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2023.06.06 03:46 -____deleted_____- I’m working on a story outline for a comic book I’m making. All character names are placeholders for fleshed out characters.

Nothing before dawn of universe. Two deities created from space dust. First good is created. Good creates evil to have a friend. Both are genderless. One is associated with good and life the other with death chaos and evil. They are friends. Both create the universe together. Evil accidentally creates death one day. Almost kills good. Good becomes horrified. Good creates a universe outside of all of time and space by warping a black hole. Good banishes evil to the pocket outside time. Good Puts spell that allows only lost stuff to enter and leave the pocket. The black hole occasionally sucks in random stuff from earth. Like if you loose your keys they temporarily go to this dimension before you find them. It’s Nicknamed the lost sock dimension. All sorts of lost things end up here. One day a doll ends up getting sucked in. Back on earth a box of books goes missing from a thrift store. Both the books and doll end up in universe. Evil Finds ancient spell book inside of box. Evil decides to escape the pocket through the doll by putting their spirit inside the doll with a spell. Does a shitty job and can’t pronounce everything in the spell. The portal sends the doll back to earth through the black hole. Cue doll ending up in thrift store. Boy finds doll and buys it as birthday gift for sister. The more insane people are driven by the doll, the more evils powers grow. Boy starts noticing there’s something weird about the doll he gave his sister. Evil decides to take over sister noticing she is a victim of bullying from kids at her school. While in the doll evil convinces boys sister to under go possession ritual. He makes a deal that she will get power beyond her dreams to overpower those who wronged her. As she grows up Evil then uses her as a vessel to have a little fun and get back at good for banishing them. With evils powers the boys sister ends up killing her bully and mentally manipulating the bully’s cronies into insanity. Meanwhile Good checks pocket outside of time. Notices black hole has grown since evil hasn’t sent stuff back to earth. Realizes evil isn’t there. Starts to panic. Finds the spell book and remnants of evils magic that leaked out of the doll due to bad spell job. Follows magic through the cosmos all the way back to earth. Finds out evil has already possessed someone. Goes back for spell book to undo everything. Book has disappeared back to earth Good recruits boy who bought doll to find the book undo the spell since it’s his own sister. Evil finds out good has come for them. Escapes earth and gifs outside of the realm of space and time while still possessing sister. Boy finds spell book has returned to the location it came from. Good uses same spell evil used and possesses boy. Boy temporarily gains the powers good has and then follows the trail of leaking magic To where evil has hidden outside space and time. The boy talks to his sister. Helps her realize that she was brainwashed into having her powers to carry out the twisted desires of evil. Sister realizes that her own fear of being hurt by others made her lash out and become the same as those who hurt her. The boy mentions the spell to undo everything. She agrees. Spell is done. Both good and evil emerge from the bodies of those who they have possessed. The boy and his sister are frozen unmoving. Good talks to evil and evil confesses that because all it had ever known was chaos And death it count help but use its powers. But since it cared so deeply for good it became devastated when it hurt good and good responded with a lack of trust and banishment. Evil hated being banished and resorted to its desires of death and chaos to feel powerful and less hurt and to get back at good for not trusting them. Deep down evil is afraid of hurting good again and feels like theirs nothing to do if death is so engrained inside of itself. It’s basically evils nature to cause death and destruction. Good reminds evil of being able to create good things and be life giving. Reminds evil they created the universe together. Good admits that pushing evil away rather than helping them figure out what to do with this accidentally found power of death was wrong. Both acknowledged that now that it’s created it must be taken care of as a part of the universe. There is now some degree of it that is needed to keep things functioning. Good tasks evil to oversee death and chaos and keep it in line. Evil promises to never hurt anyone with it again. They return the brother and sister to earth. They turn back Time with one last spell from the book to undo all the stuff that has happened and alter then timeline of the universe to have it never happen again
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2023.06.06 03:45 WhiteOwls This game has a twisted sense of humor with RNG.

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2023.06.06 03:42 kaceymustdiggraves [Tenant - CA, USA] Downstairs neighbors breaking all kinds of rules, making living here an absolute nightmare. How to approach?

Hi everyone, hope this all makes sense. Frankly I'm fed up with my neighbors and I'd love to just break my lease and get out of here, but unfortunately I renewed my lease right before all this started happening, so I think I'm pretty stuck. Just looking for some advice on how to continue bringing this up with my property manager.
It's quite a long story, but essentially, I'm living in a four-unit building with two upstairs and two downstairs units. Each is a two bed, one bath, ~850sqft. For my first year living here, everything was fine... neighbors were annoying, but other than occasional noise, it was manageable. So much so that I decided to renew my lease.... big mistake.
The neighbors that previously lived beside me in the other upstairs unit, moved into the downstairs one once it opened up. While they had barely been a nuisance before, something changed and it changed fast upon them swapping apartments. This was a family of (I believe) 5-- two parents and three children, the oldest of which is likely around 10 and the youngest is a toddler. Over the past few months, there has been a population boom within that apartment. As of now, I've counted at LEAST 6 adults, in addition to the children, that are somehow constant enough to have a significant presence in the complex, yet not constant enough for me to recognize them. This alone makes me wildly uncomfortable, as the new adults are big, grown men who speak little if any English, and I'm a small woman. I dread coming home at night (at all, really, but whatever) because they are often outside drinking, smoking, and gambling, and will watch me as I leave from my car to my door. There are so many of them in the apartment that at least one of the men sleeps in his car, parked directly next to mine. Which also makes me extremely uncomfortable.
Since moving below me, I have seen them in the patio (directly under my bedroom window) with all sorts of power tools and saws, and a handful of large planks that honestly could only be temporary walls being cut and installed. From inside, I have heard all of these tools being used as well. I let the property manager know about this immediately, as I was hoping to nip it in the bud and get it dealt with quickly. He let me know that he would speak to them about it, and the outright obvious construction stopped, but I did continue to hear noises from inside that were beyond the normal "drilling a shelf into a wall" sort of sounds.
I have also complained about them smoking around the property, and leaving cigarette butts everywhere. This was met with signs being posted in a few spots that it's a no smoking property, along with a city municipal code to back it up. I've got no idea if the tenants were spoken to about it, or if the signs were just put up to try and "fix" it without having to confront. I'm going to guess the later because while it has decreased very slightly, it certainly has not stopped.
The strange men have also decided that my parking lot is their space, so long as I'm not parked in it. (It's important to note that each unit has ONE assigned spot.) For example, today upon coming home from work, there was three of them in my spot, using it to.... give each other haircuts? And the carport reeked of weed. They "apologized" and then stood directly beside my car, watching me collect my things and get out. Again, super uncomfortable.
The children that live downstairs have hijacked the building's compost bin to use as ball storage in the patio. When I attempted to confront them about it, I did so through a letter, as I do not speak Spanish and they do not speak English. However they claimed to not know what I was talking about, and the bin "disappeared" from my view from the window..... until yesterday, when they left the gate open and I was able to see it hidden just under the awning.
Anyway. There's a lot more, but this post is getting really, really long.
TLDR: My neighbors are awful and I want out, but I'm scared to bring it up to the property manager.
I am wondering if anyone has any advice on how to continue to bring this up to the property manager. I honestly feel bad doing so, as contacting him every single time something happens would just be me blowing his phone up. I've been taking pictures and documenting everything in a spreadsheet with dates, times, and notes, just so that I have written account of all their behavior, but I'm unsure of how to share this information.
My biggest concern is being a nuisance and being seen as a snitch or something. Even though I know it is his job to deal with this sort of stuff, I'm having a lot of anxiety around the entire situation, especially since the first year I lived here, I had to contact him VERY few times, and it was always related to something within my own unit (like the heater not working). So to come out swinging with all these complaints feels..... wrong? I'm not exactly sure.
Really, all I want is for them to move out lol. And if they won't leave, I would be more than happy to-- but breaking my lease would mean continuing to pay rent on it *and* a new place, and I can't afford that. I live in Silicon Valley and I'm a teacher, hahaha. But I also can't afford to continue to dread coming home, lose sleep, feel unsafe in my own apartment, etc etc. all because of some inconsiderate aholes.
If you made it this far.... thanks for reading, and an extra thanks to anyone who can offer some advice. I'm getting desperate here lol.
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2023.06.06 03:39 morgan_vandervelde How to use dividends as income/retirement income?

I’m somewhat new to investing and I’ve been creating a diy dividend portfolio via wealthsimple and everything’s going well. My plan is to reinvest my dividends and keep compounding in my portfolio and eventually use it for an income stream during retirement. I’m just not sure how to go about it so the government doesn’t start poking around. Obviously the first step would be to declare the account on my taxes but I’m not exactly sure where to go from there or if there’s anything else I even need to do beyond that. Or if anyone can tell me a better more streamlined way of going about what I’m trying to do would be awesome. I’d like to still have access to my account and invest/divest in stocks as a please and I’m not sure if that’s an option when working with banks or investment firms without having to call someone only between 9am and 5pm and tell them what to do. I appreciate any help.
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2023.06.06 03:39 strawb377y Pain 7 weeks after surgery

I had surgery (md and laminectomy) April 14. It was an emergency procedure after I lost the ability to use the toilet…but the injury was about 4 years old. I had just been managing it until the massive downturn. Anyway, I felt amazing immédiat after surgery. At about the 7 week mark I started to get some pain and it has been increasing. It’s not unbearable per se but pretty bad in almost all positions. It feels best when walking. My PT says it’s all ok. That I should expect the next few weeks to suck a bit as I work on improving my strength and mobility. He also had a md and pain came back around the same time. He thought the surgery failed but just had to put in the work. Lots of rambling here but I’m looking for other experiences. It is beyond terrifying to think I have taken the most extreme step to fixing myself and still feeling lousy. It’s the kind of constant dull pain that leaves me a grumpy irritable mess by dinner time. Thanks in advance for anyone that can share or encourage me.
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2023.06.06 03:38 InvestmentPitiful AITA Male (18) for beginning mad that cousin Male (27) had sex on my bed and telling his gf (27) to get the out of my house.

