Golbat: 74, 6:26, 12 resets. (Double-Edge, Wing Attack, Mega Drain, Mimic) 49. Electrode: 70, 6:29, 25 resets. (Thunderbolt, Mimic, Swift, Toxic/Reflect) 50. Parasect, 71, 6:32, 18 resets. (Body Slam, Spore, Swords Dance, Dig) 51. Cloyster, 62, 6:55, 17 resets. (Blizzard, Withdraw, Surf, Tri Attack) 52. Beedrill: 65, 6:55, 23 resets. (Swords Dance, Mega Drain, Double-Edge, Twineedle) 53. Magneton: 64. 6:58, 10 resets. (Rest, Double-Edge, Thunderbolt, Mimic) 54. Onix: 80, 7:11, 25 resets. (Earthquake, Harden, Body Slam, Rock Slide) 55. Pidgeot: 76, 7:16, 13 resets. (Mimic, Agility, Double-Edge, Fly) 56. Arcanine: 72, 7:17. 14 resets. (Body Slam, Dig, Fire Blast, Agility) 57. Weezing: 72, 7:31, 12 resets. (Mimic, Sludge, Thunderbolt, Fire Blast) 58. Rhydon: 73, 7:33, 16 resets. (Thunderbolt, Earthquake, Mimic, Rock Slide) 59. Dugtrio: 78, 7:47, 33 resets. (Slash, Mimic, Earthquake, Rock Slide) 60. Exeggutor: 71, 9:16, 25 resets. (Mimic, Psychic, Mega Drain, Sleep Powder)
And Jynx makes her place in the list... being good despite how I just hate it's looks: S: Gengar,Kangaskhan, Victreebel, Blastoise, Nidoking, Venusaur, Mr. Mime, Primeape, Poliwrath, Lickitung, Charizard, Hitmonlee A: Slowbro, Machamp, Kingler, Raticate, Seadra, Tentacruel, Ninetales, Nidoqueen, Farfetch'd, Hypno, Clefable, Wigglytuff, Dewgong, Scyther, Golem, Chansey, Butterfree, Jynx, Persian B: Sandslash, Vileplume, Marowak, Alakazam, Seaking, Tangela, Rapidash, Arbok, Raichu, Golduck, Starmie, Muk, Hitmonchan, Dodrio C: Fearow, Venomoth, Golbat, Electrode, Parasect, Cloyster, Beedrill, Magneton D: Onix, Pidgeot, Arcanine, Weezing, Rhydon, Dugtrio E: N/A F: Exeggutor
Next is Electabuzz. Now that thing is something I've come to love as I played Pokemon.
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2023.06.06 04:11 Business-Mission-182 I built a Data-Driven Newsletter for my Pizza Shop using ChatGPT

I built a Data-Driven Newsletter for my Pizza Shop using ChatGPT
I recently completed an interesting side project that merged my engineering background with my current role as a pizza shop owner. This project: a data-centric, AI-generated newsletter for my team.
The mission was simple: create a weekly update that's informative, actionable, and easy to digest, providing the team with key business metrics. Because data isn't useful unless it's used properly, right?
So, here's the tech stack that brought this project to life:
The Framework:
  1. ChatGPT by OpenAI: The core engine used for generating the text of the newsletter based on the data retrieved.
  2. Various APIs: Utilized APIs from Toast, Doordash, Uber Eats, our bank account, Quickbooks, and our email service to fetch relevant data concerning sales, customer feedback, cash flow, upcoming bills, and other insights. (still working on a few of these)
The Process:
The APIs pull the necessary data, which then gets fed into the ChatGPT model. The AI digests the data and churns out a comprehensible narrative to build a weekly email newsletter. This contains information ranging from sales figures to customer sentiment, upcoming bills, and trend predictions.
The Output:
An insightful, engaging email newsletter that lands in the inboxes of our management team every Monday, providing a comprehensive overview of the previous week's performance.
Now, I've abstracted away the actual numbers and graphs for the sake of this post. But imagine detailed sales stats, sentiment analysis graphs, and trend predictions, all wrapped up in an AI-composed email!
As I look to the future of this project, I plan to improve the metrics we track and display and engage ChatGPT in a more interactive role - such as soliciting updates or changes for subsequent reports.

