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2023.06.06 04:50 goatladyx can’t stand other wwoofer on the farm I’m with

hey y’all so I don’t want to get into too much details but I’m wwoofing right now and I love the farm I’m at literally could not be happier with it it’s great but right now we’re 4 girl wwoofers me included plus the host that’s a male. I love 2 of the girls that are absolute sweethearts and I vibe so well with them but there’s one that’s literally unbearable to be around I can’t stand her I’m at a point where I’m happy and feel way more relaxed when she’s not around, which is not the majority of the time. We’re on a really remote farm so it’s hard to just get a break when someone annoys tf out of you. I try my best to work on my patience and tell myself that I won’t be stuck with her forever but I learned that she’s planning on leaving at the same time that I am and I feel like I’m going to go crazy. every move she does annoy the f out of me and I considered that maybe I could be the problem but the other girls pretty much feel the same way about her. so I need advice wtf do you do when you’re stuck with another wwoofer that you just want to scream every time they talk because they frustrate you too much lmao. Thanks for your advice I feel like I’m gonna break under pressure and snap at her eventually and I don’t want that to happen. She’s just so annoying and not a enjoyable person at all to be around Im struggling
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2023.06.06 04:50 Efficiency_Alarmed Ask Anything Thread

Use this thread to anything at all! When you look at your vagina do you see a,) lion B)orchid C)ball sack
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2023.06.06 04:50 WhiteShampoo FS: Fairfield Circuitry Meet Maude, Fairfield Circuitry ~900, Fairfield Circuitry Accountant, Spaceman Sputnik III (black w/yellow lettering), Spaceman Mercury IV (black w/white lettering), Walrus Effects Phoenix

Selling all of these, nothing wrong with any of them, all in excellent condition with no velcro. Please no trades, trying to fund a guitar purchase. All pricing includes USPS CONUS Priority Shipping, and PayPal fees. I may take offers on some of the stuff, but I did try to make the pricing reasonable
Fairfield Circuitry Meet Maude - $275 - Has everything.
Fairfield Circuitry ~900 - $165 - Has everything.
Fairfield Circuitry Accountant - $165 - Has everything.
Spaceman Sputnik III (10/44, black w/yellow lettering) - $375 - Has everything.
Spaceman Mercury IV (102/150, black w/white lettering) - $300 - Has everything, but the box is roughed up a bit.
Walrus Effects Phoenix - $215 - Has everything.
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2023.06.06 04:49 Cleatusmuldoon Monterey Bay Area map

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2023.06.06 04:49 LousVuittonToaster Can anyone ID this ant? It’s huge

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2023.06.06 04:49 zipperbunnie13 Cookies!!!!

🍪 Cookie cookie, cash easy 💵 Earn up to $500 cash 💰 https://temu.com/s/RbwQZHwcggnhC
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2023.06.06 04:49 Becccam19 3 day post op success story!

Hey everyone! 30 F
I just want to provide an update on my gallbladder journey as transparently as I can be- to help anyone else who needs it.
Back in November (At this time I weighed 125 pounds and am 5’4).I had my first gallbladder attack and ended up in the ER. I had sharp chest pain, right shoulder pain and insane heart palpitations. I actually thought I was having a heart attack.
The doctor working emerge had told me almost automatically it was gallbladder. An ultrasound confirmed stones. I remember thinking “ what the hell”, how could this pain be my gallbladder.
Anyways, I get sent home with 30 T3’s and told to follow up with my family doctor.
My second attack was the next night. Sent me right back to emerge where luckily my family doctor was working.
After being told there was little they could do besides put me on a pre-op list, I went home back in pain with my t3’s.
From November to end of May I constantly struggled with eating. It got to the point I was just eating soup, salads, smoothies and protein drinks. In hindsight I think I was more scared of trying different types of food in fear I’d have another attack. Hense I had lost 35 pounds over the course of 6 months.
Now- I have never had health anxiety. I’ve had an emergency c-section -awake and that didn’t give me anxiety. For some reason this gave me all sorts of health anxiety! I’m not sure if it was the thought of being under general anesthesia and losing control in that moment or what.
June 2nd was my surgery date. The morning of I was crying. I kissed my daughter goodbye and in I went. The health team was honestly great!
When I got into the operating room they were being briefed with my name and age. The nurse was talking to me and next thing I knew, I was out.
Waking up in the recovery room was honestly an amazing feeling. To be honest when I woke up I was in zero pain.
About 30 mins after waking up, I was discharged. The first night at home I was nauseous. I however, had no throat pain and my incisions were sore but not painful.
Day 2, I had a low grade fever but was moving around the house just fine. I had my first solid bm followed by diarrhea.
Day 3, check up with my doctor. Everything is healing nicely and my gauze has been removed. My low grade fever is gone and I ate a burrito. And guess what! I could stomach it. Now I just need to work on gaining the weight back I had lost.
From here on out I am so excited to start my recovery process. After speaking with family members, I was informed 3 of my aunts on my dads side had their gall bladder removed as well!
For anyone experiencing any anxiety due to their gallbladder issues, you’re not alone. It will get better for you 💕
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2023.06.06 04:49 Adult_disguise Gf wants to talk to someone over the phone as they both fall asleep