E= my cousin
A= his girlfriend
So, I have been staying with my mother for the summer until I go back to college in a different state. Recently my cousin (E) had come from a different country and my let them stay in the house and I had to give up my room so he could stay, and I honestly didn't have a problem with that. The problem started when we all came back from a day party and (E) invited his girlfriend (A) over to spend the night and I didn't care she was staying over but all I asked of (E) was to not have sex in the bed.
I have a very bad sleep cycle and cause of this I spend most of the night up around 2 am I went to the bathroom, and I heard moaning and the bed rocking I was beyond pissed I wanted to kick my door open, but I didn't. I just went back to the couch and lay down and tried to go to sleep but I wanted some water, so I went to the kitchen and (A) was there with another girl so that meant two girls where in my room I and was livid. As a walked away I told them to get the f out of my house and (A) told me I shouldn't be mad at her and kept of saying get out. Eventually she and her friend did leave but the fact that cousin had sex in my bed was a told him not to piss my off.
In the morning my mom told me I should not have said that to her cause she is a woman, and I should tell a woman that and what they did wasn't a big deal. She even said that it happens a lot in college, and it will happen, so I have to let it. I told my mom that it was my bed and that fact that they did that when I told him not to was disgusting and disrespectful, but my mom said that it was her house which makes it "her room" not mine even though I grew up there for the past 11 years. Later in the day (A) came back and I just ignored her when she spoke to me to avoid starting a conflict.
The next day me and my mom got into a very big argument, and I ended up yelling at her to the point where the throat hurt which a regret, but it was like all everything I was holding back just got released into one big burst of rage. I went to go apologize to the mom later in the day and she said why she understands why I'm angry she disappointed in me cause of how I handled it, and claims that I embarrassed her. She said I should have gone to her when it happened so she could talk to them. I talked to a friend about this, and he said I was in the right and my cousin crossed the line.
So reddit I want to know and I the AITA for what I did.
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2023.06.06 03:38 Elegant_Plane_9871 Living Room Layout

Living Room Layout
Hi all! I just bought my first house and I'm having trouble with the living room layout. The first picture is my current layout and the next two are ideas I had of what I could do. I'm not particularly in love with any of them considering I have two walls with 4ft openings and then the focal point of the fireplace. It feels like a lot of wasted space.
I don't watch much TV but I have a TV in my built-in to the right of the fireplace. I absolutely do not want to mount it above the fireplace so I'm feeling a little lost with how to make this small-ish room work with all the openings. I'm opening to buying new furniture too as mine is old and hand me downs so I would really appreciate if anyone had some ideas with how to make it flow well.



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2023.06.06 03:37 Consyder-RSGW Commodities are outperforming stocks right now.

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2023.06.06 03:35 ashleysmissingovary 6/5/23 Facebook post

6/5/23 Facebook post
Hopefully the photos post in order, if not here’s the text: “Let me just say something: I REALLY DONT CARE WHAT ANYONE THINKS TBH ! ‼️The ONLY post I’ll MAKE‼️
Many of you LOCALS minded your own business- didn’t even know my name or my families & dealt/focused on your own Struggles/Issues publicly or privately as they came the last 12.5 YRS OF MY FB Journey B4 Joining TT…..
For some reason, since I’ve grown my Tiktok again for the 2nd time-mainly since January- now most mind my business, know my name & FOCUS ON MY struggles/ issues in private & around/to others ! That is INSANITY- I don’t come on “LIVES” & invite ANY of YOU, you make yourself present in them! Now IF MOST DON’T enjoy content/ lives/ videos/post they PUSH NOT INTERESTED/BLOCK, BUT…… you individuals join-view-share-screen record SIMPLY to Be PETTY-DRAMATIC-ENVIOUS(wether you realize it or not).
99% of y’all- I haven’t said a couple sentences to since Highschool or thereafter, an up until TT- you had absolutely nothing to say about me, what changed(?)….. me joining a platform & people CHOOSING to follow me- CHOOSING to gift my family- CHOOSING to become like family to me?? It’s crazy to me- MOST of all you I have prayed for during y’all’s unseen circumstances, happenings- heartbreaks…. I’ve never spread gossip or set around an spoke on others, let alone post consistently as myself or a user - but yet I’m the topic of conversation…… it’s sad- an honeslty has shown me just how close to keep people, just how naive I’ve been, just how much the devil runs rampant in this world….
 I’ve always heard “move away Atleast once for awhile, from your home town” - now I see why. You can literally have nothing- but a “community” around you & other people who have merely been at most “associates” through life/ or a season, will have the most hurtful-negative-degrading to say. 99% of the hate comes from people I have never hurt- intentionally or unintentionally/known personally or not , they simply do it bc they’re hurting & somehow for them it’s easier to ride off what successes or downfalls they think someone else has happening to them, then to put themselves out there. I joined Tiktok Sep 2020, my page was at 50K by Christmas/New Years. Throughout the 1st 2 yrs of TT residing at my other residence, which I made very known- I received 1-2 public disagreements from a friend turned enemy on TT I’ve never met, over something I posted. Last June a local associate of a couple years through someone I know closely- decided to turn on me bc I misquoted bagged chicken by $2-4 dollars, because I trusted a man’s word when I hadn’t been out for months & during inflation !! We had been fine prior- I cleaned her home(even called her beautiful in the video, I asked her could I take/post) , made her a free pregnancy shirt, trusted her with my daughter & youngest while I had Trustin & with some deep heart felt emotions during my pregnancy.…and to be turned on over something so municipal 🤷‍♀️, it’s astonishing truthfully. Another associate incident is last year 7-8 months ago our county endured some unfortunate losses. I posted/shared/commented on those losses as most in our county did. Simply only stating the truths on how awakening and heartbreaking it was to even think about. I have always been expressive with my words, and never until that point had I been hated for being awoken to even a short period of “we’re not promised tomorrow” or “ it could happen to anyone @ anytime”. Until those moments happen - time just flys us by…. An even afterwards ~ the individuals who it dosen’t directly affect it flys by after a period of routine again. Realizing that brought on 5 locals actively keeping me in the topic of conversation, going further beyond that. 
Somehow being my true authentic genuine self- has gotten me talked about, 1:2 truths turned into complete lies…Tiktok hater pages- discord messages- Reddit Threads - FB post plus more made/said about me ! Why? Because I CHOOSE TO LOVE, EXPRESS MYSELF, LIVE, VLOG, POST, BELIEVE, WORK DIFFERENTLY then you?? I truly have never looked upon anyone else’s life an wished I had it, wished I could change it, or despised it so much I tried to jeopardize their livelihoods.
As anyone I WILL take any measures to protect-My family & I. I have allowed months of such to go on, thinking-hoping-giving the benefit of the doubt, but guess what….. I never have said a name on video nor live, the original copies show & transcripts from my platforms show what I posted when I posted it- which can’t be denied…. I then had individuals from other states willfully bring names to me- names local individuals have also informed me keeps our name in their mouth or fingers writing about us. If complete truths were stated- if boundaries hadn’t been crossed- the things happening wouldn’t be- so like any one - I’m doing what I have to. 
TO THE THE INDIVIDUALS SHARING-TAGGING-COMMENTING this afternoon…. Thank you for shining bright your true colors . There is 7.9 Billion(NOT MILLION) PEOPLE ON THIS EARTH 🌎 to sit & focus on another’s life- wether they “show their lives publicly” or NOT….Remember you don’t know when something is recorded from when it’s posted. You also don’t see EVERY DETAIL of someone’s life in 15-30-60-90 Seconds to sit and ASSume, ultimately JUDGE based off perception - opinion!
To Take it further then disagreeing with someone’s “CHOICE TO BE-”- as an amazing mother- SAH Homeschool parent- Small Business Owner….Amazing FatheWorkeProtector doing NOTHING ILLEGALLY WRONG , is absurdity and very eye opening. To Vlog your life- have those videos an words turned into something completely different then the originals…. To have online opinion be “that I am a scam” because of the fake payment methods- fake accounts pretending to be me or my business… To have 8 court dates caused by numerous reports to agencies locally with false reports- that have been continuously proven false….is purely evil driven.
As I continue to exercise my 1st amendment of the constitution- speaking no names of anyone other then my family on my platforms, growing my platforms for people who may find inspiration-joy-inclusion from my content/story/pain/growth/family, I will be watchful & have Unknown eyes 👀 watch for me also. In due time- if I have blocked you or comment on said post asking you to remove it…. & You continue to make post defaming me, slandering me, stating opinions instead of complete facts… I will then have to put your name instead on the papers, being shared around. Remember you’re using a platform if you’re seeing this- we’re ALL PUBLIC RECORD ! 
Just bc I choose to show parts of my life- doesn’t mean I have to sit back and allow harrasssment - bullying- stalking- impersonation- identity theft- defamation- infringement of content property… not all will fall into all those categories- but if you fall into one for a period of time it’s a lawful case. I never in a million years thought I would post a post like this- but here we are. If you don’t have something positive to say- have sound advice- enjoy what you view here on my platforms….. then please don’t waste mine or your time! If you can’t understand that we were all made differently for a reason- even if you think I should know your opinions on OUR LIFE Be Respectful in commenting or be BLOCKED….SIMPLE AS THAT. I WILL NO LONGER BE A PEOPLE PLEASER BESIDES FOR MY FAMILY. As I continue down this journey - I know whoever has faith in him has everlasting life, I am trying daily to be a better person… I have asked for forgiveness for my sins- an have consciously tried every day to not hurt anyone intentionally I love or know for years now.… I have allowed others envy to hinder my possibilities-blessings from blossoming and happening these last 2+ months an all it has done is hurt me and mine more. Not being present & myself- the haters have been allowed to dictate my story-character- Personality viewed online .
I’ve come to realize “Id rather be my genuine self with the original videos- receipts” then to allow someone else to dictate how people view me. I’m going to make going forward More mindful of what I post- but I will not stop shinning bc of peoples own issues within themselves. SO PLEASE FIND YOUR WAY OFF MY PAGES IF YOU HAVE BEEN SOME TO GOSSIP LIES- to comment negatively or to hate someone for simply exsisting differently then you!
I’ve come to understand these last few weeks that “If Word of mouth -Gossip hadn’t happened even B.C era….then the word of Yeshua-Jesus wouldn’t have happened” unfortunately human nature is to talk- but me an mine will not participate unless it’s positive affirmations or general conversation with another. If you’ve read ALL this & still have something to say: please be mindful of my request, because at this point…. You’re first hateful-demeaning comment doesn’t get fully read- but instead screenshotted - printed out an put into a file for court. express yourself- your beliefs as those … and be 💯 certain what you state is fact before putting it out there.
I have ensured on emphasizing paragraphs & punctuation to make it super simple to understand & it’s PUBLIC to be shared so no matter how near or far…. Don’t get my words twisted-as it’s all logged! I wish you all the best- please if as women you can’t support other women’s differences then just move along! God bless all who believe in him and wishes positivity n prosperity onto others. Keep being the hope & light in this world bc man we need it!
Sincerely Ashley Star Casteel owner operator of Wish Apon A Star Kreations WishAponAStarKreations @lilstar92 @lilstar.92 @ashleystarcasteelbackup @wishaponastarkreations on Tiktok…. & Cashapp: $ XXXXXXXXX PayPal: XXXXXXXXXX Venmo: XXXXXXXX Fb pay: personal page here
‼️ Anything else or with periods at the beginning/end of user name is NOT me- also I will not message you on any apps & request money…. If for an order or item- I request you message my business number for communication.‼️Be blessed- all is welcome who understands the power in difference and language!”
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2023.06.06 03:35 stinkerz412 I feel like I lost my mom, I have to let her go