Full Version Here

First Draft
Feel free to ask any questions!
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2023.06.06 04:10 KodokuOkami Was I assaulted?

I don't like calling myself a "survivor", because I don't think what I went through was anywhere near severe enough for me to consider myself that, especially when I look at the countless others that have gone through far worse, but there are those that insist that I am, so I figured I'd ask here.
This happened while I was living in Vegas a while back, when I was 19. I had just gotten off work at about 11 at night, and was waiting at the bus stop, when this dude who is very visibly drunk stumbles by and starts talking to me, asking for help. I don't remember exactly what he was asking, but he did ask me to head a little down the road with him, to where his family was staying. Even then, I knew the situation was very dangerous, but I was exhausted from work, so I wasn't capable of making the best judgement calls at the time. I also knew the area very well, was confident in my ability to fight the guy off if he became violent, and I was (and still kinda am) a bleeding heart when people in that state came to me for help. Vegas buses run fairly often, so I figured why not, and went with him.
I'll skip the unnecessary details, but keep in mind that I am a trans woman. I bring that up because he was very "romantically handsy" with me while we walked down the street; calling me his girlfriend, holding my hand, walking close, that sort of thing. Given his state, I didn't mind it too much, so I humored him and played along, always keeping on edge in case things went south. I didn't expect him to turn my head towards his and kiss me, though. It was certainly a lover's kiss, I'll say that much. I froze in shock for a moment, but began to push away when I felt him getting a little too comfortable with his hands, I'll say. He played it off like it was nothing and continued down the road. I, on the other hand, was definitely still shaken, though I put on my best customer service poker face to try and hide it. I felt violated, for sure, but I had at least stopped him before he went further. I wanted to turn and run back to the bus stop I was at, but I knew I'd feel overwhelmingly guilty about just abandoning him without knowing he's at least someplace safe in his drunken state, so I stayed with him. The next bus stop wasn't too much further anyway, so I carried on. We did stop at a convenience store, and I did tell some of the people there that he was drunk and I didn't know him, and to call Police if he came back this way later and I wasn't with him.
Fast forwarding a little more (the walk took far longer than I'd have liked), and we stopped at a nearby casino parking lot so he could drink the beer he bought from the convenience store, which I did advise was a bad idea but hey, couldn't expect him to listen to reason at the moment. The next bus stop was very close, and the next bus was due to arrive relatively soon, so I leaned against a nearby post for one of the large casino signs you see all over Vegas. I had my phone out, wondering who I could call to make sure both I got home safe, and this guy got the help he needs, when this guy presses against me, pretty much pinning me against the post. He was gentle about it, but it was still enough to catch me off guard. I couldn't understand what he was saying through the slurred speech, but judging by his eyes and where his hands were moving, I had a fairly good idea of what he wanted. Before I could do anything about it, though, two of the casino's parking lot security pulled up on bikes and asked us what we were doing, thinking we were just two overzealous teenagers or something. I distanced myself from the guy and explained the situation, albeit poorly due to my shaking voice and failing façade. They separated us and one of them asked me something while the other one got the drunken man to walk back up the road and away from me. I don't remember what the other guard asked me, as my mind was still reeling from what the actual hell was going on, but he didn't let me leave until the other guy was out of sight. He then asked if I wanted a ride home in one of their cruisers, and I declined. I just walked to the nearby bus stop, just in time to catch my next bus. I texted my mom about it, and she was the first to say that it was definitely assault and a reportable offense but again, I was way too exhausted to make a report about that so late at night. Even moreso after the fact. But I had also heard countless stories of other people who had gone through far worse than that, and I really didn't think it appropriate for my mother to be saying I'd "survived abuse", as she was adamant about. It was wrong, sure, but again, I'd heard far worse stories, and had known people close to me who had it much worse. So, I just filed it away in my mind as another weird Vegas occurrence.
Now, however, the memory keeps resurfacing every now and again, and I wonder if it really was as big a deal as everyone made it out to be - then and now. So I figured I'd make a post here and ask, to at least get some sort of definitive answer.
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2023.06.06 04:10 Wififish05 I had a dream my dad murdered my entire family, but he is a good person