Warning: some adult stuff/erp stuff is mentioned/some bdsm terms used
So, I've (29 F) been in an 8 year long relationship with my gf (28 F). A few years ago we became polyamorous because I'm asexual and sex repulsed and she has a high libido. For her sex is just something fun to do with friends like playing video games. I wasn't comfortable at first, honestly don't know if I've ever been completely comfortable. I basically agreed with the condition that I don't want to hear or see any details beyond who she's with. At first it was just a mutual friend (she actually offered to be my dom at one point but I turned her down) this was okay. I was comfortable with that. More recently gf's gotten into vr, especially erotic vr. She's making friends with people there and everything is virtual, but I've been extremely uncomfortable. We're renting a single bedroom so I hear and see way too much (she uses virtual desktop and sometimes what she's doing will be playing on the computer screen. I really don't like this, it's not intentional and she always fixes that when it happens.) Recently she's made a new friend, we'll just call them sillysub because it's all I can think of. Gf asked me if she could be sillysubs dom/make sillysub her pet. I thought about it and currently said no. I told her how I've been less and less comfortable since she's been making these new friends. We think it's because I don't know them. So I've met sillysub, talked to them. I do like them, we get along. I'm still unsure on the pet thing, and my gf takes idk for no thankfully. (I also want to add that gf constantly tells me that all I have to do is say stop and she will.) Anyways, all this backstory is because gf wanted to call sillysub and talk as they both fall asleep on the phone. I am not comfortable with this. I told her that feels romantic. She said it's not and that it's something friends do. I have never done this with any friends, which I said but she responded by reminding me that I'm not a social person. That's extremely true btw. She is respecting my wishes and not doing that, but she is also upset. I don't know what to do. Am I over reacting here? I constantly feel like I'm either being very excepting or like I'm being selfish and holding her back.
So, um, tl;dr am I in the wrong for viewing sleepy calls as romantic and not wanting my gf to be doing that with someone else?
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2023.06.06 04:48 PotterCooker Do my 2023 W2 contributions contribute to the 110% safe harbour rules for my household, negating my 1099 wife's need to make estimated quarterly payments?

2022 my wife and I were a mix of W2 and 1099. We paid c. $9k in tax.
2023 I am fully W2 and my wife is fully 1099.
My W2 federal tax deductions are expected to be about $11k this year.
Cashflow wise, we're much better off Q3 and Q4, so want to avoid having to make quarterly payments for Q1 and Q2. But obviously want to avoid the underpayment penalty.
As my estimated W2 deductions are greater than 110% of my PY tax bill, does that mean I'm 'in' the safe harbour without doing quarterly payments?
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2023.06.06 04:48 TheFarSea Stories in a corporate setting