I'm not even sure where to begin, I'm deeply hurt by my mom's actions and words. She's spiraled into someone I cannot even recognize and I feel like I've lost her-even though she's still alive. I'm sorry for this being such a long rant. Our situation has not been the best in the last 3-4 years. We've been financially struggling, yet every time we're close to getting caught up, my mom decides to take a trip or impulsively spends her money. I won't lie, my family isn't the most financially literate, but they're all hard workers.
To start, in 2020, when lockdown happened, my mother reconnected with one of her old friends in another country. Eventually, she broke the news to my little sister, (we'll call her B) and I that she was in a new relationship, (V). This was a shocker for both of us, but we were happy for her because her previous relationship was rather toxic for my mother and was consistently on and off for years. The first time she left B and I, was later in 2020 when COVID was still at peak, we were both 13 and 16. At first it was supposed to be two weeks, then she extended her stay to a month, then to two months.
When my mom had left, my grandma was in charge of B and I. My grandma blocked my mother the moment she landed, she was convinced my mother was lying to her because grandma was getting notifications that the account password was trying to be changed in 3 places within the country my mother was going to. At this point, things were already tense, because B was already feeling like mom was invalidating her and still treating her like a child, even though she was turning into a teen. My mom made excuses to her staying longer by saying how there were storms and that, "she couldn't know him in just 2 weeks".
Mom and Grandma have never had a very stable relationship. They've both done hurt to each other that I hope they can get therapy. One thing my mom said to grandma is "Oh you're so hard to deal with even your husband finds you impossible". My grandpa hasn't talked to my mom since and can't stand the way she talks to grandma. Plus, mom has a tendency to lie, or as she puts it "keep people out her business", will say something completely off about the situation or leave out extremely important details. My mom would have me log in to some of her accounts while she was away and would have me submit a form almost every week for her relief or something of the sorts. Turns out, she was using it for her trip and asked me for her certificates and important papers to send to her friend who was going to send it to my mother. My mother was planning on marrying the guy without saying anything to B and I.
She even told my dad we needed groceries and would have him send 200 a week. I spoke to my dad and told him we don't go every week and that mom was out the country. Obviously, dad wasn't aware and was rightfully upset with her. He was sending money for B and I, while my mom was out probably using it for her trip. B and I had no idea he was sending money to her. Mom was outraged and told me she wasn't lying and just with holding information. My dad confronted mom over the phone, telling her how she should've told him. How concerned he was for our safety, which is valid. My mom calls me back and claimed my grandma was brainwashing me and how I was ruining her friendship with dad. She told me to call my dad and tell him we were okay. She told me how she deserved a vacation and to not get frustrated with her.
Like I mentioned before, my mom refused to treat my sister like a teenager, refused to let her watch age appropriate shows and just treated her like she was 6. My grandma, B, and I, all like watching crime. Mom hated when B would watch and told her, "I don't want you to be what OP is and I don't want you to be lost like her and how she is". I was 5 months into therapy around this time, I wanted to get help and get better. I cried when I saw the messages. Not even two weeks later mom came back. B and I didn't greet her, to which she said, "You girls are so ungrateful", slammed her door and didn't talk to us.
I love my mom, I wanted to have a good relationship with her and took it upon myself to do damage control. We "cleared" things up through our talk. Except she talked to where it would be in her favor and play her as the victim. Things were good for the next two months until she decided to go back again. This time she would be marrying V, her new man. Before my mom left, she was adamant on refusing to tell my dad she was leaving. She practically threatened B and I to not. My dad was upset we didn't tell him she went out the country again, and me being a dumb 16 year old, told him I didn't think it was my responsibility to inform him.
By the time mom came back, it was almost a week before B's birthday. Mom broke the news that she was pregnant. Neither of us were happy. B and I cried and mom wasn't happy with our reactions. She was upset for a couple of days and I turned around and offered my support to her. B was heart broken since she's always been the baby in the family. Mom having another was the straw that broke the camel's back. Their relationship was just torn from that moment. She did go with her out of the country just for vacation. As my sister puts it, it wasn't a great experience and mom was upset with her for not speaking much.
Mom was also slowly getting disowned by the family by the time she came back. When she was due in late 2021, I offered to stay in the hospital with her, but because I wasn't 18 and COVID was still an issue, they wouldn't allow me. My grandma instead stayed with her and eventually left after the baby was born. Rather than picking up my mom from the hospital, she offered to drop the seat and told my mom she could UBER home. I don't agree with how grandma handled it, my mom did just have a baby.
All was well, baby was fine. School was okay, I did struggle a bit because of other factors. However, by the time I had graduated, I decided to take a gap year. I didn't know what I wanted to major in. If I did go, I didn't want to drop out, continuously change majors, or worry about how it would get paid. At the time, my family was still struggling financially. I picked up hours at my job, and mom stayed with her friend who was also her boss. Her boss was not paying her at the time because she was in the process of a divorce after her husband put her business in jeopardy.
I became financially responsible in the meantime and had to pick up some of the bills, with the very little I received from my pay. Mom would get paid time to time, but it was so inconsistent that I was the one who was head of household. Sometime she would pay me back and other times, she refused to and would apply the amount to a bill she believed I needed to pay. She financed a new car that was well beyond what we could pay, same for the insurance for me. We split the car note and I split the insurance with my dad. Every month I was paying 450, including half the insurance, for a car I do not use a quarter of the time. Only time I would have it frequently was when mom was out on a trip to see her husband, since I don't have a car of my own.
Mom eventually invited her boss and kid to come live with us, told her to not pay the first months rent and let her stay until earlier this year. Her boss was late on payments and overall it was an uncomfortable experience living there because I felt like they were leeching off of us. The bills were doubled or tripled and I was expected to pay some of them. Before they moved in, I expressed to my mom how I didn't think it was a good idea since she was already behind paying her and was inconsistent with her payments and owed her so much. Mom refused to listen and just let it happen. B was uncomfortable and ended up staying with our grandma more often and rarely came over.
Around this time, mom became very pushy about me babysitting. She would ask when I was off and if I could watch baby. Not ask, more of demand. Sometimes I would offer, but it became a problem to which I barely had time to myself. One incident happened near the holidays. It was around Black Friday time, the car was in the shop because I accidently hit a deer that ran in front of me. We were using a rental at the time. I told my mom a week before that I needed the day I had off, because I would be working 5 days, only have one day off, and then work 6 days in a row. Mom didn't listen and the day before, asked me to babysit because the babysitter couldn't. I told her no and she guilt tripped me and told me she would be home at 3. She left at 11, came back at 3ish with hand tattoos. Showed me them and then left. I was in disbelief that my mom would do that. It was a punch to the face, she knew we were already struggling, and she knew I needed that day off. My grandma was the one who picked her up from the rental. Mom wasn't home until 6. Mom left for thanksgiving with her aunt. She came back and left again for a month for Christmas with baby to go out of the country to see her husband.
Before she came back, her boss packed her stuff and left without a word to my mom. By the time she came back, it was tense, she was let go and had to look for a new job. I was fed up with the constant babysitting and had either my grandma take me to work or my boyfriend, K. I rarely offered and mom would ask but I would rarely say yes or made an excuse. More as of recently, it's come to the point where I feel as though I'm living with a roommate and not my mom. B isn't at home and I don't blame her. Luckily I've reconnected with my family after being isolated and taking my mom's side for a few months. My family is supporting me and I'm going back to school next semester.
I made plans one weekend with K and my mom called me the next morning and asked me to watch baby. I offered to buy the things she needed and said "No, I have things to return". I offered to return them, she refused. She said "These are things I need to buy on my own". I asked her why she couldn't take baby, her only excuse was that baby and her had a long day yesterday and that, "it would be tedious and time consuming getting baby ready". I told her, "Yes, that's YOUR child." Mom sarcastically said, "Wow, you're right. Thanks for reminding me like I didn't know," and hung up.
My mom has a tendency to give silent treatment. Why? I don't know. I had gotten off of work late one night, mom picked me up and I asked if we could stop by somewhere that was still open. After receiving my food, we're pulling out, there's a car coming by and I told her to not go. She's on her phone texting, stops, and says "I know, I've been driving for years. When have you seen me turn and drive?" Without thinking, I respond, "When have I not." She blows up at me saying how she's tired of my stupid annoying comments and refuses to talk to me the rest of the way home. I tell her "goodnight, I love you," when we get home. I say it 5-6 times before she responds back saying goodnight.
The next day, she was silent with me when I came home. While I'm leaving with some of my stuff since I was staying the night at K's, I say "bye mom. I'm leaving, I love you." She only responds with a bye in a serious tone. I cried in K's car, even the next night when I stopped by for a few more things, she was cold. I decided to test to see if she was purposely refusing to say it back. When I told her bye and I love you, she just said bye. I repeated it one more time and it was the same response. She later texted me saying "I love you, don't ever doubt it." I didn't respond. She said it the next few days, but remained cold with me. Just recently, she texted me while at work and asked me about the move situation. I hadn't responded just yet and she sends a long paragraph about how I owe her the respect of answering her important messages and that I should find the time to. By the time I see the message, I tell her I'm at work, that she knows I do not look at my messages and that I have B's and I's situation under control.
Last night, as I was leaving to stay at K's again, I ask mom if she had already taken the day off for orientation. She's quiet and in a monotone voice replies, "yes, why?" I tell her my aunt offered to go since she's experienced school and would like to help. Plus, mom was already tense and I do not want to be stressed when we go. She goes off about how I'm an adult and I make my own decisions and how I should do whatever my heart desires. I stare at her for a second. I really wanted mom to go with me, but with the way things are, I decided it was best not to. I finally tell her that I think my aunt should go with me. When I tell her I'm leaving and to have a goodnight and that I love her. She only responds with a goodnight. I'm sobbing when I close the door and in my boyfriend's car. On our way to his house, mom calls, says my cats and I need to be out before the beginning of next month, and tells me she will be looking into handing over custody of B to me. I try not to cry while I say, okay, I love you. She hangs up without a word.
I'm extremely heartbroken and overwhelmed. I'm so mentally and physically drained from work and mom. I feel like I've given her all my support, all my time and money only to receive very little back. I miss my mom. I miss when we would talk and not just for 5 minutes a day. I miss when B, her and I would hang out, not just her on her phone calling her husband 24/7. I miss when mom didn't drag me into her issues and expect me to put her fires out with dad and the family. I miss making jokes with my mom and having conversations without her turning our talks against me. I miss mom.
The thing is, my mom's made her decisions and expected B and I to be okay with it. She's basically given up on B and just doesn't text her unless she needs something or to borrow money. I know B and I will be okay eventually, but I'm so distraught over the idea of cutting off mom. I know it's for the best, and hopefully she realizes her mistakes.
Mom has never been a bad mom. She's been a good mom. She's worked hard to provide for B and I. To make sure we lived comfortably. I know my mom has a lot of baggage and trauma I hope she can get help for. I love my mom and I want her to get the help she needs, but she's made it extremely apparent, she does not want it. I've tried my best to stick by her side, but I needed her to stick by mine too. I really do love my mom, but this is not my mom. I'm stuck on how mom used to be that I refuse to realize that this is how she is. I love mom, but I know that I have to let her go and be better than how she is now. Not just for me, but for B too.
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2023.06.06 03:35 inannaquinn My (F35) best friend (F30) keeps making rude comments even after I've asked her to stop, is this reason enough to end the friendship?