So last night I dreamt that my dad murdered my entire family, and I had to hide with my grandparents to stay safe. My granddad then nearly killed my dad, but my dad was trying to get to my cat (who is deceased in real life) to kill her. I told my granddad to not let him touch her, so he finished the job. Then out of no where my granddad picked up my cat and started torturing and killing her. By the end of it I said, just kill me, and he sent the knife through my stomach and I woke up.
I often have horrendous dreams/nightmares, but this one just didn’t make any sense. I trust my dad with my life, he cares for me so much. I have issues with my mum but he is always there to support me. My parents are married and there’s conflict but they get along when I’m not present. This dream is really confusing for me. Maybe my dad was protecting me in my dream, because he didn’t kill me?
What does all this mean?
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2023.06.06 04:10 Sanjosean Second Saturday on The Alameda, SJ

Second Saturday on The Alameda, SJ
Second Saturday
The Alameda
June 10th (times vary by location)
Art. Music. Food. Drink.

Enjoy some sunshine and community on The Alameda this weekend. All events are free to enter.
Line Up:

Orangetheory Fitness
Open House

Uncle John’s Pancake House 12pm-2pm
Music: Aireene Espiritu
1205 The Alameda

Visual Philosophy Studio
1065 The Alameda
Music: Aprylle Dawn 12-2pm
Opening Artist Reception 12-2pm
With Malti B. Lee

Crema Coffee 12-2pm
Music: J. Leigh Stone
1202 The Alameda

Crema Coffee
Trivia: Ms. Sweet Nothings (2-3pm)
1202 The Alameda

Stephanie Metz Sculpture (2-6pm)
It’s Squishy Saturday - Try your hand at needle felting!
The Alameda Artworks
1068 The Alameda

Hop & Vine SJ
Music: David Jesitus (5-7pm)
1435 The Alameda

J. Lohr Vineyards Tasting Room
Live Music
100 Lenzen Ave.
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2023.06.06 04:10 AlwaysLearning520 New to this

Hi all,
My girlfriend and I are opening up our relationship, and it’s been pretty hard on both of us for different reasons. I’m trying for both of us.. for her, because I love her more than anyone I’ve ever loved, and she doesn’t feel that monogamy is right for her.. and for me, because I’d like to be a more secure and less codependent person.
I love the concepts behind poly and how it can potentially make you stronger, but I’m currently struggling a lot with jealousy and insecurity. If there’s anyone on here who struggled in the beginning and found ways to grow and thrive, could you please reach out to me? I could really use someone to talk to who has been in my situation before and has come out stronger on the other side. Thanks so much.
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2023.06.06 04:10 Married_Guy_NC 41 [M4F] #NC #EST - Any young ladies that would like to have some fun chatting and maybe more with a married man tonight??

I'm at work tonight (ALL NIGHT) and would love to find a younger lady to have some fun chatting, flirting and hopefully more with! If it continues past tonight then that would be great and I'm open to seeing where it actually goes! Maybe it will develop into something special between us. Please be ok with the fact that I'm married and need complete discretion! I'm open to age and race. If you're interested then message me with a little about yourself!! Would be great if you're in or close to the EST area and even close or in NC!
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2023.06.06 04:10 Boorobford I got laid 3 times last week.