Are you a writer or wanna-be writer who's had some experience in a corporate setting or some kind of agency, e.g. web, marketing, head-hunter, management consulting? Ready to use this experience to explore the relationships, drama, abuses, kindnesses, shi**ty bosses, successes, betrayals, and of course not forgetting the colleagues who try to undermine other people's work, and everything else that goes on in this kind of setting? I'd like to work with someone on some short stories or novels, with the goal of developing a series.
I'm F, began my career as a journalist, and then transferred into copywriting and content writing. I've written some poetry and a handful of short stories, but now I want to explore the possibility of a serious project with a collaborator. Thanks.
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2023.06.06 04:48 AutoModerator The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity AISays.org

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2023.06.06 04:48 v_lee02 Blockminer: Help Build a High-Performance Classic Survival Community [semi-vanilla] {1.19.4}

Immerse yourself in the expansive world of Blockminer, a unique server that blends classic Minecraft survival with modern plugins and innovative gameplay enhancements. Here, fairness and enjoyment are our top priorities, eliminating any pay-to-win elements like Loot Boxes or OP Items.
On Blockminer, you'll discover familiar favorites such as McMMO, a diamond-based economy, town creation, custom vote altars, and player shops. We also proudly showcase a multitude of unique gameplay modifications designed to enrich your Minecraft experience. Enjoy features like Infinity enchanted bows that work without arrows, armor stands with arms, versatile mob spawners, and many, many more!
One standout aspect of Blockminer is our superior performance. We've invested significant time and effort to optimize the server to operate efficiently across multiple cores, a level of refinement that's rare among Minecraft servers. This optimization allows us to offer a significantly higher mob count and a vastly extended render distance, giving you the opportunity to explore and interact with the Minecraft world like never before.
But, we need your help. We're not just looking for players, we're looking for dedicated community members who are excited about helping to build a vibrant and engaging community. Does this sound like you?
Start your adventure with us at mc.blockminer.net!
Join our Discord: https://discord.gg/fYaMybk2 or visit our website: https://blockminer.net/ to learn more. We're excited to welcome you to Blockminer!
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2023.06.06 04:48 LukeV93 Kryosheet for laptop

Hello guys, i saw this video (link: https://youtu.be/v6PfZ9CJVUg) from Hardware Unboxed and Der8auer in which they talk about a new series of thermal pads called Kryosheet who are made out of graphene.
I was wondering if i can buy a large pad and then cut it to fit the size of both my laptop CPU/GPU, like it was allowed with the Carbonaut pads which were realized by Carbon.
I know, since the material and the manufacturing process are completely different and also they provide a sticker with the Kryosheet to avoid contact with other components near the CPU and GPU (because those pads are elettricaly conductive), i don't think it will be possible to cut it but i can't find a clear answer on Thermal Grizzly F.A.Q. so i want to hear your opinions on that.
Also i will ask their support and update the post if i'll get an answer.
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2023.06.06 04:48 Thatman2467 Ah yea negitive climb rate

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2023.06.06 04:48 Orangutan Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: “We’re going to do a mass experiment, a new kind of mass experiment of what happens when you tell the people the truth.”

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2023.06.06 04:47 Noobuss_ What do you guys think about this Term 2 Schedule? :') (Microbio focus)

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2023.06.06 04:47 Matanzohar7 How the fuck are we supposed to start another game

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2023.06.06 04:47 Thin-Sandwich-7534 Will we speak again

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2023.06.06 04:47 livvylouu DAY 15: I’m sick of everything I’ve been around enough to get used to, but I’ll never get sick of Royal. Onto S!

DAY 15: I’m sick of everything I’ve been around enough to get used to, but I’ll never get sick of Royal. Onto S!
At the time I counted, Royal beat Rare by all of 4 votes! Excited to see what wins for S. Happy voting, and please keep the comments civil! The last two days have gotten fiesty!
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2023.06.06 04:47 mattafinga What should I do with these wires?🔥

I was trying to come up with a funky or different way to hide these wires. I can't run them through the wall, so I need to think outside the box. The whole audio setup and wires are all up for debate on what to do with them.
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2023.06.06 04:47 Short_Algo $PWR Awaiting Buy Signal based off 8 signals $933 net profit 6.52 profit factor 87% win rate on a 15-min chart. Free trial at https://t.co/yI1SPnacSZ https://t.co/LrIncQwENf

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2023.06.06 04:46 delhiapollohospital Best hospital in Delhi

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