Obligated English is not my first language so please bear with me.
Me and my friend Jane have been friends for over a decade, but it wasn't until a few years ago that we started to become really close, even though we have lived in different cities for like 8 years.
For context, when we met she was in an abusive relationship and wouldn't really open up to me that much because when she did I told her she should leave him. A few years later she finally dumped him but soon after she got involved with another man who was also her senior for over 10 years and was also abusive.
I also had bad experiences with men so it got to a point where we were both single and wanted nothing to do with men. That's when we became really close, talking almost all day everyday, video chatting regularly and stuff. I always knew she was kinda moody and honestly a little bitchy but somehow didn't expect her to be like that with me because well, we were supposed to be friends.
But apparently that didn't stop her. She always insisted in spending together the most time we can when we're on the same city and I just felt obliged everytime. But almost everytime she would make comments that annoyed me. For example, in my family house we had problems with a cat that wouldn't use the litter box and pee everywhere instead. We were there (she auto invited herself) and I was talking about how my mom is obsessed with cleaning so much that the house doesn't even smell like cat pee, to which she responded "well, it smells a little". Maybe it was true but I saw no need whatsoever to make a comment like that.
I explained to her as we were getting closer as friends that I've had experiences with girls trying to copycat me and I didn't like that because it didn't stem from a place of love or admiration but from competition. She blatantly denied it yet I think this is exactly what she does. Everything I like she turns it into her personality. A few months ago she started making comments like "at least I did (thing I also wanted to do) before I was 30". At first when I asked her what is wrong with not doing X by any age and she just played dumb. She did it again later and I got mad and then she said she wasn't thinking about me but her own ideal timeline.
I got into a long distance relationship a year ago and my boyfriend lives in the same city as her. When I was going there to meet him I told her I was visiting, but she didn't know about my boyfriend yet (I wanted to wait until I met him irl to talk about him to my friends) and when I told her the reason I was going she broke down and trust me, no boyfriend of mine had ever thrown such a tantrum to me. She basically ruined my trip because she demanded I spend time with her instead of with my boyfriend (who btw was paying for my entire trip). It was really awkward and I didn't even wanted my boyfriend (who is the most awesome man on earth) to meet her because I feared she was gonna be a complete bitch to him. I don't need to say she's been on a "playful" competition with him now. There are more things but this would become too long.
Anyway the last straw was when she got deeeep into skincare and would start lecturing me about it at every chance. I really couldn't care less about skincare and even less when it comes from a person who thinks she's better because of it. I explicitly told her one day (out of the blue) I didn't want to touch that subject with her because she becomes really annoying, and she got really offended, saying I was cornering her saying that out of the blue, that it wasn't true that she made comments like that. That's when I told her about the milestones issue and she apologized and recognized it was true she was only thinking about herself when she made those comments and that she would do better.
A few days after we were video chatting and having drinks and it was getting late and I wanted to remove my make up without waiting until we ended the call, so I reluctantly removed my make up on camera thinking she was going to keep her word. But she said something along the lines of "look, I'm not going to say anything about the way you removed your make up just now, but..". I didn't say anything in that moment but the day after it hit me and I became really really angry, to the point I went no contact with her. After two days I sent her a voice message stating the reason for my anger, and she just apologized and said she tried to make fun of herself but it didn't come out that way, that she was drunk and what not. I haven't replied since.
Part of me thinks this is enough reason to cut contact but it is also true that she has been a supportive friend otherwise. I struggled for a while with no job and she would tell me she could help me any time. Though she wanted me to explicitly ask her for help so I never did, I only ever asked for like a $20 and paid her back as soon as I could. Also she would promise things like paying for my trip to visit her when I had no money (when my bf did it instead) but never actually did, and got mad that my boyfriend got me plane tickets when "she could've had", even though it was less than a month left for the trip date and she hadn't even brought up the subject.
I think she's acting towards me like the abusive boyfriends she had, but I know I'm also a flawed person and have my own unlikeable traits. Should I stop talking to her completely? Is there a way to get some distance between us so the friendship is not lost? I'd love to hear your advice. Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.06 03:34 EatMySoba Am I (m30) being used or played with by my friend (f27)? What should I do?

I've started hanging out with a friend more lately who happens to be a woman. We both recently just got out of relationships, mine was only 5 months, but hers was 5 years(our break ups were 2 weeks apart). She is pretty jaded about dating again and I'm also not really looking for another right now(I do miss having someone tho).
We were already friends before covid, but towards the end we started talking and hanging out more. After our break ups we would hang out like every other day and would go to bars to drink and talk about life and video games. Some how we got onto friends with benefits, which is something I very much stay away from. I knew she had 2 guy friends like that, and it never bothered me, cause we are just friends. She asked me how I felt about fwb, I told her I don't do that cause I ALWAYS catch feelings and don't want to be heart broken. So a week goes by and I ask her if she wants to hangout. We go to a bar, I guess one of her fwb bailed last minute, and I just felt like drinking and having fun(they had a game night). While we were drinking she brought up the friends with benefits again with me, and I reiterated how I will ALWAYS catch feeling and want to stay away from that(I catch them fast too 😮‍💨). We don't talk about it anymore, but then make plans to come back in 2 days for a dnd night they have.
We play video games online with each other like everyday, so we are always kinda hanging out everyday. So the dnd day comes up and we have fun at the bar, but then she starts to touch my leg a bit and I kinda just write it off as just being drunk and over thinking it. So I get way too drunk and have to crash at her place(I would uber, but my car is at her place and it cost way too much to get home). I start to sleep on the floor, but she tells me to sleep in the bed. I think about it for a bit and was gonna just tell her the floor is fine, but before I say anything she says it's fine and it doesn't mean anything. So being drunk and dumb I sleep in the bed without another thought about it. She tells me she want to cuddle and that it doesn't mean anything, so like an idiot I flop over into a cuddle position and we pass out(nothing else happens after that and I go home after giving her a hug good bye the next morning).
I go to her bday party and she comes over after she cancels going out to a club. We watch some shows in my room and then cuddle a bit. I send her off to the spare bedroom at my place after a few more hours of shows and cuddling. I sleep in my bed and she sleeps in the other room. She goes home the next morning after we get some breakfast and talk about life and dumb game shit(overwatch 2).
Let's skip to like 20 days later, when we are going to the ren faire together. It's me her and her best friend(my other friends bailed on me last minute). We all have fun and her friend says she has to go after a bit, so we see her off. We are pretty drunk at this point and we start taking pictures together. She catches me off guard and kisses me in one of the photos. We start taking couples photos after that and I'm picking her up and playing along now(im a dumbass). We stroll around the faire a bit longer and then decided to head home now that I'm sober enough to drive. We head back to my place and drink and play some video games. After a few hours we move onto Netflix and we cuddle again. She is too drunk to drive home now, so she sleeps over and invites me to sleep in the same bed as her(she says she is just like sleeping next to someone). I join her, but the she starts cuddling with me more and I get turned on(it's very noticeable I'm just in undies). I apologize to her and she shows me that she is also turned on, and being a bit high from weed and drunk I start playing with her(she seems to be enjoying it and I love that). She stops me from continuing with my hands and then I take as a sign to back off. The we wake up next day get breakfast and then she goes home.
Like a week and a half goes by and we go hiking by my place, it was a lot of fun, we decided to go back to my place and smoke and game. It gets late really fast and so I offer the spare bed. She tells me to come sleep with her and I join her. We cuddle more and I obviously get turned on again and she plays with it a bit. After a few minutes of that I work up the courage to ask her if she wanted to do more, because of last time(not sure if yall could tell, but I already caught feelings after the kiss). She makes fun of me for not doing more last time, and then we do it after a bit of laughing.
Next day the we hang out together the whole day and go drinking with my friends, but I hold off as I'm driving. We go back to my place and the same thing as the night before happens(smoke and sex). The next day we get lunch and she really opens up to me about her and her family and I listen and to my best to be there for her. She tells me she loves me as a friend and I also feel similar to that, but instead of saying anything I just give her a hug.
The next week I go over to her place to play games, smoke weed, and chat. I tell her that I want to date her and my feelings that have developed. She tells me that she doesn't want to jump back into a relationship so soon. I understand that and tell her that I would wait for her if she ever wants to be with me that way(I'm dumb). We cuddle and I pass out. I go home the next day not feeling so great, but happy I got my feelings out to her.
Let's say like 3 days go by and we don't really talk all that much other than sending memes back and forth. One night I ask her if she wants to hang out and grab some food. She agrees, but wants to be brought home cause she misses her place. So we go for a walk and then drive in my car. We stop to talk and cuddle for a bit in my car. We talk and she wants me to know that she wouldn't do things with me if she didn't have some feelings for me, but tells me that she doesn't want a relationship and doesn't want to lose the friendship. We cuddle and kiss a bit and then I drive her home.
For the past few times we have hung out we don't really do anything but kissing a bit. I went on what I thought was a very date like thing(we went on a picnic in a nice arboretum). We kissed a few times and then she said she doesn't want to kiss anymore, so we stopped and just talked and then walked around. I brought her home cause she works early in the morning and doesn't want to stay up all night with me(seems fair).
I'm sure there are things I forgot. I would like a woman's opinion on this and I don't know what to do. I know I'm willing to wait for her to like me back, but I also don't want to be heart broken. What do I do? I'm so hopelessly lost in all of this. She still does stuff with her fwb and I get left feeling stupid and used.
You can ask anything and be as harsh as you want. Also I apologize for my bad grammar and maybe missing words.
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2023.06.06 03:34 newmusicrls Beatport Progressive House Top 100 June 2023