Thought I'd share why I had been out for a while and while I cannot share too much, wanted to shed some light into what I have been up to. Decided to slowly get back into the game with a mix of dating apps, some daygame, and nightgame over the weekends. Shut off almost all of reddit and decided to go all in on game yet again. Pulled off 3 lays in one week.
Lay 1: Half-Asian and Half-White mix from New York.
I was at an outdoor bar the Saturday before this one and had done a handful of approaches. Night starts out rough as I try to chat with a couple of blondes but get brutally rejected. I keep probing and then hit it off really well with this tall brunette with a tan. Things were going well but her friends find her and practically drag her away. I cannot do a thing about it. Lately, I have been gaming solo since I find wingmen to be highly unreliable.
So I keep at it and then out of nowhere as I am heading to one of the nearby bars to order my first drink, I run into this one girl wearing a tanktop and yoga pants. We chat a bit and banter. She went to school at Marist and played Volleyball there, was in her 20s too. She was tall but I had a couple of inches on her given that I am 6 ft (or slightly below lol).
I decide to move her from one end of the bar to the next and get no resistance from her. Then I try to figure out her logistics but she says she is with a few friends. I look over and notice a couple of her friends seem gay and the others are these white girls who look chill. So I decide to get her IG and then keep talking to her. As the friends come over, I talk to them as well. They were all cool but I know not to talk to them too much.
To my surprise, they let me talk to the girl but then I work my familiarity of the city's nightlife scene to my advantage. Propose to all friends that I know of a great rooftop with nice views and we can go there, they decide to go with me. I know a few of the staff at the rooftop and they get us a decent spot to sit in. Friends get a little drunk and the girl is only somewhat drunk. I pull her off to a more secluded part of the rooftop and propose we go to my place. She pushes back but I hang around.
After that, we make out a bit and I tell her we should check on her friends. Two of them are heading back and I propose to the girl we check out my place, she is now down for it. Pull her back and as soon as we get to my place, we start making out. I take off her top and suck on her tits. As soon as she gets in just her panties, I could not help but smack her ass and bite and kiss those cheeks, she loved it. I smash with protection on that night and then we chill nude on my couch watching Netflix. I get hard again and she blows me while we are watching a horror movie.
We then fuck again a couple of hours later, protection on obviously, and go to sleep. Wake up in the morning and this time I hit it raw but we ended up spending the morning and the afternoon together nude fucking. She proceeds to tell me that she loves Indian guys and has a thing for them but just not many "bold" ones up in New York. Wow, my theory was right. I keep in touch but she has to fly back the next morning, a fun lay after a long time.
Lay 2: Armenian girl from LA.
I went out daygaming that Sunday and was hitting a lot of brick walls, ended up not getting much of anything at first. Then I saw this Kendall Jenner lookalike and decided to shoot my shot. The girl was shockingly receptive and after a long while of talking, probably 10 minutes, I got her IG. She could not go on a date because she had to meet friends for dinner and it was getting kind of late too (like 7). The next day, we go on a date but I make it near where I live. She loved the drinks and the bartenders + staff at the place know me well.
We talk and I banter with her on and on and on, teasing her a good deal. Finally, I decide to show her my spot which has a nice rooftop view. She tells me I better not try anything and I look at her puzzled. Take her to my spot, show her a nice view, and then try to get intimate. No one else is around and it is just us so I go for the kiss which I get no resistance from.
Then I tell her I have one better view to show her, she says "uuhhh you are not going to pull me into your bedroom are you?". I tell her "not exactly". She goes along and I pull her to my apartment, she loves it and she loves the view I get. Then I get intimate with her again and end up smashing. We once again do it a few times but then she says she has to see her friends at the club. We shower nude together before I have to kiss her goodbye. She was actually really fun too but so sad that she has to leave.
Lay 3: Korean and White mix from LA.
This one was just the past Friday night for me. I was at a huge bar and striking out to start the night. After that, I chat up these two girls, one was a tall redhead and another was this brunette with exotic looks. I grab a guy who seemed to be by himself that night and introduce him to the redhead as I talk to the brunette. The brunette laughed and said "smooth", I sort of ignored it. She tells me she is from LA and I jokingly say "yeah and ur Armenian", she says she is Korean and white.
We seemed to hit it off well from the start, she let me touch her and all. The redhead is making out with the guy I introduced her to and I make out with my girl, not much resistance. We spend a lot of the night together with her grinding on me and me kissing her behind the ears, gently. She was down for it and I tell her that I got some nice rooftop views for her, she agrees.
Take her to my spot, show her a nice rooftop view, make out some more, bring her back to my apartment, and smash. Just like with the first Asian and white mix, I ate her out and we fucked multiple times that night. Woke up next to each other and fucked probably 3 times that morning, twice without protection.
She later tells me that she is into Indian guys....
This is not the first time I have heard of Hapa girls being into Indian dudes.....
But yeah, sadly she has to leave as she was a tourist :(
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2023.06.06 04:10 BTReaper Metalcore

Hey my names Ash I’m trying to start a low tuned, emo/gothic styles metalcore band called Bloody Tears. I have lyrics written for a whole album and I’m currently trying to find the right production sound I’m wanting for it. Here’s a playlist of some songs I use for inspiration going towards this album
I’m 19 looking for people around 18-24 ish who are fully committed and want to make music their career. If your interested hit me up on instagram @ashgunterbt. You can hit me up there and I can send you some of my vocal clips. Thank you for your time:)
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2023.06.06 04:10 so_many_letters Is anyone seeing the salaries in China go down?