Beatport Progressive House Top 100 June 2023
  1. Yotto, Something Good, Sansa – Before Dawn feat. Sansa (Extended Mix) 06:42 124bpm Dm
  2. Vakabular – Proper Time (Extended) 07:05 124bpm Ab
  3. Estiva – Via Infinita (Extended Mix) 06:46 124bpm Gbm
  4. Yotto, Something Good – Rhythm (Of The Night) (Extended Mix) 06:35 122bpm Fm
  5. Mike Koglin – The Silence (GMJ & Matter Remix) 07:44 121bpm Bm
  6. Nora En Pure – Sycamore (Extended Mix) 07:36 123bpm Fm
  7. Guy J – State Of Trance (Original Mix) 08:23 122bpm C
  8. Gai Barone, Luke Brancaccio, Hannes Bieger – Reflections (Original Mix) 07:34 126bpm G
  9. Aves Volare, Two Are – Too Late (Extended Mix) 06:38 124bpm A
  10. Sean Harvey – The Bullet (Lexicon Avenue Remix) 07:47 124bpm Gbm
  11. Hernan Cattaneo, Husa & Zeyada – Love Is Coming Back (Club Mix) 09:53 121bpm C
  12. Nihil Young – 1998 (Extended Mix) 07:26 125bpm Gbm
  13. Cristoph – Tha Music (Original Mix) 07:15 125bpm G
  14. Vom Feisten, Daniel Neuland – Horizon (Vakabular Remix) 05:56 124bpm Db
  15. P.O.S., Spencer Brown, Marieme – It’s Me feat. Marieme (P.O.S Extended Mix) 06:58 124bpm Ab
  16. Nick Muir – All One Word (Original Mix) 07:16 122bpm Cm
  17. Product Of Us, Rory Hope – Hey Now (feat. Rory Hope) (Original Mix) 07:09 124bpm C
  18. Brian Cid – Daydreamer (Original Mix) 10:28 123bpm Bm
  19. Nick Muir – All One Word (GMJ & Matter Remix) 07:56 122bpm Cm
  20. Hernan Cattaneo, Jody Barr – Airglow (Original Mix) 06:56 123bpm Eb
  21. Haze-M, Monastetiq – Breathe feat. Selima Atrous (Horisone Remix) 07:13 125bpm Bb
  22. Max Freegrant, Slow Fish – Always By My Side (Extended Mix) 06:56 123bpm Cm
  23. Emi Galvan – Samsara (Original Mix) 08:37 122bpm E
  24. Stan Kolev, Aaron Suiss – Envision (Original Mix) 07:25 123bpm Ab
  25. Diana Miro, Cristoph, Franky Wah – Darkest Hour (feat. Diana Miro) (Extended Mix) 07:09 126bpm Bbm
  26. D-Nox – Smell Like Rain (Original Mix) 06:53 126bpm A
  27. Solarstone – Seven Cities (Hernan Cattaneo & Martin Garcia Extended Remix) 06:16 122bpm C
  28. Kebin Van Reeken – Hypnotize (Extended Mix) 06:53 122bpm F
  29. Marsh – All Night Long (Extended Mix) 05:38 125bpm F
  30. Victor Garde – Feel Your Touch (Extended Mix) 05:52 126bpm Bm
  31. Malou, Helsloot, Innerverse – Allein Allein feat. Malou (Extended) 06:31 124bpm Gbm
  32. Jason Vinterra, Galexis – Redshift 7 (Extended Mix) 07:00 124bpm G
  33. Ezequiel Arias – Polvo De Estrellas (Original Mix) 07:48 123bpm Bb
  34. Digital Mess – Raspberry Porridge (Extended Mix) 07:15 120bpm G
  35. Hernan Cattaneo, Gorje Hewek, Dulus – Kaleidoscope (Original Mix) 07:07 122bpm Dbm
  36. Tantum – Secondary (Original Mix) 07:46 122bpm Cm
  37. Matter – Waratah (Original Mix) 08:10 119bpm Em
  38. Hobin Rude – The Only Thing That Matters (Original Mix) 07:36 120bpm F
  39. Luis Damora – Castex (Original Mix) 08:57 123bpm E
  40. Kasper Koman – March (Subandrio Remix) 08:31 122bpm E
  41. CamelPhat, Jem Cooke, Cristoph – Breathe (Original Mix) 07:13 125bpm Am
  42. Kabi (AR) – No More Words (Original Mix) 07:12 122bpm D
  43. Jerome Isma-Ae – Baharat (GMJ & Matter Remix) 07:34 122bpm D
  44. Sudhaus, The Wash – Spectron (DJ Ruby Remix) 07:24 123bpm G
  45. Montw – Summer Vibes (K Loveski Remix) 08:29 121bpm G
  46. Hugo Cantarra, Matt Fax – Vibration (Extended Mix) 05:44 124bpm Am
  47. Emi Galvan – Around the World (Original Mix) 08:28 122bpm Am
  48. PRAANA, Klur, Kuala – Breathe In (Extended Mix) 05:51 121bpm E
  49. Gabriel I, Rawbach – Lost Sense (Original Mix) 06:56 121bpm Bbm
  50. Sound Quelle, 88Birds – Wonderland (Boxer Extended Remix) 07:01 125bpm Gm
  51. Brian Cid – Motion Chaos (Original Mix) 09:28 120bpm A
  52. MarksMan, Nick Fetcher – Ingoma (Original Mix) 07:09 124bpm F
  53. Ric Niels – Pirate (Original Mix) 07:20 122bpm C
  54. Innervoix, Campaner (BR) – Polonium (Original Mix) 06:13 124bpm F
  55. EDX – Renascence (Extended Mix) 08:21 124bpm Abm
  56. Derek von Wurmb – Feel the Sunrise (Original Mix) 07:26 120bpm G
  57. Morttagua – Hades (Original Mix) 07:17 123bpm Eb
  58. Tantum – Suan Pan (Original Mix) 07:04 123bpm Eb
  59. Kabi (AR) – Just a Matter of Time (Original Mix) 08:46 121bpm G
  60. Stan Kolev – Boundless (Original Mix) 07:25 123bpm Bb
  61. Chicane, The Mannequin – Summer in E Major feat. The Mannequin (Extended Mix) 04:49 120bpm D
  62. Tali Muss, Bondarev – Algorythm (Original Mix) 07:16 122bpm F
  63. Talal – Exhibition (Original Mix) 07:14 122bpm Em
  64. Manu Cerasa – Realities (Original Mix) 06:08 125bpm F
  65. Daniel Portman – Pheromone (Extended Mix) 07:22 125bpm Abm
  66. VONDA7 – Perception (Alex O’Rion Remix) 06:28 120bpm Gbm
  67. Fernando Olaya – Symphony Of Stars (Extended Mix) 08:38 124bpm Bb
  68. YU-1 – Fiction (Extended Mix) 06:44 124bpm C
  69. Satoshi Fumi – Prayer (Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada Remix) 07:48 122bpm Am
  70. Eric Prydz, Empire Of The Sun – We Are Mirage (Original Mix) 06:19 128bpm Em
  71. ADZ, Cristoph, Luke Coulson – The Edge (Extended Mix) 08:18 124bpm Abm
  72. Teklix, SANTIABLO – Maya (Original Mix) 07:17 123bpm F
  73. Tom Baker – Train To Yakkyn (Original Mix) 07:35 125bpm Ab
  74. Trilucid – Take Me Higher (Extended Mix) 06:28 124bpm Gm
  75. Grum, Tigerblind – Shout (Extended Mix) 05:33 125bpm Gm
  76. Kasper Koman – March (Imran Khan Remix) 08:06 123bpm E
  77. Marsh, Simon Doty – Touch The Sky (Extended Mix) 06:43 124bpm Bbm
  78. Aerofeel5, Vakabular – Ears Blinding (Extended Mix) 05:25 124bpm Eb
  79. Some Of – Beginning (Original Mix) 05:44 124bpm B
  80. Jiminy Hop – A Tour (Simos Tagias Remix) 07:32 121bpm Cm
  81. Soulfinder – Frankie (Anthony Pappa & Jamie Stevens Remix) 08:41 126bpm Eb
  82. Yellow Space, Mylamix – Don’t Afraid (Original Mix) 06:00 126bpm G
  83. Guy J – Anonymous (Original Mix) 07:22 122bpm G
  84. Phoebe Tsen, Modera – From Walks Of Life (Extended Mix) 06:06 121bpm E
  85. Jope, Sarah De Warren – Hearts Don’t Forget (Extended Mix) 06:40 120bpm Bm
  86. Brian Cid – The Floor Is Lava (Original Mix) 06:56 120bpm Ab
  87. Der Effekt – Melody In The Night (Original Mix) 06:49 124bpm Dm
  88. Orinoko – Island (Myon Tales From Another World Extended Mix) 06:38 124bpm Bm
  89. Einmusik, D-Nox, LENN V – On My Own (feat. Lenn V) (Original Mix) 06:38 121bpm Abm
  90. Sunny Lax – Cerasus (Extended Mix) 07:23 124bpm C
  91. Tantum – Korner (Subandrio Remix) 08:04 122bpm A
  92. Renato Cohen, Steve Parry – Marmalade Skies (Original Mix) 06:42 125bpm C
  93. Aerofeel5, Vakabular – Life Is Easy (Extended Mix) 05:41 125bpm Gb
  94. Analog Jungs – Connection (Original Mix) 07:59 123bpm Am
  95. Matter – Living Dream (Original Mix) 06:04 120bpm Dm
  96. Luis Damora – Castex (Forty Cats Remix) 06:42 122bpm Em
  97. K3V (SL), Jayy Vibes – Kingdom of Dreams (Juan Ibanez Remix) 08:00 122bpm Bb
  98. Analog Jungs – Perspectives (Original Mix) 07:44 124bpm Am
  99. Analog Jungs – Connection (Integral Bread Remix) 06:22 123bpm Am
  100. Matter – All Knowing (Original Mix) 08:10 119bpm Cm
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2023.06.06 03:33 TurboGhast Doubled Elimination Chapter 8: Round 1, Match 5

Chapter 7
The Connected and Outgoer Teams flew up to the arena in unintentional unison.
Upon reaching her starting point, Konngara told Saki, “I’m in the tournament to fight new opponents, but face you in the first round. How ironic.”
“It’s been a while since we’ve tested our mettle against eachother… but I get the feeling”, Saki replied. Turning to draw their teammates into the conversation, she continued, “Do y’all agree to keep our fighting one-on-one, me versus Yukiko and Konngara versus Alice, until the first time someone leaves the arena?”
Alice’s answer was “Sure”, Yukiko’s was a loud “YES!”, and Konngara’s was a simple affirmative nod of the head and change of starting position.
Patchouli said, “I hope you’re not asking me to enforce this.”
Konngara replied, “No, I trust my opponents to follow the informal rule. Just announce the first time someone leaves the arena.”
“With that sorted out, you seem to be ready…
so Round 1 Match 5 will begin!”
Instead of opening with especially powerful attacks, all four fighters started off with light ones to get a feel for their opponent’s strength. Yukiko tried to surround Saki with homing bee-shaped bullets, but she outsped them. However, Yukiko was firing frequently enough that Saki couldn’t find an opening to land a flying kick. Since she couldn’t use her nonspell danmaku because it was so wild and wide ranging it’d be sure to reach Konngara, this half of the battle became a stalemate.
Konngara’s blade cut a path towards Alice, deflecting both her lasers and her doll’s lances. One glance at her teammate showed Alice that the way they were keeping these battles one-on-one was giving the Outgoer Team an advantage, so as she fell back she started thinking about how to change that. Recalling a technique she had last used over two decades ago gave her a plan. She sent four dolls to the arena’s center, then made them spread out, creating a glowing curtain between them that split the arena in half while expanding past its circumference.
“With this barrier in place, we’re all feel free to fire imprecise attacks without worrying about hitting our other opponent”, she told everyone.
Saki began unleashing omnidirectional waves of bullets while telling Konngara, “If this hits you, that’s on Alice.”
Yukiko successfully weaved through the initial blast, while Konngara backed off a bit to deal with the spread attacks Alice had started using. When their bullets hit the curtain, they bounced off. As the Connected Team kept firing, reflected bullets joined unreflected bullets to create bullet waves dense enough to score hits.
“Hey, we’re supposed to be keeping things one-on-one!”, Yukiko complained.
“The curtain will reflect your bullets just as readily as ours”, Alice replied, “so it’s just a change in the terrain.”
Yukiko tested Alice’s words with a blast of bullets that would hit her if she was lying. She didn’t attempt to dodge them to emphasize that she was telling the truth.
“You found a way to help your teammate while making our agreement easier to follow”, said Konngara. “How clever.”
“And annoying”, Yukiko added.
As the fighting continued, Saki and Alice kept the pressure on Yukiko and Konngara up. The former’s spread attacks showed that they wanted to damage the latter more than they wanted to push them out of the arena at the moment. Recognizing this, Yukiko unleashed the spell card Reformation "Flying Bee Fortress”.
A barrier made of bee bullets appeared, and blocked Saki’s attacks. She tried to break it with brute force, but before any of the bullets showed signs of damage they expanded outwards to be replaced with a fresh set. Since the gaps between the bees were covered by kunai shaped bullets, Saki stopped trying to slip a bullet through them, but kept firing so the pressure that brought Yukiko to use the card would return the moment it ended.
Even though she was also on the back foot, Konngara was having an easier time than her teammate. Trading attacks with Alice had shown her what Yukiko was trying to tell her about where in the arena was safest. The two of them weren’t taking hits, but Konngara had to stay close to the curtain to keep that true, as the reflected bullets were less dangerous there.
Seeing an opportunity, Alice readied the spell card Doll Command “Dolls’ War”. Because Konngara was keeping herself in a box near the curtain, predicting where she’d be next was much easier than usual. When Alice unleashed the card, the evasive maneuvers Konngara was performing brought her right into its center.
She suddenly found herself surrounded by two rings of dolls with swords at the ready. Despite recognizing that she was in a lot of trouble, since battles using the spell card rules were less common in Hell than Gensokyo her first instinct was to block one blade with her sword instead of using a defensive card, leaving herself open to the rest of the attack.
Seeing that the flow of battle had turned against the Outgoer Team, Wriggle said, “If I was Yukiko I’d be considering flying around the curtain to help Konngara.“
“I doubt even she would ignore the spirit of their agreement”, Tenshi replied. “Even if she was craven enough to consider it, flagrantly breaking a promise in front of this large a crowd might as well be etching a scar into your face.”
“Then, did they doom themselves to lose?”
Recognizing the battle’s current pace, Konngara suddenly flipped from defense to offense by declaring Wisdom Sign “Silent Power”. Since speaking to coordinate with her teammate would unnecessary for the near future, now was a particularly good time to use the card. Even though the card didn’t improve her defenses, she fought like it had, letting her push Alice back but taking preventable hits in the process.
When a particularly intense blast of bullets forced Alice to either dodge backwards or take a hit, she did the latter.
“I see what you’re trying to do here”, Alice taunted, “and won’t let it work.”
Confident in Konngara’s ability to ring her teammate out, even if only temporarily, Saki decided to accelerate the pace of her battle against Yukiko with the spell card Agile Skill “Triangle Chase”. She kicked straight for Yukiko multiple times, leaving lines of still bullets that stopped at the edge and curtain just like she did.
However, that allowed Yukiko to lead her where she wanted her to go. The moment after Saki declared the card, she rushed to where the curtain met the arena’s edge. When Saki followed, Yukiko made one large step inwards, advancing to the center one kick at a time. This left enough space open that Saki neither scored a hit nor prevented a counterattack when she made the bullet trails expand.
Yukiko taunted, “This isn’t the only card Konngara taught me a route for. ”
“A sly move, but I should’a seen it coming”, Saki muttered.
Kikyou asked Jo’on, “Do you think either Saki or Konngara could be convinced to give us routes for the other’s attacks?”
“No, since they have no reason to help us. We’ll just have to hope their routes can be copied by simply watching them.”
On the other side of the arena, Konngara was getting a little desperate to send Alice past the edge for just one moment so she could rejoin her teammate. Alice was drifting towards the edge, but the dolls orbiting her from a distance showed that was bait to try and lure Konngara into overextending, and punish her for it.
Konngara paused for a moment, thinking about how to defuse this trap. She decided on sending pulses of bullets at the dolls to deflect them while rushing forward. There were less risky answers, but Konngara chose that one because it had the best chance of sending Alice out of the arena.
She rushed forwards, blasting most of the dolls aside with bullets, but there were too many. Eventually, she had to halt her attack in order to deflect a lance with her sword, giving Alice time to retreat. Neither had taken an outright hit, but Konngara had used up more stamina in the exchange.
While Saki pondered whether to cancel her card or unleash another wave, Yukiko said, “I was nervous that I’d mess up the route because Konngara showed it to me without copying your card.”
Yukiko’s words made Saki keep the card running. If she couldn’t hit her hard enough to break the card despite creating the perfect opening, then why not test her consistency at a route she’s admitted to not practicing?
Even though Yukiko wasn’t aware Saki was asking herself that question, she had an answer to it. When Saki reached the edge to kick off of it, Yukiko sent a *World Egg Honeycomb* straight for her, sending her past it.
Patchouli announced to Konngara and Alice that “Saki was knocked out of the arena”, prompting an immediate change in strategy. Konngara abandoned her attack and turned her blade towards the curtain separating the arena. Alice tried to pin her down, but the change was so sudden the only attacks that got close to her were long range bullets that couldn’t stop her from slicing the curtain in half.
Konngara allowed Wisdom Sign “Silent Power” to time out so the Outgoer Team could unleash Hell Pheromone “Persistent Tracer” the moment they regrouped. Four streams of homing bullets flew towards the Connected Team, one of bee-shaped bullets and one of crystals for each member.
Recognizing the crystals Konngara fired, Saki told her teammate, “We need to split up.” While the bee-shaped bullets whizzed past them like any other, the crystals stuck in place once approximately level with their target. A trail of stopped crystals traced out the path they used to evade the bees.
As the circle that trail made became more and more complete, the Connected Team realized they needed to restream the bullets chasing them before it became whole so they could stay away from the crystals aimed at their teammate. Rushing forward to make an opening, they turned around with only a little space to spare.
Saki doubled back into the crystals in order to enter her opening, going so fast that she slammed into a crystal. Alice flew towards the edge to separate the crystals and bees to avoid that, only to find that allowed the bees’ homing capabilities to begin closing the gap she had opened. By the time the gap reached her, it had gotten so tight she felt the need to use Magic Sign “Artful Sacrifice” to widen it.
“That restream looks more gnarled than a starving philosopher”, said Nezu.
“I’ve tried a gnarlier restream”, Seija replied. “Didn’t succeed, but I tried.”
Saki’s face lit up when halfway around the arena. “Oh, that’s devious!” Calling out to her teammate, she continued, “This spell’s designed to separate us by becoming extra dangerous when we’re close together.”
“Can you think of a way around it?”, Alice asked.
Saki answered, “The card’s not especially dense, so…”, letting her voice trail off to try and hide her message from her opponents. Alice brandished a spell card to tell her that she got the message.
The next time they met, instead of attempting to restream they declared, Agile Wire ’Thrill Magnet’!”
Dolls rushed forth, splitting the arena into lanes divided by wires. Saki paused for a moment to check whether an opponent had been caught by the wires, but when the inwards pull that would follow that contact failed to happen she started loosing fireballs into the lanes.
Upon hearing the attack’s name, the Outgoer Team had spread out. As the spell developed, it became clear this was the right move. The lanes between the wires were tight enough that they might have collided with eachother if they were in the same one, but spreading out gave both Yukiko and Konngara their own lane.
Yukiko yelled, “Now that you’ve drawn yourselves together, you’re finished!”
“Don’t get cocky”, Konngara chided.
Trying to bait information out of Yukiko, Saki began to ask, “How’d you know we-”, but was interrupted by a bee bullet.
Seeing an opportunity, Yukiko told her, “Well, when you tried to tell Alice to use a team card in earshot of us, you deliberately failed to complete a sentence in an attempt to hide your plans from us. However, Konngara knows you well enough that she could see through your attempt to send a hidden message, allowing her to tell me you were about to use a team card. Now, she also knows your card design well enough tha-”
“Shut up! I’m trying to fight here!”, Alice interrupted.
Yukiko continued, “I’m talking ‘cause we’re fighting, silly. Since we have the advantage, we have less to lose from getting distracted. If we get hit it’ll just end our card, but you might…”
Saki attempted to interrupt her with a wave of fireballs, but went too far out and ate some hits from Yukiko’s bees, leading to the result the latter wanted.
“…end up outside the arena.”
Without Saki’s support, Alice was stuck in place maintaining the card’s wire lanes. By the time she thought to cancel the card, it was already too late. A bee bullet launched her into one of the still crystals, causing her to bounce off and join her teammate beyond the arena’s edge.
“And the winner of Round 1 Match 5 is the Outgoer Team!”
Turning to Yukiko, Saki said, “That was slick. Good job, you’re more devious than you look.”
Alice acknowledged her defeat with painfully slow claps instead of words.
Giddy with pride, Yukiko replied, “Thank you thank you thank you!”
“Even if it wasn’t alone, fighting you takes me back”, said Saki.
“We should have caught up with eachother earlier”, replied Konngara.
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2023.06.06 03:30 AutoModerator [Download Course] Kendall & Josh – ECOM-PHD (Genkicourses.site)

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2023.06.06 03:30 Difficult_Mushroom [F4A] Looking for fandom-related RP partner!