I got hired a couple of years ago for a fairly high salary. In the interview, they told me that the salary would drop a few thousand when the borders opened (which was actually a part of why i took the job, cos holy shit, a tiny bit of honesty from a training center, WTF).
Borders are open now (vaguely).The school has never had a problem replacing teachers in pandemic times, cos it is probably the best training center in the city, and the teachers do the recruitment for the school by inviting their friends. But nobody wants to work training centers anymore. The lack of holidays and weekends weighs heavy on everyone after a few years.
I was expecting my salary to be down by now. I would have been more than happy with a few thousand less... My previous job was about 15 more classes a week for 10k less.
When do salaries start going down? Or have they already? Maybe it is just that my city changed reputation from one of the best cities to boring during the pandemic, and less people want to live here now?
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2023.06.06 04:10 Toe-Patrol UE Crashign Upon .udatasmith File Import (Official Datasmith Plugin)

I'm currently facing a persistent and frustrating issue with Unreal Engine. For context, I'm a Computer Science student who does student assistant work for my University where I help the school's faculty bring their ideas for XR (Extended reality, AR, VR etc.) to life for their classrooms. I am the only student working on this project, and I am being assisted by the head Engineering professor who is the head of this small 'Extended Reality department.'
For several months now, I've been working on a VR project for a geology professor but I have been at an absolute standstill due to this issue for a large majority of the time spent on this project. The overall idea is he wants to have a bunch of individual .LAZ files of some lidar-scanned geographical area created into one map. He wants this map to be a VR environment that can be navigated around. The core of this project involves importing a .udatasmith file of this geographical site's LIDAR environment scan into Unreal Engine. His students are then supposed to import a geological .tif map overlay that they've created on their own, align it with the environment in VR, and check its accuracy against a master (key) .tif file provided by the professor.
However, whenever I attempt to import the .udatasmith file into Unreal Engine, the engine crashes every time. I've tried importing the file into multiple versions of Unreal Engine with no success. I have tried importing on various versions of Unreal, such as 4.27.2, 5.0, 5.0.3, and 5.2 with the same result of it crashing every single time.I use the Unreal official Datasmith plugin. I import the file from City Engine in the UE format, and from within UE, I select the file and click on the 'Import' button, and then the crash of the entire engine begins.
The .udatasmith file was provided to me by my collaborator on this project. (The engineering professor- NOT the geology professor who the project is being created for.) Along with this, they also provided a .cej file (CityEngine project file) which viewed in City Engine is the map for LIDAR environment scan. When I open the .cej file in City Engine, the environment appears, but it's very very transparent.
I've tried a few things to troubleshoot this, such as ensuring that my hardware meets the requirements for running Unreal Engine and checking for any obvious corruption or issues with the .udatasmith file itself. However, I've been unable to identify or resolve the issue that's causing Unreal Engine to crash.
I'm at a bit of a loss here, and I'm reaching out in the hope that someone might have encountered a similar issue or could provide some insight into what might be going wrong.
Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help.
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2023.06.06 04:09 kashitime I (32M) told someone I'm dating (31F) that I've always made the mistake of rushing into relationships in the past. She seems to have slowed things down since then. I can't tell if it's a sign of interest or the other way around.