Hello everyone! I’m looking for someone to do fandom RPs with, and just generally gush about pairings, characters, and the like! I would love to make moodboards, playlists, and all that other fun stuff! <3
I live in Norway so my timezone is CET/CEST, but I can handle juggling all different kinds of timezones, so it's no trouble!
I recently turned 25 in late April, so I’d prefer if my partner is at least 21+.
I consider my style to be semi-literate/literate (3rd person, past tense), but I won’t write a whole novella for a reply! Looking for a Canon/OC pairing, and I’m a big softie for slow-burn (and most preferably F/M for romantic pairings!), but it doesn’t have to be romantic either -- I’m mainly looking to explore an OC of mine in order to hopefully write her better for my own personal projects! I don’t do doubles/doubling; it’s not for a lack of interest, I genuinely don’t have the ability to. I’ve tried. BUT! If you have an OC you’d like to introduce, I don’t mind adding extra characters in for myself either; I can write more than one just fine, just not canon characters.
I have a lot of fandoms I’m into, anything from the MCU to the SCP Foundation, Good Omens, and even AHS (I sadly have no experience with the Marvel comics, so the MCU is where I’m basing any knowledge from)! I would be more than happy to discuss other fandoms apart from these, but this is what I can name off the top of my head right now.
If there's any interest or any questions, DM me! I'm happy to discuss ideas!
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2023.06.06 03:29 Accomplished-Poet586 I cannot help the fact that I went to school and you stayed poor

Past- I (28 f) had a best friend (30 f) my entire life we’ll call her A. A and I were neighbors for 15 years. She was my soul sister I thought I knew her thoughts and she knew mine. When I turned 14 she was 16 and had her first baby with K. Her parents hate K still to this day. I was 15 when we moved to a new house in a nice development across town. We kept being friends. She got pregnant again when she was 19 and I was 17. That’s when she decided to not go to school to be a nurse and just stay an STNA. And K decided to work for a delivery company. They got a small 3 bedroom house close to her parents. When I was 18 she was 20 she got pregnant again. Another girl. I left for college about a month before she found out. I returned in December and we had a huge fight. She told me I was selfish for leaving her and going to school. That I wasn’t a very good aunt to her kids for abandoning them. I apologized for leaving and told her I would be doing it again in a few weeks and she broke down crying and told me that she cheated on K around the time she got pregnant and that she was projecting. I told her it would all be okay and work itself out, they had been together since they were 13 and it could be forgiven. ( I was 18 and didn’t have a lot of relationship experience) I left for school again and returned in May. She gave birth two weeks after I got home with her daughter E. A year went by of them being the “picture perfect family”. At E’s first birthday I noticed how different she was from her siblings. She has brown hair and brown eyes where as MJ the oldest and F the middle one had blue eyes and blonde hair. That must’ve been when K noticed too. A week later he did a DNA test and E isn’t his. He told A she had a choice to make Him or E. She chose him. Long legal boring story later I have transferred to a college closer to home and have full and legal custody of E and A & K have moved away somewhere I had no idea where. Using some family connections I got a very nice paying job in the field I wanted (I got my bachelors in computer science). I graduated early and saved every penny I could. After about 2 years it was now E’s 4th birthday and I had a job making well over 6 figures and a beautiful 5 bed 4 bath house. I moved half way across the country from my family. It was tough at first but I had my E and a new partner who E calls “Mama”. (Yes I am a lesbian) During this time E was in everything a 4 year could want. Ballet, soccer, softball, language lessons, piano, anything and everything she asked for I gave her. Present- E is now 10 years old. She only stuck with Softball, volleyball, piano, violin and language lessons. She has tutoring once a week so she has help is she needs it. E had her 10th birthday party this past weekend. Catering, Bounce houses, and a gift of E, me, my partner now wife, and my grandma are all going to Disney Paris this summer for 2 weeks, then Portugal for 2 weeks. This will be her 3rd time going to Europe but first time going to Disney Paris and Portugal. She is a great kid and I love how grateful she is for everything anyone gets her. She keeps all physical gift cards and sends photos of what she gets to the people who got her the gift cards with another thank you. My favorite compliment I get about E is that she is so kind and caring. I have been working double time on this party and at work to be able to take a month off for travel. My wife has taken her to every Recreational softball practice. ( she plays both recreational and travel ball) My wife knows the story about how I got my E. However she doesn’t know what A looks like. E plays 1 year ahead of her travel ball age (10u to 12u) in Rec. she is a catcher and loves a challenge. Never in a million years did I think that A would be in the same town I moved to. I was wrong. MJ is on E’s softball team. And E being the sweetest girl on the planet invited MJ, her parents and all 6 of her siblings to her birthday party. That is right friends. A and K got married and had 4 more kids. The day of the birthday party A walks in and is in major shock. She recognized me, but didn’t recognize E. She almost starts crying. To give details for the party- My coworker did valet for us (his daughter is in college and my wife and I paid for a full semester for him to do valet and we fed him), it was catered as I said and the employees stayed for a small fee, we have an in ground pool and as I said before our house is huge. We had just put in a movie theater in the basement, so there were signs for a movie tonight when the sun went down. A stared in shock at our house, and it’s size. Her 6 kids kept saying it was mansion and why can’t we live here. It had literally been minutes since she walked through the door. I ushered her into my office and explained that E knew nothing. And I planned on keeping it that way. A agreed though she started to cry. She just kept saying she didn’t know that this was the house I lived in and that she couldn’t believe how nice it was and she took the long way home just to look at the house. In my head I thought really the house is your focus you haven’t seen E in 9 years and you focus on my house. I ushered her back into the entry way and we found my wife moving the kids out to the pool while A called K. Ten minutes later he was in my house angry as hell. He looked around and looked even more angry. He kept looking at out pictures of our little family in Europe, Disney, her travel ball team, JO volleyball, piano recital, dance recital, on cruises. Typical family photos seemed to piss him off and make A cry. When it was time for presents E was kind a respectful. She thanked every person for her gifts and truly loved every gift. When she got a brand new bat for softball that’s $400 K scoffed and made a face. E was so excited it was the bat she wanted. K under his breath said waste of money. A gave him a look and I was ready to pounce on him. He relaxed back in just seat as E kept opening her gifts. When E was done and had opened our gift for Europe K stormed off into the house. I helped E thank everyone who came and didn’t stay for the movie. A and K pulled me aside as I watched everyone head down to the basement for a movie. This is how the conversation went- A- we really love your house Me- thank you K- we live in a 3 bedroom house it’s so small for our growing family Me-oh are you pregnant again? A- yes I’m so excited but we want to ask you something Me- uh huh K- we want to trade houses, it’s just you 3 and there’s 8 about to be 9 of us Me- really? Why would I do that? A- well because we have you our daughter Me- no. This went back and forth for a long time. Until I lost it I said that they didn’t give me E like a teddy bear gift or a gift card. They abandoned her and I wasn’t going to let her have a bad life. She is my daughter and it is not my fault that they decided to pop out kids like a Pez dispenser and I decided to only have E and get a degree and save money. I told them to leave. Ever since they have been blowing up my phone. They are demanding that E stops her lessons and travel ball and JO volleyball and tutoring and going to a private school. They say she needs to be on the same level as her siblings. I told them that E doesn’t have siblings. My wife n I are considering moving away. I just needed to post.
submitted by Accomplished-Poet586 to offmychest [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 03:28 Worth_Ad7119 Wife Said She Generally Resents me

My (26m) wife (28) was being kind of rude to me tonight, just stuff like sharply saying "why aren't you washing the dishes" while I was putting food away and she was relaxing on the couch. This isn't super atypical behavior for her and we've talked about it before, but I brought up tonight that I felt she was being kind of rude and I personally think you should treat your family as well as you would a coworker and ideally a lot better...
She responded by saying "it's hard not to generally resent you" and then when I tried to have a discussion about that she basically argued that it was okay for her to resent me and it's not something for us to work on and then just ignored me after like 10 seconds of talking about it.
It's not really new. We eloped 2 years ago and right after our engagement (a month before that) she'd started having strange tantrums where she'd obsess over my exes or random things and try to link them to somehow being sleights on her. Like I was playing a song one night and she became convinced that that song (which just came up on shuffle) was about how I was in love with someone else and not her. After we got married this became like a weekly thing, and regularly end with her deciding she was going to divorce me. She was completely convinced I still had feelings for my exes and/or was cheating on her for some reason.
We fought a lot for almost a year, mostly random little things triggering her and then she would just want to look through my phone (and then get mad about stuff like making me delete pictures that had exes in them, finding old conversations with exes from when I dated them, conversations with people I'd had about an ex from years prior- both the conversation and the ex). It was really draining but I held on, I really didn't want to be divorced and I still loved her and hoped it would all get better once I was eventually exonerated.
Then she got pregnant a year ago just as we moved for her job. I was still finishing grad school at this point and she's years into her career and pretty successful. This was somewhat of a turning point for us where instead of getting triggered on a weekly basis it became more of a monthly basis where now the episodes come like once a month and maybe last a day or two. She also has mostly accepted that I'm a loyal guy who isn't talking to anyone else and never did any of the crazy stuff she accused me of... Sometimes it comes back a bit but mostly now it's about me not having a job.
Even though I was in a pretty prestigious PhD program her family always kind of shat on me for not being employed beyond my teaching stipend, and once she gave up the unfaithfulness angle she started attacking me for that. I ended up mastering out of my PhD program this spring and finished up and graduated last month, party because I wanted to focus on taking care of the baby, partly because my performance suffered the past couple years.
Anyways, for the past 8/9 months my wife has started having similar attacks to the old ones but now it's about how I'm useless, don't contribute anything good to her life, she wants a legal separation to protect her money from me because she knows she wants a divorce. And then the storm will pass and she'll say she loves me and didn't mean any of it. But also she's pretty typically just really rude to me and fairly condescending. Like it's clear I'm not someone she likes, which sucks because she's the only person I know in our new city.
So yeah I guess I'm always kind of wondering which it is, is the triggered version of her who hates me the real her or is the apologetic morning after her the real her... I feel like I kind of found out for sure tonight. It's the triggered version.
I love our daughter, and I'm glad she's here with me. My worst fear is my wife will divorce me and I won't get to see my daughter every day anymore.
I feel immense despair. I feel like I am not in a secure situation. My wife threatens to divorce me every month. I was on track to have a PhD and a career where I could definitely make 6 figures per year... now I'm a stay at home parent and it would be difficult to start a job with a 2 month old baby and an unstable home life. I feel trapped. Not because I don't want the marriage to work, but because it's not predicable and as more time passes the more reliant I become on my wife for my financial future.
I worry she'll divorce me at some point in the next few years, and I'll be left without my daughter and with a several year gap on my resume after grad school. I feel regret that I'll always either be in a situation where my wife hates me or my daughter will have to face the pain of divorced parents.
Its not like I don't want a job, I applied for hundreds of remote jobs this wintespring and got pretty far in a few interview processes before the baby came. I was hoping I could get one before the baby came and then we could afford a nanny and I would be able to supervise the nanny as I'd be at home. I got myself into a top 3 PhD program in my field. I've always had a dream life of getting a remote job after grad school. But being the primary caretaker for the baby is a big responsibility and I want to give my daughter the best care.
I consider applying for more jobs but figuring out a consistent nanny seems difficult and we're still getting used to my wife going back to work. It seems unlikely I could find a remote job and find a nanny to watch our daughter while I work, and then what if the nanny doesn't show up or we have to fire her for some reason... it makes me nervous.
Anyways... yeah I feel like I'm pretty fucked. I've really started to give up on fixing my marriage, I've given it all I've had and I'm not sure if it's any better. These issues with my wife and signs of existing before we were married and I know I was an idiot for getting married when there were unresolved issues, and I did make that a goal for my wife and I to work through before we got engaged but she kind of put pressure on me to move up the engagement/marriage dates and then once we were married I felt like that was a pretty solid commitment. I didn't consider a divorce an option. Now that we have a kid, she's my whole world- I've realized it doesn't matter what I do- my wife seems intent on divorcing me at some point and I think she'll resent me regardless. I think you get the picture by now, I'm starting to develop a sense of hopelessness.
submitted by Worth_Ad7119 to Marriage [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 03:25 Magical_Caterpillar Store Owner is mad and generally a rough shift

She’s always mad, but this time it’s truly ridiculous. I got called in on a day that I’m supposed to be unavailable to help open the store. Fine, I need the money and have been trying to get bumped up to full time for a while. I even got a free iced coffee for the inconvenience.
So. Many. Crappy. Customers. From getting called slurs to just general creepy comments, it was pretty much what one has to deal with throughout the week condensed into a bit over 8 hours. All orders were gigantic (one person ordered 40 QPCs because of the BOGO deal) and when I saw that on the screen while running my soul left my body. Also, I have my fingers crossed that the frappe and latte machines break again because apparently I’m the only one on crew that knows how they work.
I was stuck in charge of the front, lane one, drinks, and fries while my managers needed to do whatever it is that managers do, but that was only for 30 minutes. Everyone else with me is new and I’m supposed to be training 3 people at once. Not fun. They ended up calling in another person, who was an absolute godsend and she is amazing even though she was definitely not happy to be there.
Parts of the day were amazing, but I cannot get over when the store owner called yelling about how I was clocked in and working (which she asked me to do HERSELF the day before) and how I needed to leave immediately. I get it, I was there for well over 8 hours. That’s a really long time and I am a bit more on the expensive side since this isn’t my first fast food job.
I don’t think that warrants screaming over the phone, especially since the reason why I hadn’t left yet was because of how busy the store was and we didn’t have enough people to replace me. I don’t want to screw my coworkers over. I also had just lost track of the time since the line for drive thru was wrapping around the building and kept replenishing itself. I apologized profusely but she was still really mad at me.
In better news, the shift manager that I worked with in the morning was incredibly happy with me and she’s going to try and get me scheduled with her more. After days like that usually I’d immediately start looking for another job like I usually do, but my shift manager saying to me how much she loves having me in the store with her made me feel so amazing that I’m willing to stick with it longer.
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2023.06.06 03:22 unacloud Blocked after nine months together. I feel devastated.

How do I move forward?
After nine months of being together, frolic, fun, memories, inside jokes, laughs, travelling, literally being best friends, just for him to end things over a text message, and block me on everything?
After saying how much he wanted me in his life, how much he wanted to be better for me and our future, talking about moving in together, about making plans to travel…
I thought I meant more to him. I knew in my heart that without trust, you cannot have a healthy relationship. He lied a lot. He did something shady and unbecoming behind my back. And though I was upset, I cooled off and I believed in him and his promises to change. I believed his words when he told me that he would be better, even after the twentieth time that he would lie again. I believed him when he said he needed professional help. I believed him when he told me that he would do literally anything to keep me in his life. I believed him when he told me he loved me. I believed it.
And yet. It’s been less than 48 hours since he removed me from his life, in such a cold and heartless way.
I never cheated, I never gave him any reasons to think I wasn’t in love with him, I never gave up on him. There were times I struggled with waiting for change, and I wasn't perfect but my love is/was true and I never gave up. Why block me and remove me from your life like this? We could have been civil; we could have been friends. I’m so confused.
I can’t help but blame myself for our breakup. I was the one who wanted to leave his apartment, if only to think. To take some space, even just the night, to process our argument. I guess I should’ve had an inkling it was the end when he asked for his keys back. When he told me “this isn’t gonna work” twice during our talk, and earlier that morning, waking me up to a discussion about how he doesn’t think he’s capable of being an honest man, to make me happy.
I always reassured him that he does, and can, make me happy and I would be miserable without him. But during our argument, I said I was going home, he asked for his spare keys back, and as I walked down the stairs, he said “if you leave, that’s it.” …And I walked out the door… I guess I really thought that it wouldn’t be the end. I thought maybe he only said that out of anger, he sounded angry. And we would talk the next day after we cooled off. I regret walking out, because I did not want to break up. That’s the last thing I wanted to happen. But I guess I just made it easy for him. Maybe it was on his mind for weeks or months, and I just gave him the perfect opportunity for me to stay gone. And, even if I wanted to reach out, there’s nothing more I could say. He blocked me out. You didn’t even deem me worthy of a phone call, or even an in-person conversation. Why?
I’m so confused. All I wanted was for things to work out. And we were trying to. Couples’ counselling. Talking. I thought things were going alright, but I guess maybe he’s better an actor than I thought anyone could be capable of. On Tuesday you told me you would always be there for me, you’d always be by my side, and even if we split up, you’d always be my friend. On Thursday, he said “I will do literally anything to keep you in my life.” And I love you’s every single day. And Sunday morning? Blocked. He sent me a short break up text, and blocked me again.
I didn’t do anything wrong. But it hurts so much to be discarded like this. I lost my best friend in the whole world. The person I was most comfortable with, could be myself around, so much laughter, shared interest, was teaching me how to play an instrument… and I lost the man I love the most. Where do I go from here? I know it’s foolish to hope he’ll come around. He said, “I feel its best if we block one another”, but why? Why would I block you? Why would he block me? I don’t understand. I feel so devastated, blindsided, rejected, depressed. Everything and all the things. Why did you have to end everything?
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2023.06.06 03:21 eyeofhorus919 Hellboy, He who cracks wise and faces.

Name: Hellboy, Big Red, Anung Un Rama, Urush An Rama…
Gender: Male
Age: 1,184 (appears 29)
Family and Relations: Has some people he considers family at BRPD and a direct Descendant of Arthur Pendragon, Morgana, and Mordred.
Voice Claim/Accent: Ron Perlman.
Role in a party: Tank DPS
Level: 2 (4/10)
Strength: 5(+1 from racial)
Dexterity: 3
Spirit: 4
Species: Cambion (half demon half human)
Personality: Big old wise cracking teddy bear.
Likes: Animals, Cuban cigars, pancakes, and punching things.
Dislikes: Bureaucracy, long meetings, paperwork, Nazis, witches, and abusive assholes.
Height: 7’9
Weight: 417
Hair: Black
Eyes: Yellow
Markings/Scars/Tattoos: Has a spiral groove in his pecs that flows down his right arm…
Extra: has a three and a half foot long tail and ground down horns.
Appearance: Looks like a stereotypical demon.
Clothing: Large leather over coat that reaches down to below his knees, khaki pants, and a Sabaton tee shirt.
Accessories: A BRPD locating beacon on his belt, a massive holster for Good Samaritan, and a bottomless pocket of cigars and cigarettes due to a relic stitched into it’s lining though the quality of them is typically shit.
Good Samaritan: A heavy duty revolver given to Hellboy by a superhero when he was young, it originally was lost in a ocean until a witch mistakenly brought it up to try to kill Hellboy with…
Capacity: 4 shells.
Range: 100 feet
Damage: Iron rounds (made from iron nails from churches, a bit of holy water, and petals from a holy flower) deal double damage to fey and demons (deals 1d12 piercing normally), chem tracer rounds apply marked to targets (nullifies cloaks) but only deals 5% piercing, and shotgun shells have advantage in melee range but disadvantage beyond ten feet. Deals (LVLd6)d6 piercing.
Technological disadvantage: Jetpacks and modern firearms used by Hellboy tend to self destruct in the worst possible way without aiding him.
Demon hide: Hellboy’s skin makes him extremely hard to burn…
50% damage reduction from burn damage.
Strong body: Hellboy’s blows hit harder than a human’s does…
Deals 1d6+STR blunt damage with unarmed blows and has a +1 to STR.
Regeneration: Hellboy can heal his body faster than a normal person does.
Regenerate 5% health every round.
(1 slot)
Demonic speed: Hellboy can move deceptively fast despite his bulk, resulting in his blows landing twice as fast…
(4 slots)
+++ Right Hand of Doom: A daemonic hand made of a matter close to stone, but far more resilient, this hand is the key to unleashing the apocalypse but Hellboy has repeatedly refused to unleash it even when pressured to…
*This character's right hand is indestructible and cannot take damage, and can touch matters that would otherwise corrupt/damage other matters with no harm. Although its large size may make precision difficult.
*Can be used to deflect damage entirely if used correctly.
*This Hand can exert up to a ton of pressure, similar to a hydraulic press. Advantage to Grapple.
*This hand can touch and damage intangible objects and enemies.
*It can be used as a Bludgeoning weapon, adding LVLd6 blunt to unarmed damage. Bludgeoning damage reduction is ignored due to the Daemonic nature of the Arm, unless the target is also resistant to Unholy damage.
(7 slots)
Hellfire infusion: Hellboy can temporarily infuse his body with Hellfire to increase the strength of his blows, resulting in his melee attacks dealing double damage for a time…
Upon using this, for a single round all Hellboy’s melee attacks deal double damage, this stacks with critical hits for a total of quad damage.
Cooldown of four rounds.
(3 slots)
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2023.06.06 03:19 vch01 Subreddit updates: Discord, new post flair, user flair, new banner and background, and a quick word about posts in general.

Happy Long Hot Summer (or Long Cold Winter, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere) to all of you, dear Alouders! Here are a few updates about our community.
Last, but not least, I’d like to address the tiny elephant in the room, which are the low-effort posts. I do not want to enforce some ridiculously strict rules but I’ve had to reach for the “Delete” button quite a few times this past month because some of the posts were, quite frankly, just lazy. I don’t to be a tight ass but neither do I want this subreddit to become a dumping ground for half-baked posts. For all random things - related to Girls Aloud or not - the lounge thread is always be open. It will be pinned at the very top of our sub most times and I will also add a side menu banner that will serve as a link to it; our new Discord server can be used for that as well.
For all the other posts, such as events or throwbacks (“On this day…”) especially if they involve images, you are strongly encouraged to upload the actual images here on Reddit instead of simply sharing a link to a third-party website. Snapinsta (https://snapinsta.app) is a good application to download Instagram photos, and saving an image off Twitter on your device is even simpler.
The reason? So much Girls Aloud-related media has been lost over the years because it was often shared via one communication medium without it having a backup. When Girls Aloud Media, for instance, infamously went dark, more than half of its priceless contents was just gone in one moment. A lot of GA-related media posts and images that were shared on Popjustice back in the day have been uploaded on now-defunct third-party file hosting websites and are now gone forever. So I would like our humble subreddit to serve an additional, archival purpose - as long as Reddit is up and running, people will always have all the GA-related media that you share here stored safely as a backup.
If you’ve read this far, thank you for your attention. I am incredibly grateful for all of your continued support. I would love to hear all of your feedback, ideas, suggestions or kind (or not so kind) words - leave your comments and thoughts here, feel free to DM me or if you wish to do it anonymously, the Alouders survey is always open!
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