For better or worse, I'm the type of person to say what they want as soon as they know they want it. In my previous relationships, I was always the first to express my feelings and intentions, and in hindsight I realize that I always did that too soon. It resulted in relationships where I'd later think, "What did I get myself into?", when I thought I was ready for everything in the early stages. Because of this, I've tried to slow myself down with the person I'm dating now. I don't reply as quickly, I don't ask them out as often as I'd really want to, and when I realized I liked them I made a conscious effort to not be their dog (because that's what turn into when I like someone). I'm always itching to shower someone with love, but I understand now that anything I try to build quickly will always be vulnerable to falling apart quickly.
Last we went out though, I felt the need to make my feelings and intentions clear because she let me know that she was seeing other people at the same time. I didn't let the floodgates of my heart open as I usually did though, I just said something along the lines of "I would like to keep dating you with the intentions of forming a relationship, and I'd like to know if you'd be receptive to that", and she said yes, she would be. I don't think it'd stop her from seeing other people, but at least it means I'll still be in the running for a couple more dates.
After clearing that up with her, I also let her know that I was actively trying to take things slowly. I told her that I was the type to rush into things, and I didn't want to do that with her. In a way, I might have still been rushing into things letting someone know what I want right off the bat, but this way, if either of us starts losing interest anytime soon, at least neither party would get hurt so badly from it (versus the case where I rush into a relationship with her and either of us suddenly wants out).
Since then, she seems to have slowed things down when interacting with me. She too would text back more slowly, she responds in a more reserved or lax way (when in the past she was quite warm and welcoming), and overall I just get the feeling that she's put herself in a no-pressure environment around me. Like, "Oh, I can just lay back and take it easy with this guy".
It's hard for me to tell if this is a sign of interest (respecting my intentions to go slowly) or if I'm falling out of favor with her and the air around us is beginning to cool and stagnate. I'm not dating anyone else, so I guess I'll feel pretty sad if it's the latter. It's starting to make me feel like I should have just done things the way I used to--should have just rushed into it because I already know I like this person, should have just showed my hand early on so she could reject me quickly and I can move on, should have just taken a stand and said "I want you to date only me".
It kinda bums me out that this is the first time I've put this much thought and care into dating someone and yet here I am wondering if it was a regretful thing to do. I'm already pre-grieving the case in which I get rejected because I've got a bad feeling in my gut. I think I'd prefer to just get rejected now so this doesn't take up space in my head.
What are your thoughts on this? Am I just beating myself up over nothing? Being a downer thinking of the worst case when I might actually be doing well? I'm trying to manage my expectations, and I think some outside opinions would help.
Thank you for reading this post.
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2023.06.06 04:09 SpaceBandit666 Update: Selling art on consignment and being charged credit card fees

I had posted a thread earlier today asking how to politely approach the store owner of a newly opened art consignment store about charging us for credit card fees and mall fees. I am still waiting on a copy of my signed agreement.
Update: Apparently I wasn't the only one pissed about this because we all recieved this email. I will likely be leaving if this goes through. Names and shop name removed for privacy reasons:
Apologies Regarding the Sales Receipt
Hello all,
Last night I sent out all of the sales report receipts. I apologize for how rude it was for me to add on fees without warning you explicitly first. I unfortunately had to add in an $11.00 credit card fee to each vendor because Clover charges us those fees. Please know that you are only being charged for the credit card fees accrued from Clover sales in the month of May. I have divided up this expense evenly between all of our vendors. Additionally, I also had to add a $1.00 fee because of [Fancy Mall]'s extra charge for our rent in the month of May. We had to pay an extra approx. $80 to [Fancy Mall] because our sales have been so great we have hit our breakpoint for sales as indicated in our lease agreement. I never imagined we would do so well that this charge would be an issue for us. We are doing so well and this fee is a sign of our success.
I understand that it is not fair for me to divide fees equally among all vendors considering everyone makes a different amount of money each month. However, it is just not humanly possible for me to do this amount of payout and calculations biweekly. I will have to adjust our contract to be monthly payouts in order to be able to take my time and accurately calculate fees for everyone. I am sorry if this is inconvenient for you but I must do this to assure I am charging everyone fairly. After this payout, all payouts will begin being processed at the end of the month and will be sent within the first week of the following month.
Additionally, because of the feedback stating my methods were unfair, I have decided that I will have to withhold May 17-31's payments until Monday, 6/12 to get this arranged. So please disregard your previous sales receipt and look out for the new, fair one coming soon. Be assured that you will receive your funds. If you absolutely need an expedition on payment, please reach out and we will try to arrange something.
If you would like documentation of the Clover credit card fees or a copy of our lease agreement stating we owe those charges to [Fancy Mall] please let me know. If you no longer wish to have your products in the store due to this miscommunication or the change in policy, please let me know and your exit can be arranged.
This store is a community effort and we aim to be perfectly transparent about what we are charging you. We work hard every day to make sure we are providing you and our community the very best we can with what we have. I hope that all of you know me and my team and know that we are here for you. I cannot always do this whole business thing perfectly, especially since we are such a small team. But I promise I put so much of my heart and soul into making this business the best it can be. I appreciate you taking a chance with us on this journey to discover the best methods to innovate this ethical model of consignment.
[End of email]
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